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We carry a full line of Lanpher Furs, the most
reliable in the world. No matter what you may want
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This is an opportunity that the country buyers ordi
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... Interesting and Instructive Pastime
Word hunting is one of the most
pleasant and attractive means of stimu
lating tne stud\ of words strengthen
ing the fatultv of obbervation and de -prizes
eloping habits ot cate and accuracy
Look at almost anv sentence, and, be
les the words puiposely used to form
tli sentence theie ai other words here
an 1 tl (r which ai made by the let-and
tei .is the stand before you Fo ex -exercised
ample take the saving HONESTY I S
E BEhT O I Of course, you
see five words which convey the idea
oi the writei but look closely and youcontest
•will find other words which we may call
hidden because not at first apparent, or
accidental, because present solely by ac
Suppose our five words are written
together thus Honestyistehbestpolicy
How many woids can you see »n this
collection of letters taking them in the
order in which they appear
Commencing with the first letter, h,
we have the words ho, hone, hones,
honest and honesty, with the second
letter, o, the words on, one. ones, and
with the third, the word nest Con
tinuing this process, we see the words,
«-s, st is, the, he, be, best, es, policy
and ic\
Besides these we find Hebe and it
may be claimed that the letters and
each occurring twice, ai used as
•words and should be counted, thus add
ing five words to those given above,
but it is better to say that no proper
noun or single letter is to be considered
a word, unless it appears as such in the
original sentence
Again, the combination es, though
given in some dictionaries, may not be
consideied a word, and may safely be
left out
If, then, we ignore Hebe, 1 and es,est
we find five original and twelve acci
dental words, the list being as follows
Ho, hone, hones, honest, honesty, on,
one, ones, nest, sty, is, the, he, be, best,
policy and icy
Order requires that the words be
written in turn as shown, first, all be
ginning with h, then all beginning with
the next letter which is the initial of
a word, and so on I would be fatal
to give, Ho, hone one, hones, or to
pass on from one initial to another be
iore finishing the former.
Then, of the words having the same
initial the shortest should be written
hist, to be followed by the others just
as thev come, in turn, going step by
step from the shortest to the longest
letter under each letter.
This illustration shows in a general
ay a plan which can be made the basis
of Word Huntin Contests, each con
test governed bv its owm special rules,
as announced from me to time and
being awarded to those who com
ply most strictly with these rule*
Below, you will find Rules which
would be varied and .'Altered from time
to time, so as to ensure greater care
closer observation than would be
if there were never any
change There is als & a form to be used
by each contestant 1n making his re
port Th Rules a re suggested for a
among young persons,—say un
der eighteen a of age, but at de
tail, like the others, may be altered at
will Any desired coange may be made
in the Rules or the Report
We believe that our 30 years of
1 No person over eighteen years of
age can enter the contest
2 Every word roust be written plain
ly and legibly, and there must be no
blots or interlineations
3 Only orthodox spelling of the rec
ognized style will be considered, "sim
plified" spelling not being allowed in
these contests Thus, exprest can not
be used for expressed
4 Each contestant, in his report,
must write out every word commencing
with the first letter, taking first the
shortest word, then giving the word next
formed uy adding one or more letters,
and so on until all words commencing
with the first letter are written down
in order In the same way he must
write out the words, if any, commencing
with the second letter, and this be
continued to the end, the contestan tak
ing each letter of the sentence in its
turn and writing out each word com
mencing with that letter, first the short
est and going step by step to the long-
5 Each original word be writ
ten in its turn and place
6 Th words, or combinations) of let
ters, ar, ef, eh, el, es, fr and yo, are
not to be considered or reported.
7 Every other accidental word hav
ing two or more letters must be writ
ten in its turn and place.
8 No report shall contain a pro
per noun that does not appear, as a
proper noun or as part of a proper noun,
in the original sentence Thus, if the
words, "George's hat were in a sent
ence, the contestant would report
'George' and '^eorge's" from the word
demijohn" he could not report
as an accidental word, from the word
"rosemary," he could not report "Maxy"
as an accidental word
business among you (the people of Kandiyohi
County) warrants in claiming that we can offer you an abso
lutely safe storehouse for your money. Checks on us ares
accepted in payment of bills at par in any part of Minnesota.
Ninety per cent of the successful business men are Bank
Depositors. What better time than now to open a Check
Account with us? We have unexcelled facilities for trans
acting all branches of banking.
Our Officers will be glad to extend to you every courtesy"
consistent with sound banking. We will keep your valuables
in our fire-proof vault free of charge. We shall be pleased
to have you call on us.
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits, $120,000.00
9 Wher two contestants are equal
Ass't Cashier
on all other points the prize will be
awarded to the one whose report pres
ents the neatest and most attractive ap
10 The award of the American Copy
right Company will be final and conclus
ive on all parties, each contestant agree
ing' to abide by said award.
Open to readers of all periodicals li
censed by the American Copyright Co
Subject to the foregoing rules
Honor and shame from no condition rise:
Act well your part, there all the honor
Contest Closes October 7, 1912
Prizes Announced and Awarded in Week
Commencing October 20, 1912.
Firs prize Five dollars, cash
Second prize Three dollars, cash.
Third prize. Tw dollars.
All reports must be on the form given
below, or a copy of the same, and must
be mailed on or before the day the con
test is closed to
American Copyright Company,
506 & & Building,
New Orleans, La.
Suggestion I will be best for each
contestant first to write his list on
a sheet of paper to be kept by him, then
to copy the words on the list, going over
the former several times before making
the final copy Th number of words
hidden away is often greater than would
at first be supposed
Form of Report to be Filled Out by
Date 1912
I am under eighteen years of age, my
name is
my address Is N
S City or Town
County S a
I submit this report subject to the rules
and conditions of the American Copy
right Company, and agree to accept
their decision as final and conclusive on
In the sentence given, I find that there
are ..original words and
accidental words, as shown on the list
herewith enclosed, dated and signed by
The name of the paper from which I
clip, or (copy,) this form is
9100 WI£X. S A I S
For An Case of Bhenmatlsni, Neural
gia or Headache that Solace
Fails to Believe.
Solace Bemedy is a recent medical
discovery of three German Scientists
that neutralizes uric acid and purifies
the bloou. I is easy to take, and will
not effect the weakest stomach
I is guaranteed under the Pur Food
and Drug La to be absolutely free of
opiates or harmful drugs of any des
Solace is a pure specific in tablet form
and has been proven beyond question to
be the surest and quickest remedy for
uric acid troubles known to medical
science no matter how long standing. I
reaches and removes the root of the
trouble (uric acid) and purifies the
The Solace Co. of Battle Creek are the
.Sole U. S Agents and have over 2,000
voluntary testimonial letters which have
been received from grateful people Sol
ace has restored to health. Testimonial
letters, literature and Free Sample senl
upon request.
R. Le Morris, president of the Firs
National bank of Chico, Texas, wrote the
Solace Company as follows:
"I want you to send a box of Solace
to my father in Memphis, for
which I enclose $1.00. This remedy has
been used by some friends of mine here
and I only hope it will benefit my father
as it has them. (Signed) R. L. Morris.
up 25c, 50c and $1.00 boxes.
Xt»a miffhty flue to be well and yon
ean soon be so by taking* Solace. No
special treatment schemes or fees."
Solace alone does the work. Writ
today for free sample, etc
Solace Remedy Co., Battle. Croak, MJcfc
iiiriHMr ^nr««ii^»0€i«iir
ment of bargains in this line. Usually this is not
Good comforters filled with clean cotton, f»| A A
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Come to the Kandiyohi County Fair and we invite you all to make yourself at home at our store during your stay.
The Fair is going to be the biggest and best ever held in the county and specially (or our customers and friends that do not always have an
portunity to come in at the stated times when we have some of our great money-saving sales, we are going to put on the greatest price-reducing sale
ever held in the city for one week commencing Monday, Sept. 16th.
Our store is fairly jammed with the newest selections for fall and winter in all lines, and for this occasion we will make prices that cannot help but
attract your attention.
The item of nearest concern at this time no doubt is winter wraps. We have a full line of the celebrated Bischof mantailored garments—the
recognized leaders of styles—the garments that must be seen to be fully appreciated.
We also handle The America Ladies' made to measure garments and no matter what you want or how hard you may be to fit we guarantee to
make a garment that will fit you and please you.
True some of these are broken lines. We have
It does not pay you to sit down and make them
at these prices.
If one has a thorough knowledge
of the human body and the laws gov
erning its existence, the matter of
finding the causes of its disease is
not so very difficult. The removal
of the causes is, however, a differ
ent matter. There are many things
which the physician must meet and
if possible overcome. Some of these
are: the mental attitude of the pa
tient—his confidence in, and his co
operation with the physician deter
mined to a large degree the outcome
of his case: Heredity:—An inherited
diathesis or tendencv will greats in
fluence any treatment Idiosyncrasy
(special characteristics or tempera
ment) this condition is not often met
with, but when it is, \the case must
be studied and the treatment outlined
with extreme care.
Auto-intoxication is according to
the medical dictionary, tPoisoning by
faulty metabolic products elaborated
within the body Auto-irtfection." In
other words, it is self-pWsoning in
duced by faulty assimilation and el
Here is where we particularly want to interest them and it will be worth your while to come in
you. We have tables filled with bargains that can- and look them over. The prices will be so low that
not help but interest you. Right in the approach you will be surprised, and you are practically cer
of the season when you must provide for winter tain tofindjust what you want in this lot.
we are going to place before you a grand assort- laM***
By DR. DAVID H. REEDER, LaPorte. Indiana
Auto-Intoxication: The full signif
icance of this condition has but re
cently been fully realized. Not that
it is anew condition, for it is not, but
the results of it have until recently
been attnbuted to many other caus
Failure to reason from effect back
to the cause has held in check the
progress of the Science of Medicine
for at least a hundred years. Medi
cal men for the last half century have
been too busy looking for "bugs" and
trving to diseover antitoxins, serum»
and "specifics," to stop and study
thoroughly and from a logical stand
point, the human body and the real
cause of the disease affecting it.
done till the end of the season when you do not
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tation of wool, could be sold for wool any time, al
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Fair week only
Food taken into the stomach must
be acted upon by certain juices se
creted by glands in the stomach, be
fore it is passed into the intestines
for further digestion. If it is pass
ed into the intestines without having
been acted upon thoroughly by theprehensive
juices of the stomach, the bowels will
be unable to thoroughly digest it.
Consequently the undigested portion
rapidly decays. This decaying mass
gives off poisonous gases and other
poisonous products, which may cause
diarrhoea at first but will probablv
cause constipation later.
A certain amount of these poison
ous products are reabsorbed into the
system and thrown into the blood
stream. The poorer the digestion and
the poorer the elimination the greater
and more active the symptoms. The
symptoms, by the way, are legion.
They include nearly everything in the
catalogue of human ailments. They
will be discussed further on in this
Stickney GasoIineEngines
The cause as given above is theof
one usually given by medical author
ities, and the condition is usually
studied from that standpoint. But,
to find the real cause we must go
still further back. A little thought
on the matter will suggest this ques
tion. Why did not the stomach and
bowels take care of the food in a nor
mal and proper manner? To answer
this question a thorough knowledge
of the function of all the digestive or
gans and the physiological laws gov
erning them is necessary. To illus
trate: A lady 38 years of age had
for a number of years been sufferincr
with rttumatism, poor eye-sight, and
a general feeling of lassitude. She
had been under the usual treatment
I for a long time, without benefit. It
The automatic mixer on a Stickkey Engine never quits.
No. 44
fow About the Mixer
The broken winded horse quits because
lungs are defective—The mixer on an
engine is like the lungs of a horse and unless
thl mixer is right, the engine is worthless—
Oman & Johnson
OMAN & JOHNSOl Willmar, Minn.
was a plain case of auto-intoxication.
Her diet was corrected and proper
treatment given. Today—one year
later—the lady enjoys excellent
health in every respect.
Hence, we now see that auto-in
toxication is the result of improper
diet, abnoimal habits of living and
an interference v/ita the normal nei\e
supply to digestive organs. It might
be well to name the digestive organs
so that you may have a more com
idea of the subject under
discussion. They are, the teeth, the
tongue, and the salivary glands, the
stomach, and its secreting glands
some twenty-five or thirty feet of in
testines with their glands the pan
creas, which is itself a secreting
gland and the liver, the largest of
all the glands in the body. The. di
gestive system, then is a complicat
ed system, and should be treated with
the utmost consideration. One would
suppose, from observing the manner
in which some people eat, that the
teeth and the mouth had very little
to do with the digestion and assim
ilation of their food.
Hurry and carelessness, in respect
to fo.od and mastication is ever in
creasing the demand for the services
the physician, as well as that of
the patent "dope" venders.
The reader will naturally ask, How
am I to know that I have auto-in
toxication What are the symptoms?
To discuss these symptoms at
length would perhaps not come within
the province of this article, but a few
of the symptoms, which in nearly
every instance, indicate auto-intoxi
cation will be discussed.
Headache: This symptom, perhaps
more than any other indicates auto
intoxication. The how and the why
of this cannot now be discussed, but
the truth of the statement cannot be
Loss of Energy and Ambition: This
in nearly every instance means auto
intoxication. The poison has per
meated the entire system the intel
lect is not so acute all the func
tions of the body are impaired, and
they do not readily respond to the
weakened nerve impulses. The per
son thus affected expresses himself
as feeling "all in."
Biliousness: This condition indi
cates an acute attack of auto-in
toxication, and shows a marked ef
fort on the part of nature to rid the
system of poison.
Nervous-Ability: Or perhaps better
neurasthenia, indicates that the ner
vous system is being poisoned as well
as starved through the lack of pro
per food, due to poor assimilation
and elimination.
Rheumatism: No, our old friend,
rheumatism is not a disease of itself,
but merely & symptom of a ^poisoned,
clogged up and abused system au
to-mtoxication describes it.
Constipation: This condition may
be either the cause or result of auto
intoxication. More frequently, how
ever, it is the cause.
Since the mission of the Home
Health Club is to teach people how
to avoid disease, as well as how to
get rid of it, that aspect of the sub
ject will be discussed in a following
All readers of this publication are
at liberty at any time to write for
mformation pertaininsr to the subject
of health. Address all communica
tions to the Home Health Club, 5039
Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, 111., U.
S. A., with name and address in full
and at least four cents in postage.
Bowlers to Meet
A week from next Monday evening,
Sept. 23rd all those interested in the
formation of a bowling league are
asked to meet at the Bowling Alley to
discuss plans. A successful league
was formed in this city a couple of
years ago and thery is reason why
there can't be one this year. This
meeting will be in the nature of a
preliminary gathering to choose cap
tains and names for the teams and
election of officers. A schedule will
be drawn up later.
W at W XTever Forg*et
according- to science, are the things a
sociated with our early home life, such
as Bucklen's Arnica Salve, that mother
or grandmother used to cure our burns,
ooils, scalds, sores, skin eruptions, cuts,
sprains or bruises. Fort years of cures
prove its it Unrivaled for piles,
corns or cold sores. Only 25 cents at
Carlson Bros.
10 per cent discount on all Henney
Freeport and Clark buggies sold be
fore Sept. 10th at Paul M. Peter
son's, Willmar, Minn.
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One lot of young men's suits cheap at d»r A A
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One lot of boys' odd suits, all must go at half price
Benson Happenings Always Interest
Our Readers.
After reading of so many people
in our town who have been cured by
Doan's Kidney Pills, the question
naturally arises: "Is this medicine
equally successful in our neighboring
towns?" The generous statement of
this Benson resident leaves no room
for doubt on this Doint.
Mrs. Fred Sandmeyer, Benson,
Minn., says: "The public statement I
gave in 1907 telling of the great bene
fit Doan's Kidney Pills brought in our
family was correct in every particu
lar. This remedy cured the person
who took it of kidney complaint and
there has been no trouble since. We
have kept Doan's Kidney Pills on
hand and we occasionally use them
as a kidney tonic. We always recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills to anyone
we hear complaining of kidney trou
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name—Doan's—and
and take no other.
The Minneapolis Dollar-Hotel
Located ia Heart of O District
$ 1 S I N E A E $ 1
Farmers! Patronize the F. L. Smith
Remodelled on Site of Old Madison Barn.
Telephone 316.
Headquarters of Dr. Wanner, Graduate Veterinary Surfetn.
Prompt Dray and Transfer Service
Nothing too Small or too Heavy for Us to Handle. \CaI No. 42.

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