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Prinolpal Events Gathered In the
Old Scandinavian OountHea
The first submarine built in Den
mark has just been launched in the
presence of the royal family and the
cabinet. The name of the new craft
is Havfruen The Mermaid.
Henri Richter, principal of a high
school in Norway, lectured on Henrik
Wergeland at a Scandinavian educa
tor's convention in Roskilde, Denmark,
and on account of unfavorable remarks
about the Swedes he was not permit
ted to deliver another address for
which he had been booked. Both the
Danes and the Swedes resented Mr.
Richter's remarks.
The temperance committee of the
riksdag has decided to propose a bill
providing for locae option on the
Question of saloons or no saloons.
The first light frost of the season
occurred in Vesterbotten, Aug. 30.
The potato vines were killed and
some garden vegetables were dam
The Tann waterfalls in Jamtland
will some day furnish an immense
amount of motive power. Both the
government and certain private par
ties claim ownership, and it will no
doubt take some time to settle the
dispute between them.
The war for the control of the oil
market in the Scandinavian countries
has resulted in practically a complete
victory for the Standard Oil company.
The only concession obtained by the
Scandinavian association from the big
American company was that the price
of oil in Scandinavian territory
Should not exceed the price asked in
any other European country. The
Standard Oil company obtained an en
trance into the country by an agree
ment with existing interests to take
over the distribution system for oil in
Scandinavia. There was much oppo
sition to the scheme by the small
dealers' association which passed a
Resolution in favor of government in
tervention to prevent the establish
ment of a Standard Oil monopoly in
the Swedish market. The Austrian
minister made every effort to secure
the admission to Sweden of Austrian
oil, which has been kept out by the
Swedish safety regulations, as it does
pot meet the requirements for safe
transportation, being too light.
The Crown Prince and Princess of
Bweden enjoy great popularity among
the rulers as well as among the com
mon people of Europe. The Crown
Princess, often called "The Madonna
of the North," recently presented her
husband with a third son and fourth
child, the infant Prince Bertil. Small
wonder that the Crown Prince and
Princess are known as the "Model
Royal Couple of Europe." They were
married at Windsor, England, on June
15, 1905. She is the eldest daughter
of the Duke and Duchess of Con
naught and so, of course, sister of
Princess Patricia of Connaught, who
has made herself so highly popular in
the United States and Canada. The
eldest boy of the Crown Prince and
Princess Gustaf Adolf, is 6 years old
their second son. Prince Sigward, is
6 the third child, Princess Ingrid, is
2 the baby. Bertil, is 7 months. Race
suicide is unknown in the Swedish
royal family. The Crown Prince and
his charming v. ife married for love.
They met in Cairo and were permit
ted to make their own choice of each
other without troubling the diplo
mats. King Edward approved the
match highly. Once it was officially
hinted here that the Crown Prince
would make a desirable husband for
the then Miss Alice Roosevelt. The
Crown Princess is a devoted mother.
She has introduced the English meth
ods of child culture in her adopted
country. All her children are sturdy
specimens of youthful royalty. They
are dressed in the English fashion and
are being brought up under simple,
healthful conditions like small Brit
ons of the middle class. But their
mother, who is devoted to art and to
outdoor sport, is practically leader of
Swedish society. Queen Victoria,
who was a PrincesB of Baden, rarely
attended the court functions. When
Crown Princess Margaret first took
her place at court her informal af
fairs provoked astonishment, but al
ways she has been most democratic.
In England her most intimate friends
were American girls—Miss Jean Reid,
Miss Muriel White, Miss Breese—al
most every member of the charming
coterie is married now. It is related
that when she first came to Sweden
Princess Margaret ran briskly across
the palace lawn to meet her bride
groom. "Princesses do not run in
Sweden," said an elderly lady-in-wait
ing, reprovingly. "Do they not?" re
torted the Crown Princess. "In Eng
land they stand on their heads—if
they wish to."
The board of health of Stockholm
resolved to use oleomargarine in
stead of butter at the city hospital.
The nurses declared that they would
not eat this stuff, and asked for genu
ine butter in place of it. The board
of health, however, remained firm and
declared that the artificial product
was good, healthy food.
The Svea guard company in Stock
holm enjoys the unique distinction ol
having triplets performing the same
exercises. They are Johan, Carl and
Oscar Jansson, and they were bora
Feb. 14, 1892. Their home is at
Tne whole number of persons em
ployed in the service of the state rail
ways of Sweden is about 25,500.
While a man was digging in a gar
den near the northern railway sta
tion of Eskilstuna he found a piece
of copper which proved to have been
used as a seal stamp. Part of the in
scription is the name Laurentius, and
the seal is supposed to have belonged
to Father Laurentius, prior of the
I monastery of the order of St. John at
this place, in the fifteenth century.
I An experiment in mobilizing the
^wedjah^rmy is about to be made on
a large sea To the government in
order to sen how the system intro
duced in 1001 will work in case of
war. Recent reports of the forward
movement of the Russian troops
toward the frontier lend much in
terest to the test. No one has any
idea which section of the country will
be mobilized, and the public is becom
ing impatient for in the mobilization
district it means that practically
every man over 21 jears and under
40 years of age will be called on to
bear arms during the maneuvers.
Verdens Sang, a leading daily,
speaks very frankly about the future
relations between Norway and her
great neighbors, England, Germany,
and Russia. On account of the triple
entente between England, France and
Russia, the country last mentioned
will not be apt to crowd the Scan
dinawan countries, for such a step
would De highlv oftensive to England
For the time being, therefore, Eng
land and Germany are the only great
powers that may cause trouble to
Norway. The present strained rela
tions between England and Germany
may develop into war, in which case
the Scandinavian peniuu&ula and
Norway in particular, would be ex
posed to an invasion by England or
Germany. "Accordingly," says the
paper, we must look to both coun
tries with anxiety. But there is a
considerable difference in the feelings
with which we consider them. In
stinctively we tear Germany more
than England, and by tracing the rea
eons tor this sentiment we feel sure
that our instinct is on the right way.
For we feel and believe that England
in the long run would be less dan
gerous than Germany to our independ
ence and liberty. If we suppose that
England, in the race following the
breaking out of war, beats Germany in
being the first of the two to establish
a firm tooting on the peninsula, we
take it for granted that in case Eng
land is victorious at sea, she will not
keep any permanent positions in our
country. It, however, England should
violate her policy of one hundred
ears' standing in this respect, she
would, according to her traditions and
her home politics, meddle as little
with our internal affairs But if Ger
many should win the final victory we
Noiwegians believe that we would
have a poor show of getting rid of
Geimany again. She would be so
greatly interested in keeping the keys
to the Baltic against England and Rus
sia that she would not give up her
strongholds on the peninsula. In that
case our fate would be a sad one.
Even it the character of the German
people In the course of time is changed
so much that the German government
and the German people interfere no
more than the English with the gov
ernment of an occupied country, yet
the character of the position which
Germany would occupy on the Scandi
navian peninsula would make her in
terfere more profoundly with the in
stitutions of the people than England
would. Such an overpopulated coun
try as Germany, which at all times has
Bent emigrants in large numbers to
the neighboring countries to the east,
the north, and the west, will, if a firm
footing is gained on the peninsula,
make this the object of an invasion
which may result in the establishment
of permanent German colonies in Nor
way and Sweden. This would not be
the first invasion of the kind. We all
know that for centuries Bergen and
Stockholm had a numerous German and
German-speaking population though
the countries were politically inde
pendent of Germany, and that as iate
as the year 1848 there were Gerfnan
speaking clans in Copenhagen, jluch
German colonies would of cours« be
far more serious if the Scandinavian
countries became political dependen
cies of Germany. Fearing nothing of
this kind from England, we naturally
look upon Germany with greater anx
iety A nation, as well as an indi
vidual, is eager to preserve its own
identity and integrity. But as it
would be a sad fate to have even
England occupy any part of our ter
ritory, it is our duty to keep our de-of
fences in such shape that it will not
pay either party to make an inva
The infantile paralysis epidemic is
evidently on the retreat in Norway.
The whole number of cases reported
in 1911 was 1,407, of which 184 were
fatal, while the whole number report
ed up to the beginning of September
this year was only 179, including 22
deaths. About 75 per cent of the vic
tims were children, which is sufficienl
reason for calling the pest "infantile.*1
A free religious rally at Lilleham
mer was attended by 800 persons
from different parts of the country.
The program was of an exclusively
devotional character, and there was
no discussion of any kind.
Many Driven From Home.
Every year In many parts of the coun
try, thousands are driven from their
homes by coughs and lung: diseases
Friends and business are left behind for
other climates, but this is costly and not
always sure. A better way—the way of
multitudes—is to use Dr. King's New
Discovery and cure yourself at home
Stay right there, with your friends, and
take this safe medicine. Throat and
lung troubles find quick relief and health
returns. Its help in coughs, colds, grip,
croup, whooping-cough and sore lungs
make it a positive blessing. 50c and
$1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by
Carlson Bros.
FREE TUITION to one from each
county in Business, Shorthand, Nor
mal, Etc. Board and roqm $2.60 per
week. Books rented. Opens Oct. 8.
Humboldt College, Humboldt, Iowa.
The Metropolitan Barber Shop,
Bank of Willmar Building, B. T.
Otos, proprietor, is the shop to get a
shave, hair cut and bath. 22£
Most Important Happen
ings Told in Brief.
The seats of the members of the
Republican national committee from
New Jersey, West Virginia, North
Carolina and California were declared
vacant by the. committee in a meeting
at New York, and the resignations of
committeemen from Oklahoma and
Minnesota were accepted. All had
joined the Roosevelt forces.
Judge John C. Karel, Democratic
candidate for governor of Wisconsin,
made a clean sweep of the Demo
cratic platform convention at Madl
Bon when his platform, pledging the
party to repeal the state income tax
law, was adopted.
After one of the most bitterly
fought political conventions in Ore
gon's history, United States Senator
Jonathan Bourne, who bolted the Re
publican party, was turned down by
the Roosevelt party, and a Portland
lawyer, E. A. Clark, was nominated
as the party's United States senator
ial candidate.
The federal public health service is
searching the country for five Insanity
experts to whom the government will
offer commissions for duty in connec
tion with the examination of arriving
Secretary of the Treasury Mac
Veagh has detailed nine surgeons of
the public health service to investi
gate contagious and infectious dis
eases among the Indians. Reports
will be made on the prevalence of tu
berculosis, trachoma, smallpox and
other desases.
To prevent the Mexican lnsurrectos
from crossing the line into American
territory, the war department has or
dered General Steever, commanding
the frontier troops, to parallel the
movements of the rebel forces on the
American side of the border.
Secretary MacVeagh awarded a
gold medal of honor to Private Henry
Hanson, Company F, Sixth infantry,
for extraordinary courage and en
durance in saving the lives of a party
of comrades from a capsized sailboat
on Lake Lanao, Mindanao, P. I.,
January 28 last.
His love for flowers cost an un
known man his life at Brookllne,
Mass., and caused Albert H. Woods, a
florist and gardener, to be arrested on
a charge of manslaughter. Woods
shot the man down after the unknown
bad stolen some violets from Woods'
More than five hundred employes of
the Colt Manufacturing company, ma
kers of firearms, are out on strike at
Hartford, Conn. The strike began
several days ago with a walk-out of
two hundred men, who were offended
at the installation of an efficiency sys
Ignace Semeniouk, the Russian avi
ator, whose flying career has been one
smashup after another, came near
losing his life at Chicago from a
scalding he Incurred when a hydro
aeroplane he had been driving ca
reened sideways one mile out in Lake
Michigan. The boiling water from a
smashed radiator squirted over his
A mob of 5,000 strike sympathizers
at Superior, Wis., destroyed thousands
dollars of street railway property
and seriously injured many nonunion
street car employes. The first attack
on street cars resulted in the burning
of six cars and a battle with the po
lice, in which more than thirty per
sons were injured, none, it is thought,
President John N. Hurty of Indian
apolis called to order the fortieth an
nual meeting of the American Public
Health association in Washington.
Jamaica bay, Long Island, and the
Potomac river, seventy-five miles down
from Washington, both are polluted
by typhoid germs, according to a de
partment of agriculture declaration
Acting Secretary Hays says investi
gators traced typhoid to oyster beds.
Woman charity workers on New
York's East side are to have a home
that is to cost $400,000. The building
will be built by Mrs. John Stuart Ken
nedy, whose husband left $25,000,000
to colleges, missions and hospitals.
Governor Glasscock of West Vir
ginia has approved the finding of the
military commission in sentencing 37
striking miners, nearly all of whom
are Greeks, to 60 days in the Kanaw
ha county Jail for intimidation oj
Juan P. Didapp, diplomatic adviser
of the Mexican revolution, declared
Just before leaving New Orleans for
Mexico, that Americans, including
Charles P. Taft, H. Clay Pierce, presi
dent of the Waters-Pierce Oil com
pany, and representatives of the Har
riman interests had furnished $5,000,
000 to President Madero of Mexico to
finance his revolution against Diaz.
Mrs. Daisy Ulrich Ople Grace, who
recently was acquitted in Atlanta, Oft.,
of having shot her husband, Kjjgene
H. Grace, with TnTehT T6™Wn,~^J5gaI
suit for divorce at Philadelphia, alleg
ing cruel and barbarous treatment.
She claims that her husband broke her
nose while beating her in Philadel
The convention of the National
League of Third and Fourth Class
Postmasters opened in Richmond, Va.,
the delegates being welcomed by Gov
ernor Mann. Charles O. Barry of
Walker, Ohio, presided.
Tying up work on urgent govern
ment orders for army automatic rifles,
revolvers and machine guns, 1,000 em
ployes of the Colt Revolver works
went on strike at Hartford, Conn. It
is the first strike at this plant in sev
enty years and was totally unex
A straw hat riot at Brldgeton, N. J.,
got beyond the control of the police
and order was not restored until the
firemen appeared as reinforcements
and dispersed the crowd with the fire
"Suicide point," a little promontory
overlooking the brink of Niagara falls,
has been cut away by order of the
New York reservation commission. The
number of persons who used the point
as a Jumping off place increased so
alarmingly in the last year or two
that the commission decided to be rid
of it.
Bobbers blew open the safe of the
First National bank at Grand River,
la., and stole about a thousand dol
lars. The robbers are said to have
numbered six.'
A striking letter against the attend
ance of Catholic children at the pub
lic schools has been issued by Arch
bishop Messmer at Milwaukee in
which he forbids church sacraments
to the families of those violating the
(rules laid down specifying attendanca
at Catholic parochial schools until the
Eighth grade has been passed.
Declaring in his last letter that ha
has been hounded to death by "a yel
low newspaper," George C. Morrison,
ipresident of the Title, Trust and
Guaranty company of Baltimore, vice
president of the Baltimore Trust com
pany, chairman of the Democratic
auxiliary committee and counsel for
and a director of the Maryland Jockey
club, committed suicide.
Rev. C. S. Lyles of Logan, la., wasnext
found guilty of "high Imprudence and
lunministerial conduct" by a commit
tee of the Des Moines conference of
ithe Methodist church at Boone and
!Was suspended from the ministry for
'one year. Two other charges were
.not sustained.
The League of American Municipal
ities began its annual meeting in Buf
falo, N. Y., with President John Mac
Vicar of Des Moines in the chair.
Three companies of United States
marines with three machine guns are
rushing from Managua, Nicaragua, to
Granada, near where it is reported a
detachment of United States sailors
and marines, commanded by Major
Baker, has been fired on by General
Mena's rebels and where a large num
ber of college girls are still at the
mercy of the bandit soldiery of the
A financial agent named Hiddink,
who has disappeared from Amsterdam,
Holland, is alleged to have obtained
an advance of $87,500 from the Ont
vang en Betaallkantoor bank on se
curities which he asserted he had sold
in New York. These securities were
not accepted.
Thirteen persons were killed and
nearly 100 Injured when the engine of
a Chester to Liverpool express jumped
the rails near Liverpool, England, and
the nine cars sped on and crashed in
to a small station. Several persons
were cremated in a coach.
The most sanguinary engagement of
the war in Tripoli was fought near
Derne, a town on the Mediterranean
coast, 140 miles northeast of Bengazi.
The Italians lost 61 men and 113
were wounded. The Turks and Arabs
left more than 800 dead on the field.
Konstantin Theodor Dumba, at
present Austrian minister to Sweden,
waB nominated to succeed Baron Hen
gelmuller von Hengervar as ambassa
dor of Austria-Hungary at Washing
Mrs. "Pat" Campbell, the famous
actress, is critically ill in London, and
only faint hopes are entertained for
her recovery.
Former United States Senator Her
nando De Soto Money of Mississippi,
one of the most prominent politicians
of Mississippi, died at his home near
Biloxl, following an illness of uraemic
poisoning. He was seventy-four yean
I am prepared to buy scrap iron,
rags, rubbers and wool. Bring in
anything in this line you may have
for sale, or notify me by mail or tele
phone and I will call for it, whether
you live in the city or in the coun
try. I pay the highest prices. Tel.
434. J. J. RIVKIN,
608 Litchfield Ave.
The Minneapolis Dollar-Hotel
Located in Heart of Busineu District
$1.22 S I N E RATE $1.2°.
Word hunting leads to the study of
words, develops habits of close exami
nation and promotes care and accuracy.
In almost any word, there are other
words, which may be detected by care
ful scrutiny and, of course, the same
is true of sentences. For example, take
the sentence: "SHE WAS PRETEND
ING." Here we have three words,
which may be considered original, since
they form the sentence, as written by
the author, but it is easy to find others,
which may be called accidental because
they appear by accident and not from
any design on the part of the writer.
Suppose the sentence be written
thus: "Shewaspretending." How many
words are in this collection of letters,
taking the latter in the order in which
they appear?
Commencing with the first letter s,
we easily see she and shew with the
second h, we have he and hew, and so
on, commencing with each letter in
turn, we find aout twenty-one words,
as we readily catch the following: she,
shew, he, hew, was wasp, as asp, pre
tend, pretending, re, te, ten, tend, tend
ing, en, end, ending, din, ding, and in
Besides these, we have a and i, which
are undoubtedly words, but which with
te and en, would probably be elimi
nated, in which case there are three
original and sixteen accidental words.
Of the words having the same initial,
the shortest must be written first and
must be followed by the others as they
come hi turn, going step by step from
the shortest to the longest under each
In each hunt, there would be rules,
and any deviation from the order re
quired by these rules would disqualify
the contestant
This illustration shows the plan fol
lowed in conducting word hunting con
tests, each being governed by its own
rules, as determined at the time, and
the contestant not only giving all the
words, (except those excluded by the
rules,) but filling out the blanks in
the form printed with the notice of the
contest, or a copy made by the con
In short, each contestant must closely
follow all rules of the contest, and the
pi lzes are awarded to those who com
ply most strictly with these rules.
... Interesting and Instructive Pastime ..
All words must be written in proper
ordei: first, all beginning with the first
letter of the sentence given for the
search, second, all beginning with the
second letter, if any, third, all begin
ning with the third letter, if any, and
so on to the end.
Below are given Rules to serve as
suggestions for contests, which may be
conducted from time to time,—changes
being made for each contest, or as often
as the parties may desire.
Bules for Contest.
1 No person over eighteen years of
age can enter the contest.
2 Every word must be written plain
ly and legibly, without blots or inter
3. Only orthodox spelling of the rec
ognized style will be considered, "sim
plified" spelling not being allowed in
such contest. Thus, exprest can not be
used for expressed (Or, if preferred,
only "simplified" spelling will be allow
4. Each contestant, in his report,
must write out every word commenc
ing with the first letter, taking first
the shortest word, then giving the word
formed by adding one or more
letters, and so on until all words com
mencing with the first letter are writ
ten down in order. In the same way,
he must write out the words, if any,
commencing with the second letter, and
this must be continued to the end, the
contestant taking each letter of the
sentence in its turn and writing down
each word commencing with that let
ter, writing first the shortest and going
By DR. DAVID H. REEDER, LaPorte. Indiana
Auto-Intoxication (Cont): Com
paratively few people understand
anything about the chemistry of
foods and the chemical phenomena
which takes place in the body during
digestion. For that reason it will
be necessary to make a few explan
Digestion begins in the mouth (if
enough time is given by thoroughly
chewing and masticating the food)
and when the food is thoroughly
chewed and mixed with the saliva,
particles of it are absorbed before
it is swallowed into the stomach.
Starchy foods and sugar are acted
upon, that is, partially digested, by
the saliva and by some of the di
gestive juices of the stomach for a
period of 15 to 30 minutes often
they are taken into the stomach, then
their digestion ceases, to be taken
up again by the intestines. By
starchy and sweet foods is meant,
potatoes, white bread, rice, various
puddings, flour gravies, bananas,
candy, sugar and some of the fruits.
Acids stop the digestion of starch
and sugar. That is why they are not
digested in the stomach, and that
also is why, if one eats potatoes and
other starches and drinks lemonade,
or uses vinegar at the same meal,
he is troubled soon after with an un
comfortable feeling in the stomach,
followed by indigestion and bloating.
Then, acids and starches should not
be eaten at the same meal. Acids
may, however, be eaten with meats
and certain vegetables. White bread,
potatoes, rice and puddings should
not be eaten at the same meal, as
they are all mostly starch, and too
much starch overtaxes the intestines
and causes bloating and constipa
tion. Fats and starches should not
be eaten but if taken they should be
eaten sparingly, at the same meal,
for the same reason.
An exclusive meat diet will not do,
as it is too highly concentrated as
a food and often too greasy for most
digestive organs. This is especially
true of pork. A man working out
doors such as a farm hand, a team
ster, or a laborer can eat a certain
amount of pork and other greasy
foods and find that he can, handle
them all right. But for the man or
woman who works indoors, this diet
would not be suitable and would cer
tainly result in auto-intoxication.
The ideal diet then, is a properly
balanced diet containing a little
meat, and a little starch, and some
vegetables, all thoroughly masticat
ed eaten at the right time, in the
proper quantity and proportion and
not mixed with all sorts of drinks
and rich highly seasoned pastries.
"Suppose my digestion is all wrong
and my system loaded down with
poison what am I to do?" someone
asks. Get the necessary information
regarding yourself, your food, and
your habits then use the brains the
Creator gav« you,
*X"' "v ,v1-^ I S I
step by step to the longest.
5. Each original word must be writ
ten in its turn and place.
6. The words or combinations of let
ters, ar, ay, ays, ce, ef, eh, el, em, en,
es, ge, ya, and yo, are not to be consid
ered or reported.
7. Every other accidental word hav
ing two or more letters must be written
in us turn and place
8. No report shall contain any pro
per noun that does not appear as a
proper noun, or as part of a proper
noun, in the original sentence. Thus,
if the words "George's hat" were in a
sentence, the contestant would report
"George" and "George's" if the word
"demijohn" were given, he could not
report "John" as an accidental word if
the word "losemary" were given he
could not report Mary" as an acciden
tal word.
9. Where two contestants are equal
on all other points, the prize will be
awarded to the one whose report and
list present the neatest and most at
tractive appearance.
10. The award of the American
Copyright Company will be final and
conclusive on all parties each contest
ant agreeing to abide by said award.
Open to readers of all periodicals li
censed by the American Copyright Co.
Subject to the foregoing rules:
Pull many a ffem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean
Contest Closes October 14, 1912.
Prizes Announced in Week Commencing
October 27, 912.
First prize. Five dollars, cash.
Second prize. Three dollars, cash.
Third prize. Two dollars, cash.
All reports must be on the form given
below, or a copy of the same, and must
be mailed on or before the day the con
test is closed to
American Copyright Company,
506 L. & L. & G. Building,
New Orleans, La.
Suggestion: It will be best for each
contestant first to write his list on
a sheet of paper to be kept by him, then
to copy the words on the list, going over
the former several times before making
the final copy. The number of words
hidden away is often greater than would
at first be supposed.
Form of Report to be Filled Out by
Date 1912
I am under eighteen years of age, my
name is •,
my address is No
St., City or Town
County State
I submit this report subject to the rules
and conditions of the American Copy
right Company, and agree to accept
their decision as final and conclusive on
In the sentence given, I find that there
are original words and
accidental words, as shown on the list
herewith enclosed, dated and signed by
The name of the paper from which I
clip, or (copy,) this form is
A gentleman recently wrote to the
Home Health Club, giving a long
list of symptoms, including consti
pation, nervousness, an/1 some kid
ney trouble, and occasional attacks
of rheumatism, and asked for help.
For years he had eaten his "three
daily squares" as a matter of
course. He was given the necessary
knowledge and taught how to treat
Some four or five months have
elapsed and he again writes that he
now considers himself a well man,
and further states that this is the
first time he was told the how and
the why of his troubles. Knowledge
with brains and perseverance mixed
are a powerful combination.
Take for instance, rheumatism
which is so frequently the result of
auto-intoxication. So many who
suffer with this symptom expect a
cure by merely using some local ap
plication to the parts affected and
taking internally some* preparation
which is supposed to counteract the
effects of the uric acid in the system,
without giving the least thought to
correcting the diet and habits which
are responsible for the condition.
The same that has been said of
rheumatism may be said in most in
stances of headaches, loss of energy
and ambition, which is ninety-nine
cases out of a hundred due to auto
intoxication, catarrh, consumption,
nervous breakdowns, biliousness,
gall stones, cancers, etc. The list
might be prolonged indefinitely.
Does cutting out the appendix
when inflammation of this organ re
sults from constipation and impro
Der habits and diet remove the
cause? Does removing inflamed ov
aries, resulting from a lesion in the
spine remove the cause? Does re
moving an organ which is prolapsed
or fallen down as a result of flabby
ligament and muscles, remove the
cause? The answer to all these
questions is obvious. Then, would it
not show greater proficiency on the
part of the physician to find the real
and the first cause and if possible
remove it? It would.
As has been shown, auto-intoxi
cation is the cause of most of the
ills of the human body, and a layman
possessed of the correct knowledge
of the simple laws governing the
functions of his body can do much
towards keeping his body in health.
Dear Doctor:
Please give me your opinion in re
gard to young people marrying, the
grandparents of one partv being first
cousins to the parents of the other
party. I also wish to ask you in re
gard to my three-year-old girl, who
is constipated. Would you advise
my giving her olive oil?
MRS. E. C. D.
It would be my opinion that there
could be no possible harm for people
to marry who are so distantly related
as fourth cousins. la regard to your
Proof Against
Rats, Fire,
Rain, Robbers
Hard Maple,
Pine Slab,
little girl, I would suggest that you
gi\e the juice of two oranges to her
each day before breakfast. Express
the juice from the oranges and let
her drink it. If it is not convenient
to get the oranges give her a gener
ous dish of stewed prunes. A little
pure olive oil would be also benefic
All readers of this publication are
at liberty at any time to write for
information pertaining to the sub
]ect of health. Address all com
munications to the Home Health
Club, 5039 Cottage Grove Ave., Chi
cago, 111., U. S. A., with name and
address in full, and at least four
cents in postage.
Card of Thanks.
We wish hereby to express our
-incere thanks to all friends and
neighbors who so kindly assisted us
and extended their heartfelt sym
pathy in our late bereavement in the
loss of our beloved daughter, Alice,
and we also extend -thanks for the
many beautiful floral offerings.
Eriek Moline and Family.
To Water and Light Patrons.
The Willmar city municipal water
and light department office will be
moved this week from the Bank of
Willmar building to the rooms in the
rear of the First National Bank, for
merly occupied by A. H. Brown.
(First publication Sept. ll-4t)
Citation for Hearing on Pinal Ac
count ana for XMetrttration.
Estate of Ole L. Skutle.
State of Minnesota, County of Kan
diyohi, In Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ole L.
Skutle, Decedent:
The State of Minnesota to all per
sons interested in the final account
and distribution of the estate of said
decedent: The representative of the
above named decedent, having filed in
this court his final account of the ad
ministration of the estate of said de
cedent, tog-ether with his petition
praying- for the adjustment and al
lowance of said final account and for
distribution of the residue of said es
tate to the persons thereunto entitl
OF YOU, are hereby cited and re
quired to show cause, if any you
have, before this court at the Probate
Court Rooms in the Court House in
the City of "Willmar, in the County of
Kandiyohi, State of Minnesota, on the
7 th day of October, 1912, at 2 o'clock
p. m, why said petition should not be
Witness, the Judge of said court,
and the Seal of said Court, this 5th
day of September, 1912.
„_ Probate Judge.
Attorney per se, Willmar. Minn.
Mi IF,
Your income should stop today, yet
your expenses will keep right on.
Better save while the dollars
come regularly. Into every life
comesatimewhenREADY MONEY
would be welcome. Tis a fund you
yourself can create—through a SAV
INGS account with the
Kandiyohi County Bank
CAPITAL $100,000.00
ANDREW LARSON, President L. 0. THORPE, Cashier
J. 0. ESTREM, Vie* President
F. A. LARSON, Asst. Cashier L. A. VIK, Asst. Cashier
Let us figure on your
bill. We are confident
that you will find in our
yards what you need. The
qnality is here and our
prices will be right. All
kinds of
Lumber, Sash, Doors,
Mouldings, Shingles,
Lath, Portland Ce
ment, Lime, Plast
er, Brick, Tile,
Scranton (Penn.) Hard Coal
Dixie Gem Soft Coal.
Smokeless Soft Coal
Geigler Splint
Hocking Valley
Let us fill your bins
Oak or Ash
Standard Lumber Co.
H. C. HANSEN, Agent
'PHONE No. 3 1
(First publication Sept. ll-4t)
Citation for Hearing on Final Ac
count and for Distribution.
Estate of Louis Larson.
State of Minnesota, County of Kan
diyohi, In Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Louis
Larson, Decedent.
The State of Minnesota to all per
sons interested in the final account
and distribution of the estate of said
decedent: The representative of the
above named decedent, having filed in
this court his final account of the ad
ministration of the estate of said de
cedent, together with his petition
praying for the adjustment and al
lowance of said final account and for
distribution of the residue of said es
tate to the persons thereunto entitl
OF YOU, are hereby cited and re
quired to show cause, if any you have
before this court at the Probate
Court Rooms in the Court House, in
the City of Willmar in the County of
Kandiyohi, State of Minnesota, on
the 7th day of October, 1912, at 2
o'clock p. m., why said petition
should not be granted.
Witness, the Judge of said court,
and the Seal of said Court, this 10th
day of September, 1912.
Probate Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner, Willmar,
(First publication Sept. ll-4t)
Citation for Hearing- on Petition for Ad
Estate of John William Carlson.
State of Minnesota, County of Kandi
yohi, In Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
William Carlson, Decedent.
The State of Minnesota to all persons
interested in the granting of adminis
tration of the estate of said decedent:
The petition of Anna Greta Carlson hav
ing been filed in this court, representing
that John Carlson also known as
Johan Carlson, then a resident
of he County of Kandiyohi,
State of Minnesota, died intestate on the
30th day of June, 1912, and praying that
letters of administration of his estate
be granted to Chr. Svenson, of said coun
ty and the Court having fixed the time
and place for hearing said petition
YOU, are hereby cited and required to
show cause, if any you have, before this
court at the Probate Court Rooms in the
Court House va. the City of Willmar in
the County of Kandiyohi, State of Min
nesota, on the 7th day of October, 1912,
at 2 o'clock p. m., why said petition
should not be granted.
Witness, the Judge of said Court, and
the Seal of said Court, this 7th day of
September, 1912.
Probate Court-
Attorney for Petitioner, Willmar.

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