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Council Chambers, City Hall Building,
Willmar, Minnesota, Nov. 24, 1913.
Regular meeting of the City Coun
Mayor Wellin called the meeting to
order. The following members of the
Council were present on roll call:
Mayor Wellin, Aldermen Larson,
Johnson, Anderson, Hedin, Tjosvold,
Sperry and Norman, 8 absent, Ald
erman Freeberg, 1.
City Attorney Stanford also was
The minutes of the last regular
meeting held Nov. 10th, 1913, were
read and the same were approved.
The following bills were on motion
referred to the Finance Committee:
L. Rasmusson, labor $ 11.38
A. Sundling, labor 11.37
J. P. Madison, labor team 6.00
C. Paulson, labor team 2.00
C. M. Johnson, labor First Ward
Poor House 75
Standard Lbr. Co., lumber 1.30
O. A. Jacobson, mdse 90
John Johnson, mdse. for poor. 19.25
J. H. Wiggins Co., sewer pipe
and labor 7.S9
Ohsberg, Selvig & Co., mdse.,
for parks 4.26
N. W. Telephone Ex. Co., tele
phone calls, police dept 2.65
Beardslee-Chandelier Mfg. Co.,
mdse 20.56
Central Electric Co., mdse 66.93
General Electric Co., mdse., 3
bills 258.84
Western Electric Co., mdse., 6
bills 617.79
Manhattan Oil & L. Co., oil... 11.21
The Kunz Oil Co., oil 26.46
Gas Fixture & Brass Co., mdse 73.51
Wagner Elect. Mfg. Co., mdse. 36.98
Westingliouse Elect. Mfg. Co.,
mdse 2.47
A. L. Ide & Sons, supplies 26.75
Pittsburgh Meter Co., supplies .25
Kimball Electric Co., mdse 6S
$S0.00 to $200.00
The New Blue Amberol Record
in stock.
Two and Four Minute
Wax Records at Cut Pric
Nelson Music Co. wnima
Vulcan Elect. Heating Co.,
mdse 1.16
Zenith Furnace Co., coal 262.88
L. Fridlund, cash advanced for
freight, express, postage, etc 73.72
H. E. Olson, supplies 65
F. L. Smith, freight three cars
coal 112.73
F. L. Smith, hauling coal, $138.
47 other drayage, $35.45 173.92
Republican Gazette, printing
postal cards 6.25
Standard Lbr. Co., cement for
ornamental posts 8.95
A. P. Bergeson, concrete basis
for lamp posts 24.00
J. H. Wiggins Co., supplies W.
& L. Dept 39.02
J. II. Wiggins Co., repairing E.
Litchfield Ave. water main.. 59.77
O. A. Jacobson, paint 15.35
H. Gunderson, Agt., renewal
fire insurance premium stock
and fixtures 19.82
The Improvement Bulletin, Min
neapolis, advertising 5.20
Axel Melander, line work 74.25
S. Limperich, wiring 58.52
W. J. Anderson, line work.... 55.75
W. J. Anderson, labor lamp
posts 1.13
John Hagerman, labor, lamp,
posts, two bills 12.75
Carl Mostue, labor, lamp posts,
two bills 14.00
A. Sundling, labor, two bills... 7.88
L. Rasmusson, labor, two bills 7.88
C. Johnson, labor team 4.00
P. Newberg, painting poles 6.70
Ole Berg, painting poles 60
P. Anderson, labor 13.13
W. J. Anderson, labor 88
S. Magnuson, labor 11.37
J. P. Madison, labor team 7.50
C. Johnson, labor team
The Finance Committee reported
the foregoing bills back approved and
the report was accepted.
Alderman Anderson offered the fol
lowing resolution which was adopted
by the full vote of the Council, 7 in
Be it resolved by the City Council
of the City of Willmar that the City
Clerk be and he hereby is, authorized
to issue warrants against the respec
tive funds in payment of the forego
ing approved bills.
Approved November 25, 1913.
E. C. WELLIN, Mayor.
The City Treasurer's quarterly re
port for quarter ending September
30, 1913, was presented and the same
was on motion referred to the City
Store your Cars over Winter in a Warm Garage
Overhauling and Repairing by Factory Experts
Storage Batteries Charged and Cared for Over Winter
Commencing FRIDAY, NOV. 28th
This is your opportunity to buy high grade
up-to-date merchandise at a great saving.
All these garments go for this sale at 20%
off from former low prices. Come in early
and get your pick.
A report from the City Auditor on
his examination of the City Treasur
er's books, up to September 30,
and of the City Clerk's books for the
same time, was presented and read,
and the same was on motion accepted
and ordered placed on file.
Requisitions for supplies from the
Water & Light Commission were pre
sented and the Clerk was instructed
to order same.
Alderman Tjosvold offered the fol
lowing resolution which was adopted
by the following vote: "Ayes," 7
"Noes," none.
Resolved, by the City Council of the
City of Willmar, Minnesota, pursuant
to the provisions of Section 2505, Gen
eral Statutes of Minnesota for 1913,
Modern Fireproof Family Garage
Overland Model 79
New Cars on Display Call for Demonstration
First Class Cars, Careful Drivers
Telephones—Day 466—Night 53, 104 —Telephones
That the roads or streets within the
corporate limits of the said City of
Willmar, none of which are less than
60 feet in width, and described as fol
lows, towit:
Commencing at the Section corner
common to Sections 14, 15, 22 and 23vold
in Township 119 of Range 35 thence
running Northerly along the main
travelled road on the section line be
tween said Sections 14 and 15 until
said road connects with First street
in said City thence running North
erly along said First street to the in
tersection of said First street and
Litchfield avenue, and there terminat
Be and the same is hereby desig
nated as a State Road, for the pur
pose of having the same constructed
or improved in accordance with the
provisions of said act, the said desig
nated road forming a direct connect
ing link with State Road No. 3 of
Kandiyohi County, and together with
a previous designation by said City
of Willmar forming a direct connect
ing link with State Roads Nos. 1 and
6 of Kandiyohi County.
Approved November 25th, 1913.
F, C. WELLIN, Mayor.
Alderman Tjosvold presented the
following resolution which was adopt
ed by the following vote: "Ayes," Al
dermen Johnson, Anderson, Hedin,
Tjosvold, Sperry and Norman, 6
"Noes," Alderman Larson, 1,
Resolved, by the City Council of
the City of Willmar, Minnesota, pur
suant to the provisions of Section
2505, General Statutes of Minnesota
for 1913, That the roads or streets
within the corporate limits of the said
City of Willmar, none of which are
than 60 feet in width, and des
cribed as follows, towit:
Commencing at the Section corner
common to Sections 11, 12, 13 and 14
in Township 119 of Range 35 thence
running in a Westerly direction along
the main traveled road until the North
and South quarter line in said Sec
tion 14 is reached where said road
connects with Litchfield avenue in
said City thence running Westerly
along said Litchfield avenue to the in
tersection of said Litchfield avenue
and 10th street thence running
Northerly along said 10th street to
the intersection of said 10th street
and Gorton avenue thence running
Westerly along said Gorton avenue to
the section line between Sections 15
and 16, said Township and range,
where said Gorton avenue connects
with the main traveled road leading
Westerly thence running in a West
erly direction along said road to a
near the center of Lot 2 of said
Section 16 thence running in a
Northwesterly direction along said
road to a pOint near the Northwest
corner of said Lot 2 and at the West
line thereof, and there terminating
Be -and the same is hereby desig
nated as a State Road, for the pur
pose of having the same constructed
or improved in accordance with the
provisions of said act, the said desig
nated road constituting a direct con
necting link with State Road No. 6 of
Kandiyohi County and with State
Road No. 1 of Kandiyohi County.
Approved November 25th, 1913.
E. C. WELLIN, Mayor.
A communication from the City At
torney in the matter of the bill of
Edmund D. Sykes, Minneapolis, of
$325.75, against City of Willmar for
a report on the Water & Light plant,
passed by the Council May 27th, 1912,
but not paid by the City, owing to a
written objection by taxpayers hav
ing been filed protesting against
payment of said bill.
A written statement signed by more
than one-half of the aforesaid tax
payers was also presented in which
they consented to that said case now
in District Court, be dismissed and
the bill be compromised. The mat
ter was discussed.
Alderman Johnson offered the fol
lowing resolution which was adopted
by the following vote: "Ayes." Alder
men Larson, Johnson, Anderson, Hed
in, Tjosvold and Sperry, 6. Alderman
Norman did not wish to vote on the
Whereas, The assignee of the dis
puted claim of Edmund D. Sykes
against the City of Willmar for thelot
sum of $325.75, now pending in Court,
has offered to compromise and settle
the same for the sum of $275 without
interest or costs
Therefore, Resolved, That saidv of
fer be and the same is hereby accept
ed and the City Attorney is hereby
authorized to enter into a stipulation
of compromise and settlement to the
effect that judgment in said pending
action may be entered against the
City of Willmar for the said sum of
$275 without interest or costs.
Approved November 25th, 1913.
E. C. WELLIN, Mayor.
Alderman Tjosvold presented an
ordinance for creating a new "Sewer
Moved and seconded that the ordi
nance presented by Alderman Tjos
vold entitled, "An ordinance creating
a sewer fund, providing for the man
ner in which said fund shall be main
tained and determining the purposes
thereof," be considered and given its
first reading. Carried.
The said ordinance was then read.
Alderman Tjosvold introduced an
ordinance amending the old sewer or
Moved and seconded that the ordi
nance introduced by Alderman Tjos
entitled "An ordinance relating
to the sewers of the City of Willmar
and establishing fees or charges and
rules and regulations for the tapping
or connecting therewith, and provid
ing penalties for the violation there
of," be considered and given its first
reading. Carried. The said ordinance
was then read.
Alderman Norman introduced a
new Fire Ordinance.
Moved and seconded that the ordi
nance introduced by Alderman Nor
man, entitled "An ordinance for the
prevention of fires, designating the
chief of the fire department as fire
warden and defining his powers and
duties as such," be considered and
given its first reading. Carried.
The said ordinance was then read.
Alderman Johnson presented an
ordinance entitled "An ordinance to
prevent the running at large of cat
tle, horses, mules, donkeys, sheep,
swine, goats, poultry and geese."
Moved and seconded that the ordi
nance presented by Alderman John
son entitled "An ordinance to prevent
the running at large of cattle, horses,
mules, donkeys, sheep, swine, goats,
poultry and geese," be considered and
given its first reading. Carried.
The said ordinance was then read.
Alderman Larson introduced an or
dinance prohibiting the slaughtering
of animals and the maintenance of
slaughter houses within the City lim
Moved and seconded that the ordi
nance introduced by Alderman Lar
son entitled, "An ordinance prohibit
ing the slaughtering of animals and
the maintenance of slaughter houses
within the limits of the City of Will
mar, be considered and given its first
reading. Carried.
The said ordinance was then read.
City Engineer Rowat reported that
the Ella Avenue sewer in First War
was not in good working order.
It was authorized that 1400 feet of
cable be purchased for cleaning sew
O. B. Glarum applied for permit to
connect his residence on lots 19 andtafson's.
20 of Block 9, Glarum's Addition ("cor
ner Augusta avenue and First street)
with the First Street sewer. The ap
plication was granted subject to thean
sewer regulations and upon payment
of the tapping fee.
Otto Horntvedt made application to
build a private sewer on East Becker
avenue, and connect his new resi
dence on east part of lots 13 and 14
of Block 3, Spicer's Addition, with the
Becker avenue sewer.
The application was not granted
but he was granted permission to con
nect his two residences on said lots
with the Mayson street sewer by pay
ing the $100 tapping fee, subject to
the sewer regulations.
It was reported that Arvid Carl
son's residence on Jessie street, Ole
Sandberg's and Henry Stenson's resi
dences on First street were connected
through cess pools with the drain tile
that runs across to Second street. On
motion it was ordered that said par
ties cease using said drain tile forth
with, and the Clerk was instructed to
notify them to take out sewer per
Street Commissioner Larson re
ported that $782 poll tax had been col
lected to date and also reported on
collections for street work. His re
port was ordered placed on file.
Alderman Larson reported that the
Railroad Company had cut the weeds
on right-of-way and cleaned the cul
vert under the railroad tracks north
of the Glarum lots by the right-of-way,
East of First street, North.
The City Clerk reported that Peter
Bonde, elected at the last meeting as
a member of the Water & Light Com
mission, had not qualified for said of
Moved and seconded to proceed to
elect a member of the Water & Light
Commission to fill the unexpired term
of H. S. Peterson, resigned.
On ballot being taken Conrad S. -Ol
son received 5 votes, and Ben Ben
son, 2 votes.
There being no choice a second 'bal
was taken which resulted as fol
lows: Conrad S. Olson receiving 5
votes, Ben Benson 1 vote and one
blank vote was cast.
There being no choice the matter
of electing a member of the Water &
Light Commission was carried over.
On motion the Council adjourned to
December 1st, 1913, at 8 o'clock p. m.
E. C. WELLIN, Mayor.,
City Clerk.
The Metropolitan Barber. Shop,
Bank of Willmar Building, B. T. Otos,
proprietor, is the shop to get a shave,
hair cut and bath.—Adv.
—Miss Irene Stevens, who works
at the Co-operative store is ill at
her home.
—Miss Edith Tait left for.her home
at Diamond Lake Friday.
Wedding bells!
Roy Borgstrom of Willmar was seen
in our village Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Gustafson entertained
the Ladies' Aid Thursday.
Miss Jennie Bergquist of Willmar is
dressmaking at Andrew Redy's.
Joe Noid is assisting Eddie Lund
quist on his farm south of town.
Miss Esther Erickson of Lake Eliz
abeth is visiting at Nels Norell's.
Bob Johnson and Joe Holmberg
were down from Willmar Sunday.
Miss Myrtle Harrison spent Sun
day afternoon at August Lundquist's.
Gilbert Gibson and Arthur Mattson
of Fahlun were visitors here Satur
Misses Hannah and Tillie Golberg
of Willmar were Kandiyohi visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson of
Spicer visited at F. E. Croonquist's
Robert Kroona and Ansgar Lund
quist were callers at John Jacobson's
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Norin and son,Lars
Hedley, spent. Sunday afternoon at
Aug. Klint's.
Mrs. P. Thulin an'd Ruth Peterson
visited at Swan Anderson's Sunday
Miss Edith Isaacson of Tripolis en
tertained the Sewing Circle Thurs
day afternoon.
August Lundquist has been con
fined to his home a few days on
count of illness.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Noid and family
visited at the Frank Johnson home in
Whitefield Sunday.
Miss Myrtle Anderson who attends
the Willmar high school, was a Kan
diyohi visitor Friday.
Miss Emma Engwall of Atwater vis
ited at the Louis Tait home from
Thursday until Saturday.
Joseph Anderson, Esther Norell
and Esther Erickson were at Willmar
Friday afternoon and evening.
The teachers of the intermediate
and grammar rooms visited their
parental homes at Willmar Sunday.
Peter Aspaas, who lives twelve
miles south of here came in Monday
to get the material for his new barn.
Ole Sharstrom, Wm. Larson and Al
bert Wikre are repairing the tele
phone lines between here and Will
Miss Esther Lundquist left Satur
day for Minneapolis for an indefinite
stay with her sister, Mrs. Edwin Har
Misses Alma Grimlund and Anna J.
Berg were entertained at the home of
Miss Grace Peterson Saturday eve
Mrs. Emil Wahlstrand of Willmar
"-ame down Thursday for a visit witn
her parents, Mr. and Mrsj. Swan An
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Johnson and
family and Miss Emma Cederstrom
spent Sunday afternoon at Wm. Gus-
Miss Linnea Holm of Atwater ac
companied Miss Grace Peterson for
over Sunday visit at the latter's
home here.
Services will be held in Tripolis on
Thanksgiving Day at 11 o'clock a. m.
Dinner will be served, after which a
sale will be held.
Mrs. C. W. Kroona, who has been
visiting her daughter at Kimball the
past two weeks, returned to her home
here last Monday.
Miss Hannah Peterson and brother,
William, a Lawrence Peterson
spent Sunday at the home of Huldah
Skoglund of Svea.
Mrs. Aug. Lundquist and son Reu
ben, Mrs. Clarence Lindblad and chil
dren left for St. Paul to spend
Thanksgiving at the J. Dahlin home.
Modern Woodmen Show.
At the Opera House, Friday eve
ning, Dec. 5th, G. L. Reilly and E. B.
Powers, well-known entertainers, will
give their famous entertainment. Il
lustrated Songs, Photo Picture Talks,
Funny Monologues, and Colored Pic
tures, showing the World's Holiest
War—the war waged against Tuber
culosis by the M. W. A. at their fam
ous 600-acre Sanatorium near Colo
rado Springs. A high-class entertain
ment under the auspices of Willmar
Camp M. W. A. Tickets now on#saio
by the members or can be purchased
at the ticket window Dec. 5. Adults
15c, Children 10.
Oyster Supper.
The ladies of Sw. Luth. Bethel
church will serve an oyster supper at
the church basement on Friday, Dec.
5, commencing at 5 o'clock p. m., and
continuing throughout the evening.
Price 25c. Everybody welcome.
Oysters, Celery,
Coffee, Sandwiches and Cake
Woolens Direct from Mill
Now is the time to get your Woolen Underwear, Sweaters, Mackinaw
Coats, Blankets, Shawls, Etc., direct from the Woolen Mills.
'x The Fergus Falls Woolen Mills Co. will pay your fare from any point
not exceeding twenty-five miles around Willmar, providing you give an
order for not less than $16.00 worth of goods. This offer will also hold
for any parties coming in by team. They will receive a discount of $1.00
tn ordering the above amouut. This offer is good only on Saturday, No
vember 29th, 1913.
Opposite Freight Depot
.4 ofcS*
S! ^JK*-VMTJ J'^aj^wrV1'.
Ole Wold shipped a carload of stock
last week.
August flint's visited at Wm. Gus
tafson's Sunday.
Miss Emma Noid is sewing at Mrs.
Emily Backlund's.
was Willmar
Rudolph Kroona
one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns, who
have been visiting their son-in-law,
Dan Lantry, of Superior, about five
weeks, returned Tuesday of last
The new telephone central build
ing has been painted inside, wall
paper has been put on and its ap
pearance now is very creditable to
our village.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tierney came up
Friday to be in attendance at the
Carlin surprise. Mrs. Tierney was
a guest of Miss Clara Anderson until
Saturday noon.
We regret that a misjtake appeared
in these columns last week. The tele
phone central will be closed from 6:15
to 6:45 evenings, instead of from 6:15
to 7:45 as was printed.
News was received here last Thurs
day that Miss Hannah Redy, who
teaches at Brainerd was seriously ill
with appendicitis. Reports have been
received later which tell of her im
A pleasant surprise was given in
honor of Miss Edna Croonquist at her
home last Saturday evening by about
thirty of her friends. Everyone pres
ent enjoyed a good time and upon
leaving the party presented Miss
Croonquist with a purse of $8.75.
Several ministers who are attend
ing the Norwegian "Hauge convention
at the Green Lake church this week,
arrived here last Monday. Rev. East
void of Dassel was among them.
While here he called on Mr. and Mrs.
Wikre and family who were old
acquaintances from Iowa.
Ebenezer Ladies' Aid.
The Ladies' Aid of the Ebenezer
church will give their annual supper
and sale Thanksgiving evening. Af
ter the supper a sale of fancy articles
will follow. There will be an abun
dance of good things to eat. The
menu is:
Potatoes Turkey
Cranberry Sauce
Meat Balls Boston Baked Beans
Brown Bread Pickles
Cabbage Salad
School Notes.
Who's the new janitor?
How did you enjoy it Isabelle?
The monthly tests are now on.
Wilton Lundquist was absent Mon
day afternoon.
Grace Peterson was enrolled in the
grammar department last Monday.
A new supply of books and station
ery arrived last Friday.
Alvin Pearson was absent from the
primary room Friday on account of
Mrs. Victor Peterson visited the
primary room Thursday.
School was dismissed in the hall
last Thursday forenoon as the stoves
persisted in smoking. The board met
in the afternoon and it was decided
that one good stove be better than
two poor ones.
Thanksgiving vacation will com
mence Wednesday evening and last
until Monday morning.
A Farewell Party.
On last Friday evening at the
Woodman hall at Kandiyohi, a very
pleasant surprise was given for Mr.
and Mrs. John Carlin by their old
friends. About two hundred had
gathered in the hall before Mr. and
Mrs. Carlin were brought there by
Mr. Peter Burns. The evening was
spent in dancing and visiting. Then
at midnight a supper was served by
the committee.
As a token of remembrance from
their many friends a purse was pres
ented to Mr. and Mrs. Carlin by Miss
Edith Tait. Everyone is very sorry
to have Mr. and Mrs. Carlm leave this
county, as they are very old settlers
tind will be missed in many ways. We
wish them many years of pleasure in
their new home in Canada.
Those from Willmar, who were in
attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Sanderson, Miss Pearl Malmberg,
Miss Edith Tait, Miss Malan, Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Carlin, Mrs. H. Parkins,
Reynold Peterson, and Russel Acker
Special Trains to Corn Show.
Special trains will be run from Will
mar to Morris on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday, Dec. 10, 11 and 12, to
enable anyone who wishes to spend a
day there to go and come back the
same day. The special will leave
Willmar at 7:30 each morning, arriv
ing at Morris at 9:30. Returning in
the evening this train will reach Will
mar at 12:47 a. m. The morning
train will stop at Pennock 7:43 and
Kerkhoven 7:56. This arrangement
ought to encourage a good attendance
from these parts.
—The following teachers of the
Willmar schools leave to spend their
Thanksgiving vacation today: Ethel
Baker to Benson, Stella Kief to Mur
dock Pearl Malmberg to Atwater
Elsie Hess to Benson Florence Par
ker to Sauk Center Lulu Harcum to
Browns"Valley Cora Bertram to Mou
ticello Frances Kelly, Helen Hough
and Charlotte Stevens to Minneapolis.
Tribune Wan-Tads Bring Results.
•.- A. G. DANIELSON, At Pallia's Store.W
,.Vi- '--Ai- ic-iA
Willmar, Minnesota
'Satisfaction of every
customer''— (Our slogan)
Beauty Pins
Rubber Toys
Dressed Dolls
Doll Trunks
Fur Sets
Hair Ribbons
First See Our Christmas
Stock of Gifts
Royal Arch Masons.
At the annual meeting of Mt. Nebo
Chapter of Royal Arch Masons held
on. Nov. 21, 191*3, the following offi
cers were elected and installed:
Then buy wherever you get the most and best
for your money!
Not only can we save you money, but also time,
drudgery, worry! With our extremely large variety
of gifts, displayed in full view, plainly pricemarked
and with no one to hurry you or urge you to buy.
Christmas shopping in our store is a pleasure! You cannot
be at loss to know what to give because under
one roof you find gifts for mother, father, sister,
brother, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, etc, and last
but not least, gifts for "Him" and for "Her," and at
prices to suit your purse. You can spend hours
looking over the vast quantity of gifts with the
knowledge, that none costs above 10 cents and you
can step in the department store, where you will find
gifts up to $15.00 each. If you want the gifts held
and mailed on a specified date, we will wrap them
up nicely and follow your directions. Your children
too will enjoy a visit to our store.
The little girls will clap their hands to see such
lovely dollies and the boys will fairly revel among
the trains and horses and all the thousand and one
playthings that delight the youngsters.
For the BOYS and the KIDDIES
Just a Few of the Many.
Silver Purses
Sweater Coats
Toy Pianos
Toy Tea Sets
Magic Lanterns
Rocking Horses
Doll Go-carts
Harmless Guns
Sewing Machines
Steam and Electric Engines
and Candies.
also exclusive
5-10c STORE
210 So. Fifth St.
No New Lights on Fourth Street.
What! No ornamental lights on
Fourth street,
One of the principal streets of the
Where the strangers who arrive at
the depot,
To the city come walking down?
When the rest of the town is lighted,
With a brightness like unto day,
The people must grab" a lantern
On Fourth street to find their way.
A city's best advertisement,
Is an up-to-date, wide-awake class,
And strangers are quick to take not
As thru a fair city they pass.
They don't like to see people in busi
Grab every dollar in sight,
But when it comes to public improve
Like a clam shell to shut up tight.
All Willmar needs is good boosting
And 'twill be the best town on the
But you can't .expect strangers to
come here
When the home people don't care a
Then here's to the people on Fourth
Surely they don't want it said,
They're walking round to save fu
neral expenses
When the whole world thinks they
are dead.
—D. W. McLaughlin,
Willmar, Minn.
H. J. Ramsett, E. H.~P.
E. C. Wellin, King.
C. Ackerman, Scribe.
C. W. Odell, Treasurer.
H. C. Hanson, Secretary. ,' "J*'
W. O. Johnson, C. of H.
C. H. German, P. S.
R. P. Spicer, R. A. C.'T
F. W. Powell, Master 3rd V.
James A. Rowat, Master 2nd V.
Hugh Ruddy, Master 1st V. ,,„-*'
J. L. Parmeter, Chaplain.
F. A. Larson, Sentinel.
W. A. Hawkins of Marshall, Grand
High Priest of the order was present
and installed the officers.. W
'—A. J. Smithson, of Roseville, was
in the city last Saturday settling up
the affairs of the Jackson Welch es
tate of which-he is the administrator,
,Mr. Smithson says that he will-soon"
retire' from, the, farm, arid may^ con
clude to move,to Washington.
—Miss Amy Hanscom left yesterday
morning for'Arlington, for a week-end
APPENDICITIS is a preventable
disease. The process is- very simple.
Anyone can do it. For information
call on or write to
Willmar, Minn.
DealoliwMirith thelartntutdokh^hMMr
la th* W«i Highest piioM aad Iwwrtlrt*
«Mh return. Wilto tot prio» Hat, tas* sad
tall information,
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