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New Ulm review. (New Ulm, Brown County, Minn.) 1892-1961, July 27, 1892, Image 6

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Office, Corner Minnesota and 1st N. Street.
I'eeth extracted' without paii by the u« il
tlu«il -tlr or nitrons oxide »»«.
4£i$ Female Diseases a Specialty gr-
Offioft in W. Boescb's New Brio!? Block
.• New UIm./ £?S$| Minn.
Ditto* IU t»- Dnehne'R uew biick block.
Telephone Connections.
Calls promptly attended to night or day.
Office over Pioneer Drug Store.
NEW ULM, .,-„,-..^ MINN.
Office over Oisen Drugstore.
Wh-an in town, can b«? found at office
a uii hours.
Office over Brown County Bank. Fine
•barn to the rear of the building, where
.horses can be left for treatment.
Resident Dentist.
Office in th-e Meiidia» Block
Teeth extracted without pain by the
latent approved methods.
•tfeteftoarjj^rgeou $ fisfilist'
Calls either in the. city or country
promptly awl satisfactorily attended to.
Office in the Masonic Block, -Second
ryii. A..KOE-IM4K ...
Veter-iuary $ur(jewi.
Httvmg treated .sick animals for years
I can cou&e-ien.Moasly reeorna*eud my
self to all who need the services of a
competent. ¥eterin:trv. .Orders may be
left at lhe Pioneer Drnjr Store.
•Sttoriivey SL Counsel of
Titles examined and perfected.
Part'o.uU-r attention givea to col
S^-Office over Brown Co. ®ank.,Jgflr
LIMD & HAGBEEiG_, .....
ittornays aad Counselors Law,
AttendtoSuits in all the State and
ij. S Lourts.
Special Attention Paid to Ckr&I«ctioi
pRANCiS &A.&SEN. .'
.Sttofi\ey iiiitl Coui^ilof
AA, IjSfW- •:•••..•
Also Notary (Public and Jusdoe.of the
feace. Collections promptly ivttendod
Architect,& Bulkier
Broadway & Soutfc Sth StrV New 0lrn.*
Plans and Specifications- furnished ttml
contacts taken for sdi .classes of buiid
Dealers in JBBB
RANGES, '. ..'"-_
Stoves and Tinware are all of the best
make and give excellent satisfaction. ~,t
jjgipStore located next to Masonic Block.
W '•'-'Si
A one horse-power engine and boiler
for sale at this office.. Terms will be
heap. {Shi
«#VcfBummer:spent ft»e wlM^in^Tnj-
A. A. Schlumpherger is back from
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Schleuder spent
"Sunday here. *J'f fgg
Mrs. Olding will not occupy the Ani
ann building as reported. $£?
Ralph Yates' family will leave for
Xhikota today to visit friends.
^Christian Pahl of Kimball, S."'-D., /.a
brother of E. G. PahL is here on a visit.
,/01e Pehrson, the Marshall merchant,
called on liis old New Ulm friends Mon-,
day- f&r
The dynamo for the Empire mill ar-
rived and was placed in position last
SfWcruer Boesch lias rented the .Hotel
Atlantic in Marshall to Seaman &
'^Old Anton Kitzberger is still missing.
It is now three weeks since he disap-
peared. -. W W 'A?JS5
'\Dr. Wo&chke and W. T. Eckstein were
among those who visited Springfield
last week. v' *i l^-^i
3BA. son as born to Mi. and Mrs. Chas.
Stolz on AVedflcsday. It died, h«vc\er,
on M'onday. *,' &K
Alljeit llcld has sold hii levidence to
Chas. Hauling, the county commi&&ion-
for $i oOO.
Col. Pfaender lias been gran red a poii-
sion through (he adjutant general's office
of $80 per month.
O. M. Peters has returned from Oma-
ha and is oiice -move at work in the of
fice of Bingham Bros.
The City Corsiet Band has^beeri" orga-
nized for campaagh purposes. B. Gruen
enfelder is the l^^Gv-.^--^^kj^^}f:
Mr. and T&m. G. E. Sehltaidt, tlib'flew-
ly married'coajde, left for their home in
Tracy on Moaday evening.
J. F. Croweil-and Geo. Bevier insti
tuted a' lodge of Modem Woodmen at
Fairfax on Saturday evening.
The members of the Pythian Lodge
with their ladies will picnic at 'Clear
Lake on a -week from Sunday.
Mrs. Ca-rl Furst of Chicago, is spend-
ing the week at the bfcane "of her parents,
Mr. and Mm. .Tohh Ha'uenstein.
Dr-jStsuaswu the well-known physician
spent Susaday here in-company witti his
wife at the home of Col. Pfaender.
F. L. Kandall, the Winona ,*itt?:)rn/!y,
who has been spendrag the past two
weeks hese, left for Jtome yesterday
It is reported, as :being authentic that
Dr.WelteemeJr. of Sleepy Eye, who was
nooxuMjJted by the Republicans fer core
ner, will tnot nocept. ••••:..
Migg Win Laudenachlaeger of this city
has resacfHed.he.r position as teacher in
the Tracy i-schools .to '.which she was re
eler-feed iby the boardr
The ©eiaaocraticjeas-tcus will be heldat^
Turaea- Hull this evening %t eight«'clock
to elect twenty-one.-dfclegatestot.he coun
ty cenvwedtion in Sleepy Eye.
Waai. 'Fenfike, .the psopnlar. young sales-
masa. in F. ,H. Behnke's store, has re
signed and^zill becorae a traveling:man.
Foriiie .-present he wiM sell piints.
Ernst Brandt.and E. G. Pahl .iKfcom^
panied the davge party, that went t© Du-
luth/mJPrhhy. Both gentlemen .Were
delegsies to t?ie business meeting stf the
At the annual srhooi meetingin Court-
land tte .question of free text bcoks^ave
rise to .(some lively .'digecssion. The .de
cision ».^as almost solidly against ,the
Frank Olrich, head druggist in .the
store of M. Henningsen & Co., was pleas
autly surprised en Thursday by the .ar-,
rival in his .household of a daughter—
the first ojae.
Assistant Bupt. J. Levin*of the West-i
crn Union Telegrapii Co», was here Fri-i
day and it is safe to say now that the of
fice here will be inored into .the LeiboJd
building iilojag with that of iike Express
jCominSny.: .- ,v,^v, &::vKl:y-W- -..w
Alex Boclikx, ol FountauV'City, Wis.,
vas looking o\c-r th iown last week
with the view of engaging in the dry,
goods business. He left.for the west
Saturday evenjng, but will retimi in a
fe/ days, -g^ 'v':\
Ail unusual and ljeautilul specimen of
the night blooming eereus plant wag" on
exhibition in one of the windows
Crone Bros' store «n Satui^lay evening.
The remarkable feature wns the opening
of six flowers at once. WtS?^ $
Mr.Helmes, father of the well-known
travelling man, C. H. Helmes, came
from St. Paul Monday afternoon/and
will spend a couple of days here as a
Dakota House guest. It is quite proba
ble that he may decide to locate here.
Charles Dobberstein, who used to live
near the brickyards and who left with
his family about a year ago for Wadena
to start a saloon, has returned. His
family is still in Wadena and he says
that circumstances demanded their sep
Omahffc ._••
S(jjmie'Berndt is here from Chicago on
a visit.
See the realistic safe .bowing, scene in
"The Burglar." f¥^f^\
last week on-a visit.
Miss Meta Seiter 'has returned? Jrom
her St. Paul visit. ""&',-•',
"Miss Tillie Held was up from St.* Paul
A. J. Eckstein paid a business visit to
Mankato last Thursday.
Congressman Lincl is expeetedhome
from Washington this week.
E, G. Pahl, after attending the Duluth
Turnfest, will make a trip to Chicago.
H. Lillie severely injured his hand last
week, almost severing one of thefingcis.
Miss Blank of South Dakota has been
the guest of Mrs. Queuse the past.,flew
days. .'
The Amann building, next to the Ma
sonic block, is being supplied with city
v»ater. j.™^.
dins'*. Weschcivc ifriu* 'uife of Spring
field sundayed h.ere with the former's
parents. ^®&z
Vogel]hol & bpri(th are now engage^
in 1 uilding a $900 pipe org for Jor-
dan parties, ,* /F$ 14W&
B. IT. SthiiebtM-, of Minreapolis ^ili
addrcs the Democratic voters this even-
ing alter the caucus. -"-S'"WC^^P
MidsumraLrNight's Festival will be
given by the ladies of th" Turnverein on
the evening of August Gth/ 1
About twenty five of the -joung Ladies
and "entiemen ol 1own sper.t Sunday
on the shoie& el Cleai Lake. •v*" -,
Rev. B«iumgait«'n, Wednesday
moining ioi a Msit of throe (r four
wet Us with iriends at T( mah, Wis.'-
lit man Held s\is phnsanth sai
piisttl h~) bib fiitnds on Ssitvmh.y c\cc
ing. The outsit was h:& birthday.
Coionci Huuijihtry bas rcsigiitd liom
hib s]oe but uintuim.ciatiT. ]iosi-
tiun and is. »utcet dtd bj Jones Lantlen
'.M The Ladies Society of the Turn\ei('n
have elected the following officers: Pres.
Mrs. E. G. Pahi Secretary, "Miss Marie
*Bogen Treasurer, Mrs. F. Burg.
Otto Boarsch audi. W. L. Scatoii have
been selected by the Pythian lodge as
delegates to the state lodge which wrill
cafivene in Duluth in September.
Die Kranke Familie" was produced
in Spring-field by members of the New
Ulm Caeeilian society on Saturday even
ing. A -crowded house .greeted the
.A man in Courtland, says a correspo
dent of the .St. Peter Herald, has worn a
pair of boats' for thirteen years and
claims that they are good yet. That's
certainly economy of one kind.
v'Tbe Courtland bridge is almost fin
ished, bmt-so far'no work has been done
on the Nicollet.county approach. The
people of vGourtland promised to fix the
road jpse-viding the lariclge' was built and
should mot he slow in keeping their
Word. :-v'::' •••'•..-:,S.T V^''K^ ^S
W- Lieber and wiie,Miss Anna, Lieber,
Heruian Lieber Jr., jmd Mrs. Struby and
chiltJ of Indianapolis, .made New Ulm a
during the eaiiy portion of the
w«jk. 31r. Liel)er's .brother was former
ly in buisinesshere as apartnei-of.AdoJph
W. iHaiTJson, of the Thompson,
Houston Electiic Co,, -is in the city fur
nishiug- Itlie mills -with lighting systems
That of the Eagle Mill is. almost com-
pleted, owcr 1.00 .inciiffiflescents and vwts
arc lig1aifcs,.and the Empire Mill wiU hvA
fitted outttbis'week.
Dr. Miffivden received a telegram tin
Sunday Mmauacir/jy the .death in Akron,
Col., on Saturday of Wiu. Burghardt,
resident of Hohre, this county, and a
member.of the Masonic Lodge of this
city. The -Hermans .have .been, shipped
ifco this place -fer .burial.
The next, .meeting of the 'Ladies*
.World's Fair organization will be held
at Mrs. Lkid's-residence on. Friday even
ing., June 29th, iat which time commit-
tees will be chosen and chairrt.ians ap
pointed. Every iB-ember is '-urged.-to oe
present and new members are solicited.
p4T,here have beea rumors afloat .during
the woek that cerfai.u men wdao have no
connecition with the REVIEW assaimed-
editorship last week. While we do not
wish to detract from' the ability of those
gentlemen as writers, still as long as we
are able to wield the pen the REVIEW
will contain nothing that does not have
its source* style and backing in thenanie
tlurtTstands at the head of its columns,
§hThe theatre players "who went to Win-
ihrop a week ago had a tough time of
it. When about seven- miles out of the
village'the horses balked and refused to
be either coaxed or driven.' The reWt
was that, although they started from
herein the-morning, they did not reach
Winthrop until it was time to go upon
the stage and proceed with the play.
The ladies had to get off the rig and
walk* up every hill on account of the
bad roads, and in coming back the drive
was squally enjoyable and lengthy,
9S0 *?v*
"has returned- *frdfti« i|[email protected] is in St. Paul.I
Burglar" on Friday night.
The delegates to the state convention
left this hiorningi-^*
Miss Guslie Kuehneljk visiting in
''J ..
*r J- B. Sclrmid, the'Springfield eleVatbV
man, was in town Friday.
',£&M>3. Geo. Schmidt is entertaining htr
sister, Miss Lena Fischer of Chicago.
2 I
Eggfcrt of Lc Sueur is spending a
few days in this vicinity with fricadf.
T. Crone came home' from St. Paul
Saturday evening and remained over
Mrs. M. Mullen and daughter are
spending several days in^ Mankato and
Editor Hays,-of the Sleepy ~Eyc Dis
patch, was a visitor afc the court house
on Saturday.
Mr. Heffron and Mr. Harkili, old Ft.
Ridgely .defenders, were callers at,, our
office 3estoHuiy.
Summer prices iorK '"The Burglai
Best seats o5 cents. Secure JJhem now
at the pity Drug Store. X*
Th" mounds a'-ound the*i'
chuith are being sodded in a
manner^^ew stone steps are also be
ing laidi1 --715 tf. V-'.
A hail" storm" passed near Moiton
yesteiday morning and destioycd the
crop.', over a strip six miles wide and as
„"s t*»
At th Lutheran teachers' tonfeicnce
jestculay two teachers who had been in
conrimious seivice for twenty-fi\e yeais
were presented with a memorial gilt by
the tv acbcrs.plesent ..-"
Editor Johrson ol the St. Peter Hei-
aid bjis succtededinscjcniingthctndoise-'
meft of the Nicollet county Domouatic
cou\tntiop. The delegates bolecteil will
support Dan Lawkr lorgovernt IV
The marnage of Jacob Bins! and
Mrs. Bergmann, both ol this tity, was
sok mni^ed Lsi evenin» in the
circle of only a few friends. The Rt-
VIE congratulates the aged couple *ind
trusts that they may be gi anted many
more years in'which.to enjoy their wed-
ded happiness.
If anyone differs with the sentiments
expressed by the REVIEW its 'columns
"are open to free discussion from anyone
who chooses to use them. We court
honest expression of differences,.but de
spise the man who shuns openness arid
seeks to "get even" by trying to induce
people to stop the paper that he doesn't
like to read. .'-:. \.^:v'[X"^:^:-ri^?^^
Everybody is apt "to make mistakes
3onic!ime.:v- Last ,week Frank Behnke
saw a farmer with,a set of teeth that
caused admiration for their evenness and
white appearance, and he happened to
make the statement that he, would give
$250 if he could have teeth like them.
The farmer overheard this and quietly
turned to him, took out his ivories, and
said he would gladly take the $250. The
teeth, he added, with a smile, had only
cost hi«i' twenty.
The following .composed the party
that attended the Turnfest at Duluth:
H, Engel, Fred Seiter, Hugo Fischer,
Robert- Brandt, Richard Fischer, LorCnz-
•Merkle, Emil Wicherski, Albert Pfaender
P. .Friedmann, W. E. ICoch, Max Burg,
Cluis. Toberer, John ILieberle, Wm. Her-
iwn, Fred Heers, F.- .-Sitae1, HermanMnel
lev, Ali-3.-. Chas. Hauenftein, Mrs. Diehns,
and tlie Misses Emily Hauenstein, Ella
Seiter, Allie Sclierer, Emma and Bertha
Beinlsoru, Marie Bogsen and Ida Koch/
About forty ladies -.of New Ulm gath
ered .ttt .t'hcj home of Mrs. Lind oil Friday
evening and interested themselves in
World's Fair work. Mrs. L. P. Hunt of
Mankato was preseat'and addressed the
company, going ever the plan of work
.thoroughly and .outlining the manner in'
which the, ladies of Brown county might
proceed tto assist the istate board. Mrs.
Lind was'chosen as.president.of the New
Ulna .organization, Miss McCaughin as
vice-president and Mrs. Albert Seiter as
secretary i||Com mittee chairmans were
idso sfelected- and.regular meetings will
be'hckl to keep up a lively interest in Use
work. Mrs. Hunt stated that of all
towns she had visited New Ulm made the
best showing and she looked lor a nice
exhibit from this city. v'
Arrangements have bten Uiade for the
appearance of tlie Anna L. Pomeroy
company at Turner Hall, tn produce
their great comedy^of "The Burglar,"on
Friday, July 29thj|^ The company are
greeting with big success in tliis plav
and our play-goers can look forwakl to
a rich treat. Miss Pomeroy is a singer
of rare ability, and will introduce sever
al oi" her latest German songs during the
play. Master Leslie, only five years of
age, will be seen in his great, character
of the burglar's child. Following is
from the St. Paul Pioneer Press: Miss
Pomeroy sang in exquisite manner the
"Staccato Polka" which was originally
composed for Miss Emma Thursby. Miss
Pomeroy 'has a fine soprano voice of
considerable power and'expression, and
she sings with much intensity *of feeling,
betraying the marks" of the cultivated
and .thoroughly trained, artist^.
In Wednesday's Storm it Plays. Eavoo in
Many Sections.'
Hear Springfield Fifty-three Oattle are
Killed by one Sjroke.
Early last Wednesday morning, Brown
County was visited by tin electrical
storm of a peculiar character. The" sky
was lighted with an almost continual
blaze and the crack of thunder was
enough to cause constant fear.
Near Springfield a herd of four hun
dred cattle was coi railed in a pasture
along the Cottonwood river.' A bolt
struck the wire fence near which the cat
tle were standing and running aio:ig this
splintered several posts and killed fifty-
three head. It was a shocking siglrt the
next morning, says the Advance, and
many people went out to see it. From
the same herd thirty-eight head were
lost this spring in a blizzard
in Stark Was also
John Frank's bar:
struck and together with machinery and
five cattle was destroyed without insur
ance. Fold's., house-in- Home* was
struck and a farm holism in Sigel was
completely demolished^pln .New- Ulm.
the only damage done was to Karl Knos-
pc'b barn. •,.:,'"'• *§P»-:-c
Hail iell in sonie^seetioW^iiut it hfe
not been kvmtd that-the crops Avcre in-
jured to any extent. ^«:«t«s
Ifew Ulm Boys Gefc TherJIIift,'
*At the Duluth Turnfest the New Ulm
boys iiinio to the front in fine shape and
captuicd the cieam of the prizes, Minne-
apobo seemed the first, class: prize but
New Ulm uine in second, aiylleft all the
otheis fai to the .rear. '^i'v'v-V^--v,"
Oi the fir&t class Turners, Win.E.Koch
won the fh-J" puze, HenryEugel won the
second, and Fred Seiter the fifth, and in
the stcond giade classes' Robert Brandt
won the tu^t. Fred Heers the sixth and
Emil Wichtiski the tenth^A-il of these
Lie New Ulm .sthleteS*• '':^S'-- .j
Wm. E Koch also won the first prizes
foi ope climbing and broad and high
jumping. The laurels are such as to Le
proud of.
Lutheran Teachers in SessioD.
About thirty Lutheran teachers from
all 'parts of the state sire the guests of
the city at present and until to-morrow
night they will be in session at the Luth
eran schools. The exercises which will
occupy their attention will be confined
almost entirely to school room work and
among the topics to be discussed arc re-
ductions in fractions,. United States his
tory, the/teaching of German geography,
German reading classes,-the discovery of
America and its importance, practical
lessons in organ playing, and the rela
tion of religion to their private schools.
A very interesting point to come up will
be the Faribault and Stillwater systems,
which is now bothering the educators- of
the state. A protest will be entered by
tlie conference against this system of di-
viding the public monies, and the Luth
eran teachers in session here -will make
plain their objection to the using of pul-
lic monies for diverging religious doc
Mr. Roediger, of Hollywood," is
president of the conference, and Mr. G.
W Kunkcl, of Winona, is secretary. The
following teacher's are present: Mr.
Arndt, of Hay Creek T. Grossman,Sauk
Centre J. -W. Schultz, of*Gaylord J.
Rowo and W. Kunkel, of Winona J.
Eisengraber, .Chas. Zeigejr, J. Oesterich,
J. Pipkorn, A. Hohnstein and Mr.
Fischer, of,St. Paul Mr. Beinke,of Fair-
field 'H. Ehlen, of Waconia Mr. Ries, of
Cologne T. Bengel, of Young Americar
P. Trupkc, of Willow Creek: F. Hack-
barth and H. Fiene, of Nicollet W. E.
Gieske, pf Lewiston P.' Grossweiler, of
Mauki'lo E.'lLirmes, of Sauk Rapids
Mr. Kirsch, of Faribault Mr. Becker, of
Courtlaiid J. H. Erase, of Hay Creek
J. Lewcrenz, of New Prague Mr. Schrei-
hsr, of Blue Earth* City and P. Ehlen,
of Hamburg.-
'In addition to these' Profs. Schaller,
Hoyerand Reim, Rev. Albrecht and
Messrs. Blauert and Muessing are in ac-
ti\t- attendance and aie endeavoring to
make it plecf-ant ior the guests.
"The Burfflar."
Don't miss "The Bursh.r."
Go to Pingle's gallery on Broadway
for tine Photos. .,
'^J*'.-/) f'". *,'
Choice Messina Lemons, 20c per dozen
at.Sv.ik' %5 HENRY CRONE.'
All kinds of Vegetables from M. Wind
miller. Jfankato. Best cheese, fret groc
canned goods etc., for sale by
State street.
The store l'ooin on the corner of Minne
sota and Second North now occudied by
Henry Crone is-offered torrent. Inquire
of Geo. Doehne.
$2 a week for good boy to learn-, .bar
ber's trade.
WALTER A. WOODS Mowers now
Manufactured at Minneapolis, Minn.,
the strong st i?l •iv,-'-/.vfM^-"l.'
in America, Extras \pr ^I'-Jr^ i„
always on Iviiid. I-\ri yiij .,
1M$^fvM H. set.:
*$* .*' ~t
^it the itquest oi many voters .-f the
County of Brctvvn, the undersigned .here
by announces himself as an Independent
candidate for tjic office of Judge of Pro:
bate at the coming election.
Dated July ICth 1802.
Ernst Err.ndt.
Between now and Sept. 1st, I will Lave
uuiiiciotrs. .iitides of household furniture
wk'ch I will desire to sell. Paities de
.-iiin£ purchase should call at nr house
'm Gern.an St. .-.-,
•W-^, ''--VC. H. HOP-.
eo. n.uayion
Jos. Bobletcr,
Chaf-. Wiipi:er,
\$mmm USDE HE mi :^s.
Collections and all business pertain
ing to banking promptly attended '.•.
Call .and secure advantage of cheap
.- 3VEE2w N E S O A
State Norma! Sciools
Winoaa, Mankato, St. Cloud and
These schools are organized for tlie, train
ing of teachers for the common school?, of
the state
Organization.—Each school comprise-* two
departments—the Normal Department
and the Training Department or Model
School. The Normal department embra
(a) An Elementary con rse for teachers
rural districts and elementary" grade*
(b) An Advanced Course for tea'cliors of
advanced grades.
(c) A Professional Course, for teacher
who have completed the reoi: red
aca den ic work elsewhere.
(d) A Kindergarten Training Coi:rse rn*
ADMISSION".—Graduates of high tchocK
and colleges, and teachers holdingcoun
1 sit], ei intend en is' first ai cond
grade-certi.icutejjjaye admitted -t:,. it
examination. All others are re»jv.-:eii to
pass an entrance examination.
EXPENSES—Tuition free to. aJJ A-UO.
pledge 1 hemselves to teach in Mxwio-,)
la. Test books are furnished at \i F.TI
tal of $3 per year. Provision is n'uVi'' -.n"
each school for economical iivir 1 hr
average cost .of'furnished rooms vvitl
board is about $?. per week. The L-KW'.-S'
Pianos, Organs arid-'Sewing M.. Mn?*!.
Agent for tbcrSingev Sewing .-Mi.vbir' «,
known by every one to be the b^ luu^h
ine on earth.
•Pianos''and Organs of the bc^t "..t.k.-s.
Sheet musie,^ the latest oi.*. All
goods-guaranteed'to'be first cl ..• ^r.d
prices the lowest for tlie quality o:\oods
All goocls guaranteed.togiye sAi. sction
or money refunded,.
Organs and Sewing machines r«'| d:ed.
Office in 'Lc-ibold's Block next ..ICT to
new Express office.
'-'ft I
Home at St. Cloud oftersb^ard. fu It .-1
room, heat and light at $2.'i~ per vr-'tK.
DIPLOMAS-Bya recent act of thV- V-^is-'
lature a diploma -becomes a state teav-j-*
ers' certificate of-tlie first gradi.
The next, school year -opens at Vrip&na'
and Mankato August. 29,1892: at St.-'-"I'lo-.wl.
and Mporhead'September 1,1892. ^f
E a bearing, Mankato
oseph Carhart St Clout?. ftj,
Lord, Mr orSieadt
Office at Marshall, Minn., Titly lftth -Ag.-i
1892. &&,•+
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has riled notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Clerk of District Court for Brown
Co. Minn, at New Ulm, Minn., on Thiirs
day Sept. bth, 1892, viz: Swan? Anderson,
one of the heirs of John H. Anderson de
ceased, T. C. E. No. liJ58 for the Ixt No. 5 of
Sec. 14. Twp. 1()8, R. 32.
He names the following witnesses to
p.ove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: Enoch
Grotta, Swen Aspelonl Charles Bernloehr
and Hans O. Hoen, all of A'b n, Minn.
•i -..-.-Register.

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