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WeEefer To theTalk of John Land for.
The pipers of the state of all parties
continue to advocate .the nomination 61
Governor Clough's nomiriafcidnls now
practically assured, and politicians are
now speculating as to -what attitude the
Minneapolis papers, who have so bitter
ly opposed his nomination, will take in
the future. Our own impression is that
the Republican party has made a mis
take in putting in Governor Clough at
the head of the ticket. It must be ap
parent to any close observer that should
the. opposition unite upon John Lind,
the republicans will realise that they
need their strongest man before the cam
paign has progressed many weeks,—.
riwift Co.. Monitor.
The latest reports are that John Lind
of New Ulm may possibly consent to
lead the opposition this fall. Should the
Peoples Party, tbe silver Democrats and
the silver Republicans be able to unite
upon so strong and popular a man, there
would be little doubt of the result.—
Fairmont Sentinel.
The "machine" has the Republican
party of this state by the throat. Bow
can it be made to loosen its grasp? On
ly as suggested by the Minneapolis limes,
through defeat. How can this be accom
plished? a union of all opposition el
ements—Democrats, disgusted Republi
cans. Populists and Prohibitionists, The
fair name of our beloved state is at stake!
National politics cuts no figure in the e
lection of our governor, but it does af
fect the good name of Minnesota! There
fore let all elements of opposition unite
in defending our reputation as a common
wealth. Let some man of high cbaract
and ability be selected—ex-Congressman
John Lind, if need be—and let Minneso
tans teach political parties a lesson,
which may last foi all time, that our
governors must be men of character and
ability—men who are tit to sit in the
chair once occupied by such eminent and
worthy citizens as Henry H. Sibley, A
lexander Ramsey, William R. Marshall,
John S. Pillsbury and others. The hon
or of Minnesota homes is at' stake,!—St.
Cloud Times.
Mr. Lind is recognized everywhere as
a levelheaded, patriotic and honest man,
and his bolt has caused consternation in
the cam of. the gold men.
party will do well make
him their candidat for governo in the
campaign Repub
licans who canuot swallow the Clough
Merriam single-gold-standard decoction
will enthusiastically support John Lind
and a progressive policy. The Populists,
admire him for his manliness and patri
otism and will stand by him to a man
"Gov. Lind" looks well,sounds well, and
we feel assured that it will work well.
This is no time to quibble about past po
litical affiliations. Party lines aie being
obliterated, patriotism is being arrayed
against bigotry and greed, issues of vital
importance to the welfare of this nation
are pressing for immediate settlement,
and those who desire to throw off the
yoke of plutocratic despotism must unite
upon candidates whose hearts are right
and whose records are good, no matter
what political party may have had their
support in the past. Ex- Congressman Lind
is without doubt the strongest man whom
the People's party of Minnesota can nom
inate for governor, and we hope he will
become our staudard bearer in the cam
paign. With Lind, 'free coinage and anti
monoply, the liberal party of Minnesota
will sweep the statc.-Clarkfield Advocate.
I A O E E S A E ttie8tite.ndlocaliwemmentftwtt.the
•4MK W&mantifc W
Eor some time it lias been known that
John Lind was out of harmony with his
party on the reform questions of the day,
and that he was only waiting for the ac
tion of the national Republican conven
tion to speak so that he might adjust
himself to the realignment that was plain
ly taking place. Mr. Lind is everywhere
recognized as a most conscientious man,
a man of great talent and beloved by all.
He will give a tremendous impetus to
the movement in this state.—rSacred
Heart Watchman. 5
Today's issue of the Representative
contains the following editorial ».t the
hand of Hon. Ignatius Donnelly
"The sentiment everywhere in Minne
sota is overwhelmingly, for a union of
Populists and free silverites upon a state
ticket, with Hon. John Lind at its.head
for governor. Such a ticketwould sweep
this Btate from Duluth to Rock /county
and it would transfer the wholepowerof
bankers, to tno tax -$vutt&$i
the New Ulm. man for governor,
are some of the latest comments :f§^
Clough's nomination means a walk
away for John Lind or some other good
man in November.—Duluth lieraldf^l
It is said that John land has also
made his farewell bow to the Republican
party. The Populist ranks may be a
more difficult matter to overcome this
tune than some people think for:-Jit is
a matfer of gold and silver men now—
no difference about the name of your
party.—St.Peter Journal. ^t--'?^&
«$jphalee coming !?"fg
o£ Minnesota with, a whirlwind -&&*•»
thusiasm,if the-lnends©f 'th cefean
movement unite wui act in, hanavaavj at
the coming -conventions. ^gTohn. lin
would cwary no* only Minnesotajju* even
Minneapolis., '•v
has alxei
times to congress en A free coinage plat
form* .He is broader on neforau lines
than the coinage issue alone.. He is an
enemy oC'fhe spirit of commercialism,
which is. usurping the place of patriotism
in our polities and American govern
ment. He can carry with, him the peo
ple irrespective of pasty lines. He is
the Moses to meet the present condition.
—-Penny Presa?.'.r?!2:# Vife'.&.-s.l&ia&z?:?
jilHon. Frank Day»lieutenant governor
of this state, publicly withdrew from the
Republican party last week. Congress
man Towne and. ex,-Congressman. John
LincLhave clone the same. They assign
as their reasons that they could, not in
conscience long remain affiliated with a
party that has denied the first principles
of Republicanism. 'The gold standard,
these gentlemen designate as pure, una
dulterated robbery of the people, and
they could not be a party to any such
robbtfy, Every one must really admire
the conscientiousness and courage of
tnese men. They for conscience sake
will not vote theRepublican ticket ancT
will renounce blmost the highest honors
of the party rather than do what they
deem a wrong upon the people.—Belle
Plaine Herald.
Mr. Theobald and daughter of S^.Paul
were guests here over Suuday.
The Local Oycle Cranks. 569
Frank Webber started on a wheeling
tour yesterday morning. He will go
west as far as Marshall and Lake Ben
ton, and expects to be gone one week.
.' Little drops of water,
Little grains of dust
Make a road that's sure to fill
A Cycler with disgust.
Will Pfefferle went to Mankato last
Friday to compete in the bicycle races
there, but was unabie to secure a place,
on account of a collision which disabled
him and his wheel,
When in doubt join the L. A. W.
Mary had a little bike,
Pneumatic waait's tire
And everywhere that Mary went
Her bike was always nigh her,
She took the wheel to church one day,
Which filled the air with rumors.
The reason Mary rode, they say,
Was just to show her bloomers.
The decorated bicycle parade on the
4th of Juiy had to be abandoned on ac
count of lack of interest on the part of
our local cyclists.
A broad-tired wagon doesn't hurt any
Mother's out upon her bike
Enjoyin'of the fun.-
Sisterand her beau have gone
To take a little run,
The chambermaid and cook are both
A-riding of the wheel,
And daddy's in the kitchen
A-cookin'of the meals.
I want to ride a golden wheel,
ilpon a golden shore,
Where streets of gold aire smoothly rolled
And punctures punk no more.
The Mankato Commercial College was
visited by many people on the Fourth.
All speak most highly of the genial man
agement, the well equipped and beauti
fully decorated rooms. A course in this
school means business success.
Private Instruction.
During the coming summer 1 shall
give private instruction to classes as well
as to individual scholars in the -common
sehool branches and in my specialties.
Parents will confer a favor upon me by
communicating with meat an early date.
Thos. H. Jappe.
Wall Paper.
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ence that it will ,do all that is claimed
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er was laid up in bed with imflamatory
rheumatism and suffered intensely. The
first application Chamberlain's Palm
Balm eased t|ie pain and tbe use of one
bottle completely cured bim^i^For sale
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,1Jamjtajposseeaios* or theWeildT^^:
or*. JolmlindwooM.poll the, -ivt* PUP^»iBioaoho»J&taiae^nd Xjpnttfc
the Laiie* of Hew mm, sad vicw^y. W
call andtteam. UfrjMtacan,ta|eeft b&fostt. tafe
an^ others TeaebensiWbo 4e»i». ^a»
.been ele^ed" three
GiMmpBwved Panas. Also nwuwyv 0
city propejBCy akways to.be had of
N» Henningsen^.
In the Matter of t^e ^statei- Andara
Kasumssen^ Deceased.
Ittem'oI AgmiuistratiQn ionthe *«ta4e
!pf AndtewRa8ams8eo„deee«8ed, late-,of,
ithe County of Brown, and State of HUMM*-.
I sqtn.heine planted to ^aramSasunaasenj
It ieredtthat six monkh
the aameis hereby allfwedifrem ani
tbe-date of this order, in whiidi all persons
having claims or demands- against^ the
said decehsed are reqqired to file the same
in the Probate Court of said Counigw for
examination and allowance^.or befqi»v.er
It Is Further Ordered,that the firsfcMpur
day in January A. D.lSft.at 1 o'cU^eftTp.
M., at a general term, of said Prohat«.
Court, to be held at^the Probate Offiae .ihi
the Court House itfcthe-City of Nt^vTUlm,
in said County, be and the same hereby
is appointed as the^.tim«-and place* Whea
and where the sa|d Prolwte Court -adl^ ex
amine and adjust said claims and de
AndltlsFurthe^Owdered, the* uotie*
of such hearing begiven to all cjfeda*ors
and persons interested in said qefete- bgr
forthwith publiahjois this order once in
each week for three successive -weeks. i»
the New Ulm Review, a weekly newspa
per printed and pufottshed at t%- city of
New Ulm ins^jdl County.
Dated at New.Utoa, Minn., th^SSth daV
of June, A. D..1W6.
lAy the Court,
Jonas Laudenechtaa^r.
[Seat.l Judge-,^ Probate
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BEST Shoes
a a lifctl
$ta^i*Miniie0ota*£&uaj«-of Bt
ft*** of$6ku Ziiod, attom^Mfor th* receiver
and thewimmnor-statement an-"
aotbemawn dres^«akMK_dnrii^,vit4St.. i{^ of
^«5*gLtha*itlie -receiver herein
8 0
tioushould,he sore- t^ttr,this.-ajstein^iSf^S?8upendedthe«um«*f^2,i«the este
T* .«ther». ^^^^6vtoo|tlietr«8»*»dat«»«nd.thatallthe.
ii S
^fijwawfeJiaatfceen converted
S S S S SMn«»ele«a«e- herein
rij3r ec0l3, tll
S S 2
*t-' ««»e.
SS5SSl «^^r*
ana** named
8 a
hereby limi-
weeka^piierio«kefirst ««y otAugust. 1896,
Ctt«a«yIniiie'3tWte of Minnesota.
,-n.-j-p^ JB«P. WebiMW,..
Sinwmiyy Stptemant.i,
^ate-^said-««BoiwBn4. $5r.78..
Expjen^ca oga^rnij^gaii'rinajttnat faedate,
,-, Jacob yjftBanenaJr,,,
I^tejr&Uestnmeateryoai.the s#a»fce.-o£r
FtedericktSefarap,(iesea£jaak.la1l» of .the*
Coctatypf B»awn findStatet.of Hinaesota*.
Wing Kran«»d,to Chjnstian: ffred Sshrapi.
Ordesed, Tha&six moa^hsaiW
satne heaetoy alMwred,ft»m and after the,
datepf thi»order«, in wnwh^adk persons
deceased ace requiredtQi^le th«e saniet. in,
ProbateCouieof said Couij^rv for.ex\
atioarvnd, aSSJpswjwsifc, .or b» fpreyer
II Is Fterther Ordexadu Thajt the. fiffstr
Mondayin Ja^mffJf.
*Iew Ulrn lifbsaid Qaonty.
IfctfifL afts^w^rjins^Minw^thi^lWhi
ofrJui?e,A.'D, ^96^.
Hood Pills cwife all aver ills^ reheveiing foB. us, WnuSiu»me],
constipation andi assist digestion., 25c. Nfew Ulm Minn
It is a Well-kiiowB. FactW
That the Bottle Beer of the
Is particular*^ tfyc beer for faoaptitji use*
THE PRICE: $2.50 for a case o'f 24 quart bottles, provided the case and
bottles are returned. Personal or mail orders will ba- »vompt)y attended to.
Local Agent, New ffim.
ia Shoe
of St. E&ai.
Made in Minnesota.
Ask for their Goods when you are looking for
that will War Well.
rurther^batthBa,ord«rbe swrved
acopy tlwireof to *aid, erediter at least
wM»tj\4^gt»4«icBig8aS»^rgtda oitAu.
S&***mfymn& al9ebs,pdUahi«g4heeame
3 5 «or» three aucctteaive
Judg»of said Cow*.
^toPMibai^Sirt, ^jeciMTSwn, JweiSjth,,
otttae .E*fa*fce. ofe FredeT-.
P.M., aha gen-«|lterax of sai4 Probate^
Court,, ta-behe^iat tba»Probate Qffls», ini
the,CotKCtHqu3«:in4bfl Cmvo4 Mew. Urm.
insaidiCounty^be.andjtie, sa#ae h*xeJU.
|s appointed a» the tsmtttandij piaco ^heiii
and wJaere^^aidPjspfeateUiJaurt will exx
annneand adjust sa«4 cjaiwts.. a*d 1 de^
ndtltlsFterth^EQhjdcred^l'ha.t no.tias
0f6vuch hearing be gjtven to a4i creditors.
and aersQnSfintere^tedin sa^d •. esiate^ by
forthwith paMisb^g this- oxder. amc^ in
eacAweekifftrtnre^saic^saive, -«tciek in
the-NewvUyw Revie'w-, a,. «e«*ilyx newe^a
perrprintedjacnji,pttbjiw»heiAaA the? Cityi- of
This maaedy becoming so- welh known
and^sa. pppdlfer, as-tp.. necjii no* special -t
ment^Uf,. A®, whp. Sja^e Tasedi Electric,,.
•RittQ^-singLtth^ sam song o£ praise.—.
A, p»rer.me^Scine daes. not eaa^t and it
guaffanteed, to do* all ifeafcfeclaimed.
Elee^riaB^tejswaJl.cuw all siaseases of
thftXiver.a^d^daeys. '«d^r«sDovePiniIT.
pies, %ils, Sa lt.^eum,'ajBWj|i other a%c-.
tifens-caueedr-by. impale Wood.—W\Uli
derive MsHaria,fr(»m the- s.yst«-m ancliipre-
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stomach's sake." He might just qs well have
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