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*-J*- 1
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1 11T»S ALL JBVBR THE m&$&
3Weiefer To the Talk ofJohn Lind:
he pipers of the state of all parties
continue to advocate in a of
the N Ulni man for governor.' .Mere
are some of the latest comments:. £h|?
fClough's ^nomination means a walk
away for Joh Lind or aome other
man in November.—DuluthJIerald.
I is said that John Lind has also
made bis farewell bow to the Republican
partyv^The Populist ranks may be a
more difficult matter to overcome this
tune than some people think for. I is
a raat+er of gold and silver
no difference about the name' of your
party.—St. Peter Journal.
Governor nomination is
practically assured, and politicians are
now speculating as to what attitude the
Minneapolis papers, who have so bitter
ly opposed his nomination, will take in
the future. Our own impression is that
the Republican party has made a mis
take in putting in Governor Clough at
the head of the ticket. It must be ap
parent to any close observer that should
the, opposition unite upon John kind,
the republicans will realise that they
need their strongest man before the cam
paign has progressed many weeks,—.
bwift Co. Monitor.
The latest reports are that John Lind
of N Ulm, may possibly consent to
lead the opposition this fall. Should the
Peoples Party, the silver Democrats and
the silver Republicans be able to unite
upon so strong and popular a man, there
would be little doubt of the, result,—
Fairmont Sentinel.
The "machine" has the Republican
party of this state by the throat. Ho
can it be made to loosen its grasp? On-
ly as suggested by the Minneapolis Times,
through defeat. can this be accom
plished? a union of all opposition el
ements—Democrats, disgusted Republi
cans. Populists and Prohibitionists, Th
fair name of our beloved state is at stake!
National politics cuts no figure in the e-
lection ot our governor, but it does af
fect the good name of Minnesota! There
fore let all elements of opposition unite
indefendingour reputation as a common
wealth. Let some man of high cbaract
and ability be selected—ex-Congressman
John Lind, if need be—and letMinneso
tans teach political parties a lesson,
which may last foi all time, that our
governors must be men of character and
ability—men who are fit to sit in the
chair once occupied by such eminent and
worthy citizens as Henry II. Sibley, A
lexander Ramsey, William R. Marshall,
John S, Pillsbury and others. Th hon
or of Minnesota homes is at stake!—St.
Cloud Times.
Mr. Lind is recognized everywhere as
a levelheaded, patriotic and honest man,
and his bolt has caused consternation in
the camp of. the gold men. The reform
party of Minnesota will do well to make
him their candidate for governor in the
coming campaign. Thousands of Repub
licans who cannot swallow the Clough-
Merriam single-goid-standard decoction
will enthusiastically support John Lind
and a progressive policy. The Populists,
admire hi in for his manliness and patri
otism and will stand by him to a man.
"Gov. Lind" looks well,sounds well, and
we feel assured that it will work well.
This is no time to quibble about past po
litical affiliations. Party'lines ai being
obliterated, patriotism is being arrayed
against bigotry and greed, issues of vital
importance to the welfare of this nation
are pressing for immediate settlement,
and those who desire to throw off the
yoke of plutocratic despotism must unite
upon candidates whose hearts are right
and whose records are good, no matter
what political party may have had their
support in the past. Ex-Congressman Lind
is without doubt the strongest man whom
the People's party of Minnesota can nom
inat for governor, and we hope he will
become our standard bearer in the cam
paign. With Lind, free coinage-and anti
monoply, the liberal party of Minnesota
will sweep the state.-Clarkfield Advocate.
Eor some time it has been known that
John Lind was out of harmony with his
party on the reform questions of the day,
and that he was only waiting for the ac
tion of the national Republican conven-
tio to speak so that he might adjust
himself to the realignment that was plain
ly taking place. Mr. Lind is everywhere
recognized as a most conscientious man,
a man of great talent and beloved by all.
will give a tremendous impetus to
the movement in this state.—^Sacred
Heart Watchman, a
Today's issue of the Representative
contains the following editorial Kt the
hand of Hon Ignatius
r. **'fhe sentiment everywhere in Minne
sota is overwhelmingly, for a unjon of
Populists and free silveriies upon a state
ticket,-with Lind at its head
for "governor. Such a ticket-would sweep
this stat« fromDulut to to county
and it would transfer the wholepowe of
theHBtater a a .gcKvexowejat fxmmu
baakers~to tax, jajBawss,-^
O JohntLind?wwaS|.poll thaw/rote:
of Minnesota w£tfcw&, whirlwind *a£k e»
a 8 if thfrjrjends. of he reform
movement unite mmik act in, harwoay at
the in -ewnrentaora. John. in
would carry jMAonly Minnesota^but even
Siraneapoluv $0'~
has already been elected three
times to congress an & free coinage plat
form^ -He is broader on Deform lines
than the coinage issue alone.. is an
enemy ol'fthespirit of commercialism,
which is. usurping the place of patriotism
in our politics and American govern
ment. can carry -with, him the peo
ple irrespective of pasty lines. is
the Moses to meet th a present condition.
—Fenn Press.
Hon. Frank Day lieutenant governor
of this state, publicly withdrew from the
Republican party hist Congress
man Town a ex,-Congressman. John
LindUiave 'done the same: The assign
as their reasons that they could, not in
conscience long remain affiliated with a
party that has denied the first principles
of Republicanism. Th gold standard,
these gentlemen designate as pure, una
dulterated robbery of the people, and
they could not be a party -to any such
robbery, -'Every one must really admire
the conscientiousness and courage of
tnese men." for conscience sake
will not vote theRepublican ticket and"
will renounce almost the highest honors
of the party rather than do what they
deem a wrong upon the people.—Belle
Plaine Herald.
Mr. Theobald and daughter of S*.Paul
were guests here over Sunday.
The Local Cycle Cranks.
Little drops of water,
Little.grains of dust
Make a road that's sure to fill
A Cycler with disgust.
Will Pfefferle went to Mankato last
Friday to compete in the bicycle races
there, but was unable to secure a place,
on account of a collision which disabled
him and his wheel.
When in doubt join the L. A W
Mary had a little hike,
Pneumatic as it's tire
And everywhere that Mary went
Her bike was always nigh heir,
She took the wheel to church one day,
Which filled the air with' rumors.
The reason Mary rode, they say,
Was just to show her bloomers.
The decorated bicycle parade on the
4th of July had to be abandoned o.n ac
count of lack of interest on the part of
our local cyclists.
A broad-tired wagon doesn't hurt any
Mother's out upon her bike
Enjoyin'of the fun.
Sister and her beau have gone
To take a little run,
The chambermaid and cook are both
A-riding of the wheel,
An daddy's in the kitchen
A-cookin' of the meals.
I want to ride a golden wheel,
X^pon a golden shore,
Where streets of gold are smoothly rolled
And punctures punk no more.
The Mankato Commercial College was
visited by many people on the Fourth.
All speak most highly of the genial man
agement, the well equipped and beauti
fully decorated rooms. A course in this
school means business success.
Private Instruction.
During the coming summer 1 shall
give private instruction to classes as well
as to individual scholars in the -common
sehool branches and in my specialties.
Parents will confer a favor upon me by
communicating with me-at an early date.
Thos. H. Jappe.
Wall Paper.
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first application of Chamberlain's Pal
a eased the pain and the use of one
bottle completelv cured him,. Eo sale
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1 ^an%i« posB«saieAoit|^WoridrkFtttior
nou should, he sur to,»rr,this. .a«8ten*w
it 3 property always, to.be hail of
3. N a
State of Itirineeafta,. tjoonry.ot Baowa,. aa..
IteS.Sfc »P«*iai TBtem.JMWft:
_In'th Matter el tfce Estate at A am
Raaumsseu Deceased.
I I^ttesaoIA^raiutetra
of Andrew Rasniaseetu
the County of Blown,
sote,feeing ranted to I&nea Jtasuqitimi
tth Count of Brown and Stake Mua*».
'""*t"I a
I Ordered, that si,x^months he .aqd
the a a is hereby allawed frem anda&aii
the-date of this order, in whioavall pei&enW
having claims or demands. 'nra,TWt- *he
said decehsed are required toiftletheaame
in the-Probate Court of said ConnigtH for
examination and allowance^.or befQarce^
It I Further Ordered, that the nrsfeMou
day in January A D.lW^.at 1 o'do^tTp.
M.., at a general term, of said Brabate-.
Court, to he held atvthe Piohate OrBse-.uv
the Court House inrithe City of NKSBTVUXU.
said County, be and: he a me -iMretar
fs appointed as th^.tim«- and placa- /whet* 1
and where the sajd ii O e«
amin and adjust said claims a de
AndltlsFurthftrrOvdered, thajfc nQtiee*
of such hearing be g&vem to all creditors
5 jnt^»s*ed in said eafote bar
forthwith publiahiast this order once in
each week for three, successive weeks, in
the .New Review, a weeklyy newsoa
per printed and published at th ctty of
in s^idi County.
Dated at New. Ulm Minn
of June, A. D. lfm.
Uy the Court,
Frank Webber started on a wheeling
tour yesterday morning. will go
west as far as Marshall and Lake Ben
ton, and expects to be gone one week.
Jonas Laudeasciktager.
[Seal, Judge-,^ Probate
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& 5
IV'TTt ^^S^S^^^^^i
«r awewyr _it tJwt^»*ea^iii8oliratttna«Aee»diafKsed
Miss EBpen«w, ifS??*****«iej»aayJhaiwaam cooverted
W Also a a a S a S a
ionionthe estate-
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to a ia^oao.Jionr^ ti»e,%nd IjjavttteRflSetafee^
a a a a it to ^it
^allaiaiaeanhifeHdFaiiiaf^btfaaavtak a a S S
a Tea«her«T«bi) a ii he i»erein
J7 L.
of 'the•
i—^-j-^»*»*^W«*1lF.rae. aflida,-
*n Ldod, attttneydbrtha receiver.
the«una» $2. a the exe-
O S S S 8 a
9n,each«rf thecredit
rs»f said, insolvent,
a.«e»yjrltw!eqf a *aid,. crediter at least
*»»*g^da*4rti»top»aia'fir»trtay nfeAu..
gaaf ^Mta^and al^b^pwhttshia&thesam
enceiri «on & iv
}«c»BVprfiria£bKfirBt dayrot August 1896.
noaac.aewjnaprr & in ft»wn
Caaaaty lt)tite/i»W^ Of Jfitonesota,
$ & & & & -*,
^SuajflpaVy Staitemant.t -,
rnrntr pf rmljl (iaIII.IJ infi $5r7fr
J^pep^M^0om$^m^im$mst tadate,
", -V.' Jlw»UiKIh«anea»J5,.,
to a a S tkxeci#%&**m> a a
1 3 1
^^S? otttfce.Estefee, ofe F/edeT-
ndk Schj»n^.31)eqeajMd
..Inters,TeMametataryock,the a^tate.of^
Frederick tSttkrap, dsacea^adu late» of. the
County of a^jd Sta*a:ef Mjwaesota^,
being grantodto Christian, *ed Sshrap^
It lftUrdesed, ThatjgLjf moa^hsOieand.tnec
saineteheaetoy aUpnred,*a»ai and, afterthe.
datepf thi».order«, in -«(hi«hl,alt persons..
deceased a«e.reqnjiieat®£te th^e same,, in-,
the^ProbateCoujcit of said Conntyv ex%
afiaarar^d, a^nwaace^or be foreyer
W is ^terther .Ordeassdi. Thajfc the, fiffst
Kondayjia Jai^uwry, A/JD^o1^9^.8^,3. :o?c4?ck.
P.M., ah a genoaalternx
*w Probate-
Cpnrt, tabeheVit,attbejProbaAe Qffise, i«.
the Coswt in tka (2itv..c£ Key Utm.
InsaulipMinty^be.andi.tae. sa«ae hereby
|sappaurtedas.thetKn#.Bndi pJace w.he«]
and where ^figaidPjKjiaate t{|«a:tvEill e*
a a a aijhnstsaftd a*d der
A IsFterth^cQ^dered^Tha.t no.tias»
pf hear«»g be gtyen to aU caeditors
and a«a3Qnsr»teresied in^said, estate- hy
forthwith pablishiuig, this-aide* aqac^- On
ieac&weekif«f thr,eOtS*icsfi3Qiv^, ^«aks in
the-New TOjW peview\ a.. -wf«eMy newg^a
perfprintedian^.pnWSehedat theeQitsv df
New Ulnj ii^eaid Qaunty.
Ueted a^K^w Uln*. Miru this^ mh. ^a
of:June A
D, 1§9&K
This reaoaedy i^ becoming so- welfc known
amJiS^, pppolfetr, as-tp., need-i np. special -x
ment^tti,, A3&, who have, issedi Electric,,.
Bitta?».sing ^e saitt^ so praise.—.
A. p»rer, me^acane daes. not esiea and it \s
Ijfot mwph. wa&ito when you buy- here.
\tte make every cent count, wa-kaow that
-when oxss and prices, leave the
stor&iihey start on a journgy. oi advertis
rekeve Sfiujr. foB.
Local Agent, New tylm.
Gonial/ 5boe £o.
that will War Well.
WRITE TO. •.•••fM
a a little wine for thy stomaeb's sake." might just a^ well have
said beer and if he bad been living today, he would have recommend some of
these popular favorites. -,,,
:?^We keep them all in any quantity yon want.
guajranteed, tp do^ all tfcafefeclaimed,.
Electric Haters.wojj.cuw all s&seases of
tbftlrtver,s«a,E}daeys. ^aJlBajiiovePito,,.
pies, Qoi^.Salt Btoeum. aadi e4her a%c-.
tijjns,causedr by. impifflie Mood.—Willi
clnve M^aria,fri»m tlie- systs-m -anck/pre-
vent as-wfill.as~eure alfii.MaBarial fe-sWs.-
For, cvwe of Headache*. Constipati©standi
Indigestion tay, Eleetinie Mtters-»Sntiife
satisfaption goaranteed or mes^ 15^.
fundad.—Pr3&e 50- cts and f-ijOO) \m
at Mj.. Ofisen's-Etorngytore. 5.-.
N HJlui, Minn.
Gotz.ian Co,

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