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&'<. All the i^f^'^M^M
Good ThingsT r4:
That have been said of othei Sarsa
parillas can truthfully be applied to
think of the very best that can be
said of this kind of a medicine. The
purity of ingredients used and the
concentration of strength makes on
ly a teaspoon dose necessary where
?t'he' tfose of most Sarsaparillas is a
'tablespoon. The price is $1.00 a
bottl,e and upon request we refund
the price \t any purchaser who is
notsatiBfev-ibyith the medicine. We
don't do thaVgwith other Sarsaparil
Eugene JK. Pfefferle,
The Druegist, Masonic Block-
Headquarters for Base Ball Goods.
The BUYING of a BICACLE is a
All your pleasure in cycling de
pends upon your wise choice.
run No RISK. The unanimous tes
timony of CRESCENT purchasers
should convince you that CRESCENT
QUALITY has no superior.
[Chain models
Bevel Gear
Ghainless %pOO
0. M. Olsen,
Model Drug Store, New Ulm, Minn.
Chas. Clement accepts cows for herd
ing at 30c per month, without any frac
tion thereof. Herding begins on May
l3t. Apply at once to
1 Chas Clement.
I desire tc close out my entire stock
of Fancy Crockery and therefore offer
same at greatly reduced prices. Every
body should take advantage of these bar
gains. Frank H. Behuke.
I have some good farms for sale at
very reasonable prices, in one of the best
counties in western Minnesota. If you
are interested call and see me.
Einar Hoidale, over Postoffice, New
For Rent.
On reasonable terms, the store-room
in the Boesch Block, and living rooms
on the second floor of this Block, also
living rooms in the Meridian Block. In
quire of
Albert Steinhauser.
The drowning of a woman is a shudder
some sight. Yet it is swift and compara
tively painless, and blissful, compared to the
pain and agony suffered for many years by
many thousands of women. Most of the
suffering endured by women may be traced
to one great, aggravating set of disorders.
The woman who does not take proper care
?£-£^e &
distinctly feminine is sure to
••v^ sickly, nervous, fretful, and racked with
pain. She is unfitted for wifehood and
motherhood. Every woman owes it to her
self to be strong and healthy in a womanly
way. She may insure this if she will use
the proper remedy.
»The greatest of all medicines for weak
and suffering women is Dr. Pierce's Favor
ite Prescription. It acts directly upon the
delicate organs that make wifehood and
motherhood possible. It makes them
healthy and vigorous. It cures all weak
ness and disease. It allays inflammation,
soothes pain and stops weakening drains.
The nerves become steady, and calm, and
health resumes its natural sway throughout
the system. It prepares for wifehood and
motherhood. Over 90,000 women have tes-
to it
marvelous virtues and all good
VjSiiggists sell it.
Ignorance of her own physical nature is re
sponsible for a great deal of the pain and suf
fering that woman undergoes. Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Adviser is the best
medical book for the home. It is now on
the bookshelves of over a million American
households. Several chapters of the book are
devoted to the diseases and weaknesses of the
organs distinctly feminine Every woman should
read it. "It contains over 1,000 pages. Any one
may obtain a paper covered copy, absolutely
FREE, by sending 21 one-cent stamps to cover the
cost of mailing only, to World's Dispensary Med
ical Association Buffalo, N. Y. If a handsome
durable cloth binding is desired, send ten cent*
extra (thirty-one cents in aU).
'Che best opportunity for investment In
on the best whole-ale dock property in
Duluth, accessible to the larg-est steamships,
with every railroad that ruDS to the fiend of
the La'e* passing within sixty feet of the
edsfM'f the dock. Property owned and occu
pied by wholesale and manuiactunnir com
pany of w.n years standing. Addiev 0 .1
Try'on. Lawyer. Minneapolis
and Viciniy..
Fred Hauenstein visited
on business last week .-,^.,
*1&4#^$-%AA~4&KI. as&ia $•• :&£$^\fflk
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grebe are visiting
with relatives io Fairmont..
John 0. Beetle of this city is clerking
at the Windsor Hotel of Winthrop.
Miss Selmer Fherson of Lafayette has
made New Ulm her temporary home.
J. 6 Meyer of Winthrop attended the
funeral of his brother Herman last week.
Mrs. Geo. Graff, who has been visiting
here for some time, has returned to St.
Mrs. Fr$nk Renner of Mulligan was
visiting with her parents in this city last
Hy. Hummel returned from the Cities
and is now at the desk' of the Dakota
The middle span of the Minnesota
bridge has been renovated, new planks
are laid.
Nicklaus & Henle have finished and
delivered aj[few heavy carts to F. Auf
Anton Huberty has departed for South
Dakota,Jwhere he will spend a few weeks
with his son.
Fred Williams has remodeled his re
sort, a metal ceiling being one of the
main features.
The A. O. XJ. W. Lodge will entertain
the ladies of the Degree of Honor some
time in May.
Rev. F. Plut of Sleepy Eye was here
last Thursday, a guest at Rev. Sandmey
er's residence.
Baarsch & Dallmann, successors to A.
Hartmuth, have greatly improved their
Stadick & Goblisch will take charge
ol Nick Franta's saloon in Lafayette on
or about May 1st.
The Women's Literary Club met with
Mrs. O. C. Seiter last Tuesday, Mrs.
Webber presiding.
Miss Mary Bogen has started on a vis
iting tour to|Chaska and St. Paul to be
absent seveial weeks.
C. Enes, traveling agent for the Haus
er MattingJ'^o. of St. Paul, was doing
business 'here' last weik.
fMisses Gertie and Frida Schlottmann
and Anna Richartz of Courtland were in
the city last Wednesday.
Wni. Dannheim has been appointed
postmaster at Klossner station, vice An
thony G. Schreiner resigned.
The announcement is made that Her
mann Cordes and Miss Alvina Kopping
are to be married in a short time.
Miss Alma Raabe,.who has been vis
iting with St. Peter relatives during the
past three weeks has returned home.
Albert Seiter has sold bis residence on
Broadway for $3,500 to Chas, Stuebe, to
be the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vogel
Jos. A. Eckstein has now telephone
servicej in his residence, while Judge
Henningsen had a phone placed in his
Judge Webber left with Court report
er W.T. Eckstein for Redwood Falls last
Monday to hold a term of the district
Misses Cora Seiter, Rosa Bushard and
Joesephine j^Huelskamp of Winthrop
were last* week visiting with friends in
this city.
The infant child of Jos. Wiesner of
Cottonwood died Wednesday and
buried"in the Catholic cemetery Friday
Messrs. Oscar Olin, John Boren, Aron
Bondeson^and Jos. Stadther, all of Laf
ayette, were"New TJlm visitors part of
last week.
Bishop Gilbert will conduct services
at the Congregational church Monday
evening, May 1st, at 7:30. All are cor
dially invited.
A monument has been placed at the
grave of Wm. F. Guth in the city 'ceme
tery by the parents of decased, Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob Guth.
Meta, the two-montbs old daughter of
Joseph|Hardecker, died Wednesday ev
ening and was buried in the Lutheran
cemetery Friday afternoon.
Prof. Schaller"delivered the sermon at
Zion Lutheran|chuich, Springfield, while
Rev. Roecker of that chmch conducted
the services at Walnut Grove.
Miss|Gusta"Baarsch was visiting the
last week with her sister in Gibbon.
Her brother Albert accompanied her,
remaing there a short time only.
The structure formerly used as saloon
by F. Burg jr.,|has been bought by B.
Gruenenfelder and will be removed to N.
Broadway. It will be used for a dwell
E. W. Jewett and wife, uncle and aunt
to Mrs. A. W. Bingham, and parents of
Mr. Bingham's first wife, arrived Tuesday
from Vermont on a visit of a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. Bingham.
w*# visiting withe, J£*
Lund of Lafayette last week**!, x&g^&s
The street sprinkling cart has fieeln oh
duty the greater part of last"week.
Miss Meta Kiesling of Winthrop was
a New Ulm visitor last Wednesday.
Miss Martha Polzien was in Fairfax
Thursday visiting wjth friends. ,v£
Hamm of Sleepy Eye was a New
UlnArisitor the latter part of last week.
Alb. Seiter has rented the two rooms
in the Ottomeyer building fox his per
sonal use.
Theodore Mueller the cigar manufac
turer was transacting business in Gibbon
last Thursday.
Brust & Kretsch, the livery men, have
received two new and elegant turn-outs.
Baarsch & Gannon have also purchased
a fine new surrey,
The employees at J. F. Neumann's
took an outing to Sleepy Eye last Sun
day morning, returning late in the even
ing. The participants had a good old
Sister Superior Flavia of St. Alexan
der hospital celebrated her silver jubilee
last week and was gratefully remem
bered by the clergy, medical staff and
numerous friends.
Chas. Stoll, supt. of the waterworks
has decided that the flow of water in the
Marschner spring is only sixty-five gal
lons per minute, not sufficient to supply
the city's demand.
The body of Ingwaid'Jjacpbson was ex
humed last week and taken to Springfield
at the request of relatives. Jacobson
died at the hospital some two months
ago as a county charge.
Fred. Hummel has taken charge of
the office of Schlitz's Hotel at Omaha,
Nebr., and will remain there until the
close of the exposition which lasts four
months from July 1st on.
Fritz Brnst has relinquished the case
at the "Fortschritt" and is now mixing
and dispensing all kinds of drinks at
Stengel's in place of Hy. Keller who will
soon leave for St. Louis Park.
Hy. Clobus and Miss Bertha, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wellner of Lafa
yette, will be united in marriage at the
Lutheran church of this city this after
noon, Rev. Albrecht officiating.
Jacob Current, postmaster of the town
of Home was in the city Monday. Mr.
Current is also surveyor and has the con
tract for the survey of Lamberton town
ship,|in the county of Redwood.
The Rt. Rev, M. N. Gilbert, bishop
coadjutator of the diocese of Southern
Minnesota, will conduct services at the
Congregational church Monday evening,
May 1st, at 7i30. All are cordially in
The New "Ulm Gun Club elected the
following officers: president, Jos. Bob
leter vice president, W. E. Koch secre
tary, Fritz Pfaender treasurer, John To
berer. The regular practice was begun
John Domeier of town of Sigel is the?
happiest man on the fhee of the earth
on account of the arrival of a brand new
baby girl last Sunday. He has six strap
ping boys, the girl,,was badly wanted.
We congratulate.
Jos. Burke and Engineer Thos. Col
lins, both injured seriously in the railroad
wreck here some two months ago, intend
to go to Hot Springs, Ark., in order to
regain their full health, somewhat im
paired by the accident.
We call the attention of the public to the
reading room in the Ottomeyer building.
Select reading material has been amply
provided for and the reading room should
therefore be largely patronized. It is a
credit to the city of New Ulm.
Co. A.jpnd regiment M. N. G. will
have to hustle if a ie-orgamzation is con
templated. Adjutant General Lambert
has issued an order fixing May 27th as
the date of inspection. Dr. J. L. Schoch
is one of the examining surgeons of the
Paine's Celery Compound is good, is
strengthening, everybody says so and
you will be wise to try it yourself. Look
at the display in the window of Olsen,
the druggist, and you will surely feel
like taking Paine's Celery Compound.
I have tried it and will keep on using it,
it has done me good.
C. W. Heidemanj an eleven year old
boy was taken charge of by Marshall
Klause for shooting song birds, which is
in violation of the state law. No formal
charge has been brought so far but it
might be done, Under the law the in
formant would be even entitled to a re
ward, and by all means let us protect
the song birds.
Mr. and Mrs. Fr. Burg Sr., Mr. and
Mrs. A. Hartmuth and Mrs. Helen Roos
have started on their European tour yes
terday. They will visit several cities be
fore leaving New York rexl week. Mr.
and Mrs. Burg will return in September,
while the other travellers have not fixed
their time for return. Well, good bye,
and—Au revoir.
olia Monday to vi« with friend* H&I-J
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Siegel will be found
on and after May 1st in their new home
in the Henningsen flat over Mrs. Pfeffer
le's millinery store, while Mr Henning
sen- will remove to his residence on
Dr. G. Beacbler, the, well known
specialist, formerly of Minneapolis, has
opened up his office in the Boesch build
ing, making New Ulm his permanent
home. We refer our readers to the ad
vertisement of Dr. Q. F. Beachler.
Mrs. A. W. Bingham will visit her old
home in Vermont, leaving here at the
end of next month. On the way to Ver
mont Mrs. Bingham will visit for a few
days with Mrs. Nate formerly of New
Ulm, and now a resident of Chicago.
The farewell banquet,tendered at Turn
er Hall to Mr. and Mrs. Fr. Burg sr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Hartmuth and Mrs. Helen
Roos last Thursday evening was .attend
ed by two hundred guests. Speech maK
ing was indulged in to a moderate ex
tent, the main effort in view being
Besides having a fine line of all goods
in his line, E. A. Pfefferle the druggist
has a distinct taste for the exquisite ev
en in the line classified under the head
ing of "sport." The base ball game be
tween the New Ulmites and the Nicollet
frogs, as displayed in Pfefferle's window
is worth seeing. Look at it, the view
from the interior is by far preferable to
that from the exterior.
Louis Kaegle attempted suicide at
Springfield last week by shooting him
self, er rather attempting to do so. With
some difficulty he procurred a revolver
and in a harness shop he placed the
weapon against his right temple. His
hand was not steady and the bullet
glanced off only grazing the scalp. No
cause for his attempt at self destruction
is given.
An incident of no consequence oc
curred at the M. Siebenbrunner building
last Wednesday on account of an exca
vation being made for cellar purposes.
A part of the north wall collapsed, but
the wall being braced immediately no
further damage was done and accidents
by falling pieces are guarded against.
More precaution might have been used
in digging the cellar.
At its last meeting the school board
accepted the resignation of Principal
Carlton of the high school, he having
accepted a similar but more remunera
tive position at Delano, Minn. The res
ignation takes effect in fall. bupt. Crit
chett was re-appointed for another year
and the teachers are to be appointed
next month. A change in the personel
is not anticipated.
Mention was made in last week's Re
view that the young son of John Green
of Le Sueur ran away from home. The
boy was found at the home of John
Miles in Kasota, where he was being
well cared for uiT.,1* his father could
come after him. On Saturday Green had
Rolla Liesman of Le Sueur arrested on a
charge of kidnapping, claiming that he
had incited the boy to leave home. The
htaring was held Monday and Liesmau
was discharged.
The entertainment at Turner Hall Sun
day evening was well attended and still
better executed. The several classes of
Turners excelled themselves in grace
and strength, showing the great value of
physical culture in an unmistakable
manner. A real artistic and most pleas
ing programme enabled the ladies of the
Turner school to prove their skill in
handling the dumb bells as well as in
terpsicLorean grace, and liberal applause
awarded the performers.
In a short time presumably the fire
department will be called out by an
alarm to test its efficiency. As the de
partment showed up well at the last
trial and has been practicing since the
test willno doubt prove successful. At
the same time the new Siamese coupling
giving the stream of water double force
by the. direet connection with the fire
plugs will be placed in operation. Tru
ly our fire department is nearing perfec
tion and all that is needed now to prove
it is a good sized blaze.
J. B. Sackett died at his horneiri St.
Peter Monday evening at 5 o'clock, aged
sixty-three years. Deceased was a broth
er-in-law to Mr. &reen of -the New Ulm
News and well known in this communi
ty. Mr. Sackett has resided in St. Peter
for the past forty-two years, and was of
late engaged in the general insurance
business. For twenty years Mr, Sackett
has held the position of deputy collector
of internal revenue and in the sixtie's he
was repeatedly elected register of deeds
of Nicollet county. His wife died in
November 1897 and since that time Mr.
Sackett's health was failing a visit to
Hot Springs, Ark., did not benefit him
any. A good man has gone to his last
resting place. The arrangements for the
funeral had not been perfected at the
time of this writing.
A Good Man Gone. -Jk
*p*Have you seen the latest
«& styles in
You can't go
wrong in our
spring cape and jack
et stock. We haven't
an old coat to show
you, not a question
able style in stock. It
wont take you a min
ute to convince you
on this score. We
want our money's
worth and we admit
your right to demand
the same. A tan ack
et, purple silk lining
Umbrellas Went Up
When It Rained.
There are very few people who buy an
umbrella for the value of it. Most men and
women will look at the handles before they* be
gin to look at what the cover is made of.
We buy and sell umbrellas on their meV
its":—Good dependable material in cover, frame
and handle. We sell a first grade serviceable
umbrella at 65c, better grades at 75c
Shirt Waist
trade win-
Try a pair of trie Julia Marlowe Lace Shoe,
the only perfect fitting shoe in existence.
Your Obedient Servant,
We do not follow
The Leaders.
We lead the followers and with
our new 1899 line of
with Heywood springs and gear, dark
green enamle finish will set a pace to our
would-be competitors and jealous immi
tators by quoting the lowest price ever
known prices that will revolutionize all
present existing values in fancy carriages.
Call and see the sample on our floor, we
are sure you would like to buy a dozen.
HATS and

If not, you are cordially in
vited to call and inspect them
and learn our moderate prices.
We have just put in a fresh
stock of the very latest styles.
Now patterns will arrive every
e$3 ten days.
Mrs. S. Pfefferle.
ners. We would like
to say money-makers
but these waists are
not priced that way.
We have marked them
to make more friends
than money. We are
after the shirt waist
trade in this city. We
make our bid for it
with low prices on
faultless goods. Pric
es ,50c 53c— 74c
-9t)c—$1.43 and more.
No. 6 North Minnesota Str.
1 ^TTTTT^^TT^l^I'l'I'TI^'l^^^Tl^
The Shoeman.
Is Coming, I
The Largest Furniture Dealer.
F. H. Behnke
will sell out his entire stock of fancy
GJpir a,
at greatly reduced prices. This is
done in order to make more room
Our grocery store
which is the best equipped in this
section of the country. Here is a
chance for everybody. Our closing'
out sale of fancy crockery, china,
glassware, lamps, etc., is the most ad
vantageous ever offered. We sell'
Regardless of cost.
4^•$•*$*^^ $**% 4?•$•
The selections in our grocery de
partment will hereafter be
Equal to any -V:
We believe
that we have
good values in lace
curtains, judging by
the numberof curtains
we have been selling
lately. Nottingham
lace curtains color
cream—3^ yds. long,
50 inches wide, worth
$2.50,we have marked
them $1.98.
tSome for less—
otheis more.
Advance Styles
are here now and the women who wish to appear daintily attired from
head to foot will not neglect to select Footwear from the handsome line
wo are showing.
Our $3.OO Ladies' Shoes are superior
to any other shoe at this price.
first-class grocery in the Twin Cities

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