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Krevatltear I at Ctoavrejr tlta
a Sentl«aent.
Th ideal E a iemembianceriiB: In
harmony with the influence* of the
day, and it covers a multitude gifts
appropriate in every a for the feast,
the season and the individual tastes.
From the simple Easter card the cus
tom of exchanging gifts at this season
has grown almost as widespread as
Christmas giving. Th Easter displays
in the shops in connection with the
bright flowers, spring millinery, new
goods and other temptations in the
way of shoppers are made as much of
in a business way. Th fashions
change, however, and what as consid
ered as thoroughly artistic last year
looks just a bit shabby now. Th
dainty elegance of what is to be had
this spring in anticipation of the de
mand shows the hold the festival has
in the popular favor.
The Easter souvenir par excellence is
a flower. I represents all the senti
ment of nature's reawakening because
it is her most choice gift to earth. "Be
hold the lily in its glory." Th odorous
,and a white blossom has grown to
be typical of the day, and it is the
queen of Easter fragrance and charm.
If you know anything at all about
flowers—and if you do you are just as
sure to love them—it amounts to a post
graduate course in a floral education to
stop at a florist's window or walk
through the shop.
All the bulbous plants are now in the
height their beauty. The lilies nod
their handsome heads in a most pat
roniziug way over the tuiips, jonquils,
azaleas, narcissuses and the fragilf
lily of the valley. Genesta bushes,
sjorgeous in their coloriug, are valued.
as all yellow blossoms are in the
spring, for decorative purposes. Th
blooming marguerites and spirea sug
gest the quiet of the churches, where
so many of them will be used Easter
The violets and the pansies are
sweeter than ever and no less attract
ive. N more delightful Easter gift
can be imagined than a pot of -grow
ing lilies, the earth around them hid-
den away under bunches of violets. A
pretty jar filled with cut lilies is an
other, or a box of violets, a bunch of
roses, or roses mingled with White
lilac. What could be sweeter and more
suggestive of the feast? Th flowers
fade, but the thought which inspired
the sending does not, nor that exqui
site sense of enjoyment which comes to
the receiver.
After flowers the regulation Easter
souvenir is most likely to take the
shape of candy, books, cards and all
the pretty trifles which have grown
so fashionable in late years. The long
fast from candy which the feminine
world is supposed to have been keep
ing all Lent, both in the interests of
piety and health, makes it naturally a
most welcome gift. Whe it comes,
hidden a a in the beautiful and
artistic bonbonnieres which are sup
posed to be especially suggestive of the
season, then the gift is really a joy, if
not forever, a least for a good, long
time. Three-fourths of all the novel
ties are either chicken or egg shape
or have this suggestion somewhere in
their make up. ~r
As an Easter emblem the egg is far
ahead of anything else. W it is so
may be partly explained by he fact
that the Lenten fast of the early
church did not permit the use/ of eggs
any more than meat. A any rate, the
egg has the field, and nothing disturbs
it. There are eggs of silver, 5hma,
•glass and every other material, as well
as sugar. Some *f the china and silver
ones are superbly decorated and can
be put to many uses as a box. Many
of the large ones have music boxes
hidden a a in them. Tiny silver
eggs, adorned with a wishbone or with
fat Cupids astride of them, are other
Some of the newest bonbonnieres
are made of straw lace braid, so
trimmed up with the satin bag lining
and the ribbon rosettes that if it as
not for the little chick perched in one
corner the whole affair might be taken
for a spring bonnet. A pretty
doll, dressed in a watteau and
a much Deflowered bonnet on her yel
low curls, has concealed under her vo
luminous petticoats a receptacle for
Whe it gets right down to the
daintiest conceits and surprises, you
have to admire the pretty thingg/from
Paris. Nothing to approach them are
a in this country.—Selected.
B«V» 1,000,000 Tloket a *t A«aata3ifafra
at Hal iPrte W W Sail'"
I O tike Street £$H'*f W|
J. Allen, an Aineriean tfeks
broker, has bought 1,000,000 tid|E*4s
of admittance to he Pari exposition
and will sell in Paris during the,
exposition season. I is ssaid at lie
bought for half price, which
would an an outlay of between
500,000 and 700,000 francs, and ^his
scheme dispose of them, at 'foil
price and poeket he profits. he deal
as a recently an a
of Allen's in Paris.
Mr. Allen is on his a to Paris.
did not talk any newspaper
men, but confided his plans H.' J.
Brubaker, for seven years .^had
managed he ticket business of the
whaleback Christopher at
Chicago, and has ad dealings
it Allen.
"Mr. Allen is he unique ntan
in his line in he Unite States," said
Mr. Brubaker. I first became ac
quainted it tele
graphed he whaleback company, about
three ago, asking if
would sell 2,500 tickets Mil
wauke and return for" $2,000.
price of the tickets as $1 apiece,
but we sold to at 75 cents.
I struck us as a novel proposition,
and watched it interest.
Th a he worked it as to on
a show uniform and stand he
approach he dock it tickets
sell. had a uniformed helper, too,
and between sold the tick
et in a couple of weeks and he as
$500 .ahead. Allen has traveled all
over he country following this lino
of business. A the Philadelphia ex*
position he bought 20,000 tickets for
$4,000, and sold all at ^he regu
lar price, 25 cents apiece, a in
$5,000 on he deal.
"He paid cash for he Paris expo
sition tickets and I understand he
for half price. Of course there
is no place to sell except in
Paris, and 1,000,000 tickets is a big
number to dispose of, but will
doubtless succeed there as as
everywhere else."
he Spanish Nobleman's- a a
Seized at Instanc of a is
The duke of Veragu a as had a
rather unpleasant experience at Paris.
The duke was the head of a mission
from Spain sent to deliver the insig
nia oft he Order oft he Golden Fleece
to the German crown prince, and had
just reached Paris on his a back to
Berlin his a a .was arrested
at he instance of Frenc creditors.
I appears at during he a is
exposition of 1889 the duke as a
party to the organization of a bull
ring near the Bois du Boulogne. Th
undertaking as not a financial suc
cess, and the seizure of he Spanish
nobleman's a a as a in or
der satisfy his importunat cred
itors' claim.
is affair, so annoying to the noble,
took place at the Hote Liverpool and
gave much a to the demo
cratic Frenchme heard
story. Th duke of Veragu a recov
ered his a a by pleading "diplo
mati immunity.
Miniatur W a Suffer he
Trip from W a in to to a is
E it
I as been discovered at the lit
tle models of our naval ships, which
will form a part of he government
exhibit ai the Pari exposition, were
badly damaged on. their trip to Eu
rope. I will be necessary to send
Assistan Naval Constructor Gillmore,
Who has been at he Elswie in
England to Paris to superintend he
repairs to he miniature ships, which
are fine reproductions of he
ships of the American navy. Mr. Gill
re as been abroad for me time
superintending he finishing touches
on he Albany, and after his trip
Pari he will return is country
and be assigned to duty at of he
a yards of private ship building
Blsr on a
he Pennsylvania railroad has
placed an order for -105,000 to of
steel rails, for which it is to pay $33 a
ton, and deliveries have begun on this
order. I 1864 is road paid $153.75
a to gold for iron rails and I
1863 it imported a lot of steel rails,
for which it paid $218.53 a ton Thes
re he a rates ever paid in
is country for rails.
W a a Rest
Practice, it is generally Bupposed.
makes perfect, says the &$. Louis Star,
but he girl door, prac
tices on he piano in and out of
tune, should lose sight of he old
adage that "patience" sometimes
"ceases to be a virtue."
ax S a Used for
he Omemee (N. D.) Herald says
at a large a fit flax straw is
being hauled,in by he farmers to he
flour null at Leeds, which is using it
for fuel. fr fe
S a by Seasons
Abou this season of the! year, saya
he Atchiso Globe, people begin pp\\
look ragged it is to cold'fo
clothes and winter clothes are in
out. 3*7? fISSVirf'' I
S.TU $hnr-%si T.J1&
Gold Collar Button,
JHaUedfrss for SHra heads catfraaUon
Coffee wtappsrsuid a 2eht stamp. Made
of rolled gold and with mother-of-pearl
back suitable alike for ladies and gentle
men. This shape is handy and r»pular.
Mailed free for 12 lion beads coti
Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2-centstamp.
An unusually fine picture, from the brush
of the noted German artist, Gabriel Max.
It is founded on Chamisso's poem, "The
Lion's Bride." The 6tory is interesting,
and we send with each picture a hand
some folder, containing copy of the poem
and telling all about it. Size, 15x26 inches.
«Dorothy and Her Friends.'
-/**~?,J aaai
those who drink whiskey for pleas
ure A E Whiskey adds zest to exist
ence. To those who diitik whiskey for
health's sake A E Whiskey makes
life worth living. Sold by J. P. Carlson,
N Ulm Minn.
I CMaheator'a Eaattafe Diamond Broad.
WayoiB of Homes!
Accent na
N COFFEE, in1 lb. pkga.
'TdThese articles mailed FRE& in
exchange for lion heads cut from
front of rib. LION COFFEE pkga.
Daisy Neck-Pin.
Genuine HerdiEnamel
and Gold.
For 18 Ilea beads and
2-cent staap. The
iUoitration If only two-thirds actual size.
COlor a delicate pink, with jewel Retting
and gold trimmings. Best enamel finish,
stylish and durable
••The Lion's Bride.'
A bright,
For 8 lion heads
and a 2 stamp.
A bright, cheery
picture, represent
ing a little girlplay
ing with her chick
ensand her rabbits.
The predominating
Colors are rich reds
and greens. Size,
14x28 inches.
For 10 lion heads
and 2-cent stamp we
will mail it tinned,
ready for hanging.
OUaowt and. bctqttflM the, hair.
PromotM a luxuriant growth.
Veve* Vails to Xtestore Oxey
JSalr to its Toothful Color.
OHM »emlp diieuea a hair ialliog.
»«rt, alwayi relUW*. LADIES aik
DrugRifttorChithttter* Sngli*h Dio-.
mond Brand in Kad and Oold metallio
sealedTrithttao ribbon. Take
other. Refute demgerotumbttiiu
and imitation: At DraggUM, «rawl
in stump* for particular!, teatimairiaU aaa
"Relief for LavUca," in latter, hTMtwK
\r Mall. lOjOOOTeaUmsnlali. Mmmt Pafsr.
Soldi*, tuLocalSmggUti. PVULADA* 1*A.
Stylish Belt-Backle.
Ladies* Apron.
with Soman
finish and set'
with ruby
colored Jewel
in the center.
This will be
welcomed for "dreaed-np occasions by
the ladies who like to wear different
colored sashes. The fnld-finlsh goer well
with any of them. Given for 20 lion
heads and a 2«cent strnvp.
a of
quality lawn, with
alternate revering
and tucks broad
hem at bottom, and
is neatly gathered
at waist a very
superiorand stylish
article. Size, 36x40
Given for 20 lion
heads and a 2-cent
Fruit Picture.
Size, 16x24 inches. Given for 8 lion
heads and a 2-cent stamp.
50-Foot Clothes Line.
Given for 15
lion heads and
a 2-cent stamp.
Made of closely
braided cotton
threads, strong, and will give the best of
shortly appear in this paper I Don't miss it! The grandestlist of premiums ever offered 1
You always know LION COFFEE by the wrapper. It Is a seeled pack
age, with the lion's head in front. It is absolutely pore if the package
is unbroken. UON COFFEE is roasted the day it leaves the factory.
Boxof Colored Crayons.
Child's Drawing Book.
A collection
of nice outline
pictures bound
into hook form
with sheets of
tissue paper be
leaves. On these
tissue pages the
children an
trace the pictures beneath, thus affording
enjoyment, as wsll as instruction to the
hand and eye. These drawing books and
the box of crayons go very well together.
There are six different kinds, and each
drawing book requires 6 lion heads and a
2-cent stamp.
Naval Box Kite.
See it Fly!
The cele
brated box
kite now so
Thirty inches
comes safely
folded, but
can quickly
be spread to
fly. Every
American boy
wants one,
and older
persons also
are interested
nailed free for 40 lion heads cut from
Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2-cent stamp.
Every time you buy a pound package of LION COFFEE you have bought something else, too.
Don't overlook it! You have bought a certain portion of some article to
be selected by you from our new Premium Lists!
An active mind, STjffettnf fromtNerrine pats the mind in Just
teman machine, and when all the
available supply of force is absorbed"^ S
**.-. ^„--J^.iy«^ ». +v*~m- «. «^+v.
0 a
in left for he Stomach. I IS a
tote ^nAi+t^
Netvoas Dyspepsia Caused me Great Distress for a Nomber
of Years. Finally I was Cured by
Dr. Miles' Nervine-
•verexertion, grjef, trouble, worry of condition. It is a brain and nenreloouldmala«e,0,,,e other pewsafertogfcet
household cares, demands from the food and tonic whose important ele-itatriaL" Mas-JntwECoiv
body a greater amount of fuel for the ments, acting upon the bodyand mind wnen,caw*^
Titalfiresthan the digestive organism with equal force, possesses remarkable "****THy t*™?*
can supply. It requires a certainjefflciency in nervous disorders. andthrom^thead^ofa ttemilboufjt.
amount of vital force to operate the **£*.of ff
a W
Udlly health and figoc iDr. liile»'verr
.-w* ,- -A. --5- J'^-T^-'t-'^1''
Care Consttpatlon Forever.
l^heCtecarets Oandy Cathartic. aOc orSSe.
a a
to understand Why irritability and very unhappy. Iemployedthe best pay- was.abfetosleep but Mttle. After using three
a dyspepsia a become almost sicians who said the trouble was with
aynonymous a nervous person is nerves, but they were unable to do me any husband is very happy to
Usually SO very particular and capri-good. I tried several advertised medicines Hunk be has recsveied from that terrible dis
e^OUS about food I is an almost un- last beean taking Dr. Miles' Nervine, ease which bad made his life rniserable for
A fact at no marked progress By the time *he first bottle was half eoae I c«rer Oaeee years a«d be wffl ahwmj
ean be made toward the ultimate cureco»* •-*aKt& ^'^^Xl^^v*^^
«f any disease unta the mind is nutworid
Best Coffee for the Money!
TryUON COFFEE an4you will never use
any other. It mfc—luUly pre
*ft OXto mod nothing but Cettm.
Tlairtel deck.
and a a stawn.
fifteen different
colors, a
panied'with out
line pictures for
.coloring. E a
to prevent
finished „-,
6 inches
A beauty
and good
Seat by express,, prepaid, far 80 Ilea fee*
**ent stamp. When ordering either clock,
.please nameyoornearest Express Office, if there
is no express office located in your town.
Ladies' Scissors.
Length, five inches,.suitable for cutting,
trimming and general household use.
Given far 12 ilea heads end a 2c. stamp.
Given for 35 lion heeds and a 2-cent
stamp. A first-class razor, made of best
English steel, and extra hollow-ground.-
Rubber Dressing Comb.
For 10 lion heads and a 2-cent stamp.
Length, 7 inches, full size and weight.
Made of genuine India rubber, finely
finished. Appropriate for a ladies'dress
ing-case or for use in the household.
Game «India."
I could not eat nor sleep, v/as«ry severe form, thought he would give it a
*r» J-
Similar to "Par
chesi," which has
been played in east
ern countries since
before the dawn of
history. The illus
tration shows plan
of the game, with
usual counters, dice
and dice-cups ac
companying it. A
game which people
never tire of playing. Given for 20 lion
heads and a 2-cent stamp.
(When writing for premiums send your letter in the same envelope or
package with the lion heads. If more than 15 lion heads are sent, you can
save postage by trimming down the margin. Ask your grocer for large
illustrated premium list. Address all letters to the
WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio.
nervous trouble which caused me »«rvous ayspepsia and mmgestion a
melancholy h*»L He was very weak and nervous a a
1 0
side up
2 2 r,SZ% 1^°J had used fifteeTbottles my stomach trouble on a posftive guaantee. Write for free
S S lS Pe«Pje to a
Kdnoate Your Bowels With Casearets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever
OR !K.*.T«n #n»i
Nervme he could eat well and
right on' taking tits Nervine and when I Dr. Miks? Nervine is sold at all drug stores
XdaeateTonr Bowels WithiCaaeaMta.
Candy Cathartic, core, constl

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