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DoYou Want the
Best? Of Course.
Then Try
From the Dispatch.
A. J. Grimmer, of New Ulna, who by
the way, would make a good man to
send to legislature next winter, was here
Tuesday. Mr. Grimmer's health seems
to be ai proving.
Charley Prosch, who has been work
ing for Mr. Fredericksea, went to Min
neapolis on Monday to prepare himself
for taking the very best of pictures.
Charley will take charge of his Spring
field studio in the future and establish a
braoch office in Comfrey.
H. Sagglekow and Ed. Hamricksen
left this week with a carload of move
ables far North Dakota. They are going
to stick to the country if it takes a life
Judge Gallagher's court was a battle
grouud on Saturday last for a couple of
parties who were trying a suit without
the aid of an attorney. The amount in
volved was not great but the principle
involved amounted to a good deal and
the time consumed in trying the case
was sufficient to have tried a weightier
The Stark Co-operative Creamery As
sociation have sold their creamery in the
town of Stark to Messrs. Gerland &
Kruse, the creamery men at this place.
The new proprietors will asume control
of the property at once and place it on
the same profitable basis as the creamery
at this place is operated. The reasons
for the sale of the Stark company are
many and reach back for some little
time. The difficulties seemed gieater
than the co-operative company thought
they could overcome aud so they decid
ed to sell. The consideration was $1400.
From the Herald
Miss Mabel McBain has been engaged
to teach the spring term of school at
Tuesday Jacob Ilinderman, the big
farmer over on the Minnesota brought
overland a lot of fat cattle and hogs and
shipped them to Chicago. They filled
five cars—three of hogs aud two of cat
Paul Strelow has moved back to town
and will give up farming. He and fam
ily will occupy their residence on north
.Sixth street just vacated by F. W. Rinke.
Contractor Jens Fredericksen has quite
number of contracts for the erection
•of buildings and will begin just as soon
as the weather will permit. He has re
tained his old crew of men for the com
ing season. Andrew Kotten of North
Star, was here last week and ai ranged
with Mr. Fredericksen to put up large
farm house for him.
Kev. Alois Plut for the past two years
rector of St. Mary's church left Sleepy
Eye for his new field'of labor at Shako
pee on Wednesday afternoon. To say
that there was general regret at his leav
ing bUeepy Eye is mildly putting it. Ev
erybody was his friend. No man ever
lived in this place occupying a like po
sition that took such interest in the wel
fare of the town as did Father Plut.
From the Advance:
Andrew Potter has bought Loui Koe
mers' place for *900 and moved into
town again. Mr. Roerner has moved in
to D. H. Birdsall's place.
A little child, only a few days old, of
John Hojem of Sundown, has been quite
ill with tumor of the spine—something
quite rare in an infant.
G. E. Snyder reports that his little
daughter Blanch has been suffering from
blood poisoning, the result of a pin
scratch on the hand. She is now much
E. Leatherman has bought 80 acres
about 1-J- miles from Belview, where he
already has 135 acres which he pur
chased last fall. Land in that locality
has raised in price from $20 to $25, an
acre since last fall.
From The Times,
Our creamery made the first shipment
of butter last week. Eleven tubs were
shipped to Chicago markets.
E. Shilling a brakeman on this line
fell off a car at Odin last Saturday.^The
injuries sustained from tbe fall was a
broken ankle.
Postmaster lluney has put in a new
hardwood floor in his place of business.
Mr. Hnney is one of our progressive
general merchants and as an evident of
his prosperity we mention this fact.
The TIMES man called at New Ulm
the other day and saw among the'other
county officials, Wesley Miller, Register
of Deeds. Wesley is a popular official
and his many friends in Comfrey and
this vicinity are always pleased to hear
well of him.
Our board of education decided upon
building a school house. Owing to the
unfavorable weather the project was
hindered some the fore part of the week,
but they are now rapidly progressing
with the work. They will be in shape
ao that school will commence some time
next week.
Staff Correspondence.
The Misses Cora and Erna Chambard
Chambard are visiting with J. L. Cham
bard this week.
A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Imberg last week.
Jacob Klossner, A. J. Eckstein and
Wm. Pfaender were here on business
Wednesday of last week.
Frank Preisiuger was slightly injured
bv falling off a scaffold while working
at Peter Preisinger's new bam last weeK.
Wm. Dannheim made several business
trips to New Ulm last week.
Among the Magazines.
For the benefit of the patrons of the
public library we print herewith a brief
review of several articles of interest
which may be found the current mag
azines at the reading room:
In the March Self Culture is a very
interesting article bearing the title,
"Concerning Women who Marry Men
Younger than themselves," {by Carolyn
D. Styles. iTHe same magazine also has
"The passing of Ruskin," byJgKatherine
Louise Smith, which will be enjoyed by
by Elizabeth Paton McGilvary, and a
number of interesting topics such as
"The Composer Meyerbeer," "Tbe Giant
Indians of Tierra Del Fuego" "The Na
tional Zoo at Washington," and "Talks
with Napoleon."
The North American Review has "Dis
appearing Authors,"by Justin McCarthy,
and all who have read David. Harum
will do well to read John Olive Hobbs'
"Review of David Harum," in the same
For all lovers of the poets there are
Richard Hovey's "Taliesin" and the
beautiful poem entitled "John Ruskin,"
both in tbe April Bookman.
One is well repaid for the minutes in
vested in reading "The Dramatic Reali
zation of the Novel," by Joseph W.
Herbert, in the March Cosmopolitan,
arid women have the opportunity of see
ing the latest fashions by looking uq the
"Designer." C. M.
lovers of Ruskin for our young boys
who love to read about war wii$W«^»w* W love, pathos, and tragedy, but
found "An American View of the JPWk the, grandeur of the ancient wood pre
ippine Question," by Richard'Haldiii ^Yidtaiallj -'The plot is unguessable and
Fiction these days is adding a host of
new characters to its stored drawn from
the animal world. We have had Kip
ling's wood people, Thompson's wild
animals, and now Charles t*. D. Roberts
comes forward with some forest crea
tures who have the hearts and instincts
of men and who win us as no other hu
manized beasts ever have. Mr/ Roberts
differs from his fellow authors in giving
us a novel instead of detached tales, and
his "Heart of the Anciet Wood/' which
appears in the last (April) "New Lip:
pincott" is the(f ullest and sincerest work'
devoted to this facinating theme. His
chief-character is Old Krook, the Bear,
who becomes part of a deep woods
household and protects the mother and
daughter who people' the remote cabin.
March number of the Centary the characters are real people, even the
bnngs tbe poem, «*The -Larger Hope,"i bemfts. ffi$$$j$k 1
The B©y flcW illm
PROTECTOR" 5 cent cigar Ever Man' Smoke.
The an gurg Cigar Factory
Why Should they not Boom?
The new towns on the new extension
of the Chicago & North-Western Rail
way from Tylei, in Lincoln County.
Miunesota, to Astoria, in Deuel County,
South Dakota, will be placed upon tbe
market on the following dates
Areola. Minn., Monday, April 23d, at
2 p."" m.
Ivanhoe. Minn., Tuesday. April 24th,
at 10 a. m.
Hendricks. Minn., Wednesday, April
25th, at 11 a. m.
Astoria, S. Dak., Thursday, April 26,
at 11 a. in.
So great has been the inquiry for lo
cations in these towns that it has been
determined, in order to give all an equal
opportunity to secure desirable loca
tions, to open the towns by auction
sales, and at these sales lots will be sold
absolutely to the highest bidder above
list prices,
This new line passes through one of
the richest countries in Southern Minn
esota, and develops and gives railroad
facilities to a region that is unsurpassed
for the quantity and quality of its agri
cultural products, and it is safe to pre
dict a brilliant future for all of the new
For the occasion of these opening
sales, which will be conducted under the
management of the Railway Company,
the Chicago & North- Western Railway
Company will, on April 21st to 26th, in
clusive, sell tickets to Tyler, Lake Ben
ton, Porter or Canby, Minn., and return,
at one fare for the round trip.
These tickets can be procured on the
dates above named at any North-West
ern ticket office west of Winona, Minn
south of Oakes and east of Huron and
Redfield, S. Dak., and will be good for
return passage, prior to April 27 th.
For particulars address
G. P. & T. A. C. & N. W. R*y ,"
15 Chicago, 111.
A Wise Father may seriously object,
and with good reason, to having his boy
smoke before he has got his growth, yet,
with the advent of the "Protectors" ci
gar this objection has been largely over
come. There can come no, harm from
smoking this cigar. It is a pfcetty smok-
I 1 1
„..s-* A. ,a*.r tobaccos, jgg *&$_?'&}&
is rouooT.
Grand Opening of
Mrs. S. Pfefferle
PORE. H^^ra ANI) l»ODR]S^T
aatee this. When you drink tf, jqo know that win haveTiad
".* T. Grebe will driver bottled beer to H& parte of tbe
Telephone No. 14- "Office telephone 2fo. 34.
spring JMillfyery
announces to the ladies of New Ulm and vicinity that she will hold
Grand Opening commencing
Tuesday, April 3rd,
showing one of the most complete lines of spring and summer mill:
ery ever brought to this city. You are respectfully invited to be pr
/rtrs. S. Pfefferle.
'Cbe Improved ffoxall Incubator.
Absolutely reliablein its regulationand
distribution of heat. Can be left alone
for 34 hours, without the least danger of
the eggs becomingtoo warmortoo cold.
Is heated by botwater circulator, which
renders it absolutely free from danger
of fire. Invented by a person having as
years experience. A child can run it.
Constructed of only the best material.
Every machine warranted. Send for
catalogue of Incubators and Brooders,
also price list. ^,
The New Woman!
Noxall loenkator & Brooder Co. I
is the acne of
A. 30-Dapa Commt^Senae,
home treatmmU for one dmllmr.
cure for
know too weU the drams upon their,health
andstrength caused by ailments peeuSnar to
own sex Th» Laay Ftamee Wei sir at
[•otaeure-aUbutlsacure for diseases- of #oman.
is carefully compounded bom a
eases of female
other indMdoal.diseases,
One package

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