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New Ulm review. (New Ulm, Brown County, Minn.) 1892-1961, April 11, 1900, Image 5

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A hi*-S\jz£ivzmtii
Fedneaday April 13
be democratic
r*iltf *nfcefcrf|t
5t Paul, April 18th,
molding tbe democratic *t»tecpnrenAo
[lor the* election of delegate* "*"~a
aal convention, t«i^pmiy
lie date of the state
'H$$$m at that time.
If any on^flpposeg for a monMot
at the democrats desire the nomina
tion of anyone upon the republicaWrJck-:
W other than McKinley *Qug*fjp€mti(
"^relieve themselves of that idea,as speed*
ily as possible. The record of ^bjfc,jwesf
ent adminietration i£^the'^iyi«|$Mqtf
needed by them upon W N S
successful campaign. SDonsideired asa
whole it is the most disastrous and
humiliating administration *which the
country has ever experienced and»tbe
republicans will need something. more
"fetching*' than the cry of prosperity to
tead them through it* 'bogs andjpitfalls.
sSBtik The country is loth to take the an
uouncement of Admiral Dewey's candi
Mg dacy for the presidency in a ^serious
manner. Republicans 'and democrats a
like characterize it as a mistake and,one
& which cannot in the least degree ^dd
to tile honor in which he is already^held
by the people. His personal deolara
tion that he is a demoerat will avail-but
little under present conditions and will
only serve to give the republican' press
an opportunity to unsay all the lauda
tory things which they have up to the
present time been saying about the gal
lant old sailor. "«. &,
Vi. 4.
:\. Following his usual custom McKinley
avoids letting the status of Porto. Rico
_' come to a test in the courts.,ijf|The New
,, York Herald imported a contract labor
er from Porto Rico for the sole purpose
of determinating whether or not he was
a citizen of the United States. The Im
,(j migration Commissioners of New York
refused him admission and detained him
in custody. Steps were immediately
taken to secure his release under a writ
of habeas corpus when the Administra
tion backed down. Sec.Gage telegraphed
to New York to release the man insian
ter, rather than let the com ts decide, as
they inevitably would, that the man
was a citizen entitled to the writ of ha
beas corpus and was merely on his way
from one part of the United States to
another. ,„n
And there's just where the shoe pinch
es, Bio. Dunn. The present Porto Rican
monstrosity is an object lesson as to
,T what'congress may be expected to do to
,i the trusts. It is not impossible that
good may come out of Nazareth, but is
highly improbable under present condi
I-, Unless the democrats wish to suffer
Qi^ }h" proverbial penalty of intermeddling
Congress can atone for any mistake it
h&s made in connection with the, Porto
Rican tariff bill by the enactment of
*,ome practical and intelligent measure
looking to the suppression nnd regula
tion of the obnoxious trusts. There are
thousands of people in the country who
neither know nor care much about the
question of Porto Rican free trade, but
there is cot an individual but who is in
terested in the trusts, and who wants to
see them placed unuer such control that
they can nether regulate the supply or
price of necessary ommodoties. That
which is done with the trusts may com
pensate for that which hai not been
done for 'Porto Rico.—Princeton Union.
spates, they will uot interfere
Ifl^V*0 tbe republican family quarrel over
^.the Porto Rican question.—Morris Sun.
,^And so the matter of the surrender of
''*our government to the trusts by the pas-
of thif 1orto an
"tari^ W
W i» a
IQl^anuly affair with which only the repub
an party is coucernedf We have been ^^s
^|iiiware for some, time that congress, or [days with his
least that portioa of
ready prepariiig* to as© the issue,
of therepresentarivesdiscMBing 1
fair W
"My district is normaUy democratic
all gr«4^4'^^»M^^|i: i^^^«t
the w&ptttmijQi^fa&totm^
Now, ho^e0M^wM.m^mBi2f$$T
note ii,tlfr4$i^taB2Ai bonn#*i
up/ Some fetfow^oh one ,#1%
seats is sure to interrupt mein
ofmy a
fit of republican rub? t^t^W^^
how Kbout&^o^BSmV*^*-*-^*'
G. A. Krgau will.deliver a
l^pubhcan majority,"gavVbut^veryJftfl«: a
Consideration to anything except those =.**••. *53W»
iteniatters which inured to the benefit of
|^he party. If the Porto R^an matter is
family affair, it has grown ^wge as
rfto require the yjterference^f^irneiii-,
fbon, and those tnm^mwkhh^atfS S S S S S S S
its favcr will dm^et wheii^a^tet, S E S S S S
\ste counted,next f«|l. that S S
I interested utiH^eVarii^''
'tOur old friend^Joh\'^^leBlr||_,^J
^Chippe^a Falls,ojfej^lihi^raiB
fl*bers.^f^Wis^ottt fc^
bouae-o^^ rqpt&n4atfae$j^l. .ir_^.^pfwvmtl^
ptho^h fM^i|^%opd^
,Ai* J-
have always been W A
I usually succeed in turning them to my
advantage,^Koir what a &
make? I had it all figured ffiih&]fow\
weeks ago when the bill wa«|in the
house and I felt that,it'Qwould ^«Ss..
was going to tell the questioner that the:
president was still in iavor ofifrce trade
with Porto Rico but foundih^theieW- ^n^mym^^f^^wm^^^^mm^f^^w^^^^nn w**w.,
ers of the party had been committed tn 4it* O 3 a
a tanff and that he could not a*rief
space of time bring them urouna^hi*
views. JUe felt it was bettei, tct^WVthe *^-.^ ^-^^'^^^.^L-i^eTL- ^*°.,1^
Porto RIcans lft' per cent tariff than
members of his own fcarty woUidreanlt*
I woula: then appeal to them Xd support
the president in. his cdntention, assuring
them that by the time congressconvened
he would be still more strongly of that
opinion and would be able if re-eleett
to bring the .party leaders around to bjs
view and thus secure the repefil of the
tariff provisions,.' I'did not intend fogQ
into the constitutional phases of tte
subject, but make the president'slwlsh
for free trade the main support of my
position. Then, all my ingenious scheme
was completely spoiled when Tawney
came out in along statement declaring
that the president bad changed his mind
on the subject and approved heartily of
the tariff. That 'left aae without .a p«g
to hang on, and I shall have to devhie
some ofher scheme, 1. have.been study
ing out an alternative plan for a month
but I don^t seem to hje «ny nearenthe
solution of the puzzle than before. As a
matter of principle! think tlie party has
made a great mistoke, and^o^ticailyilt
can see no relief except in the hopeJthat?
as some good judges -seem tp thihlt, the
affair will die out and t^e main things
before the country will be sound money,
proaperlftf\and exp^n|^^»7jr%&\i
know myeople wUl stand with me,"
m" ... 'tf*J"*4'
clued"fbyr tfee^knattaglBmeBt^ o^%«fttp|£'
^Bal^as ^e^opentngisal^raetion^l^rtW 'yMffrow-Ml^dii^^g^f
summer seasoH'tat th^popular fnioj^is|
Mii to%^n4%^f^e\lieTy,'%es*t1i«t*ae|
tions O its «lass touring the west this
seison., ^i|B1»rd^^#^lOve%^J^^'tf
eniertainmeht field/ ahdlthe
furnisli the musical portion of the enter?
strongest musical organiMtums in tne -JBIIil«WHBp.,rWr
-iioB|hw48^wn% lp^|^enf|S^^!
teW|r»p«Wtf^J|i |rf«^^o^^ -^f"^"
tertainer. The dates are Satarday and
Store, or may be bad of any member tf
the comftittee^^t|
educatieh heldl^ndiy ^ternooii^t^was^
decidBd fDrp08^^e^l^0p^aoj^^|bvi8(
"Ma irfr m^iM4^^*S^^^
tails. -"^'-^••'••"^-*-i«-"-*«"
S S a S
and assuring you the best of attention

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