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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27, 1901.
(From tbe Herald
Charlie Remus and Albert Renner,
both well known citizens of Sleepy Eye,
will go into the implement business at
Coinfrey next spring. They will go in
to it on a large scale. Comfrey people
should be congratulated at getting so
good a couple of citizens as these two
Contractor Geiser began the raising of
the toof timbers on the new St. Mary's
church Wednesday, each timber measur
ing 52 feet long. The church is a mam
moth building. It is to be hoped that
g«(*d weather will coetinue for a week
longer for then Mr. Geiser can have the
whole building enclosed.
Nic Baasen of Leavenworth owns a
tract of land on the Minnesota river bot
toms east of New Ulm and last August
the engines of the C. & N. W. road set
fire to the grass, buring up a lot of hay
and as a result he brings an action to
recover $200 damages. Mr. Baasen is
represented by Messrs. Somerville & Ol
son and the trial will oome up before
the January term of district court.
Springfield ought to be proud of such
a local industry as that of A. C. Ochs'
brick yard. Mr. Ochs told the Herald
man the other day that his Springfield
yard made over six million brick during
the season of 1901 The yard gave work
all summer to forty oi fifty men and the
pay roll did a handsome thmg for that
town. Springfield business men ought
to think a whole lot of a man like A. C.
There is another phase of the street
crossing case thtt we have omitted that
might be published for the enligbtrneut
of 'he public. The case was first brought
against the couucil to open up the cross
ing aud in the two trials at the distiict
court the village lost the case. As far
as the village was concerned It then
dropped the case further, arid the rail
road company took up the matter in the
supreme court. The final outcome of
the case in the supreme court is a com
plete knockout for the village and will
compel the city fathers to pay the costs
and all the expenses in the district court,
the amount of which is not known to us.
Tbe city fathers should have never al
lowed this to go into the courts,
(From the Times.)
P. J. Miller and Ohas. Stern are en
gaged in plastering the addition to Ho
tel Comfrey.
Louis Fredin has purchasec posts and
wire for the purpose ot fencing in his
entire farm.
County Aitorney Geo. Olson. Spung
field, aud Sheriff Matter of New Ulm.
were in town for a short time Monday.
Claude Herring has moved into his
new residence he recently had built on
his farm in Selnia.
Don't blame Postmaster Huney if the
mail gets mixed up somewhat the next
few days, as a new Postmistress arrived
at his home last night.
The fuueral of Mr. and Mrs. August
Fredin's infant son was held at the Luth
eran church last Sunday morning. Rev.
Erkander preached the funeral sermon.
The interment took place in the church
(Special Correspondence
Mr. C. Spellbrjnk left for Madison,
Minn., Monday on business.
Messrs. M, Mueller and Wm. Bnnk
nuuin returned fiom their northern trip
thf forepart of hist week. Providing Mr.
Full' rton, Executive Agent of the Game
and Fish Commissions of St. Paul can be
convinced that Mr. Mueller's game was
shipped in accordance with the law, we
uiay stand a show for a venison steak.
The M. W. A. Social which was held
in the Milford Club Hall last Saturday
evening was well attended by the Neigh
bors and their friends. All report hav
ino ppnt an enjoyable evening.
Messrs. John Sear and Wm. Per
•n in company with two of the
nd two of the Milford Belles at
the theatre at New Ulm Thurs
ning. The happy party report
well pleased with the play.
will be a Thanksgiving Ball in
dall Thursday evening, given un
auspices of the "Milford String
All aie cordially invited to at-
"I have taken Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and have never used anything in my life
that did me the.good that did," says
County Physician Geo. W. Scroggs, of
Hall County, Ga Being a physician I
have prescribed it and found it to give the
best results." If the food 3 ou eat remains
undigested your stomach it decavs
there and poisons the system You can
prevent this by dieting but that means
starvation. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
what you eat You need suffer from nei
ther dyspepsia nor starvation The worst
cases quickly cured Never tails Eugene
A. Pfefferle.
(From the Herald.)
John Amundsou went to the New Ulm
hospital Monday, lie was operated on
by Di. Wood assisted by Dr. Strickler.
The new butcher shop, which is about
half finished, on Broadway, makes a
wonderful improvement on that street
When finished it will be a frame stiuct
ure two stories high.
The Lutherans held a confirmation last
Sunday in the Lutheran church with
Rev. Skartt presiding. 18 boys and 16
girls were confirmed in the old country
style, which took aoout four hours time.
There was a very large attendance.
A few of the young people of Hanska
gathered at Miss Paulseth's millinery
shop Tuesday evening and organized a
debating society, electing Emil Hauge
as president of the society and Miss Ma
rie Ouren as secretaiy and treasurer.
Tne question selected for discussion
reads: "Resolved that Washington is a
greater man than Lincoln." Affirmative,
R. R. Hickie and B. C. Frederickson,
negative, Emil Hauge and Miss Aimee
Chambard. The debate will take place
in Nundal's hall, Friday evening, Nov.
"While suffering from a bad case of
piles 1 consulted a physician who advised
me to try a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
halve," says G. F. Carter, Atlanta, Ga I
procured a box and was entirely cured
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is a splendid
cure for piles, giving relief instantly, and
I heartily recommend it to all sufferers."
Surgers is nnnecessary to cure piles. De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve will cure any
cas^. Cuts, burns, bruises and all other
wounds are also quickly cuied by it He
ware of counterfeits. Eugene A. Pfefferle.
(From the Advance.)
Miss Annie Kellermann of New Ulm
and Miss Ella Miller of Sleepy Eye are
visiting at Aug. JaeLn's.
J. J. Ray went to Sleepy Eye Tuesday
to act as auctioneer at an auction held
in the country south of that place.
Jos. Ryan and his sister, Mrs. George
Flaig, were at New Ulm Wednesday to
attend the fuueral of their aunt, Mrs.
Geo. J. Grimm, cashier of the Citizens
State Bank of Lamberton, was among
the visitors from that place lately. Mr.
Grimm is well pleased with his new bus-,
Cashier Mo has been at Aberdeen, S.
D. this week, having been called there
as a witness in a land suit in which Mr.
Everett, formerly of this place, is inter
Mrs. A. C. Ochs went to Faribault
Wednesday moriung to spend a few days
with her son Willie, who is attending
Shattuck school. She will also visit
with numerous relatives in that city, be
fore returning.
D. G. Clark of Dodge Center has pur
chased M. Norman's grocery store and
has taken possession. Mr. Norman has
returned to St. Peter. Mr. Clark will
discontinue the restaurant which has
been run in connection with the store,
and he will add that room to the store,
making it much larger.
You'U have a cold this winter. Maybe
you have one now. Your ctnldrln will suf
fer too. For Coughs, croup, bronchitis,
grip and other winter complaints One
Minute Cough Cure never fails Acts
promptly. It is very pleasant to the taste
and perfectly harmless. C. B. George.
Winchester, Ky. writes "Our little girl
wa9 attacked with croup late one night
and was so hoarse she could hardly speak.
We gave her a few doses of One Minute
Cough Cure. It relieved her immediately
and she went to sleep. When she awoke
next morning she had no sighs of hoarse
ness or croup." Eugene A Pfefferle.
The Top Button Cure for Colds.
"What's the best cure for colds?'' re
peated Health Officer Dr. Ohage. "Why,
the top button cure, I think, sounds
crazy, doesn't2 But it's correct, just the
"Tueie's much pneumonia directly
traceable, in this climate, to a neglect of
the top button cure, than to the moist
atmosphere. I mean simply, that if men
would only button their coats and over
ooats, when they go out on tb.8 street,
they will not have colds so often. We
go into these hot houses, get warm and
open our coats. We should take off our
overcoats, but we don't. We transact our
business, then rush out. Do we button
our coats before we go out into the cold
air? Not once in a dozen times. The
first thing we know, we are chilled
through and button up. Then it's too
late. The cold has been taken aud if
pneumonia doesn't result, it's sheer luck.
"So, if you would be free from colds
and escape an untimely death from pneu
monia, try the top button cure."
It is a pleasure to testify to the gener
erally high charaoter of the druggists.
But because of a few exceptions to the
rule, it is necessary to caution the public
to be on guard against imitations of Per
ry Davis' Painkiller. See that you get
the right article, the soothing helpful
Painkiller that was used in your family
before you were born. Don't be taken
into buying a substitute. Phere is but
one Painkiller, Perry Davis.'
"Ayill's a pill," says the saw. But there
are pills and pills. You want a pill which
is certain, thorough and gentle. Mustn't
gripe. DeWitt's Little Early Risers fill
the bill Purely vegetable Do not force
but assist the bowels to act. Strengthen
and in-v igorate Small and easy to take.
Eugene A. ffefferle.
&&* •a*^##"
In an interview with the Minneapolis
Journal Senator Somerville thus express
es himself oil the question of the action
of the governor in opposing the consoh
dation of the railroads:
"I am opposed to the consolidation o*
these companies. There is no doubt but
that the Noithern Security company
have that object in view, but I do not
know what the provisions of their char
ter may be. It is the duty of the state
to do everything in its power to prevent
the consolidation of these' great over
land railways. The whole west is de
pendent upon them It is evident that
these railways have been preparing foi
this thing for a long time. J. J. Hill
nevei had any interest in the Northern
Pacific until recently, and there is no
doubt but that that scheme is the out
growth of the recent division of stocks
between Hill, Morgan, Harriman, et. al.
We have now a statute against the con
solidation of competing and parallel
lines. The street railwavs of Minneapo
lis & St. Paul are run in the same way
as is contemplated by the Northern Se
cunties company, and it was on tbe the
ory that the Twin City Rapid Transit
company was formed for the purpose of
holding stock and was not doing busi
ness in this state, that they refused to
complj with the law in regard to taxa
tion of foreign corporation. Afterwards
that company decided to comply with
the law. It is a maxim of law that you
cannot do indirectly what you cannot
do directly, aud if these two roads can
not directly consolidate, it is evident
that they cannot do so-by forming this
a I believe in the state tak
ing eveiy means under existing laws.
If these are inadequate, let the governor,
call the legislature together to meet the
emergency. Minnesota possesses the
power to determine in what manner
great corporations may do business with
in the state. Section 2176 of our stat
utes prohibits consolidation, but it is
certain that the Northern Securities com
pany wrfs organized for the purpose of
evading that statute. With such a com
pany in control of roads, they could ab
solutply dictate freight and passenger
rates to the whole west. It would be a
practical monopoly and drive out all
smaller competing lines. If it could be
shown that the Northern Securities com
pany is doing this, that is controlling
two railways, a law could be passed pro
hibiting that company from doing busi
ness in the state. The state in its sov
ereigu power can dictate whether or not
a foreiga corporation may, under any
circumstances, come into the state to do
business, and, if the corporation comes,
may dictate terms."
.There seems to be an unusual and Un
necessary amount of juggling with jus
tice in the conduct of the cases that have
recently come up in the city. The mat
ter is becoming a faroe and a jest lor
other places. The thing should be set
tled one way or the other, conclusively,
and then business will adjust itself to
the new conditions. When a proceed
ing at law can be referred to as the
•'biggest joke that ever happened" or
because a man had not honor enough to
keep his word it is too serious to be
lightly handled. Laws were not made
to laugh at, no matter how laughable
they may be. It is a poor excuse for
justice when officials can defeat the
purpose of the law either ignorantly or
intentionally. As long as the law is
disregarded and nobody complains there
is no crime committed, but when com
plaint is made the right that is granted
to every citizen of the United States ob
tains an no man in office has any busi
ness to set about defeating the law they
are under oath to enforce.
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo=Quinine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold in one day
is the advantage of permanency. R.
Hellriegel, with a thirty year's experi
ence as exclusive dealer in many kinds
of sewing machines, organs, pianos and
supplies, is now established on Center
street near the corner of Minnesota street
and kindly invites those interested to
call and examine his goods before buy
ing elsewhere. Remember he repairs
free of charge all sewing machines, or
gans and pianos sold by him whether
they have been used 20 hours or 20 years.
Under most favorable conditions he also
repairs those machines and instruments
that have not been sold by him. Sells
anything in music aud sewing machines.
is the final and absolute cure of a sore
throat, in which the rawness and tender
ness have been spreading dangerously
near those guards of life, the lungs. The
luxury of a sound throat and robust
lungs is most keenly enjoyed by people
who, having suffered all the consebuenc
es of a "little cold, you know," have
been rescued from misery and danger by
Allen's Lung Balsam.
*."* rf'o.r^f
The Merchants' Soliloquy,
(With apologies to Hamlet.)
To close or not to close .that is the question
Whether it is better the end to suffer
The opposition to ride all over our frames
Or to keep up the-battle our selves,
And our own way by fighting end them
Or whether it were better to work Sunday
Disdained,, dishonored, and in the end
To feel, to know man's base ingratitude.
And yet for us to close is to lose
To lose perchance a dollar, aye there's the
For if we work what thoughts may come
To haunt our injured souls and grieve our
Unrequited hopes and subject us to con
To bear the mad'mg throng's ignoble scorn
The pangs of lllacquired gam, the deep
Of having fought and failed to wm,
To fight—to chage and counter charge
And by our own maneuvers and mistakes
To wrest, to utterly anihilate,
To completely swamp our fondest schemes
And relegate us to oblivion
Is more than we can bear. Mark us now,
And if these fines should be not lost
Then we are saved. Eor we will fight.and
'Twixt hope and fear will wish for that
Which may not ever come. We'll fight
And bv that battle know that we at least
Have dared to face the certain tide
Of indignation and loss of trade
Rather than be bluffed by two or three
Who disregard the Sunday closing law.
Depart from us and take yourselves away
For we will fight tho all hell oppose.
Maniage license foi the week ending
Tuesday Nov. 26.
Wm. J. Wolaver.... Lake Crystal
Matilda Christiansen Linden
Fied Dehne Leavenworth
Minnie Zuhlsdorf
Wm. Abele Sanborn
Mary Thoma Mulligan
LeRoy A. Palmer... .Sleepy Eye
Marie Degneau ..
Paul Batr
Maiy Schneider
Wm. Anderson Spnn
Chloe Stiassberg.
The Sleepy Eye foot ball team was
defeated at St. Peter Satui day by a score
of 23 to 10. The Sleepy Eye boys have
the satisfaction of saying that it is the
only team that has scored against St
An Idler.
The Bird—Talk about birds having
an easy time! Why. that fellow doesn't
even have to sing for a living.—New
York JournaL
W a in to Snore.
My pa's got somepin in his nose that's fassened
there to stay,
That aU the neighbors wishes he would lose or
give away—
Some sort of hollenn affair, like bulls has in their
Or like a big baas horn, except it never plays no
Ma says it's sleepin on his back, he says it is
Cut you can bet your blooznin lite whatever it
may are
It's there fur doin bizness, an it does it, too, fur
As all tbe neighborhood kin tell when pa begins
to snoreI
Ma says if she'd 'a' ever knowed that he was sich
a fright,
A-try'n to skeer the livin out an rise the dead st
Bhe'd never have consented for to be his lovin
An share bis sorrers an his joys an lead a sleep*
less life.
It's hard on me, the same as her, for when I git
An dreamin I'm a hunter bold out in tbe forest
I feel my hair a-risin up to hear a lion roar
An then wake up in fright to hear it's pa begun
to snore1
Ma says that some day when we git to heaven
after while.
Where every prospeck's goin to please an only
man be vile,
If people there is jest the same as people here
She can't imagine how she's goin to bear the load
of woe!
She thinks that at the usual tune up there
amongst the blest
The angels'll be broken of then* sweet selesebul
An tumble round awhile an then git up an walk
the floor
An wish he'd never bin redeemed when pa begins
to snore!
—Denver Post.
Cr'**^ $S*#B
New Ulm
likewise our bodies That we, also, are
subject to the general laws of nature is
proven bv the fact that at this season our
bodily functions are becoming sluggish
and torpid—the same as nature, now en
tering upon her winter's slumber You
now require something to stir the dor
maut energy of 3 our system the very
best remedy, to this end. is "St Pernard
Vegetable Pills" When troubled with
lassitude, headache, costiveness, stomach
and kidnev troubles, be careful to avoid
the many corrodent and metahc quack
nostrums, which are beingTecommended
as panaceas for the above mentioned ail
ments. The "St. Bernard Vegetable Pills,"
as their name implies, are purely vegeta
ble, and require no sugar-coating to hide
poisonous ingredients.
While the people of the state are
juggling with names for the hall of fame
in the Louisiana Purchase exposition,
let them remember that of Ignatius Don
nelly, than whom in the United States
there is not a better known man. His
is a lame that will live as long as books
and authors survive and among all of
Minnesota's 'inght men now dead there
are none of greater Intellect. Politics
is rot the measuring stick for greatness.
character and good reputation in each
state (one in this counvy required) to rep
resent and advertise old established and
wealthy business house of solid financial
standing. Salary $18 00 weekly with ex
penses additional, all pavable in cash ev
ery Wednesday direct from head offices.
Horse and carriage furnished, when nec
essary References. Enclose self address
ed stampedenvelope. Manager. 816 Caxton
Building, Chicago 52
V. Cibnef's Jiome
Furniture. Furniture!
Consider the inducements this store offers, stock of
greatest variety, comprising everything pertaining to
proper housefurnishing that experience teaches us to se
lect from, the most wortny manufacturers of the land.
The best goods at the most reasonable prices. S a
isfaction to buyers.
Carpets! Carpets!
A visit to our store will disclose to you selections of
the best things in the market in exclusive patterns and
colorings of the various makes and sizes.
Forster Brothers.
Fresh Coffee Rolls Every Morning,
Fre$h Ctysiers
Best assortment of
Candies fcnd C'.£&sr
W. Eibner, Prop.
Insure your Threshing Machines
can come out of the same kind of a
bottle. Don't let that deceive vou.
Make your purchase at the store from
which the best grades come. Our
goods don't sail under false colors.
Each bottle contains the kind and
grade of liquor which we say it con
tains. These are hints for those who
who want something really good at
moderate prices.
Frank Burg
With the Leading Insurance Man
tff* N- Henningsen.
Fire, Tornado, Accident, Bonding writ
ten in the strongest companies.
©nly a flWe of
Aiad to the usual observer all boards look alike.
They see no difference. But to the critical chap
there is a difference, and a big one too. He soon
finds that where one stock of boards is sound, blight
and dry. ethers are cracked, warped and full of gap.
It requires no argument as to which will last
the longest. If the good kind is what you want, es
pecially when it costs no mote, you can get it here
because that is tbe kind I carry.
Werner Lumber
*--i4a. «fcf

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