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WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1902.^
13,000 paid aut for stork here last
Monday. How is that for a town of this
Jos. Goblirsch and Geo. Stadick trans
acted business at New Uim Thursday.
Ed. Olson and Paul Rick hauled a
load of lumber over from Winthrop
A few from town attended a dances out
west Sunday evening. All report a good
Ch8s. Hornburg, Jr., of New Ulm, was
in town with his automobile Tutsday
Chas. Holmberg of New Ulm has sold
to Wolfgang Hacker a complete new
threshing outfit.
Chas. Rudell and helper, of Winthrop,
are painting the shelving in the new
hardware store.
J. M. Johnson accompanied one of Hed
& Carlson's carloads of cattle to the
cities Monday evening.
The H. E. Walker Lumber Co., have
this week moved their stock of hardware
into their new building.
Theodore Mueller, the cigarmaker of
New Ulra. transacted business with his
customers here Tuesday.
Jos. Hostelko received the material for
his bowling alley Tuesday and is having
it put in shape this week.
Hed & Carlson bought three carloads
of hogs ai.d cattle Monday which they
shipped to So. St. Paul.
A man arrived here from Dalarne.
Sweden, Wednesday evening and will
work for Ole Peterson of Brighton this
C. L. Holt and wife wife go to house
keeping in the rooms above the furniture
store as soon as the rooms can be fixed
"Five years ago a disease the doctors
called dyspepsia took such hold of me
that I could scarcely go," writes Geo. S.
Marsh, well-Known attorney of Nocona,
Tex. "I took quantities of pepsin and
other medicines but nothing helped me.
As a drowning man grabs at a straw I
grabbed at Kodol. I felt an improve
ment at once and after a few bottles am
sound and well." Kodol is the only pre
paration which exnctly reproduces the
natural digestive juices and consequently
is the only one which digests any good
food and cures any form of stomach
trouble. Eugene Pfefferle.
(From the Herald.)
Ole Jorgenson spent Sunday with his
family and returned to his public duties
Monday afternoon.
Mrs, Wm. Burns will preach in Carl
son's hall next Wednesday at the usual
hour and all are invited to attend.
Mr. Swenson went to the cities Friday
on business and also to spend a little
time with his daughter who is not ex
pected to live.
Mayor Synsteby met with an accident
quite painful though not serious. While
fixing a piece of machinery it slipped
and fell and bruised a finger so that it
became necessary to have the doctor dress
the wound.
Ole Moe, for several months the as
sistant at the depot, has decided not to
learn telegraphy and went on Tuesday to
St. Peter as an attendant at the asylum,
and J. M. Thompson, from Frankford
S. D. has taken the place. Mr. Thomp
son is very highly spoken of, so as we
speed the one we heartily welcome the
Don't start the summer with a linger
ing cough or cold. We all know what
a "summer cold" is. It's the hardest
kind to cure. Often it "hangs on" through
the entire season. Take it in hand right
now. A few doses of One Minute Cough
Cure will set you right. Sure cure for
coughs, colds, croup, grip, bronchitis,
all throat and lung troubles. Absolutely
safe. Acts at once. Children like it.
"One Minute Cough Cure is the best
cough medicine I ever used." says J. H.
Bowles, Groveton, N. H. ^1 never found
anything else that acted'so safely and
quickly." Eugene Pfefferle.
{From the Herald.)
Bro. Hays of the Dispatch has been
appointed as petit juror for service at
the term of the United States court to
be held in Duluth May 13.
C. D. Griffith went to Wheaton Mon
day on a short business1 trip. The trip
was made on an automobile in much
shorter time than by train connections
Christ Corey of Minneapolis spent a
few days here the guest, of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Corey of Home Town
ship. Mr. Corey is employed as a pre
scription clerk for Vogeli Bros. Drug
store ef Minneapolis.
C. L. Decker, who for the past year
has been one of our leading business men
for Willmar Tuesday afternoon
where he will enter into the employ of
the largest clothing house. Mrs, Decker
will remain in this place for .a few weeks
before joining her husband. 'X)ur best
wishes go with them into their new BM.
Messrs. F. W- Frank and F. Goettacbe
returned Satnrdiy from their western
tour after a month's traveling. These
gentlemen report all Sleepy Eye folks
well. They were very much disappoint
ed in the country, all the land which is
not -qual to the lands in Minnesota
ranging much higher in price. They
traveled through Idaho, California and
Washington. Both of these gentlemen
have improved greatly iu health, not on
account ot the climate but on ncceunt
of the exercise they had in climbing
high peaks and traveling across sandy
prairies. On Tuesday of these
gentlemen went to Dakota and will look
over that locality. "4
(From the Times.1
John McPhee and F. W. Blackraun
will handle the Piano harvester, mow
ers, rakes and binding twice. The busi
ness will be conducted this year, the
same as last, under the firm name of
Blackmun & McPhee.
Clarence Cady moved his household
goods from Springfield last Friday and is
now located in the building occupied for.
some time by Eugene Fernholz, Mr
Fe'rnholz having moved into his new
Cupid is winning many victories in
Comfrey lately and the at one time seem-
ingly impregnable ranks maintained by
Comfiey's bachelors, are becoming badly
broken. Judging from the manner in
which several of our eligible young men
are purchasing and improving Comfrey
town lots, the end is not yet.
Thomas Nelson reports the sale of
lumber to Hemy Bradbury for a resi
dence to cost about $2,000. Also to
Christ Wallin for. a residence the main
partof which will be 16x28, with 14-foot
posts. There will be.a kitchen. Erickson
& Wallin have the contract for Mr. Wal
hn's residence will cost him
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENJBY & CO.. Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactiods and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
W E S & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O. W A W N S I N N A N & MAKTIX,
Wholesale,Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per
bottle. Sold by Druggists. Testimonials
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
State Fair Wants Children.
President Cosgrove and Secretary Ran
dall of the Minnesota State Agricultural
society are endeayoring to have he
school trustees in the smaller cities and
towns of the a postpone opening
schools until after the state fair, which
is to be held the first week, in September
The St. Paul schools for years have closed
during fair week, and the Minneapolis
school board has agreed to postpone the
opening of schools in that city for a
President Cosgrove is of the opinion
that much which is of educational value
can be learned by visiting the fair, and
for this reason is urging the postpone
ment of the opening of the state schools.
He desires that the pupils and teachers
be given an opportunity to attend the
fair that they may learn of the great re
sources of Minnesota:
It is a question if enough children from
country towns will attend the state fair
to make it advisable to cause a postpone
ment of the opening of schools. The
little that a school boy or girl will learn
at a state fair will be of no benefit to
them so far as education is concerned. It
would however be a good outing and to
put it in the sense it was intended, it
would be a paying thing for the fair if
school children could be induced to at
If you are looking tor something very
pretty for a new dress or shirt waist,
don't miss seeing our window, as there
are a number of new patterns in Foul
ards displayed in it. Every pattern is
something out of the ordinary and right
up-to-date, and we have priced them
withm easy reach, at 85c per yard..
One of the latest arrivals at our store
is a fine lot of Ladies' Belts of the very
latest styles and materials which it will
pay you to look over. There's a large
variety at prices from 25c up.
Why make your own dressing-saque
when we can show you a nice line of
ready-made ones in pretty patterns?
Come in and see ihem, and you'll be
convinced that it don't pay to mane
them yourselves.
Light weol underwear for men at
$1 and $1.25 a garment.- Change from
heavy underwear to light wool and you
won't catch coldi' \v^/% &- I
snse Kil^'TyP'
Marriage License:/
Peter J. McLinn Waseoa
Bertha M. Raschka Sleepy Eye
Fred A. Veith .New Ulm
Flora Mary Steffen...... ,/ '&:. Nicollet
Paul Olesen .'.Lamberton
Emma Baltsuscb A... A« New Ulm
Hew a Man's Ufe Was **r**d a*
Verjr JLswt Monteat.
The following stirring incident of the
two flags happened at Valparaiso.
Chile, and -was related at Montreal In.
1881 by the Rev. Dr. J. O. Peck. Dr.
Peck said:
"The man who gave me the facts I
am about to relate was Mr. Haskins,
an American sailor who had sailed to
a port in Chile. On going ashore, he
said, to enjoy his day of liberty he
drank a little and became hilarious.
One of the police officers, Instead of
warning him not to make a noise in
the street, drew his sword and, strik
ing him a blow, knocked him down.
On that the .American sailor got up
and knocked the policeman down in
return. He was on that arrested and
tried and condemned to be shot in the
fioming of the following day.
"Mr. Loring, the American consul, ex
postulated with the authorities that it
would be monstrous to shoot the man
for such an offense, but they paid no
attention to him, so he tberenpon made
a formal protest in the name of the
United States government against the
barbarous act. Mr. Haskins, the sail
or, was in the morning brought out
pinioned to be ehot. /'j^^'d'J'J ','.
"As the English consul was prepar
ing to hoist the union jack he saw the
crowd in the field opposite, where the
execution of the American sailor, of
which he had heard, was to take, place.
Rushing ove£ the American consul, he
said, 'Loring, you're not going to let
them shoot that man!'
"'What can I do?' he said- 'I have
protested against it I can do no more.'
"Quick as thought the English con
sul shouted, 'Give me your flag!' And
in a trice the stars and stripes were
handed to the English representative.
At once, taking his own union jack in
his hand, he hastened across the field,
elbowed his way through the crowd
and soldiery, and, running up to the
doomed man, he folded the American
flag around him arid then laid the un
ion jack over it. Standing a few paces
back, he faced the officers and soldiers
and shouted defiantly, 'Now, shoot, if
you dare, through the heart of Eng
land and America!'
"And they dared not do it, for they
feared the consequences, so the man
was at once released. In telling me,"
said Dr. Peck, "Mr. Haskins said tc
me, with tears streaming down his
cheeks even then, 'They loosed me
then, and, oh, how I longed to embrace
those two flags!' "—Anglo-American,
A safe rule in feeding is to give
enough to satisfy and no more.
Droppings should not be allowed tc
accumulate in the poultry house longer
than a week.
Bone dust supplies an abundance of
bonemaking material and counteracts
any tendency to diarrhea.
When possible, give the poultry-house
a southern exposure and furnish that
side with an abundance of light.
While wheat is one of the best grains
to feed to fowls, it should not be fed tc
excess or it may cause diarrhea. Feed
it with other grains.
Loss of feathers is generally caused
by want of green food or want of a
dust bath. Supply both, and, as a local
application, use mercurial ointment.
Breed the best flesh formers for mar
ket then feed them up to as great a
weight as possible. Well fattened, well
dressed poultry bring the best prices.
A Point of Order.
One of the conspicuous features in
the decorations of, a certain official
building is a full length portrait of
George Washington. Being Just be
hind the speaker's chair,-it is in full
sight of everybody who rises to speak.
During a heated discussion, which in
volved the honor of the state and na
tion, a member rose and, pointing to
the portrait, began in oratorical style.
"By those eyes that never quailed be
fore an enemy, by that nose"-—
Then he was interrupted by a mem
ber in the rear, who rose to a point
of order.
"Mr. Chairman/' said the objector,
"I claim it is out of order under par
liamentary rules to call the ayes and
noes in a committee of the whole."—
New York Times.
Of Course She Wai Glad.
"So you overcame that old antipathy
of yours," her hnsband remarked, "and
called on Mrs. Bobbles?"
"Do yon think she. was glad to see
"I am sure of it"
"Ahem! Yon must have some reason
for that belief outside of her assur
"I have. I had on the old dress that
was made over twice, my hat was out
of style, and my hair had become un
curled, -while she had on a gown that
could not have come,from anywhere
but Paris.' Could she help being glad
to see me?"—'Leslie's Weekly.
Harvard University
Harvard university derives its name
from Rev. John Harvard, Its earliest
benefactor,who in 1638 bequeathed one
half of his estate, amounting to £800,
for the endowment of the college.
Harvard hall was -built in .1765, Hoi
worthy hall of brick in 1812 and Hollls
Hall, also of brick, In 1764* Stoughton
hall, being of the same dimensions and
material as Hollls, was buflt in 1804,
and a writer of 1817 states that It
appearance Is somewhat in the modern
style."—Boston Budget
,-H Haw It Resembled Motae***.'
*9fo," said Mr. MeddergrasB to the
restaurant man "no, I'll .not say that
your pie is jest like mother used to
make, but 111 say this-ritJs pnrf nigh
as crusty as she used to git"—Balti
"more American^
How CheapAakinjgrftnraer Is Hade
The Health Department of New York
has seized a quantity of so-called cheap
baking powder, which it found in that
city. Attention -was attracted to it by
the low price at which it was beiig sold
in the department stores. Samples were
taken and the chemist of the Health De
partment reported the stuff to be *an
alum powder," which analysis showed to
be composed chiefly of alum and nul
venzedrock. l^P^tm''^-^
The powder was declared to be dan
gerous to health, and several thousand
pounds were carted to the offal dock and
destroyed.!itfgg g€ &?$*$££<
It is unsafe to? experiment with these
so-called "cheap" articles of food. They
are sure to be made from alum, rock, or
other injurious matter. In baking powders
the high class, cream of tartar brands are
the most economical, because they go
farther in use and are healthful beyond
question. /•, .,
"I have nsed DeWitt's Little Early
Risers for constipation and torpid liver
and they are all right. I am glad to in
dorse them for I think when we find a
good thing we ought to let others know
it," writes Alfred Hemze, Quincy. 111.
They never gripe or distress. Sure, safe
pills. Eugene Pfeffeife.
Literary News.
A series which should have been named
"The Enchantments of our Modern
Aladdine," if considered solely from the
point of view of romance, is begun in
the May Cosmopolitan. Bu these
sketches possess as well a business in
terest equally for clerk and capitalist, for
manufacturer, farmer and merchant. The
man who would understand the drift of
our news in finance and business- must
read these lives, so full of incident, of
hard' labor and marvelous success. As, it
is, the series receives only the common
place name of "Captains of Industry."
Each character is. treated by a noted
writer familiar with his subject.
ef humanity cholera is the worst. Treat
ment to be effective must be prompt.
When vomiting, purging and sweat an
nounce that the disease is present combat
it with Perry Davis' Painkiller. All
bowel trouble", like diarrhoea, choera
morbus and dysentery are overcome by
Breed to" Good Balis.
Farmers that keep cows largely for
the milk and butter fat they get from
them should encourage the keeping in
their neighborhoods of first class dairy
bulls, says Golman's Rural World. That
more animals of this kind are not avail
able is largely due to the fact that the
cheap bulls drive out the good ones. We
have known cases where* the farmers
really felt aggrieved because the owner
of a really good animal charged more
for his services than did the owner of
some scrub.
He Caught the Car.
The man dashed down the street aft
tt the retreating State street car. -.--,
Every muscle was strained his
breath came in quick gasps the beads
of moisture stood out upon his fore
head. His feet were working like the
pedals on a bicycle. He only touched
the ground in the more altitudinous
"Ill—catch—that—street—car," he
gasped, "or die."
Faster went the street car. Faster
went the man.
He overturned fruit stands and aged
blind men in his wild career. He
knocked down children and trampled
upon them. But onward he rushed.
He collided with a baby buggy. The
baby was knocked into the street The
mother of the child picked it up. She
pointed a finger at the disappearing
form of the man. "Murderer!" she
hissed through her clinched teeth.
He draws nearer to the car—nearer
He reaches out his hand.
He touches the rail on the rear plat
He gives one last convulsive effort
He is on the car..
He sinks breathless into a 'seat and
mops his brow. The conductor touches
him on the shoulder.
"Git offen here!" speaks the conduct
or. "We're a-goin' to ther barn. No
more cars tonight,"—Chicago Tribune.
Ate 925,000 Worth of Liver.
Among the many poker stories afloat
a good one is told concerning »Dutch
Hank, a well known player of Roch
ester, N. Y. Hank went Into Daly's
place, in New York city, one day and
sat in a game, winning $25,000 with
very little trouble. Then he rose to
go, thinking it was time to stop. Daly
shook hands with him and asked him
what was his burrys \Hank said he
would have to go to a Dutch restau
rant he knew where they always cook
ed liver 4n a, way that he particularly
"Oh, if that's all," said Daly, "Jnst
stay here* We can serve the liver jnst
that way, and, you can go right on
Dntch Hank had left some friends
Outside whiting, but he said he would
stay and eat the liter. He sat down
and ate and played. His $25,000 soon
went back to Daly In a turn of luck.
Hank went out without a cent '$$'-.
"What kept you so long?" his friends
"Well, yon don't suppose a man can
eat $25,000 worth of liver in a minute,
do yon?" was the retort of Hank. yf-
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
diseaseC prevailing in mis
ns because so decep
tive. Many -qiqfrton
deaths arecaused by
it—hear disease
pneumonia, heart
or apoplexy
are ofte the result
of kidney I
kidney trouble is
lowed advance the
blood will attack the
vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down atv* waste
away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists infifty-centand one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Home of Swamp-Root.
A Reproof.
"Pa," said Willie, "what does It
mean to say a man is 'one of nature's
"'One of nature's noblemen,' my
son," replied the old gentleman, with a
significant look at his better half, 'Is
a man who smiles when he gets some
ridiculous cheap gift for his birthday
and exclaims: 'How nice! Just what I
wanted!'" Catholic
I Spring is coming. Tt& time of the
I year you want to do house cleaning.
I We have this season an extra large
I assortment in styles and patterns in
I Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Wall Paper
E and Linoleum at a price that has nev
er been equalled before.
(B. o. c. STurcKLEft, pg^
E If you need anything in our line it
I will pay ydu to look over our immense stock and convince yourself that our
E prices are right. We will give a few prices:
Rugs, 9x7 ft 6 in,
Linoleum, per square yard,
Carpets, per square yard,
Window shades, each,
Extension table, 6 ft,
Wall Paper, per double roll,'
Spring has come,
apd with it comes the time to
make garden. The garden may
be well spaded and raked, but by
using poor seeds it would be
worthless. It is well worth look
ing after that you buy the beet
We have the largest line of gar
den seeds to be found in the city
and all our seeds are kept in bulk
which can be bought by the ounce
or pound.
mA*& BURGEON. «.*r
Office over Alwin's City Drag Store.
Beaidence cor- Broadway & 3d K. S
Medium Sole.
Square Edge.
Medium Low HeeL
Standard and
3.60 and
I Do not wait until the best patterns are sold, but come at once and select
I what you want.
We know that in modelling, drught
ing, construction and material
Shoes are perfection. This is proven by
the perfect fir, perfect comfort and excel
lent service experienced by wearers.
Our Street Styles
are especially handsome and up-to date.
Shapely, serviceable, stylish and easy on
the foot.
Many other styles to
suit all occasions,
indoors and out. All
styles, one price
C. A. Zelle
We can assure you that thease seeds can be relied upon, as they are test
ed and are boueht from one of the oldest and most reliable seed houses in
the Northwest.
We would be pleased to have you come and look at our line.
SillLUliiilllllimimaiJllimmiHiuainnniniuuiiiiHitiiiiiiiiitmuiiiitiiititui itnniiimiiiiiiiiimiiiniininmiiiiiimnm^
'9 It
3 a 2 2 9 N
Li£^JA'MA hfai-t'X, 4
It looks as everybody has housecleaning. So
We will clean your carpets from 50c to 7Sc per
•'•^roem. *.- -_* 'v
Our spring line of large rugs, size 9x12 from
$4.00 and upwards.
Wall Paper! Larger stock than ev^r from 5c
per roll and upwards. ^v K\
our new carpets are thte finest in quality and ~4i
lowest in price. *. »--.'. ,"Ji
.No charges for sewing carpetsJP ^t
Minnesota Street, New Ulm. 4 "'J^''*

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