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(From the Advance)
Lymin Parsons has sold the noithvvest
quarter of section 33 in Stately to Geo.
K. and Wm Brand for $35 an acre.
Wm Bierman and Tbos, Kinman went
to Milroy Wednesday, taking -with them
a large sign, "State Bank of Milroy," for
use at tiiat place.
Mrs. Silas Blackmun went to Wabasso
early in the week on account of the ill
ness of her daughter, Mrs. W. A. Ander
son. Her husband, -joined her there a
couple of days later.
Several lots have been sold at Way
burne, the new station about ten miles
north of he e. C. H. Frederickson
bought three, paying $105 for one and
$96 apiece for the other two. The Ad
ventists are hauling lumber to build a
church there.
The annual Old Settlers' picnic of
Sundown and Willow Lake will be held
in Jerry Belhg's grove June 12th. A
suitable program is being arranged and
Gov. Van Sant has promised to be pre
sent and deliver an address. Music and
various sports will add to the mteiest of
the occasion.
The marriage of Miss Mary M. Beck
man of Mitchell, S. D., a sister of Mrs.
Dirks and Miss Emma Beckman
of this city, to William Hulsebus oc
curred recently at the home of he
groom's mother near Defiance, Iowa. The
Defiance Enterpnse says the
people are highly respected and will
make their home there permanently.
"I have used DeWitt's Little Early
Risers for constipation and torpid liver
and they are all light. I am glad to in
dorse them for I think when we find a
good thing we ought to let others know
it," writes Alfred Hemze, Quiney-. 111.
They nevei gripe or distress Sure, safe
pills Eugetie PfefEeife
(From the Herald
Ih family of Enoch Swenson return
ed b^turday from Minneapolis and will
live IU the ro o^er the Cential Meat
Mi^s Dunl i\ who his been for some
tinif vi*h Ion Ch uiibt left foi Pipe
stone 1 Ini"-1 IY t( \i»it relitivts and will
then to I ft
Henry "Met1- d'ove into town and
took the lest lii5 household goods He
is plcisaut'v loc ittd in New LIni and
•will SJOU be hu at work again
A ing plow fianie fell on Mr. Hin
deim ui'a ankle list Fuday, causing a
severe spiiiu but hx Monday he had
throw a«ide th^ 1 utch -uid wasatw ork
\illage usliill Nelson returned from
his tu on Monday nnd announces his
intention to clo-e out hibbtock aud leave
town He his not said just what he will
do batim' ij is his last day for busi
Burns cuts aud other wounds often
fail to heal pi ope rly if neglected and be
come trouhle« me soies DeWitt's TV itch
Hazel bahe pif vents such consequence".
Even whcie fltlav has ajjoravkted them
jury DeWitt's "Witch Hazel Salve effects
a cine "I had a lunning sore on my
leg tiii'tr Tears,' says Haitly,
"\ankeetoHn Ind Aftn using many
remedies, I ined Dj W ltt's Witch Hazel
siUe Afi Lealed the sote
Cii-iv ail -li diseases Piles yield to
it it )nee Lt\ ir ol couuUifeit\ Eue
Pktt rle
I 11 elente
HI ii is slowly tending
ti itl 1 ilk ess
ii Sundi's last weel
lift \itl fill
ceideut He was
ii «i stqjped on by a hoise
i'i ictiuc ne of his jibs

Sim ut* is elected a steel wind
ill his ntw lubulei well and built
oi nun in (i 1) iid cistern to keep the
ei in
Swanson was elected Co. Com-appearance.
mi sioner of the 4th Dist on Monday last
to (ill the vacancy of R. Marti.
1 he boa^-d of Supervisors met at the
Town clerks office on Thursday.
Louis Anderson of the firm of Larson
& Be tquist of Lafayette were in this part
on Fuday selling farm machinery.
Edwin Hed and wife moved their
household goods to Gibbon Minn., where
Mr Hed has accepted a position as but.interested
ter maker. Aug Swenson of Alfsberg
is his successor at this place.
Arthur Danhein is making his usual
rounds with his grocery wagon.
Jos. Preisinger is building a large
cistern at his farm.
The L. & Creamery Co. received a
carload of butter tubs last week,
John Holberg Hilda aad A
Eckblad drove down to Searles station
last Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Johnson. .* x?
J. F. Swanson attend a church con
ference at Litchfield Minn., last week.
Frank Wolf Sundayed at New Ulm.
Eddy Grassendorf met with a serious
accident on Saturday afternoon while
blasting rock at Wm. Wilmertse place.
He was drilling out an old charge which
had not fired, in so doing the charge
egmted and tore Eddie's left hand to
pieces so bad that there is considerable
doubt about the doctors being able to
save the hand. He is suffering severe
pain and all his friends sympathize with
him in his misfortune.
In the excitement of a lively exercise
like boat-racing or ball-playing, they
will strain their muscles and go home
limping and sore. Then they are glad
they have Perry Davis' Painkiller on
hand to soothe the quiyering nerves to
penetrate the muscles with warmth and
healing power. It has relieved the pain
of two generations of Americans. Large
bottles 25 and 50 cents.
(From the Herald.)
In the Strength contest for the first
fifty men at the State University, com
pleted last week. Albert Remele of
Sleepy Eye is number twenty-five.
Carpenters have finished the new resi
dence of Wm. Grundmeyer on Maple
Street south of the German Lutheran
Church and on Thursday Mr. Grund
meyer moved his household goods to his
new residence.
The saloon keepers of this place held
a meeting Monday and appointed a com
mittee to meet with the other business
men in regard to arranging a 4th of July
celebration. The committee are Peter
Hernan, Henry Berg, Henry Goetsche
and Robt. Hanson.
Plans for the proposed new monu
ment to be laid at the site of the new
depot are now on exhibition at the State
Bank and at the Milling Co's office. The
monument will be erected by the Sleepy
Eye Milling Co. and will contain the re-frem
mains of Old Chief Sleepy Eye. The
monument itself will be 10 by 6 feet at
the base and 43 feet high.
Conductor Owen Sullivan has pur
chased the formei O W. Hagen resid
ence on corner of Sixth and Water Sts.
The property consists of three 50 foot
jots and since the puichase Mr. Sullivan
lias sold 374- feet of the lots west of the
house to Ed Berknei. The latter gentle
man wll erect thereon a residence this
The local base ball grounds and half
mile tiack on the Breckenndge addition
north of the round-house were fixed up
in shape so that during the summer the
public will be able to wittness some
swift ball games. The diamond will be
filled in at the low places. The track is
for the use of the high school boys who
will enter the half mile relay and ether
laces which will be held at Marshall.
made by human skill is coarse compared
with the lining of the bowels. When this
tender membrane is lrntated we have
griping pains, diarrhoea and cholera
morbus. Whatever be the cause of the
tiouble, take Perry Davis' Painkiller ac
cording to the directions with each
bottle. Travelers in all climates carry
Painkiller in their grip sacks. Large
bottles 25 and 50 cents.
(From the Times
Albert Renner, traveling salesman
and expert for the Champion Machine
Co spent Sunday at the home of his
parents heie. jfr
It is rumored that the State fRank of
Comfrey will eiect a fine two-story brick
building the near future.
The wedding of Emil Kastner to Miss
Tda Dietemann will take place at the
church of St Paul, Comfrey, next Wed
nesdav morning, May 14th, at 9 o'clock:.
The ceremony will be performed by
Fxthei Snuhtvu, of Tracy.
The Comfrey base ball club has re
ceded their new suits and wore them for
the first time last Sunday They are red,
with the word "Comfrey" in white letters
acioss the bieast, and present a very neat
Mr. ami Mrs. Engene Fernholz went
to Wanda last Monday. The new bank
at that place was organized that day. Mr.
Fernholz, who was formerly cashier of
the State Bank of Comfrey, will have the
management of the Wanda institution
of which he is a large shareholder. He
was elected vice-president and also a
member of the board of directors. Sub
stantial business men and farmers are
in this bank which will open
up for business about June 15tb, with
bright psospects.
Via the North-Western Line. Excursion
tickets will be sold May 18, 19 and 20,
with final return limit until June 30, in
clusive, account National Baptist An
niversaries. Apply to Agents Chicago
& North-Western R'y,
(Special Correspondence.) '$g£j$&
Miss Louise Mueller spent SuridSy* in
New Ulm. M^W^M
Miss Hillisheim of ttteepy Eye Sun
dayed with relative here.„.-*,j»
Mrs. J. Reardon is spending a few days
in New Ulm. **#,* &-** "V
There will be a Grand Ball held in the
Essig Hall Sunday evening, May 18th,
music will be furnished by the Milford
Orchestra. Everybody is cordially in
vited to attend, a good time is promised.
The new Creamery is nearing com
pletion and it is expected to have it
running by May 20th, it is being built
of the best material and the latest im
proved machinery is being put in, thus
it ought to be one of the best in the
Mrs. Julius Schroeder visited a few
days last week with her daughter Mrs.
Mike Wagner who resides at Seaforth.
Mr. Fred Schmeasing is spending a
few days with friends at Walnut Grove.
has come, bringing flowers and blossoms,
Nature is at her best, and troly a merrv
month it is to those fortunate mortals en
joying perfect health. Life, for the most of
us, however is but one incessant struggle
for existence, and but little time is allotted
the worker for pleasure. Whether in good
health or ill, we must keep up this stern
struggle, and if sick and miserable, the
ipys of the merry month are not for us.
We are run down by overwork dangerous
symptoms, such as lack of color, head
ache, costiveness, disordered stomach,
dizziness, lassitude aad palpitation of the
heart warn us that there is something
radically wrong. As, at this season, nature
renews herself, so also must overworked
mankind. How'Rejuvenate your system
with the celebrated "St. J3ernard Vegeta
ble Pills," and enjoy the pleasures of this
blissful season.
Council Meeting,
The city council met in regular ses
sion Tuesday evening, with all members
A petition of H. Schneider aad others
to grade Washington street from 1st to
4th North street and to lay watermams
thereon was read and filed.
Bids were opened for grading and
boulevarding Washington street from 4th
North to 8th North street, State street
7th to 8th North street, and 7th
North from Washington to State street,
and Christ. Filzen having been the lowest
bidder the contract was awarded him for
$1,367 97.
A statement was received from the
Fort Wayne Electric Works showing the
material on the giound and work done
to May 1, 1902, amounting to $1,559.15,
certified to by the consulting engineer,
and it was oidered filed. The city clerk
was ordered to draw a warrant for 85 per
cents of the amount.
The semi-annual repoit of fire mar
shal was ordered filed, and the recom
mendation relating to the police was re
ferred to the mayor to carry it into effect.
The bond of the Fort Wayne Electric
Works for $29,820.25 was read and ap
A request of Andrew SafEert to have
his butcher's license transferred from
Broadway to Minnesota street was grant
The matter of constructing sewers on
Broadway was laid over to next regular
An mveutoiy of public property, ex
cept that of city waterworks, was re
ceived and was leferred to the different
committees, and a special committee of
councilman jrieaefc.e, Amaun and Nagel
for investigation and report.
The waterworks committee reported
having changed plans for city lighting
plant, putting iron instead of wood in
foundation for the engines at an addition
al cost of $105, and made another change
to cost $25. The committees also had
another car of electric light poles order
ed for an extension of the system. Also,
that they had employed ^.dolph Wagner
at $100 per month, commencing June
1st, as city supenntendent of the electric
light system.
The building committee reported that
H. Schapekahm has completed the ad
dition to the pumping station which en
titled to him the first payment and rec
ommended that he be paid, and the city
clerk was instiucted to draw a warrant
for $1,000 tor the purpose.
The New Ulm News was designated
as the official paper of the city for the
ensuing year at legal rates.
Councilman Nagel offered the follow
ing resolution which was amended and
That flagmen be-stationed and kept on
railroad tracks at crossings on 1st South
and on 3d South street, on C. & N. W.
tracks, and 1st and 3d North streets on
the M. & St. L. tracks, and tbat these
flagmen shall be maintained at said
street crossings as required by ordinance
flow's This?
We offer One Hundred DollarslKeward'
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo^©.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J,
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable all business
transactiods and financially able %o carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
W S & A Wholesale Druggists,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly uponthe bloodand mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 76c. per
bottle. Sold by Druggists. Testimonials
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Died .**
MBEEE—On Thursday, May 8, 1902, El
mer, infant son of Mr. and Mis. H. C.
Meese of this city, of cramps. Funer
al was held Saturday, Rev. O. J. Al
brecbt officiatiug.^Interment in city
cemetery. £f 5.,T 4, T«k. ^r
WELTSCH—On Thursday May 8, 1962,
George, the 7 year old son of Mr. aud
Mrs. Andrew Weltsch, Lake Hanska,
of Measles. Funeral was held Satur
day from Oathohc church, Rev. Sand
meyer officiating.^^
MIUCJBB—On Monday May 12, 1992, of
Tuberculosis, Mrs^ Ira Miller attneSt.
Alexander hospital, interment in the
Comfrey cemetery yesterday.
LEAKY—On Monday at Bt. Mary's hespi
tal, Rochester, Miss Mattie, daughter
of Mrs. Ella Leary of Sleepy Ey*» of
tumor of the brain.
Miss Leary was injured sometime ago
by being thrown from a buggy while
driving to her school and has never been
well since. She was taken to Rochester
for treatment and was operated on last
week but was not able to recover. She
was a young lady of very pleasing ad
dress and had many friends who will
learn with regret of her untimely death.
"Five years ago a disease the doctors
called dyspepsia took such hold of me
that I could scarcely go," writes Geo. S.
Marsh, well-unown attorney of Nocona,
Tex. "I took quantities of pepsin and
other medicines but nothing helped me.
As a drowning man grabs at a straw I
grabbed at Kodol. I felt an improve
ment at once and after a few bottles am
sound and well." Kodol is the only pre
paration which exactly reproduces the
natural digestive juices and consequently
is the only one which digests any good
food and cures any form of stomach
trouble. Eugene Pfefferle.
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the short kind, which are selling from
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Real Estate Transfers.
Wenzel Joswack and wife to Jul
ius Pidds lot 4 bJ 31 and lot 11
bl 8 New Ulm ...$ 515
John F. Remmele and wife to
Joseph Schwartz bl 5 in Rem
mele's 2nd add to Sleepy Eye. 520
Jos. Schwartz to Nic. Schwartz
14 acres os swi of sw£ 7-109-82 100
Auguste Serr to Chas. Stuebe 80
acres 4 110-31 and 160 acres
9-110-31 10080
Wm. Pfaender to Ernst Sauer lot
1 bl 212 New Ulm ^%4©
Eugene Koehler to Ernst tochulz
lot 7 bl 147 New Ulm 75
Ohas. Hauenstein to John Hauen
stein Brewing Co. lot 1 bl 159
New Ulm 25
E. P. Bertrand to Casper Riebel
40 acres 26-110-33 1500
W. B. Munsell to E. I. Dresg 4,04
acreB ^111.33 75
Herman Cremin to Hermm Mielke
120 acres 17-111 3J 5363
Alfred A. Schlumpberger to John
Engel lot 12 bl 57 New Ulm, 1000
Soren C. Frederickson to Lerov
Peek lots 7, 8 and 9 bl 4 Cob
den 150
W. R. Hodges to Aug. and Ma
thilda Peek lot 9 bl 6 Comfrey
Don't start the summei with a linger
ing cough or cold. We all know what
a "summer cold" is. It's the hardest
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riany School Children are Sickly.
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dren, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in
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mach Tioubles, Headache, Teething Dis
orders and Destroy Worms. At all drug
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•SM^SE**-*?* Mu
Women as Well as
Are Made Miserable by
"£4^Mgney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages andlessens ambition beauty,-vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urm-
too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
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erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
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ing all about it,, including of tht
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mention this paper.
Maps of Brown County.
The Review has made arrangements
with L. G. Vogel, county auditor, so
that it is able to furnish his map of the
county which has formerly sold at $5.00
and the Review for $3.00. This is only
in cases where subscribers pay in ad
vance and the offer will not hold good
for any indefinite period. Persons who
are desirous of taking advantage of this
offer should d© so at once. The maps
may be seen at the Review office.
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