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Paine's Celery
Permanently Cures Sick and
Nervous Headaches that
Make Life Miserable.
Sick and nervous headaches are amongst
the worst ills of life. The man or woman who
is subject to headache at irregular intervals,
goes through life bearing a load of misery
and wretchedness that is terrible to think
Headaches as a rule, result from a dis
ordered condition of the nervous system.
Mental excitement, loss of sleep, bodily
fatigue, and disordered digestion are exciting
causes. When the brain becomes tired and
debilitated, the whole nervous system is weak
ened, and headaches result. If the liver is
sluggish, the kidneys inactive, and digestion
deranged, headaches invariably follow. To
cure and prevent headache, the nervous sys
tem must be strengthened and vitalized.
The most persistent cases of headache, nervous
feebleness, and sleeplessness, are permanently
cured by Paine's Celery Compound it is the
great reconstructant of the nervous system.
Mrs, Henry Westrick, St. Clair. Mich., tells
of her release from suffering as follows:—
I have been troubled with dyspepsia and
Uick headache for a number of years. About
'every week I would have a bad spell of sick
headache, but since I began using Paine's
Celery Compound, my dyspepsia is gone, and
I do not have any more headaches. I feel
better than I have for years."
No Need Soiling the Hands with
Diamond Dyes are easy and cleanly to use.
Made for home economy never disappoint.
Direction book and 45 dy«d samples free.
DIAMOND DYES, Burlington, Vt.
Modern improvements in the manufac
ture of shoes have cut the cost in two.
Ten years ago, five times five "dollars
would not have bought such shoes as we
are uow selling for $3.00.
We have high priced shoes to sell, but
you won't wear so many of them if you
carefully examine our Crossett $3 shoe.
Come and see about it.
C. A. Zelle.
Rips repaired free of charge.
Bank Money Orders.
The best and cheapest way to send
monpy. Notice the difference in cost
between Bank Monev Orders and Ex
press or Post Office Orders.
$ 5.00
State Bank of New Ulm
We charge you no interest for carry
ing long stocks. If you aie paying
interest to others you are throwing
money away.
Capital and Surplus $300,000.
Qr&in, Provisions
Stocks & Bonds
Bought and sold for cash or
on margin for future delivery.
Stocks, H. Per cent
a share.
a S
i:l6c oe bushel
Margins Required
a in
If you have an account with us, you
can trade upon it in any of our 130
branch offices. We refer to 150 state
and national banks which are our de
General offices: Bank ofCommerce,
Local Office: Ottomeyer Block.
WM. KOCH, Local Mgr.
Billiard a
Bpwling Hall
The Star
Sun. Eve.
Sheriff J. A. McMillan of St. Peter,
was here last Thursday on official busi
ness. .. T:.
'.i ::'•",*'
Stamped Lunch Clothes and Center
Pieces. Very Dtat ju.d che.vi«. Eder &
Mrs. Emma Goettsc'lie'of Fargo, N. D.,
is iu the city the guest of Mrs. Nellie
French. __-...
Mr. B. F. Webber visited with friends
in Mankato and Mapelton the latter part
of last week.
Attorney H. N. Somsen made a busi
ness trip to Breckeuridge last Thursday,
returning Sunday.
Leo Winkleman, of New Ulm, was the
guest of Waseca friends-'last Saturday
ami Sunday.—Waseca Herald.
Sofa Pillows and Covers, with Silk
and Hoop, only 25c. See ourdisplny of
cheap Hats. Eder & Thomas.
Carl Stone, assistant cas-hier of the
Bank of Haraka, was in New Ulm last
Thursday in the interests of his bank.
Patrons ol the public library having
books to return, may lea^e them at the
Review office and receive credit for them.
Dr. J. H. James of Mankato, will be
at Dr. J. L. Schoch's office Thursday,
May 7,th. Specialist in diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
M. Mullen departed Friday for Ever
etts, S. D., with a trainload of cattle for
the ranch of the Minnesota & Dakota
Cattle company along the Morrow river.
Leopold Werth, of Sleepy Eye, andbe
Miss Wilhelmina Burneister of this city,
were united in marriage at Holy Trinity
Catholic church Monday by Rev. Father
H. B. Sandmeyer.
Nic Hoffmann of Courtland townshio,
shipped his household gooQs Thursday
to Hinckley, Minn. The following day
he left with his family to take up his
residence there.
This week B. F. Hartman, a New Ulm
party, jpurchased the business and will
hereafter run the saloon owned by T. J.
Daily. Mr. D. will conduct a hotel at
Wabasso.—Lamberton Star.
A meeting of the Christian Endeavor
society, of the Congregational church
will be held tomorrow evening to elect
delegates to the district convention,
which is held this year at New Richland.
It is understood that Henry Koch is
to be appointed manager of the local
office of the Cee Commission company*
to succeed the late Wm. Koch. He will
include operating with his other duties.
Health Officer G. F. Reinke reports
sixteen births for the month of April.
Of these five were males and eleven fe
malps. There were thirteen deaths and
one house is under quarantine for small
Company A will be inspected at the
armory Monday night by Lieut. Col.
Alfred Reynolds, of the Second Infantry,
U. S. A. The allowance of $7 for each
enlisted man will be based upon his
Nicollet county commissioners will
hold a special meeting in St. Peter next
Friday, May 8th, to elect a successor to
County Superintendent of Schools N. J.
Sandberg, whose death was chronicled in
these columns last week. There are five
applicants for the position.
Prominent Southern Minnesota marks
men are talking of holding a big gun
club tournament on or about June 15th.
It would be a handicap affair and would
include the gun clubs of New Ulm, St.
Peter, Mankato, Owatonna, Faribault,
Northfield, Austin, Albert Lea, Lake
Crystal and Springfield.
Geo. W. Scherer today purchased of
Mrs. Elizabeth Cannon the buildiug and
property on Hickory street occupied by
the Star Steam laundry. The property
has a fiontage of thirty-three feet on
Hickory street, extending a depth of one
hundred and eighteen feet back. The con
sideration was $4,000.—Mankato Daily
Henry Heimerdinger of this place, and
Ferdinand Heimerdinger of Golden Gate,
shipped their household goods to New
Paynesville Thursday night. The latter
left the same day for the Stearns county
town and has taken possession of the 80
barrel flour mill which they bought re
cently. Ex-Representative Heimerdinger
expects to go to New Paynesville next
week and his family will follow within
a short time.
Our good friend Col. Joseph Bobleter
of New Ulm,has been elected brigadiei
general of the National guard and he
has at last realized life's ambition. His
old friends about here will be glad to
learn of hiB election forBob was ever a
good soldier and a better fellow. And
the pleasant contemplation that comes
from his advancement is the fact that he
will have the authority to enforce his
order to "geep dose handts daun."
Guards, up and at 'em!—St. Peter Her
•ald. -.'",
Dr. E. W.Bayley assumedjhis duties as
health-officer May 1st.- ^M'4^^
A daughter arrived Friday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Klaus. .-" iv"
Regular meeting of the New Ulm
Commercial Union,will be held^iiday
evening, v^yy-^-y-y^.y^ v-® €ftalis
We take eggs in trade. Ladies are
invited to inspect our .millinery styles.
'Eder & Thomas.'y: :ylf i'y -:':i0^^^i
Mrs. Frances Murphy ofSt. Peter, visit
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. H.
Behnke Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. C. A. Zelle entertained the Cur-'
rent Ne"ws club at her home on South
Broadway yesterday afternoon. yyy-y
Children about the city reminded each
•other of the time of the year by the dis
tribution of May baskets Friday even-
Miss Marie Rummings and Mrs. Fran
ces Murphy left St. Peter Monday for
Bottineau county, North Dakota. They
expect to be able to prove lip their claims
next tall.
E. A. Pfefferle has had the interior of
his drug store renovated during the past
week. The walls have been nicely paint
ed and frescoed, Heller and Gag doing
the work. -••.»•
On Friday evening, May ISth, the
Lutheran choir will gjve a concert in
the school house at State and Second
North streets. An excellent entertain
ment is promised.
Otto R. Kohn, manager of the local
telephone exchange, received a consign
ment of iiew phones last Wednesday to
used in replacing a number of the an
tiquated instruments now in use.
Judge B. F. Webber will name a mem
ber of the board of public works next
Monday to succeed Henry Weyhe, whose
term has expired. It is believed that
Mr. Weyhe will be appointed to succeed
F. H. Behnke went to Minneapolis
yesterday to attend a quarterly meeting
of the board of directors ot the Retail
Merchants' Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany, which will be held in that city this
A special election was held at Fairfax
yesterday to determine whether the town
would icsue bonds for a municipal light
ing plant and a town hall. Five-eighths
of the total vote cast was necessary for
the proposition to carry.
Frank Tanke was taken to Stillwater
yesterday to begin upon his life term, in
the state penitentiary. Since being con
victed at- St. James of the murder of
John Wellner he has been confined in a
cell at the Blue Earth county jail in,
There has been a systematic fixing up
of the sidewalks about the city since the
recent accident and still in' many places
the walks are in a deplorable condition.
It is the part of many to lock the barn
after the horse is stolen and ic usnally
proves to be the most expensive.
Robert Pless, for the past two years
bookkeeper for the John Hauenstein
Brewing company, resigned his situation
Saturday and went to Gibbon, where he
will act as bookkeeper in hiB father's
mill. During his residence in New Ulm
Mr. Pless made many friends and these
will wish him all possible success in his
new work.
F. P. Zschunke & Co. are now nicely
established in their new quarters in the
Gebser sbuildiug. They have doubled
their stock and the new floor show cases
give the store a very neat and attractive
appearance. A. J. Kast of St. Paul, was
here several days last week giving his
assistance in decorating the store and
arranging the stock.
W. J. Munro, who conducted the civil
service examination here Saturday, was,
until bis appointment as a postal ex
aminer, one of the best known news
paper men in the state. As editor of
the Morris Sun he acquired merited
prominence and for one year was presi
dent of the Minnesota State Editorial as
sociation. During his stay in the city
he paid the Review a pleasant call.
In removing the wrecked freight .train
at Minneopa creek last week quite a dif
ficult engineering feat was performed.
When the burned trestle work gave way
the big locomotive fell to the bed of the
creea, thirty-five feet below, landing up
on its side. A powerful crane was
brought into play to raise it to an up
right position and then the wrecking
crew built a temporary track from the
bottom of the ravine up the sharp in
cline, the dismantled engine being haul
ed out by means of heavy hawsers.
How'* Thte?
We offer One Hundred, Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cared by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHBNEY «fc CO., Toledo. O,
We. theundersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm
WEST & TRUAX, wholesale Druggists,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
serfaces of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price T5c. per bbttle. Sold by all
Druggists. ..
HalTs Family Pills are the best,
C. A. Zelle went to Minneapolis on
business Sunday. v~ '/^?SI'!^
A son was born Thursday to Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Lang. .?/* I $
A danghter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Gebhardt last Wednesday. \T^-D
Miss Meta Kie9ling of Fairfax, is visit
ing with relatives and friends inthe city*
Robert Koch, the young son of the late
Wm. Koch, is reported as very ill with
John Gabriel is having the interior of
the opera house saloon nicely painted
and frescoed.
A. H. Lienhard. came ^. down from
Minneapolis,Sunday fora visit with rel
atives in the city.
One inch of snow fell during the snow
storm last Wednesday, the latest storm
for ele?en years. -.,
Mrs. W. T. Eckstein went to Redwood
Falls Saturday and spent the Sabbath
with her husband.
Geo. Doster and wife of Lamberton,
visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Nagel.
Mrs. Henry Weyhe departed Sunday
for Chicago, where she will visit with her
grandsoD, Dr. Henry Weyhe.
Einst Kluegel has sold his residence
property on North Minnesota street to
Frank Schlief and will move to Minne
Rev. Arthur Tipton, pastor of the
Baptist .church at Sleepy Eye, was in the
city Thursday evening on his way to
Rev. Thompson of Lincoln, Neb., a.
noted socialistic speaker, will address an
audience iu Turner hall on the evening
of May 15th.
The New Ulm Hunters' club was to
have held its first match Sunday but the
rainy weatMter made a postponement
Eggs for hatching. 2c stamp for cat
alogue MRS. ED WEGNER,
20 Essig, Minn.
Attorney Jos. A. Eckstein was in Red
wood Falls Monday in attendance upon
the spring term of tha Redwood county
district court. .'-,-••
Mrs. Gottlieb Doberenz, residing on
South Minnesota street, intends leaving
for a trip to Germany next Monday. Sl
will spend the summer visiting at her
old home and travelling in the Father
It is understood that James Mont
gomery, the Sleepy Eye wheat buyer,
will appeal from the recent decision of
Referee W. T. Eckstein. He will ask for
a new trial and if that is refused will
carry the case to the supreme court.
Local Chairman L.J. Moser of Owaton
na, has issued a call for a meeting of the
railway telegraphers of the Minnesota
and Dakota division of the Chicago &
Northwestern to be held"in Mankato next
Saturday night. Ray Leary of this place,
will attend the session.
Wd. Eibner's new ice cream freezer
came last week and was used by him for
the fi'st time Saturday. It hasa capacity
of 10 gallons and as soon as he receives
the electric motor which he has ordered
he will embark in the wholesale ice
cream business.
Mrs. E.t T. Critchett received a tele
gram last Wednesday apprising her of
the sudden death of her eldest brother,
E. P. Crooker, which occurred in Bos
ton, Mass. The dispatch contained no
details other than that his demise was
very unexpected. The funeral was held
Saturday in Boston. ',.-.
Paul Sturm and Peter Fesenmaier of
Cottonwood, caught four cub wolves in
the bottom lands along the Minnesota
river Thursday. They brought the wolves
to County Auditor Vogel but upon learn
ing that the bounty would amount to
only 65 cents for each animal returned
with them to their homes.
Oren E. Root, a locomotive fireman
on the Chicago & Northwestern, had his
left thumb crushed Surday nighti He
was drawing water from the tank near
the station and caught the digit between
the spout and the side of the tender. Dr.
O. C. Strickler, the.-., railway surgeon,
dressed his injuries, '-'iuk
Following is the vote cast forthe pi
ano at L. J. Buenger's store. It is the
eighth count and the Lutheran chureh
has the strongest showing:
Lutheran church 44322
Catholic Church 34074
Turnverein '.. 8249
Congregational church 1893
Evangelical church -•"••••&. ^5
Scattering 471
Total 89,164
Last week at Redwood Falls the mo
tion of Attorney Einar Hoidale, of this
city, that a referee be appointed to hear
the evidence in the case of Christ Arve
son vs. C. W. Fletcher was granted. Arve
son seeks to recover $800 and has attach
ed a jewelry stock belorging to Fletcher.
Fred L. Warner, clerk of court of Red
wood county, was named as the referee.
Good house, conveniently located.
Will pay good rent. Notify,
We cfcrfy a fdll lifle of
flltnj, (olio paper, deYelopef$
&tid other Hodar\ supplies.
Chamber Sets,
i^"' Flower Vases,
Picture taking /will be as
popular tl?i$ gear a$ ever*'
Browqie Camera} at $1 ai?d
%2t w&rrarrted to give satisfac
tion &re just tfye cfcrj?era$ for
tfye bous 3Lt)d girls.
Spaidings Base Ball Goods.
IFnrnbR Bargains!!
Everyone is interested in Furniture Bargains. In fitting out your -—^P
house it is to your interest to buy ic at as cheap a price as possible.
g^~ We are offering real bargains in
Inspect our goods and let us quote you prices.
fture materials, careful study
and bard wcrh produce
Largest assortment of candies.
A |yx of Bor\ IW,s rnake tke KcaK groW for\c|el\
Ki-s^scs MacairooivS
Creatn Puffs Lady Fif\ger.s
Carpets, 2
Couches, 2
Wal paper=3
Etc. 3
Joh Forster. 3
jfresb IBakerv (Bood
Fruit Cake LebkucK^K etc-
Home Bakery & Res=
P.O Block.
We handle a complete line of
Canned and fresh fruits and vegetables,
canned meats and fish, eta
Smoked White fish fresh every week. W
Oranges, all sizes, from 15c to 40c per dozen.
Nuts and candies, .tt
Tobacco, smoking and chewing. 0
We also have a fine line cf.
Jardiniers, *ry Dinner Sets,
Fancy Cups and Saucers.
for Chaae & Sanbo™ Coffee.
-pM ,p?# y.,',*s**?',
r* til
\'f .As
,'*'-^ i~»fX
Minn. »t.' 0

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