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9 4
Jtew Ulm Review
Wednesday, June 24, 1903.
There is a revival of the talk of a
successor for McCleary, though Mc
Cleary has not signified that he is need
of that incumbrance. The man who
seeks to succeed the present congress
man, if he wants to succeed himself,
will have to get up in the morning.
There reaches our exchange table
this week a copy of the North Star,
published at New Richland by C. W
Brown. The paper is very neat typo
graphically and above the average
editorially, but knowing the publisher,
we look for even greater improvement.
They say that the higher the civili
zation the more certain and frequent
the suicides. If this be true one has
out to read the daily papers to be
convinced that we are fast becoming a
very civilized or a weak minded race
for the suicides are alarmingly fre
Sunday, June 21st, is reckoned as
the longest day of the year, there be
ing it a little more than fifteen hours
during which the sun is visible. Fo
the last few years the day has been
noted for its wonderfully low tempera
ture. This has always been followed
by extremely hot weather.
An advertisement composed with a
few strong, emphatic words takes hold
of the mind with a firmer grasp than
one composed of many mild and com
monplace expressions. If a man can't
think of any other way of attracting
trade but by advertising goods below
cost,he might as well shut up his shop
and give the key to an auctioneer.
With the advent of the mail delivery
in the city the Review has decided to
abandon the carrier system and sub
scribers will hereafter get their papers
through the postoffice. Mistakes may
a been made in the addresses of
some subscribers and in the credits
given. If the lable on the paper is not
correct please make it known at once.
The higher standard that has been
fixed for the graduation of students in
medical and dental professions, has
given rise to come complaint, but the
justice of this is at once apparent
when it is realized how vast the num
ber is of those who seek these avenues
of livelihood. The plane of human
intelligence has reached a higher level
than it ever before occupied and those
seeking to live off of doctoring the ills
to which humanity is heir should go
at it with an intelligence that precludes
the necessity of experiment. It is well
that all professions have been moved
up and it would be still better if a law
were established that would move the
standard of the newspaper to a mark
in proportion to those of other pro
The druggists, in their convention
in this city, did some things that show
that they are alive to their interests.
One is the uniform price schedule and
the other the recommendation that all
licensed pharmacists be, by virtue of
their certificate, members of the state
organization. Both these recommen
dations were made by Mr. Eckstein
and have the merit of securing the un
animous sanction of the convention.
Game wardens have succeeded in ap
prehending parties doing illegal fish
ing in the neighborhood of this city,
and the parties were allowed to escape
with the destruction of their nets, etc.
The warden may have been justified in
this, but it would seem that any man
or boy who is not content to catch fish
this year in a legetimate way, should
be punished as the law precribes. There
is absolutely no excuse for this viola
tion of the law.
Sleepy Eye is threatened with a
siege of typhoid on account of the ex
cess of surfaee water that has found
its way into the wells from which water
is taken for drinking purposes.. It is
not thought that the city water is
affected, but many of the homes have
private wells and the board of health
is considering the question of having
all drinking water boiled. There is
an abundance of water in that city,
both in the wells and also the cellars.
New Ulm is fortunate, so far, in hav
ing plenty of pure water.
The convention entertained last week
by the people of this city was a disap
pointment, somewhat in regard to num
bers, but in point of excellence by rea
son of the high character of those who
attended, it was one of the best that
has e,ver been held here. Delegates
found little time outside of the program
laid down for them, and even part of
that had to be shortened. The city
was well paid for the meeting in the
high order of the advertising obtained
and the citizens who put themselves
out to entertain the guests have made
warm friends in many of the cities of
the state.
Hi£h Above The Floods.
Floods and high waters which wit
nessed such loss of life and property
damage elsewhere, did not cause even
a temporary cessation of work in the
building of the World's Fai at St.
Louis. Even the task of grading was
impracticable for only a few days. The
drainage on the Exposition grounds is
perfect, and the water from heavy rains
ran harmlessly off. St. Louis was
entirely free from the ravages of the
Mississippi, which was higher this
year than for half a century. Fortu
nately St. Louis is on the west side of
the river. It was on the east side of
the stream, in the lowlands of Illinois,
where the river over ran its banks.
The "Mound City" was the appropri
ate name applied to St. Louis in the
early days. The city is built on a
series of hills extending west from the
river's bank. The business section is
more than sixty feet above the high
est point ever reached by the Missis
sippi, and the World's Fair grounds
are still 100 feet higher. Trains on St.
Louis railroads that pass through
East St. Louis on the Illinois side,
were delayed for several days, but
aside from this St. Louisans were not
affected by the floods.
E. C. DeWitt & Co. is the name of the
firm who make the genuine Witch Hazt-1
Salve. DeWitt's is the Witch Hazel
Salve that heals without leaving a scar.
It is a serious mistake to use any other.
DeWitt's Witch HHZHI Salve cuies blind,
bleeding, itching and pmtrudinj piles,
bums biuiaes, eczema and all skin
diseases. Sold by all druggists.
Early Risers
The famous little pills-
"New a is Most
ad Built A in
by a a an Pacific.
O a Section to Mad
I to a it
stockholders in the New Ulm Land
and Investment company will profit
greatly by a recent decision of the
officials of the Canadian Pacific rail
way. They have completed their plans
for extending their line from Arqola
to Regina, a distance of about 175
miles, and the new road will be built
across the holdings of the local con
cern. As a result their lands will in
crease at least $3 per acre in value and
in addition they will have a townsite
to dispose of.
The new road is a branch line and is
run through for the purpose of open
ing up a large territory. I will con
nect with the main line of the Canadian
Pacific at Regina, the capital and
principal city of the Northwest Terri
tories. It will run diagonally across
the land held by the New Ulm com
pany but will not cut their property
up badly, the survey taking a course
which touches upon the corners of
several sections but does not pass
directly through any of them.
Only one quarter section is ruined
for farming purposes and there the
railroad men have been considerate
enough to locate a townsite. The
station will be known as Kronau and
it will be divided into town lots at
once. A arrangementhas been entered
into with the railroad company to do
the surveying and H. N Somsen is
now in Assiniboia perfecting the de
All of the land owned here is now
within four or five miles of a town, and
the greater portion is much closer, as
a second station has been laid out just
north of their tract. Heretofore the
distance to a town has varied from 12
to 20 miles, Regina being the nearest
place at which a farmer might dispose
of his produce.
The improved market facilities will
increase the value of the land to $10
and $15 per acre. In Assiniboia the
New Ulm Land and Investment com
pany owns a tract of 12,800 acres and
the boom in price is, therefore, a
matter of some moment. Construction
work has already begun upon the new
road and it is expected that trains will
be moving by fall.
Eagle Mill Team Victors.
Sunday's ball game at the driving
park resulted in a victory for the
Eagle Mill team, they defeating the
Burg Cigar Factory nine by a score of
9 to 4. The game was very well played
for amatuers and considerable interest
was manifested by the crowd. Both of
the pitchers played well, Haberberg
striking out eighteen of the millers and
Spaeth fanning an even dozen of the
Burg men. The cigar makers made
all of their runs in one inning, the
sixth, when they pounded Pitcher
Spaeth with a vengeance. The score
by innings:
Eagle Mill 2 1 1 0 2 0 2 1 0—9
Burg C. 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0—4
Ho! For Storm Lake Picnic with the Woodmen
on Wednesday June 24, 1903.
On account of the Sixth Annual picnic
of the Woodmen at Storm Lake, la, on
June 24, 1903, the Minneapolis and St.
Louis R. R. will run special excursion
trains. The Woodmen have spared no
expense or pains to make this years picnic
1 greater success than ever. There will
be Foiestei's diills, fiee street entertain
ments, foot n.cei, lelav races, and other
athletic events tine boating, fishing and
bathing on Storm Lnke, base ball game
between the Algorm Colored and Sioux
City League Teams address of the day
by the Hon William Nolan, the populai
Minneapolis orator, and numerous other
attractions. The special train leaves New
Ulm at 4:37 A. A, returning from Storm
Lake 7 :00 P. M. Round trip rate $1.75
Remember the date. For further particu
lars see local ticket agent. June 24
Now that Spring work is all done and the farmers have plenty of time to go away we want to
take to Canada the largest excursion party that has ever left this part of the state. In order to do this
and to have people see our lands we will run a Special Excursion from
New Ulm to Canada on Tuesday, June 30.
We will return the railroad fare io all pui chafers. This gives youa trip free of charge, as you Will be sure to buy after
seeing our lands. Our prices are printed and are the same to all. You may see them before you go and we will give you all the
information that you may ask for. Only a small cash payment is required and when you see the land you will see that it is a good
chance for you to double your money in a short time. =s
New Ulm Land & Investment Cor. New Ulm, Minn.
Our excursions leave the Minneapolis & St. Louis depot at this place at 5:59 o'clock, Tuesday morning, June 30. Do not fail to write us in advance as your ticket must be bought for you, and we want you to sret vour's
in time. Go now and you will see something that will open your eyes. Now all together for a good time and a large crowd.
Praise For New Ulm Girl.
Mrs. M. Mullen and daughter, Miss
Birdie, returned Saturday noon from,
Notre Dame, Ind., Miss Mullen hav
ing graduated Thursday from St.
Mary's academy, one of the foremost
institutions of learning for girls and
young ladies in the United States. In
its account of the commencement exer
cises the South Bend (Ind.) Daily
Times published the following flatter
ing review of Miss Mullen's paper:
"Miss E. Mullen, in 'The Man and
His Work,' declared that the man only
endowed with a conception of true
beauty, falls short of true art when
that artistic sense finds its expression.
There is such a thing as building up
a second self—an artificial personal
ity—which often finds expression, but
will never be true art. The genius
that produces the great masterpieces
is a gift of God, that gift never being
found alike in two persons. To every
one is given a distinct revelation of
ability, varying with the ability of
expression by the individual. Every
man should aim to give his best abil
ity its best expression. The fair young
essaist made much out of her subject
and presented her deductions grace
Improvements For College.
At the meeting of the German Luther
an synod in Goodhue it v, as voted to
equip Dr. Martin's Luther college with
waterworks and to make it an up-to
date institution, with all modern im
provements. The sum of $500 was ap
propriated for the general expenses of
the school. Rev. C. J. Albrecht of
this city, was appointed upon the home
mission board and the committee hav
ing charge of the widows' and orphans'
fund, and with Prof. A. Ackermann,
was made a member of the committee
to"suggest alternations for the synodi
cal by-laws regarding the non-voting
members. The meeting next year will
be held in Hutchinson.
I wish to announce to the people of
New Ulm and vicinity that I have lemov
ed my photograph gallery 'tomtue Rudol
phi building into the Henle bml iiog op
posite the Grand Hotel and now have
the finest and most tip-to-date Stndi in
the city. I would be pleaded to hae
jou call and see my woik.
Cook Wanted.
Widow or middle aged
learn of excellent place by
this office.
Creolite is a mineral paint wine1'
protects wood floors and mnkes
them wear like iron. It fills all
cracks and swft places, prevents
roughness and gives hard, duia
ble finish. It has plenty ot body
yet is thin enough to spn-ad easily.
It has great covering power—a
gallon will give two good coats to
between 200 and 300 square feet
of flooring, depending on the con
dition of thesuiface to he covered.
Is easily did quickly applied and
diies over night. Will nevei peel
off or become "tacky A floor
p.tintt-d with "Creolite" is easily
cleaned. Each application of wa
ter makes ifcc haider and firmer
than before. I is too cheap a
floor covering for the price to be
an argument against its use.
Can be had here only.
And. J. Eckstein,
Free Excursions. Al Aboard!
'lc mfc&i
State revenue $1,396.14
State school 1,236.17
County revenue 3,017.35
County poor 1.018.05
County road and bridge 1646.50
County disinfection 10.81
School taxes '. 8,501.47
City, villages and towns.!..! 4,721.50
Adam Wease Comfrey
Augusta S. Holm (Jomfre)
Robert G. Glolz Balaton
Pauline Mitznei New Ulm
Wm. J. Heman ..New Ulm
Maria L. Schneidei New Ulm
Edward L. Gag New Ulm
Rose M. Foistei New Ulm
Martin Biaun New Ulm
Tilhe Pieismger New Ulm
Andrew Scluii Baliaw
Phi sa DniiMiiminn. .New Ulm
Anton Tande R,v, lale
lingua Uolbta.i Uk Hanska
The New Ulm Elecmc Light company
has deposed of number of its arc lights
to the St. Paul Electric company. The
*ft.re building.
Seven Mutton boxes sold in past 12 months. ThlS Signature, Sv^/Cyy
woman rati
applying at
Wood Floors
Largre sum Unpaid. $•
County Auditor L. G. Vogel was en-'
gaged last week preparing an abstract
of the unpaid taxes in Brown county
for 1902 and prior years. The assess
ments which ,could not be collected
reach an
aggregate of $20,547.^)9 as
Total $20,547.99
Change in Millinery Firm.
Next week there will be a change in
the millinery firm of Eder & Thomas.
Mrs. M. Eder has disposed of her
interests to Mrs. T. Thomas and on
July 1st will retire from the firm. This
step on the part of Mrs. Eder is
occasioned by the fact that her frail
health will not allow of her taking an
active participation in business affairs
and she accordingly withdraws. Mrs.
Thomas will continue the business in
the Buenger block and has already
purchased a portion of her fall stock.
Marriage Licenses.
used 111 the various
The Greatest Remedy for
Cures all forms of Female Weak-
ness. Our old reliable face balm used with
our beauty pills insures a beautiful, clear and
brilliant complexion. Ladies everywhere can
make $3.00 to $6.00 a dav as agents.
FEM-CURA CO, 91 E. 7th St. ST. PAUL. MINN.
Cure a Cold in One Day
Tak Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets, JS f%Lj&
Possesses The Spicy
Aroma of Cuban
Every Woman Should Write Dr. $.
Bt Hartman, President of The*'
Hartman Sanitarium.'
Mrs. Joseph Lacelle, Ottawa, East,
©nt. Canada, writes:
"Pernn a is better by far than any
other medicine sold, in the Dominion for
the troubles peculiar to the sex. I suf
fered with backache, headache and
dragging down pains for over nine
months, and nothing relieved me a par
tide until I took Peruna. A few bottles
relieved me of my miserable half-deadr
half-alive condition. I am now in good
health and have neither ache or pafn„
nor have I had any for the past year*
If every suffering woman would takat
Peruna they would soon know its valu»
and never be without it."—Mrs. Joseph.
Free Home Adrlce*
I view of the great multitude of
women suffering from some form of
female disease and yet unable to find
any cure. Dr. Hartman, the renowned
specialist on female catarrhal dis
eases, has announced his willingness
to direct the treatment of as many
cases as make application to him
during the summer months without
Those wishing to beeome patients
should address The Peruna Medicine
Co., Columbus, Ohio*
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat*
Cures Grip
in Two Days.
I W I N E E O E N S A N A 5,- I 2,-1903
The following are some of the sales we have
made to people this neighborhood. See them
and ask them what they think of the country.
They have seen it.
on every
fnnn** box. 25c.
A Happy
C.H. Helmes, St. Paul 2240 acres
Jacob Klossner, Jr., New Ulm 1280 acres
Henry Waibel, New Ulm 320 acre^
Henry Phsterer, New Ulm B20 acres
Christ Schlumpbergjr, St. George 480 acres
Geo. Guggisberg, Ne Ulm '.'.'.'.'."" 320 acres
Henry Heimerdinger, New Ulm.. 1725 acres
H. Ladd, Sanborn .". i". 1040 acres
Claus Memert, Sleepy Eve
Ang. L. Matter, Sleepy Eye '.'/.'.
Aug. Schuhz, Sleepy Eye
James H. Enden, Godahl
Herman Enden Burterfidd
Alois Hacker, New Ulm
Combination of
Two Kinds
18 The 'BLIZZARD' is an honest and worthy
ig cigar and possesses all the qualities which
a 10-cent cigar should represent. You al
ggj ways get good value in a Blizzard cigar.
Si:j Try one.
of Havana.
6 0
4 0
0 acres
3 8 a
1 6 0 re $
6 0
3 2 0 a
r«.J r-
^M^^M^^M^2^K pd-i

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