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New Ulm review. (New Ulm, Brown County, Minn.) 1892-1961, August 31, 1904, Image 5

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4K Fpf
Held Bros.
.. STOEE..
There is
I about it
I whatever
That pure drugs and
medicines are of the
greatest importance to
your health. It should
be of the greatest satis
faction to know that when
you want a prescription
put up or buy anything
at our store that the qual
ity is the
Best 3 Lowest
Eug. A. Pfefferle,
The Reliable Druggist.
A Good Investment.
Finding it desirable to devote my
time exclusively to Western business
interests, I offer my elevator and mill
and my wheat and flour business at
Gaylord, Minnesota, for sale. I will
sell for cash, but prefer to take as
part payment an improved farm and a
mortgage on the milling property, at a
low rate of interest.
Address, W. W. Strickland, Super-
ior, Wisconsin.
Grocery Stock for Sale.
R. Pfefferle offers his entire stock of
groceries for sale. This will afford
some young man an excellent op
portunity to go into business. Inquire
of him.
Boy Wanted.
Good boy wanted to learn photo
graphy. Inquire at the studio of A.
J. MEYER. 33tf
Lot For Sale
75 feet of Block 111 South. This pro
perty is next to W. T. Eckstein's resi
dence. Street is graded, water mains
are laid and the place is most desirable
for building.
A good, bright boy to drive a de
livery wagon. Inquire at the Model
Meat Market, Chas. Stuebe, Prop.
Industrious man or woman as per
manent representative of big manu
facturing company, to look after its
business in this county and adjoining
territory. Business successful and es
tablished. Salary $20.00 weekly and
expenses. Salary paid weekly from
home office. Expense money ad
vanced. Experience not essential. En
close self-addressed envelope. General
Manager, Como Block, Chicago. 40
A pocketbook containing a sum of
money. Owner may recover same
calling at 105 South Boardway
paying for this notice.
Take one California Prune Wafer
after each meal and you will never know
dyspepsia, or conatipation. 100 for 25
cents. Ask your Druggist.
Nature's own dissolvent. California
Prune Wafers ^ure constipation and all
bilious troubles. 100 for 25 cents. Ask
your Diuggist.
The first precaution to be
taken in buying Groceries is
to be su.re they are
We sell so much goods that no
part of our stock has a chance
to stay long on the shelves. This
keeps the stock constantly chang
ing and consequently the goods
are sure to be fresh.
As to purity, we look out for
that. No goods that are not pure
and in every way fit to use goes
into our store, and of course
none goes out.
When you pass our store just
notice the
I Fine line of fruits*
Fruits for canning pur
poses a specialty.
Geo. Hauensteln. Phone 43.
4 3 S S $ $ S $
tsooKs, wriiincj,
Emil Swanbeck of Springfield, was
a New Ulm caller Thursday.
Peter Giefer is now employed as
wheat buyer at the Eagle mill.
Arthur Dengler has gone to work at
the Minneapolis & St. Louis depot.
The Nicollet county fair opens next
Tuesday to continue for three days.
John X. Neumann left for Minne
apolis Monday to enter the university.
Bishop Eds all held Episcopal church
services in Gebser's hall last evening.
Miss Ida Heers opened her kinder
garten in Turner hall Monday morn
Mrs. O. J. Quane is in St. Paul,
visiting relatives and attending the
Miss Minnie Silverson is expected
home this week from her European
H. B. Lake of Minneapolis, was a
guest Sunday at the home of A. W.
J. H. Forster has just received a
carload of iron beds, springs and mat
Mrs. Fred Engelbert was a passenger
Saturday for St. Paul, where she will
spend the week.
Mrs. F. Baasen and daughter, Lou,
are back from their trip to Eau Claire,
Wis., and St. Paul.
In the line of Furniture you will
always find what you want at J. H.
Forster. 35tf
G. W. Nicholson is enjoying a visit
from his niece, Miss Doris Nicholson,
of Watertown, S. D.
E. A. Arhart of Lisbon, N. D., is
visiting at the home of his parents,
John Arhart and wife.
Miss Helen Schaefer departs today
to attend the state fair and visit rela
tives in the Twin Cities.
Base ball teams of New Ulm and
Nicollet are scheduled to play at the
latter place next Sunday.
Col. Wm. Pfaender goes to St. Paul
today to be present at the reunion of
the First Minnesota battery.
Miss Alma Foerster of St. Paul, who
has been visiting with Mrs. L. B.
Krook, has returned home.
Dr. Horace Newhart will be married
to Miss Anne Hendrick at Stinger
lands, N. Y., next Saturday.
Dr. Martin Luther college opens for
the fall term tomorrow. There will be
an unusually large enrollment.
Mrs. O. W. Hagen and daughter,
Myrtle, were here from Sleepy Eye
Thursday for a visit with friends.
Prof. A. F. Reim reached home Fri
day night from St. Louis, after having
spent a fortnight at the world's fair.
Miss Lillian Klossner is now on her
way home from Europe. She will
probably reach New Ulm next Sunday.
Attorney A. E. Clark of Mankato,
was in New Ulm Saturday on matters
connected with the bankruptcy of Essig
Miss Jennie Roth, who had been
visiting with Mrs. P. McHale, re
turned Friday to her home at Spring
If you want to buy Beds, Springs'
and Mattresses do not"fail to see J. H.
Forster. 35tf
Harry and Stanley Bingham and
Thos. Collins go to Minneapolis to
day to take up their studies at the
state university.
Miss Allie Scherer entertained the
members of the Womans Literary club
Saturday afternoon in honor of Mrs.
Frances Roesch.
A. J. Vogel, Albert Stuebe and
Hj aimer Hoidale go out into Sigel
this afternoon to be ready for the
hunting season.
John Martin and wife, former resi
dents of New Ulm but now living at
Cleveland, were guests Sunday at the
home of Mrs. Dietz.
Oscar Thorson, a member of the
staff of the West Superior (Wis.)
Evening Telegram, is in the city for a
visit with relatives.
Mrs. Fred Durand, daughter,
Blanche, and Miss Louise Tiedemann
came down from St. Paul and spent
Sunday with relatives.
Arthur Boock returned Monday to
Monticello after a visit with his moth-"
er, Mrs. W. Boock. He is employed
in a bank at Monticello.
Howard Commons, of the big grain
firm of Commons & Co., Minneapolis,
came to New Ulm Thursday and spent
the day with A. W. Bingham.
Buy the New Royal sewing ma
chine. Warranted for 10 years. Only
$38 at J. H. Forster. 35tf
SchoolfCommences Mon.^Augy 2
We've just received a new supply of
that nobby head-gear called the "hat
cap." Price 50c to 75c.
We're ready to sell you anything in
the line of wearing apparel for your
boy or girl who is going to school.
Come in and look over the different
Our full line of waistings and fleece
lined goods has arrived and the as
sortment is better than any we've had
heretofore. Come early and get first
The ladies' suits for fall are all
here, and a beautiful assortment it is.
We are fully prepared to satisfy the*
most fastidious in this line. Give us
a call and look over the line.
We have a beautiful line of woolen
dress goods at the most reasonable
prices ever. Don't fail to come in and
have a look before buying goods for
your next suit, skirt or dress.
The Douglas shoe is the greatest $3
and $3.50 shoe ever put on the market.
We have these shoes in any size and a
number of styles. When in need of a
good serviceable'pair of shoes remem
ber to come here and ask for the
Douglas. We are sole agents.
Mrs. B. Juni is in the Twin Cities
for the week.
N. B. Neumann and wife are spend
ing the week in St. Paul.
Miss Eleanor Mullen is spending the
week with St. Peter friends.
Miss Eva Klossner has gone to the
Twin Cities to spend fair week.
Mrs. W. C. Haubrich is absent on a
visit to relatives in Des Moines, la.
John Havemeier, Jr., of Courtland,
has announced himself as a candidate
for county commissioner in Nicollet
The Eagle mill started Thursday
after having been shutdown
Wm. Wellner of Lafayette, will be
a candidate for the office of couaty
treasurer of Nicollet county. He has
made his formal announcement.
Mrs. C. A. Bagley and daughter,
Bernice, arrived Saturday from Den
ver, Col., and are visiting with Mrs.
Bagley's sister, Mrs. A. G. Meile.
Hoidale & Somsen, attorneys for
Anna Fischer and Otto Sperl, on Sat
urday filed notice of appeal to the su
preme court in the Sperl will case.
County Attorney Einar Hoidale
spent Sunday at Lake Minnetonka
and yesterday attended the state dem
ocratic convention in Minneapolis.
The hunting season opens tomorrow
and any number of New Ulm hunters
have all their arrangements made to
get after the ducks and chickens in the
Clarence Mowery left for Minne
apolis last Wednesday to arrange for
entering the state university. He is
now at Waconia with the varsity foot
ball squad.
Chas. A. Albrecht arrived in the
city Saturday evening from St. Paul
and will visit for a fortnight or more
with Col. Wm. Pfaender and other
Miss Clara Jackson of Sparta, Wis.,
is paying a visit to Mrs. Herman Held.
She will remain here this week and
then go to Bellingham to teach in the
public schools.
Buy your School Books and School Supplies from us. We have a full line of all the-
and other things necessary for a complete school outfit
Wm. Silverson is rapidly recover
ing his health and strength. On Sun
day he was out of the house for the
first time in several weeks and walked
about the streets.
"It's all for laughter" is the maxim
of "The Two Merry Tramps" who
will appear in our city next Sunday
evening, September 4th, at the New
Ulm opera house.
Ed. Juni and Fred Hubbard of this
city, and Ed. Schmid of Springfield,
left for the state fair Saturday. They
are detailed from Company A to ac*
as guards at the grounds.
Lawns suffered grea'tly from the hot,
dry weather of last week. All summer
they have been in the best of condition
but in a few days the sun scorched
and withered the grass.
The Misses Hertha Kobarsch, Bertha
Grebe, Bertha Heimann and Margaret
Platzer, who have been working in the
wholesale millinery stores of St. Paul,
returned home Saturday night.
Fred D. Meyer came to the city Sat
urday from St. James and will locate
here. He represents the^eLaval Sep
arator company and has established
his headquarters in New Ulm. f?|0*
The best Furniture, Couches and
Rugs you will find at J. H. Forster.
Attorney Jos. A. Eckstein attended
to legal business in Sleepy Eye
Mrs. G. B. Weiser and Miss Minnie
Schoch went to the Twin Cities Mon
day morning.
Miss Carrie Eibner will leave for
Chicago next Tuesday to resume her
medical studies.
W. W. Green and family left yester
day for the Twin Cities. They will
spend several days at the fair.
Miss Selma Frenzel entertained the
Misses Catherine Mulleney and Lillian
Haeseke of St. Paul, on Sunday.
Sheriff Wm. J. Julius and County
Commissioner Andrew J. Eckstein
were Sleepy Eye visitors Monday.
Alderman Jos. Flor went to St.
Paul yesterday to visit friends and
take in the sights at the state fair.
Thos. Collins, who returns to the
university today, entertained a party
of gentlemen friends Monday evening.
Ed. Simmet and Miss Anna Miller
were united in marriage in the Catho
lic church yesterday morning by Rev.
Father Sandmeyer.
Miss Hertha Baltrusch will leave
about September 15th for El Oro, Mex
ico, to remain for an indefinite period
at the home of her brother, Frank Bal
Miss Ethelyn Hicks has given up her
position as stenographer for the
Inter-State Accident and Relief asso
ciation and will return to her home in
County Treasurer John Schneider
or a
week. It is now running to its full
Senator A. V. Rieke of Fairfax, and
Representative Frank Clague of Lam
berton, were in the city on legal busi
ness Thursday.
Miss Ida Sperling departed Satur
day for St. James. During the com
ing year she will teach in the Lutheran
parochial school at that place.
Saturday night from a
business trip 't-o
South Dakota.
sold 160 acres of land in Spink county
at a good figure.
Rev. F. L. von Meske, who visited
with friends here last week, departed
Friday for Dodge Center, where he
preached Sunday. He will return tor
his home at Ortonville this week.
Gov. Van Sant on Saturday made
public his appointments of members of
the state board of equalization. The
Ninth judicial district will be repre
sented by Hans Mo of Sleepy Eye.
.H B. Trask has severed his connec
tion with the Gamble-Robinson com
pany and in the future will represent
J. H. Allen & Co., of St. Paul. Mr
Trask will continue to reside in New
Miss Sadie McBath of Watertown,
S. D., is being entertained by G. W.'
Nicholson and wife. She is a teacher
in the public schools of Grand Forks,
N. D., and will leave for that city this
The big state fair opened Monday
and during the latter part of last week
all west and southbound trains pulled
extra coaches, the additional equip
ment being necessary to handle the
Robert, the 15-year-old son of Jacob
Dummer of West Newton, was oper
ated upon for appendicitis at St. Alex
ander hospital Thursday. His case
was an aggravated one but he is re
covering nicely.
Architect A. J. Van Deusen was
here from Winona Friday and sub
mitted a set of plans and specifications
for the heating and plumbing to the
Catholic school building committee.
They will advertise for bids on the
Clarence and Artie, the characters
impersonated by Wood and Ward in
"Two Merry Tramps", are different
types from those usually seen in stage
productions, as Messrs.. Wood and
Ward portray the Ward McAllister's
of trampdom. At the opera house
Sunday night.
Aug. Schultz of Sigel, was arrested
last Wednesday charged with wife
beatmg and on Thursday was ar
raigned before Judge Henningsen. His
wife, whose face bore marks of her
treatment, appeared in court and tes
tified against him and he was fined $25
and costs, amounting to $35.40.
Martin Penning of Home township,
passed through the city Monday on
his way to the state fair. Mr. Penning
says that his plums and other small
fruit have ripened very slowly this
year and he was unable to make a
display at the state fair, the first time
he has missed exhibiting in a decade.
He will have fruit for the county fair
and will also send a quantity to the
Minnesota exhibit at St. Louis.
How is it aboutyour good
old broken pipe? Bring it
in, we'll fix it at a reason
able price. ~**J
Pipe cleaners 5e per,doz.
Max Burg's Corner Store.
Schools are open
and the children need school supplies. Don't
fail to come in and look at our assortment. We
can please. We have a fine line of
Tablets, Lead Pencils, Pencil Boxes,
Pen Holders, Slate Pencils, Colored
Crayon, School Bags andlots more.
Be sure and come to us.
with each tablet.
A nice Blotter free
Brown County Agricultural
Fair Grounds, New Ulm, Minn.,
4 Sept. 15, 16, 17, 1904.
1 Exhibition of Live Stock, Agricultural
and Horticultural Products in
endless variety.
Music by the Second Regiment Band. &
Balloon Ascension Daily.
Gymnastic exercises by classes of the N. U. Turner
Society Friday and Saturday.
Galloping and Wagon Races. Tugs of War,
and other sports.
New Merry-go-round and other amusements.
Admission 25c Children 10c. Children under 13 years free.
0 Ferd Crone, Pres H. Behnke, Treas. Wm. Pfaender Jr Sec.
The best is the cheapest. You catch the point don't you.
Insure Your Property Against &
In Good Reliable Companies,
Rates are 50c per fl©0 for 3 yrs 75c per $100 for 5 yrs.
Policies Written While You Wait.
Insurance Agent, f^lf!


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