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New Ulm review. (New Ulm, Brown County, Minn.) 1892-1961, April 05, 1905, Image 6

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Siv •'.*
"IfindThedford's Black-Draught
a rood medicine for li\ er disease.
It cured my «on after he had spent
$100 with doctors. It is all the med
icine I take."—MRS. CAKOLINB
MABTIN, Parkersburg, W. Va.
If your liver does not act reg
ularly go to your druggist a
secure a package of Thedford's
JBlack-Draupht and take a dose
tonight. This grea" iamil
medicine frees the constipated
bowels, stirs up the torpid liver
a causes a healthy secretion
of bile.
Thedford's Black Draugh
will cleanse the bowels of im
purities and strengthen the kid
neys. A torpid liver invites
colds, biliousness, chills and
fever and all manner "of sick
ness and contagion. "Weak kid
neys result in Bright' disease
which claims as a victims
as consumption. A 25-cent
ackage of Thedford's Black
a should always be kept
in the house.
"I used Thedford's Black
Draught for liver and kidney com
plaints and found nothing to excel
blehead, 111.
An Opportunity
We want a man
in this locality to sell
the W E E E &
We can offer ex
ceptional induce
-_ments to someone
who commands a
horse and wagon and
can devote his time
to advancing the
sales of our product.
E men
find our proposition
a money-maker, ca
pableof development
into a permanent
and profitable
WheelerfcWilson Mfg. Co.
72 and 74 Wabash Ave.
JO.-IM'-I. O 3 E R,
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qntckly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
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special notice, withou charge, in the
Scientifict American.
4. handsomely illustrated weeklv. I.nrgest cir
oulatlon of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,Broadwa*' New York
Branch Office. 625 St.. Washington. JVC.
by sending your
to us-We pay
nij£h prices &sell
guns, traps etccheap
sr S Minneapolis Minn.-
Steam and Hot I
V^ater Heating.
^/Emplo he of
a a a a is
E a is on a
a at
a a on by E of N a
$ 1 0 0 0 0 0 a to
a in O., I it
a in O., Apri 1.—As he re
of an a re a defalcatio of a
$100,000 by re employes he Citizens
a in a he oldest concern in he
city, as closed its doors he decision
as re a by he directors a *a
long session a night A he
usual me for in he doors of he
a id a re re several re
depositors on a re a to a
should he it re
itself. he crowd as a up for he
a of foreigners on
the door as a notice re a is
a closed for business -The affairs of
he a a been placed in he a
of T. a as a
re id of he a a
id a at the defaulting ad
agreed to in of a
possessed to he a Mr. de
clared at he believed he depositors
would receive .every cent due
a it a iv sources it is
learned at the exact of he
a in he funds of he a is
$97,000. offset is he re default
in carried in it
in favo of he a a re a in $40,
000, a in a it on a over
real a a to he
a to he value of S12.000. leaving he
loss to he in it on $45,000.
re id A I A
a S on for he
lic' S
W a in to a 29.—Presiden
Roosevel as found a satisfactory so
lution of the S a to in go a
will enable to proceed
it he a a he re into in
a a he a of collecting he cus
to ms re of he in an re
lic will be continued until congress re
a he direct supervision
of he A an in is a 55
cent, of he us collected will be
forwarded to he United S a a de
posited in A an a to be held
until such time as ratification ol he
re a will enable he a in is a on to
distribute he pro a a a he
several creditor a he re a in in
45 per cent, will be over to he
in an he collector
to be a in will be selected from a
of so a a re to
be it to re id Morale by
Secretar of W a Taf-t. will be a
Unite State citizen. he collector will
a several a is a will be dis
tribute a he various ports of he
island republic
as I for I
in it W it in
at I
Chicago. a 29.—Thoma J. Con
ners general in for Ar
& Co., a he a an ot
J. Ogden A in he a a of
his a in industries he
Unite States as indicte by he spe
cial federal a a on a
a ot interfering it it
ad been to testify
he beef inquiry Mr. as
a re at his residence No 3124 Mich
iga avenue a a to he Monad
building a a re before
Chief Cler C. A. Buell of he it
S a district court released he
prisoner on $5 000 bonds he re
re E a Tilden re id of Lib
by, McNeill & Libby a Alfred R.
Urion general counsel for A &
Co. Mr. as he first to feel
the a of the since
he beef inquiry began it is
stood at are in a of a re
on he a a
Off for a is
W a in to Apri 1.—Mrs. Roose
velt a re of children Miss
Ethel it a Archie left W a
in to id a at 8:40 o'clock on
he A a Coas Lin id a special
for Jacksonville Fla A a so
they will board the a Sylp to a
cruise of so me a do ex
pect to touch at a a will be on
he a practically all he me in he
vicinity of Jacksonville Mrs Roose
velt a children will re to
W a in to a days
a id -x~
"St. a Minn.. Apri 1.-—While"*the
W a a ha street bridge as crowded
it a and vehicles id a
afternoon an an a
over he a in ot he middle an a
disappeared in he Mississippi river, 100
feet below. he act ol he suicide as so
at he crowd as panic-strick
a no a to rescue he
in an as a Hi body as
yet been recovered. *^*g&*i*$$$ig
a a 3
a Ind., a 30. a el
S a an ox driver in Chicag in 1837,
a served 68 a as a justice of
he peace in this county his record
lieved to be it re in he
Unite States died W a after
noon at he age of 91 years $|&
a is
Boston Apri 1.—Charged it he
larcen of $8,500 I he a ot
he as been for ten
years a M. Reed a lawyer 60
a old, as a re id a a held
at he city is on in default ot $10,000
Minneapolis Minn.. a 31.—Two
thieves stole a valued at $3,000
the jewelry store of S. Allen,
on he floor of he a a
Loa building
A re I in N for
a W E in he
of a a in N
a a
Cincinnati a 31. "Morgan
S it a wife re a re in is
city a on a a re
of Distric A to of N
York accused of a to it
N an a so he a re
as been twice on a for he
of a a in N on
Ma 4, 1904, is a it a
in he a me connection in
to this effect a in found in N
a S it a his wife
left N a few after he
a before he in in of he
mistrial a for a me he a
ities re a to locate S it
a his id it in consid
ered a vital to he case a a in
Miss a so
W of iv %&J$$$
Severa a go a N de
tectiv S it in Montreal Canada
a from at me a is
officer as a a it a a a me for
a in he a re followed he
couple, a of he me as a in
a over half he in a
in a friends it S it
to be a detective believed at
he officer as after so me person
Detroit Clevelan a a of
a a an cities re visited.
he a re as quietly a a
S it a wife re a to police
a a re a no a
to or conceal identity
a denied a guilt in con
nectio it he case.
signs of a
declared at would re to
N it requisition
I in N
N York a 31.—The a
in is city on a a
in a a in J. an S it
a S it his wife, a N an a
son, a in jointly it con
spiracy he in a re based
upon a letter alleged to a it
ten by a S it to Caesa in
it is alleged, as a re at a a
a for fdr he a so
girl. is action By he a fol
lowed a a in at he in a courts
building at several witnesses
in in he id of a a
a Mrs brother-in-law W
lia Luce re a in by A is a
Distric A to a conducted
he re a of N an a so
a it Caesa
resulted in a is a re by he
jury he a re of S it a is wife
at Cincinnati a in to he local au
thorities will a an a bear
in on he a of he a so
girl on he a of set for
Apri 10.—At a re us a an a
as a to at he revolver
it as as
chased by S it a a an he day
before he a occurred
a A to id a
Cincinnati A 1.—Attorney to
an S it a wife late id a
re out a it of a as corpus for
he it as at once served on
Chief of Detective a a is re
a a a to al
leged in open court at an a a
as in a to id a
of a el in a
O., it S id a
Cleveland O.. a 29.—Henr L.
W a an a to of N
city, a a A. Brouse a a in
a an for he N a a Suppl com
a of Toledo O., it suicide in
ms at he hotel so me
me in a and a
he bodies of Avere found
a afternoon he coroner' ver
dict in each case gives over
domestic a business troubles as he
cause of he suicides. ad used
a pistol a ad a bullet into
ad in a he a me spot. a
each case being instantaneous-iTifegSS^
W a re in A »*F**K
~§€Raleigh, N a 30.—Fire in
is W a a on de
stroye a $70,000 of
Includin he tobacco a re of C.
B. a a he is tobacco
a re he W T. a re
a a of buildings
TfH S a S on Octobe 16
W a in to a 31. S a to
called on re id Roosevel
a to consult it as to he
a me of the re a in ot
re re in at it is likely
at a special session will be called for
Octobe 16.
W a a a TSuicide,P
is in Sun Ind/. a 30.—August
in a a an a
it suicide W a it a revol
ver. a suicide once before
as a or in he Gilles
pie trial as excused
in on he
W a in to a 31.—The equestri
an a of Lafayette he of a
a will be re a for he fete
on 4, as a by he a
fayett a commission a he
as fcjeen 1906.
S I ms S in W a a
Of N S a S a
he in a -world's a
mission a its re
he a in of a a in in
a last a a re a
St. A a will a for $60,
000 to he
C. E a is of I a
ca a a he a is well a re
he a it v^ill be dedi
a for me
he a a or is is
trying- to re a
W is is eledtecf re
of he S a in associa
he officers of he N
N a a Life I a a of
in a is a re to re
he in oil a esti
a at re a in oil
save he of in so a
$273,000 a a ?$$j&g%g&
I a a of he a a a
ish, St. a a a will re
a of
he in so a A so a
he pi-ize in at he
a a it at W a
T. I. as a in a
at a a
Minn. vice A a re
he council at W in as fixed
he a on license at' $2,500 for a
saloon a re will be re
he it re to of in
apoli a in 2,845 O
Will W it it he
a go N a a as
by he St. a in
as a in a a a
a re also in closed by a a
Reill or so me a players.*-^
in a re at N
fireman, as a in a
re at O a is a a
as to go an
a on or he a a on of a leg.
a re to a he a
of a a to at he a
ad a at* a
a a
he Coe is on a as
a no it on to he
in in a filed by a in
re it of at a
All legal a it in in to
he it S a addi
a at S in for a
rifle a a beCx
Leroy- Woodruf of a a a
a as a id a
in to he a
so me a left a S mill
or A. so
a in a in Apri 21 as Ar
or a a I as since
discovered at is a is Good
a so he or a
he a of A or a a to
April 2S.
Orff, a it is re a in
a for a school to be erect
at to in he re
will cost in like $25,000.
Clau Olson to a as a in
a a at Gossen
vice ah or S. A a re
he religious of is
up in a ms a a in at it ms a
a is re a or he S a
closing- a a a city a
he S a A a
society lias decided to a a in
at S a on 4 a 5.
he fair will be Sept 13,
14 a 15.
a to a he in a is
in a even
a a in in or he it a re
in id re by he a of
a it a re
re little a of
Mr a R„ C. of Good
as a a he stove
re a fire. in
as to he a
all he a on he a of ad
as off. S he will recover
Reviva in a con
by he Congi-egationa a
is societies at a City for
a a
a re in received in to he
A 15-year-old so of a re
of a a a id a is
in he a
re in he
he a a he a
in a a
S a a re a he Willow ok
a St. a a will be
re for re in
me of he an be placed in
he of he a by he a me
a fish is S C~
St. a re a on
of am will build a, is
a to cost a a $30,000.
Severa a of he a
is a a a a
tion of he a cost a re a
E a Gal lager a a a
a Avith re a in to
N in to re at a a on he
of a 17, a to
a a it he a on of he a jury.
A a a in of a as
at City, at
re a to a is $20,000 for he
on of a a a to
a a re
died at S a of lockjaw he
an as lived re all is life
it is parents.-l Severa a a go
he a a a in to is foot, a
in in he he
did a it a to by a
a W to ms of lockjaw
a a re a a id as
to a to save
I he of a in in
a in at he a of
an a
a he a us a a at
a a he initial on
at re
Asid from he a re of a in sea
sonabl fruits before in in he first
a of he a is to as
edl arisen from he well fact at
nearly all fiuit a re particularly
ms a S J£S contain a a lax
a iv principles act directly on he
to a a bowels.
Constipation at dread and trouble
so me a in which it,
he basic cause of nine-tenth of he dys
pepsia, indigestion biliousness etc., so
prevalent a c-ur people todav, a
if neglected surely leads to more
complicated a serious organic di«ease«.
can surely be prevented, a not
too far a a can be absolutely cured
by he judicious of he laxa
tiv a catharti California Waf
1 are not a a in in he
ordinary of he word, being com
pounded from fresh California Prune*
An Education
Without Strain
upon the family purse. There
is a way for the father or the
mother of the fainity to pre
pare for the education of the
children, and at the same time
protect thefamily iutheeveiit
of "their death.
Our books, "FivePenCent,
Twenty-Year -Gold-.Bonds,"
N a re true fruit Cathartic Cali
fornia Wafers are pleasant as
candy and as harmless. 100 for 25
cents. Ask youi is
A safe, agreeable anrl mild remedy
for constipation biliousness and indi
gestion. Californ'a Wafers 100
tor 25 cents. As youi Druggist
It is surprising how quick California
Wafer act. The a up th
sluggish liver. N gripe no pain. 100
tor 25 cents As Druggist
A perfect Anti-Biliou and Anti
Malarial protection and cure for old and
young California Wafers. 100
for 25 cents. As your Druggist
Fruit al the Breakfast Table,
Nature Provides Hrj oiArn rem?di?s,
Which, if usfd Judiciously, insure
perfect" health 4-lT all "timy.
7 S Pe «i is I a gentle a healthful a it
A in little wafer, a a he a me in or a a K*
in a concentrated I Wafer for 2?c. Irving*Dru Co Sole Pr
form from fresh California prietors, Philadelphia a s^
Banker's Will,1' sent
on request,, contain informa
tion that may be helpful and
will certainly be interesting
to an parent.
is a a in
A in A a id
in A
The Mutual Life Insurance Company
Liiuici tt.£cr, New llmJMn
California Wafer will pre
serve yourjiealth cleanse system
and purify your blood. them 100
for 25 cents. As your Diuggist
The act oil the conteut of the bowels,
cleansing them thoroughly with soothing
effect. California Wafers, 100
for 25 cents. As Druggist
a one California Wafe
after eacli meal and you will never know
dyspepsia, or constipation 100 for 25
cents. As your Druggist
N a re dissolvent. California
Wafers constipation and all
bilious troubles 100 for 25 cents. As
your is
California Wafer are a good
investment The give returns
with no after trouble 100 for 25 cents.
Ask your Druggist
to the Call
foniia Wafer are nature's own
temed for constipatio and biliousness,
100 for 25 cents. A your Druggist
A a remedy for poor appetite in
digestion, weak stomach and consti
pation, California Pruwe W a is are un
equalled. 100 for 25 cents. A your
S E I A E E S E N A I E in is
a adjoining it in
on with he W a a
of old a is in of
so id in a a a in S a a $21
weekly with a id a
a by re a a
E a a it on
a W is in
A re E O I I A 030
on in a [11. 20
fcodol Dyspepsia Gure
flllll Digests what you eat.
If yon haven't a regular, healthy movement of taa
boyels every day, you're ill or will be. Keep your
bowela open, and be well. Force, in the shape of
violent physic or pill poison, is dangerous. The
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping
the bowels clear and elean is to take
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste-Good, Do
Good, Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripej 10, 25 and
50 cents per box. Write for free sample, and book
let on health. Address 433
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.
are a a a dissolvent a in on he
of he to a a bowels a
not on he a
re a he iv a S to a
Cleans he S and Purify he Blood,
"t ur all JBowel Troubles Biliousness ad
a Bad Blood. W in on he S to a
Bloate Bowels Fou Mouth Indigestion
a Dizziness.
E household should a it family
a a of A I O N I A N E W A
E S a at -Jhe first of approach
in illness or he a
a a couple of wafers, a tire doctor's
bills will soon be smaller an
are new
You can eat at you please if
low each a -with a A I O N I A
A E W A E hich quickly dissolve-,
thelmos indigestible food, a helps to
carry it a out of he in
illustrated 140 pa^e STLV ENS BOOK. This manual
reacH reference deM.nbes the mest complete and •varied
use of single shot
if is to S
etc., the output of one manufacturer.
From the SXEV UJb Maj nar !, Jr ntle of the bo shoot
tr, tothehefi\},fanc\ Ste\ ens target rifles of the »orld
champion shots, the identical hijjh standard of excellence
is rigidly maintained.
are sold by all sporting goods and hardware dealers.
Ask them for our make—insist on (retting it. Don be
put off with something "Just as good ". The fact that
Stevens Arms are A A N E E FOR QUALITY
should prompt jou to be sure to specify this time
honored brand.
Send two 2C. stamps for Stevens Book, and Rifle Puzzle.
S E E N S A S 6 O O O
O ox 4 0 9 1
a a S A
I farm houses at prices a
ms in reach of all. We a just pur
a a tract of 76,000 acres of hard
wood land consists of a
ple, basswood,birc and hemlock, no pine
a in or sand a are all within 1
to 5 miles of railroad, near good a
town, schools, a creameries,,
ffood a on roads to all of our lands W it
every a of land w«» build a good
log 18 ft. wide, 26 ft. long, 12 tt. high,,
with good roof, floor, windows a doors
all complete $ 5 to $15 Acre
1 *4 cash balance in 5 equal a
al a at 6 per cent interest.
Saw Mills Wanted
cut one re million feet hardwood
timber Her is a a for a an it
a a 1
Uecke's Land Agency,
Cumberland, Wis.
An Only Daughter
Cured of Consumption.
W a as expected a
re a in failed a
a as in it he
a of a a he a id
a a a re a a on re
is of is
is in is a
in he of a as
to he at on
an be it iv a a
re he to iv is
re free, or 2-cent a to
a is a so re
N S a N a a at he S to a
a will re a up a fresh in
Portable mill to a small tract
-Of a do to a in for his
neighbors W own several a
acres of at will cut from 7 to 1»
a feet per acre.
to Cable, on C.& N. W
Ky. Lo rates to a seekers, K.R. far*
refunded to a of land or in a
a further particulars a re
A re A
O & O 1032, a S a
a a in is a
Homeseeker's Rates,
a he in a is & S is
O first a a of a
to N a a a a is
A a a O a a I an
to N a a do
a a S to a
or a me of a in etc. a on
a is
Means the finest" furs that
money can buy. Made only
by E. Albrccht & Son, St.
Paul, who have set the
standard of fur quality for
half a century. The most
beautiful furs made in every correct
and wearable style. Novelties in
Neckwear—Exclusive Specialties in
Fur Wear. Prices lower, quality con
sidered, than factory made trash.
See the International Fur Authority at
our^tore for Correct Fur Styles. j,
-For sale by Oehs Bros.

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