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"?sS5 \4^B¥?®f
The smartness of my Im
perial, Model and Peg
Top Trousers for men
and young men is due to
the design—the moder
ate price to my system.
My Mark
This season's swellest patterns in
Scotch Cheviots, checks and stripes
are shown by
f. & CO.
Albert Haegele Accepts Position As
Traveling Salesman.
Owing to the increasing demands for
ice-cream this coming summer it be
came necessary lor Willibald Eibner,
proprietor of the Home Bakery, to
employ a traveling salesman for the
purpose of obtaining orders for the
frozen cream and also to act in the
capacity of a wholesale baker.
For this work, Mr. Eibner has em
ployed Albert Haegele, a young in
dustrious man of this city. He began
work last week and will cover consider
able territory on both railroad lines
the C. & N. W. and the M. & St. L.
Mr. Haegele is a competent man for
the position and he enters this new
employment with the best wishes of his
many friends.
The C. & N. W. railroad has made arrange
ments to ran an excursion from this city to the
Twin Cities on Saturday, May 13th at the popular
$1.50 rate. Trains will leave here at 12:30 noon
and will arrive at St. Paul at 4:45 and Minnea
polis at 5:05 p. m. Returning on Monday from
Minneapolis at 7:10 and from St. Paul at 7:40 a.
m. Tickets are good on all trains returning up
to that time.
Anton Wiesner transacted business
at Mankato Friday.
A. V. Rieke of Fairfax transacted
business in the city Saturday after
Sheriff John McMillian of St. Peter
was in the city one day last week on
Andrew J. Eckstein and J. A. Ochs
were business visitors at St. Paul
J. F. Neumann is having his house
remodeled on the interior, installing a
heating plant and enlargening some of
the rooms.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Rewa rd
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catanh Cure.
F. I. CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney tor the last 15 year", and believe
hiin perfectly honorable in all business
transactions, and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directlv upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free Son by all Druggists.
Take Hall's 1'aimlj Pills for constipa
Jus.1i ask the doctor if there
isn't damger of disease in your
walls. Don't take our word
for it—ask him. Make him tell
There is only one perfectly
satisfactory and hygenic wall
covering. That is Alabastine—
made from Alabaster rock—
then colored with MINERAL col
ALABASTINE is cleanly, be
cause it made from pure rock—
Alabaster rock and pure water.
It is not stuck on with sour
paste nor smelly glue.
We also handle the best line
of Mixed Paints. Dont fail to
get our prices before doing
your painting.
Eugene A. Pfefferle,
The Reliable Druggist.
Arnold J. Stamm transacted business
at Sanborn Thursday. -^SIP
Otto Schell and Theo. Mueller made
a business trip to Seaforth Friday.®%
Wall paper 5c per role at Louis J.
Buenger. 19-tf
Herman Scheman transacted busi
ness at Sleepy~Eye Wednesday after
Reverend Elmer N. Schmuck of Fari
bault visited friends in the city over
Henry Herrian of this city was a
business visitor at Sleepy Eye last
Gustav Hesse has accepted a posi
tion as clerk in the implement store of
Hon. S. D. Peterson.
Frank Martinka has accepted a
position as an assistant in the barb«r
shop of Anton Simmet.
Miss Viola Schell returned Saturday
evening from Minneapolis where she
had been the past week visiting friends.
Mrs. R. Hellriegel of this city visited
friends at Waconia Friday and Satur
day. She returned home Saturday
We get and clean your ingrain car
pets at 50c a room. Louis J. Buenger.
Arthur Hull, machinist at the Eagle
mill returned Saturday from Minnea
polis, where he had been visiting
friends for a few days last week.
AlfredHeinz, wboh ad been employed
in the shaving parlors of Anton Simmet
for the past year, resigned last week
and has accepted a position in this
Mrs. Frank Rinke and daughter,
who have been visiting friends and
relatives in this city for the past few
weeks returned to their home at Lam
berton last week.
This is the last cay to get your
seats for the "Karnival" which will
be presented this evening at the Turner
theatre. Reserved seat chart at W.
G. Alwin's City Drug Store.
Dr. Robert Gebhardt and his sister,
Miss Emma, who are attending the
trial at Mankato, were the guests of
Mrs. C. A. Zelle over Sunday, return
ing to Mankato Monday morning.
The baseball team known as the
Hauensteins have reorganized and
will play games with the surrounding
towns hereafter. A game was played
with the Springfield Sunday, an ac
count of the game is published in this
Marx & Taudien, proprietors of the
Opera House saloon gave one of the
so called German "Einweihung" and
dance at the Opera House Saturday
evening. The affair was a succesB,
many attending the ball.
FOR RENT—Two up-to-date office
rooms after June 1, in the Ottomeyer
Block. Inquire at this office for
further particulars. 19-tf
J. L. Behnke, who has until recently
been employed as baggageman on the
M. & St. L. railroad between Esther
ville and this city has resigned and
accepted a position on the run between
the Twin cities and Lake Minnetonka
on the same road. He took charge
of his new position Monday.
Two weddings were solemized last
Wednesday at the Frieden's Evange
lical church, Rev. Dahlmann officiat
ing. The young couples were August
Pulfahl and Miss Emma Baumler both
of this city and Henry W. Jenning of
Eden and Miss Rose Krueger of Mil
Miss Anna Lindmeyer was thrown
from her carriage Friday morning
while returning home from the ceme
tery where she had attended the funeral
of Miss Oleta Lindmeyer. The horse
became entangled in the tugs and al
most wrenched the pole from its place
in the axle. The lady was not injured
to any extent, but according to the re
port could it have been fatal.
Another musical entertainment of
rare excellence will be given to the
public next Sunday evening, when B.
Grunenenfelder and his Cadet Band
will give thheir concert at the opera
house. Mr. Grunenenfelder has lab
ored unceasingly in drilling the mem
bers of his organization for the past
few weeks in order to treat the public
to one of the best musical concerts
that will be given this season.
The members of J. L. D. baseball
club received their new uniforms this
morning. The uniforms were donated
by the business men of the city and
are worthy of comment. They are
made of a dark blue texture with red
stockings and a cap with white stripes.
As was mentioned in a previous issue
the shirt fronts bear the names and
advertisement of the donors. The
boys will don their new togs during
practice for the first time this evening-
"Death was fast approaching," writes
Ralph F. Fernandez, of Tampa. Fla.,
describing his fearful race with death,
"as a result of liver trouble and heart
disease, which had robbed me of sleep
and of all interest in life. I had tried
many different doctors and Beveral medi
cmes, but got no benefit, until I began
to use Electric Bitters. So wonderful
was their effect, that in three days I felt
like a new man, and today I am cured
of all my troubles." Guaranteed at O.
M. Olson's drug store price 50c.
Attorney A. A. Stone of St. Peter
was in the city Monday on legal busi
ness. ~*v
Frank Goblirsch of Lafayette trans
acted business in this city one day
last weekV
R. A. Maahs and August Henschke
of Echo transacted business here
Saturday afternoon.
A full assortment of Iron Beds at
$1.98 and upwards at Louis J. Buen
ger. 19-tf
F. E. Dix, the new cashier of the
State Bank of Courtland was in the
city Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Chas. Homburg, Sr. of thi«
city visited friends and relatives at
Sleepy Eye a few days last week.
W. G. Alwin attached a new awning
to his drug store Monday of this week,
Frank Niemann the blacksmith com
pleted the work.
Albert Vogelpohl was in the city
over Sunday the guest of his parents.
He is attending tht Toland Business
College at Mankato.
Major John Buschers returned
Thursday from St. Peter where he had
been summoned to appear as a witness
in the Nicollet County Ditch case.r
Hon. S. D. Peterson returned from
the Twin Cities, Wednesday evening.
He had gone down there at the begin
ing of last week on legal business.
Men wanted at the Mankato Cement
Works at once. Highest wages. Long
employment. 18-21
Albin Carlson of Hanska transacted
business in this city Saturday. Mr.
Carlson informs us that his new busi
nebs at that place has been progressing
nery nicely.
Some of the young people of this
city attended the dance Saturday even
ing at Searles. It was given at George
Fischer's place. Music was furnished
by the Hanska band and an enjoyable
time was reported.
Rev. Lucien Schemerhorn will hold
both evening and morning services at
the Congregational Church next Sun
day. Rev. Schemerhorn is a resident
of Glencoe, Minn.
The Misses Lucile Mueller, Lillian
Juni and Lucile Crocker attended the
University dance at Minneapolis Fri
day evening, returning home Sunday
evening. While tnere they were the
guests of Miss Viola Heimerdinger.
Dr. G. B. Weiser left this morning
for Minneapolis where he will attend
the meeting of the Advisory Board of
the State Sanitarum for Tuberculosis,
which is held there today. He was
elected as a member of this board some
time past.
Miss Harriet Schmidt has remodel
ed the interior of her photograph
gallery on Minnesota street and now
possesses one of the finest studios in
the city. She is in the position to fill
satisfactorily any order for photos
hat may be wished for.
American Express Auditor L. L.
Crosby of Minneapolis was in the city
Saturday inspecting the home offiee.
These inspections are madegquarterly
and are for the purpose o$Siec£?fag up
the books. Agent Chas Brust informs
us that the books were found in a
satisfactoi'y condition* and-^ttrat the
inspector was very much pleased with
the amount of work done by the home
Friday evening George Marti was
genuinely surprised by the members
of the Second Regiment Band aad a
number of friends who drove out to
his pleasant home on the outskirts of
the city and rendered a number of
selections in honor of his forty-ninth
birthday anniversary. After "The
Music in the Air" had ceased the
guests were invited into the house and
an enjoyable evening passed, Mr.
Marti entertaining his friends in a
most royal manner.
The thunder storm of Wednesda
evening which although of short dur
ation developed into a furious wind
and hail storm wrought havoc in the
vicinity of Milford and Cottonwood.
At the former place the large silo of
Franz Wandereee was damaged to the
amount of $25 by the raging wind,
tearing the top and part of the side of
the silo. At Cottonwood the horse and
cattle barn of Ludwig Breu was torn
from its foundation and almost com
pletely demolished. Reports from vari
ous other places state that windmills
and small outhouses were swept away
by the wind.
Park Commissioners Flor and
Gieseke have not been idle the past
two weeks. While passing through
the North German Park we notice that
Police Ferdinand Kunze with a crew of
men have been beautifying the grounds,
spreading a new layer of the white
sand over the many winding paths
and adding new spots of sod. The
committee on parks have also allowed
a contract for preparing the south
corner of the park, which has been a
useless tract of land for the past years.
The yellow clay in this place will be
covered with a few inches of black
loam and birch and cedar trees will be
Very Low Rates to St Loais, Mo.,
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will be sold on May 13 to
22, inclusive, limited to return until
May 24, inclusive, on account of Na
tional Baptist Anniversaries. Apply
to agents Chicago & North-Western
"wj'-T*PhSt ^s*
August Samuelson and Lewis Her
monson of Lafayette called on friends
here Monday afternoon, '^S$
Mrs. Herman Durbahn and Miss
Lizzie Gebhardt of this city visited
friends at Sleepy Eye last week.
Have your carpets cleaned at Louis
J. Buenger. 19-tf.
F. H. Behenke attended the Retail
Merchants Fire Insurance Company's
meeting at Minneapolis Thursday.
The ladies of the G. A, R. Circle
will hold a rummage sale next Friday
at the Olson building on Minnesota
The dance held at Schmucker'*
Tivoli Sunday eveaing was largely
attended and the entire affair passed
off v«ry nicely.
Otto Schell was an over Sunday
visitor at Minneapolis. He returned
in the evening with his wife, who had
been visiting friends at that place the
past week.
Dr. Kohler of Minneapolis will be
in New Ulm, Sunday May 21st, to do
eye, ear, nose and throat work. Hours
from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Anton Simmet was the lucky party
that drew the number that awarded
him the tandem bicycle which was
raffled at Pfefferle's Grocery store
Monday evening.
Mrs. F. A. George and Mrs. S. D.
Peterson of this city drove over to
Franklin last Tuesday afternoon to
visit friends. They returned from
their overland trip Wednesday even
Richard Fischer, state chemist of
Wisconsin was in the city Sunday
greeting old acquaintances. He had
been subpoenaed as a witness at the
Koch trial. Mr. Fischer was enraute
to his home at Madison.
Our stock of wall paper has the
choicest colors and our prices are the
cheapest. Louis J. Buenger. 19-tf
Last week the six year old son of
Mr. George Folz of Milford received
a severe cut on his chin from the horn
of a steer. The animal caught the
child on its horn and tossed it in the
air cutting the little boy's chin as it
R. Geisinger has had his saloon on
South Minnesota street remodeled the
foregoing week by having the walls
and ceiling painted. He has also
added a new coat of paint to the
interior of the entire hotel improving
Us appearanee greatly thereby.
Mrs. J. P. Eichten and her sister
Miss Mary ©elhar, who has been
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Eichten for the past few months left
Monday morning for Stillwater where
their parents reside. Mrs. Eichten
will be the guest at her mother's home
for a short time before returning to
this city.
One of our rural route subscribers
dropped into this office one day last
week and informed one of the office
men of a recent experience he had had
in the hen production business. His
story was similar to this. The gentle
man had but recently returned from
court proceedings at St. Peter, his
county seat. Upon looking about the
premises in order to find out the condi
tion of things a strange sight met bis
gaze. He had gone to the hen-coop to
look after a hen he had set on a dozen
and a half of nice eggs. "Biddy" sat
there as comformtable as when he had
left her but upon raising her from her
warm nest, instead of hearing the
peep of the chick his ..ears resounded
with the mew of small kittens. "Biddy"
had hatched seven of the finest little
kittens that were ever raised in the
rural districts of Minnesota.
It is with pleasure that we make
mention of the fact that two four old
and respected pioneers, Jacob Pfen
ninger and Joseph Flor, have taken a
decided interest in the progress of the
South German Park, which took the
appearance of a summer place but a
few years ago. Recently these two
gentlemen purchased a great number
of birch and cedar trees and had them
planted in the park directly below
their residences. The Review reporter
when commenting these men upon the
steps they have taken towards beauti
fying the city'8 grounds wa6 confronted
with the question. "Why not allow
the younger generation that is growing
into man and womanhood in this city,
take these steps? It is not for their
benefit that they should take this in
terest? We can truthfully state that
there is not a citizen in this city that
would not indorse the opinion of these
FOR SALE—Mrs. Joseph Bobleter
wishes to announce that she has a
large stock of furniture and- carpets
also other house furnishings that she
will dispose of at reasonable prices.
Those wishing to take advantage of
this offer will call at her home on
South German street.
Mother Gray's Appeal to Women.
If.you have pains in the back, Urinary
Bladder or Kidney trouble, and -want a
certain pleasant herb remedy for woman's
ills, try Mother Gray's Australian Leaf.
It is a safe and never failing monthly
regulator. At Druggists or by mail 50 cts.
Sample package FREE. Address, The
Mother Gray Co., Le Roy, N. Y." 17
When the body is cleared for action,
by Br. King's New Life Pills you can
tell it by the bloom of health on the
cheeks the brightness of the eyes the
firmness of the flesh and muscles the
buoyancy of the mind. Try them. At
O. M. Olson's drug store, 25 cents.
Spectaculer Event of the S on
Opens Tonight. ^&X
The ladies of the Episcopal Church
promise to give an entertainment of
rare-excellence this evening and to
morrow night at the Turner Hall.
They have labored unceasingly the
past week in the hope of producing
one of the finest evening's enjoyment
for the people of this city.
The carnival will be presented two
successive evenings, tonight and
Thursday. F. S. Fluke has succeeded
in getting fifty of New Ulm's business
firms to subscribe for this event. Each
of these firms will represent their busi
ness in the costume worn by belles of
this city.
The program will begin at the cus
tomary hour, 8:30 and will consist of
character, sketches, fancy marches,
musical sketches, tableaus. panto
»ines etc. with music specially ar
ranged for the oceasion.
One of the features of the evening's
entertainment will be the rendition of
the "Fairies Drill", in which fifty
little girls dressed in fancy white cos
tumes will take part, and this alone
should not fail to bring out a large
and appreciative audience.
Very Low Excarsion Rates to San Francisco
Los Angeles, Portland, Tacoma. Etc.
Via the North-Western Line, will be
in effect from all stations May 23,24,25,
29, 30, 31 and June 1 and 2, with favor
able return limits, on account of Na
tional Council Knights of Columbus at
Los Angeles, etc. Two fast trains to
the Pacific Coast daily. "The Over
land Limited' (electric lighted through
out), less than three days en route.
Another fast train is "The Califor
nia Express,, with drawing room and
tourist sleeping cars. The best of
everything. For rates, tickets etc.,
apply to agents Chicago & North
western Ry.
Miss Bertha M. Schmidt left Satur
•lay afternoon for Sleepy Eye where she
will visit friends this week.
Henry H. Gebhardt, who is attending
the trial at Mankato was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Zelle over Sunday.
A number of the New Ulm Gun Club
were at Hunter's Rest last Sunday
afternoon and enjoyed themselves in
shooting at random.
Tonight will be the opening of the
New UlmBusiness Carnival' All those
wishing to attend should get their seats
reserved early at W. G, Alwin'sDrug
The evening meetings at the Congre
gational church will begin at eight
o,clock hereafter, instead of at half
past seven as they have been for the
past nine months.
Albert Kiesling has accepted a po
sition as wheat buyer for the Eagle
Roller Mill Company at Morgan. He
will remove to that place with his
family in a short time.
John Haas and wife of Lamberton
returned te their home this week. Mr.
Haas was here in attendance at the
funeral of*his mother who was buried
from St. Paul's church Friday morning.
Mrs. G. B.-Weiser, worthy matron
of the Eastern Star lodge of this city
left this morning for Minneapolis as
a delegate to the assemblage of the
various chapters of that order at that
The building committee of the Her
man's monument held a meeting last
Friday in this city and decided to
make extensive improvements on the
large monument, remodeling the entire
structure by adding a few coats of
paint and other necessary improve
ments. Grand President Carl Harpke
of St. Paul was present at the meeting.
Pianos and organs of the best
make, sold at reasonable prices at
Mrs. R. Hellriegel's, 508 Center street.
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
Oonnly of Brown.
Notice is nereby given. That application
has been made in writing to the County
Commissionerb of said county of Brown ana
filed in my office, praying for license to sell
Intoxicating liquors for the term commenc
ing on the 8th day of July, 1905, and termin
ating on the 7th day of July, 1806, by George
Fischer and at the following place, as stated
application, to-wit.
In the front room on the lower floor of the
two story frame building situated on the
Lots Number Ten (10) and Eleven (11) of
Block Number One (1) in Searles Station
the town of Cottonwood. Brown county,
Said application will be heard and deter
mined by said Board of County Commis
sioners of the county of Brown, at their office
in the Court House in said City of New Ulm,
in Brown County, State of Minnesota, on
Wednesday, the 3Jst day of Hay 1905, at four
o'clock P. I. of that day.
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Auditor this, Ninth day of May A D., 1WC
County Auditor of Brown Co., Minn.
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
County of Brown.
Notice is hereby given. That application
has been made in writing to the County Com
missioners of said County of Brown and filed
in my office praying for a license to sell in
toxicating liquors foi the term commencing
on the 1st day of June, 1906, and terminating
on the 31st day of May, 1906, by Ferdinand
Hofschield, and at the following place as
stated in said applications, to-wit:
In the front room on first floor of the two
story frame building situated on Lot Num
ber Twelre (12) of Block Number Three 3)
in the townsite of Essig said Connty of
Brown and State of Minnesota.
Said application will be heard and deter
termined by said Board of County Commis
sioners of the County of Brown at their office
in the Court House in said city of New Ulm in
Brown County. State of Minnesota, on
Wednesday, Stth day of May. 1905. at four
o'clock P. M. of that day
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Auditor thisOth day of May A. D. 1805.
•a^-* County Auditor.
DeWitt's Salve
For Piles, Burns, Soress
The manufacturers of Royal
Baking Powder have had 40
years of scientific experience.
Every method of bread-and
cake raising has been exhaus
tively studied in this country and
The result is a perfect prod
uct in Royal Baking Powder.
There is no substitute for it.
The purity and efficiency of
Royal Baking Powder have
been commended by the highest
authorities of the world.
These facts mean two impor
tant things to all housekeepers:
First: that Royal Baking:
Powder is healthful and
makes wholesome food.
Second: that Royal Bak
ing Powder makes food
good to taste.
DALUEG—On Saturday, April 30,1905,
to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dalueg of
Courtland, a son.
BOEDER—On Saturday, May 6, 1905,
to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Roeder of
this city, a daughter.
SIMMET—On Monday, May 8, 1905 to
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Simmet of this
city, a daughter.
ScHMDOT-On Thursday, May 4, 1905,
to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schmidt of
Cottonwood, a boy.
FRITSCHE—On Wednesday, May 3,
1905, to Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Fritsche of this city, a daughter.
Read our ad. next week about Bus
ter Brown stockings, only to be had at
Crone Bros'. Store, 25c all sizes.
Our H. fc E. best blouses beat any
thing that was ever shown.
Sweet Ore Overalls and Jackets
never rip.
A new lot of white shirt waists just
received from New York.
A beautiful line of children'* suits.
Try a pair of our baby shoes.
Eggs taken in trade or cash.
Try some of our special Dill pickles.
Hamburger, brick and American
Swiss cheese fresh every week.
Received another lot of walking and
dress skirts.
Dr. Peter Fahney Alpen Krauter for
Douglas.J3.00 Shoe. The best in the
A meeting of the High School Al
umni Association will be held at the
Auditorium Saturday evening May 20.
Members will please take notice.
Ernst Gieseke, son of Ernst Gieseke
of this city was taken to the Hospi
tal at Rochester, last week for an
operation to be performed on his
stomach which is dislocated.
Are Yon Using Allen's Foot-E«*e?
Sbuke into your shoes Allen's Foot-Ease
a powder. It cures Corns, Bunions, Pain
ful, Smarting, Hot, Swollen Feet. At all
Druggist and Shoe Stores. 18 21
Papular Excursion to St. Paul and Minneapolis,
For Sunday, Hay 21st
On Sunday, May 21st, the Minnea
polis & St. Louis R. R. will run their
first popular excursion to St. Paul
and Minneapolis, leaving New Ulm
at 6:40 a. m., arriving at Minneapolis
Sunday 10 a. m. and St. Paul 10:35 a.
m., at the exceedingly low rate of
$1.50 for the round trip. Tickets
good to return until Monday, leaving
St. Paul 8:20 a. m. and Minneapolis
8:57 a. m. This will enable you to see
all points of interest around the Twin
The lakes, parks and other points of
attraction where entertainments and
the best recreation can be had are too
numerous to mention. At the low
rate you cannot afford to miss the
trip. See bills or consult ticket agents
for infoamation.
Will overcome indigestion and dyspepsia
regulate the bowels and cure liver and
kidney complaints. It is the best blood
enrioher and invigorator in the world.
It is purely vegetable, perfectly harm
less, and should you be a s.-.fferer from
disease you will use it if you are wise.
K. N. Audrews, Editor and Mgr. Cocoa
and Rockledge News, Coco?, Fla., writes:
"I have used your Herbine in my family,
and find it a most excellent medicine. Its
effects upon myself have been a marked
benefit. I recommend it unhestitating
ly." 50c. Sold by Eugene A. Pfeffdrle
"•5 Jjt'5
•OS •HP- —"^f T-

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