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*T S'^ *-''£'^f^P8
"I don't think we could keep
house without Thedford's Black
Draught. We have used it in the
family for over two years with the
beat of results. I have not had
doctor in the house for that length
of time. It is a doctor in itself and
always ready to make a person well
and happy."—JAMBS HALL, Jack
sonville, 111.
Because this great medicine
relieves stomach pains, frees the
constipated bowels and invigor
ates the torpid liver and •weak
ened kidneys
is necessary in the home where
Thedford's Black-Draught iB
kept. Families living the
country, miles from any
cian, have been kept in health
for years with this medicine as
their only doctor. Thedford's
Black-Draugh cures bilious
ness, dyspepsia, colds £hfllsand
fever,,, bad blood, headaches,
diarrhoea, constipation, colic
and almost every other ailment
because stomach, bowels
hver and MEyeys so nearly con
trol the a
If you haven't a regular, healthy movement of the
bowels every day, you're ill or will be. Keep your
bowels open, and be well. Force, In the shape of
violent physic or pill poison, is dangerous. The
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping
the bowels clear and clean is to take
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Taste Good, Do
Good, Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe 10, 25 and
SO cents per box. Write for free sample, and book
let on health. Address 433
Stefllno Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.
Immediately relieves IK.urge, croupy
cout»h, oppressed, rattling, raspiuy and
liilit:ult breathing, lli-nry 0. S'euriis,
Druggist. Slinllsliurg, Wis., writes, May
20, 1 9 0 1 "I have been selling Ballard's
Horehomul Syrup for two years, and
have never had preparation that has
given better svMsfaetion. I notice that
when I sell hottle they come back for
more. I can honestly recommend it."
25c. flOc, $1.00 Sold by Eugen A.
Lates sheet at Mrs
508 Center street.
Order for Hearing Proofs of Will.
County of Brown. I**"
(I t'robate Court
$ Special Term, Aur. 11, 1905.
In llie matter of the estate of Carl
Clasen. deceased.
Whereas, an instrument in writing, pur
porting to be the last will and testament
of Carl Clasen lure of said county, as
been delivered to this Court
And whereas, Christiana Clasen has
filed therewith her petition, representing
a other things that said Carl
C'asen died in said county on the 27th day
of March A. 1'. 1905, testate, and that said
petitioner is the sole executrix a in
said last will and testament, and praying
that said instrument a be admitted to
probate, and that letters testamentar
be to her issued thereon
It is ordered, that the proofs of said in
strument and the said petition, be heard
before this Court at the Probate Office, in
the Court House, in the Cit.' of N Ulm,
in said county, «n the 4th day of May,
A. 1905, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
when all concerned a appear and con
test the probate of said instrument.
And it is further ordered, that public
notice of the time and place of said hear
in be given to all persons interested, by
publication of a copv of thisorderfor three
successive weeks previous to said day of
hearing in the Ne Ul Review, a weekly
newspaper, printed and published at the
city of Ne Ulm, in said countv.
Dated Mew Ulm, Minn.. April 11th, A.
D. 1965.
the Court,
(Seal) S A E O E
1E-17 Judge of Probate.
Vacation Tours.
or the a so of 1905 the
a a a a a
trip rates to the
a us so a to the
a if a an a us a
he in a is & St is a
a few of their rates as
St. a a in a is $5.55
$9.70 a do
S in and $25.00 S a a
Cit a O $38.00 on a
a after 1st, final limit Octo
a E a
$22.25, on a
30 to 4. it 14, with
iv of on to A 8 on
a of fee of 50 cents
a G. A E a $16.15
on a A 30 to S
4. it S 12, it iv
of on to Octobe 7th on
a of fee of 50 cents
a (for is a a E
it $45.00 on a a
it ninety a
in a in a
W it liberal to iv
a if a in as
a as to a
S in A fare us
a for the trip tick-
et on a a limit thirty days".
or full a a a on a or
a A Cutts G. & A
S O 1 0 A.
Sj'. S a a
a in he a fair of 1905 will
be held S 4. to S 9, inclusive
and will be tb iv
ever held in he it States I will
be much larger even an tb great
fair of 1904. N in will be
lected. E a a be in
charge of a in selected
because of his a experi
ence in at particular line a each
part of the fair be well-bal
auce attention he fair be
strong in me particulars arid a
in others. I will be in all.
or instance he at a
prize for a butter, has
for several a a attracted an
us display at he a fair is
is year increased $800 to
A in in prize a a
one, is at of $100 a for ex
hibit of corn a in stalk to
be on a a three by ix feet
yvith a space. is he
developed a of he corn
in in of Minnesota A
last year $3,000 to exhi
bits and similar liberal appropriations
are found all he book.
he list is for free distri
bution. A interested a ob
tai it by a in Secretar E. W.
Randall S a Fai Grounds, Minn.
St. a A to Genera
has made a of he suit he
a a a for he recov
er of a half-sectio of a in
he tstern part of a
It as set up at the a ad
erronerousl appraised in 1902 by
three citizens of a as be
in devoid of a ad
sold in October, 1902, as agriculura
land at $5 an acre. he a as
to S. W. A of Walke a later
transferred to W & of Min
neapolis. Stat A it or Iverso found
the land a in 1,500,000 feet of
of it pine timber.
I a
W it E a in so a I a
will be in in he enumera
tio of he residents of the a to be
a he direction of the state
census department
S in Georg W stat
at he a to be in
structe to I a
re it to he of suffrage.
I the a reservation a a
of he I a a partici
pated in he a of
iv he of
he at a it of he I a of
the state are still a of
he a the I an reser
a be practically free from
he in a on of he us enumerator
he a of all I an reservations
a asked for a state
as to the of I a
titled to citizenship.
if I a
S a if insurance a
doing business in in so a ad a
a a a in 1904, accord
in to he in a life report of
Insuranc Commissione T. D. O'Brien,
will be in a days is
report at the a in
of he a reserve a admit
to in so a re $117,247,138.18-. as
compared it a a $59,000,
000 in 1903.
he Minnesot a a is of
the insurance a in he
it S a at prepares a state
in he a profit of each
company a he a a report of he
Minnesot a commissioner for is sea
is in a a life under
it of pthe a he an of
preparing such a table as in a a
ted by I a Commission
er E. H. a and be in
by I a Commissione O'Brien.
S a a to
St. Loui6 a I a adjus
ters are at in in he loss of
he in so a S a a be
a a will be he a of he
old iron. he figures given of he
loss a in a $400,000—are un
changed a for he
tb efforts of he a to
secure a a a successful,
a he in S a a of
Michigan will a over all he a
beets contracted for by he in so a
St. a he Minnesota a
a a part in he national
rifle at Sea Girt, N J.
St. a he in so a Historica
so a a in in
or of Greenleaf Clark.
in a is I as discovered at
ad in to he base
of he a A Churc
of Christ, a a and Gran
street and stolen he children's
a a in in
all to a $20, re in a
a in in he
Warsaw.—Mr a Mrs Charle
S celebrated their
ding Mr. S as a
be of he legislature
Rochester.—Thfe library
board as it a a on
of $20,000 by Mrs. W a Hurlbut in
of a a
a a a in California.
St. Paul.—T,he a dairy a food
a is to a a a a
in for its laboratory a a
he a capitol, a in to
he plans of he capitol is
St. he a in of E
he a hospital
disappeared on he in of
April .'10, re to a in he
in so a river a a
he trestl re he as last
".$ \£fcwfc-i»,34.4&e&rf£?u«fc4s3
E on of a it W a
a in
a 1 0 0 I
Harrisburg, Pa., a 12.—Nineteen
so are to be dead and
re an 100 others were injured in
a railway wreck and a it explo
sio occurred early on Thursday
on the a a railroad in the
southern part of this city. at not
more persons were killed is consid
ered remarkable by the Pennsylvani a
officials, as a full box car of dynamite
exploded directly at the middle of the
a express train.
Ther are various stories of the
wreck occurred, but official- ver
sio is as follows A 1:40 o'clock
he engine on he east-bound freight
train as flagged by the crew of a
shifting in ahead on he same
track. he engineer Quickly put on
is air brakes, and the train, an un-
usually one, a me to a sudden
halt. he strain on the air a as
a severe one, and a connecting air hose
in the middle of the train blew out.
is caused the middle of the train to
"buckle" and the a a cars fell
over oh he passenger tracks. Jus as
this happened the Cleveland express
a me thundering up and "side-swiped
he wreck. he express as stopped
it in its length, and he third
sleeper as opposite the wrecked cars.
Before a could leave the pas
senge train, as not very bad
ly damaged a slight explosions
occurred and then there as great
flash and roar that shook the earth.
he affair occurred it in a
period of a few seconds. A scene of
horror followed the explosion of the
dynamite he passenger cars and
so me of the freight cars instantly took
fire and a of passengers were
burned to death before rescuers could
reach them
Brie on of a if
to for a in of
a id
N York, a 11.—Th
of he in N a a Memoria
association W a and for
a approved he design for a mau
so it by H. a Mc
Gonigle, as appointed consulting
architect to the board six
ago. It as decided, also, that
should be at once and a sub
it as appointed, will
is he function of a building
it A present the body of
id in is in a public
vault in W a Canton.
he association as purchased a tract
of land adjoining he
will be as hill. The*
approach to he hill, is 74 feet
high called "the Mall," is 600
feet in length will be beautified at an
a a of $50,000. A
he id of this mall, it a a
on either side, will be a "waterway,
or artificial lake. A broad a mas
flight of will lead from
foot of he hill up to and, in fact,
form a part of the a so
the foot of he hill to the top of he
a so he of he stone
structure will be in he neighborhoo
of 175 feet. he detailed description of
he will not be a public
yet a the it desires
first to copyright he plan a pictures
at a be placed on sale for
he benefit of he fund.
an A W Try
in to E a to W it
at id
W a in to Ma 13.—A an
a is a me is Danie Costable, an
Italian, as arrested by an Hop
in in to force an entrance
at the rear door of the it house,
about id Frida night. as
locked up at the police station. W
Questioned as to the reason for being
on he it house grounds, he declared
a spirit had entered his head and told
that his murdered wife as to be
found in the W it house Th an
as hatles and clad only in a coat of
thin serge. as first seen by a
negro in over the iron fence sur
in the grounds of the it
house, and attention as then attracted
by the sound of an attempted entrance
at the rear door. as in fran
tically at the door and shouting "Frari
cesca, it is I. an in rushed
up, hurled to the ground, and placed
under arrest.
S to A
Milwaukee May 13.—Comptroller of
the Currency Ridgele as levied an a
of 66 2-3 per cent, upon stock
holders of the Firs national bank of
this city to a good the capital stock
as impaired by he defalcation
of former Presiden a G. Bigelow
he a is based on the report of
a E a in C. H. he
a of the a will reach
E a to Collapses
St. Joseph Mo., a 11 Gol
by and a S it re to
a and a as fatally
injured by he collapse of he Harrou
grain a to at E Kan., Tues
day night. A tornado in he
so side of he elevator, and? he to
stories for* a is a of 10 feet fell.
Golby as in a bin of
grain, and S it as by tim
a Elected
Hartford, Conn., a 11.—Th legis
latur in joint on W a
formally declared a Brande
elected it S a a to for
the unexpire of he late Sena
tor O. H. Piatt, an a
i, 1903.
•&* ywM
in a S a a O $ 5 0
J-t 0 0 0 0 0 in
he list for the in so a
S a a of 1905 as just been is
by the S a A a S and
a a in
department he list as been
pletel is and up-to-dat
in particular N a a
been a here and there in
to a in it a in
on of new interests a the a
culturist of the northwest
he in on in the
a features of the fair of 1905,
will include the a a it
of pure bred to a been so
successful in the a few a
a for
swine a a a a
butter a a
facture and a and a
he iv to a as been
by the a it on of pre
ms or a a of fat to and
a by spe
a ms offered by the in
of S St a I [th a
a the a
for a butter as a a
$800 to $1000—and a in
a a been a all a the
line. I all the ms and
a to $50,000.
A the a offered this
a will be the a in en
tertainment •end a a in in
the a a a us
it a a will furnish dur
in fair week.
a a a ad rates a been
secured for the a S 4 to 9.
lists a be a in by
in to Sec E W a a State^
Real Estate Transfers.
W A to a a
159J a S 11, 108, 32, $0800.
M. in to A a S a ah
160 acres S 33, 108, 35,
a J. to a a a
8 a 9, 3, 2d add
Springfield $170.
W S to is 1 a
N 2, 136, S N $2500.
S a S id to Retzlaff,
6 a 7, 104, S N $2000.
W a to C. G. A
1, 2, 3 a 4, 53, S E $2500.
2 8 S E $100.
is in a to
83 by 160 ft. of Outlo 13, 29, A
so A S E $450.
E a to W in S a
W Co to a
of 12 a 14, 11,
frey, $135-
G. to us
11 a 12, 63, a 333 and
334 4, N $3,000.
S to Olaf N
29, 9, a a $105.
80 acres in S 20, 7 7 acres in S 17,
1 0 9 32, $5,000.
a S to a Stirzl 4,
16, 34, S E $700.
us to E a Lent 7
a 8, 2, S a A
Springfield $1400.
a to a in
80 acres S 35, a 40 acres S 34,
109, 31, $2352.
S C. to Meiner
8 a 12, so add
den $680.
to A as in
8 a 9, 180, N N
W a is to is
79 in S 2, 108, 30, $1,000.
W on to the S a
a E to ha E
130$ feet of the a of
S 29, 110, 30, $200.
Notiee of Application For Liquor Lice nae.
County of Brown.
Notice is hereby given. That application
has been made in writing to the County
Commissioners of said county of Brown and
filed in-my office, praying for license to sell
intoxicating liquors for the term commenc
ing on the 8th day of July, 1905, and termin
ating on the 7th day of July, 1906, by George
Fischer and at the following place, as stated
application, to-wit.
In the front room on the lower floor of the
two story frame building situated on the
Lots Number Ten (10) ana Eleven (11) of
Block Number One (1) in Searles Station in
the' town of Cottonwood. Brown county,
Said application will be heard and deter
mined by said Board of County Commis
sioners of the county of Brown, at their office
in the Court House in said City of New Ulm,
in Brown County, State of Minnesota, on
Wednesday, the 31st day of May 1905, at four
o'clock P. M. of that day.
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Auditor this Ninth day of May A. D., 1905.
County Auditor of Brown Co., Minn.
Notice of Application For Liquor License.
County of Brown.
Notice is hereby given, That application
has been made in-writing to the County Com
missioners of said County of Brown and filed
in my office praving for a license to sell in
toxicating liquors for the term commencing
on the 1st day of June, 1905, and terminating
on tbe 31st day of May, 1906, by Ferdinand
Hofschield, and at the following place as
stated in said applications, to-wit:
In the front room on first floor of the two
story frame building situated on Lot Num
ber Twelve (12) of Block Number Three 3)
in the townsite of Essig in said Connty of
Brown and State of Minnesota.
Said application will be heard and deter
termined by said Board of County Commis
sioners of the County of Brown at their office
in the Court Bouse in said.city of New Ulm in
Brown County. State of Minnesota, on
Wednesday, 2fth day of JMay. 1905. at four
o'clock P. M. of that day
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Auditor this6tb day of May A. D. 1905.
N 72
County Auditor.
Fruit at the Breakfast Table
ff&ture Provides its otrVn rem?di?s,
Which, if us?d judiciously, insure
p?r-fcc4T health afaJI times-
Asid from the pleasure of eating sea
sonable fruits before in in the first
nieal of the day, this to as undoubt
edl arisen from the well fact that
nearly all fruit and more particularly
plums and N E S contain natural lax
ativ principles act directly on the
to a and bowels.
Constipation, that dread and trouble
so me complaint is undoubtedly
the basic cause of nine-tenths of the dys
pepsia, indigestion, biliousness, etc., so
prevalent a our people today, and,
which, if neglected, surely leads to more
complicated and serious organic diseases,
can surely be prevented, and not
too far advanced can be absolutely cured
by the judicious of the modern laxa
tive and cathartic California Prune Waf
are not a patent medicine in the
ordinary of the word, being com
pounded from fresh California Prunes,
which intelligent person is
truly nature's laxative.
A dainty little wafer, a a the a
compounded in a concentrated
form from fresh California Prunes
Total paid to members $ 7,648 80
Commissiou8,salaries and expenses
of agents and collectors $8,39112
Salaries of officers and employes.... 8,034 06
All other disbursements 1,664 81
Total disbursements $20,6
Excess of income over disburs'mts $ 4,191 84
Cash in office and bank $8,988 88
Total admitted assess.-. $ 3,988 38
B&lance to protect contracts $ 8,988 38
Exhibit of Certificates or Policies, Business of '04
al Bus'nss
$256,410 00
200,025 00
In force Dec. 81 '08
Written d'r'ngy'r
Ceased during y'r
In force Dec. 31 '04
$22,865 00
18,060 00
456,485 06
187,625 00
40,425 00
14,731 50
268,800 00
Claims a
Dec. 31, beg. of y'r
Claims incurred
during year
80 a in S 25, 108,
33, $4,000.
25,693 50
550 00
550 00
6,998 80
5,639 97
Term'td by death
during year...
500 00
Received from members during year $21,041,86
State of Minnesota,
Department of Insurance)
Whereas the Inter-State Accident and Re
lief Association, a corporation organised un
der the lawB Minnesota,has fully complied
with the requirementsof thelaws ofthis state
relating to Cooperative or Assessment Insur
Now, therefore. I, the undersigned, Insur
ance Commissioner, do hereby empower and
authorize the above named Society to trans
act its appropriate business of Co-operative
or Assessment Accident insurance in the
State of Minnesota, according to the laws
thereof, until the thirty-first day of January.
A. D. 1906, unless said authority be revoked
or otherwise legally terminated prior thereto
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my seal of office at St.
Paul, this 31st day of January, A. D., 1905.
Insurance Commissioner,
Homeseekers and Stttlere!
O a a in A he
in a is & St is will
sell a a tickets for
benefit of settlers, to in
so a a a a a a an
west. trip tickets a so on a
a me a at a re us
a it a
a in a to St a in in
on fail to
in a is & S is a 18
flomeseeker's Rates,
a he in a is & S is
O first a third a of a
to N a a a a is so
A a a O a a I an
to N a a do
a states S to a
or a time of a in etc. a on
a 18
are a natural dissolvent, acting on the
contents of the stomach and bowels and
not on the organs themselves
regulate the Liver and Stomach
Cleanse he Syste and Purify the Blood,
Cure all Bowel Troubles, Biliousness, Bad
Breath, Bad Blood. Wind on the Stomach
Bloated Bowels Foul Mouth,Indigestion
Pimple and Dizziness.
E household should a its family
Package of A I O N I A N E WA
S and at the first of approach
in illness or under the weather,
take a couple of wafers, and tb doctor's
Dills will soon be smaller than
are now
You can eat what please if you fol
low each meal with a CALIFORNI A
N E W A E quickly dissolves
thelmos indigestible food, a helps to
carry it through and out of the in
a gentle and healthful manner, without
the slightest pain, griping or nauaea. 100
Wafers for 85c. IrvinglDrug Co., Sole Pro
prietors, Philadelphia, Pa.
I Staple an(t fancyGroceries,Crockery
Glassware. Woodenwareand Lamps!
ounce or pound. We also have some good
seed corn, which we can recommend. We 3
will be pleased to have you call when
E: buy your seeds. Respectfully yours,
?3iMiMiMiUimmmmMittimuwW E3
Annual Statement of the
Inter-State Accident and Relief Association.
Home office, New Ulm, Minn. G. W. Barnes,
president, Jos. Bobleter, SecretaTy. Incor
porated Jan. Jt, 1901. Commenced business
Jan. 18, 1901. Attorney to accept service in
Minnesota: Insurance Commissioner.
Net assets, Dec. 31, previous year $ 3 585 30
Income During I9M.
Membership fees with applications $ 5,715 00
In hands of agents 3,789 16
Premiums or assessments for spe
cific or temporary benefits 15.231 86
Total paid by members $21,735 62
From all other sources 95 00
Totalincome $24,830
Disbursements During 1904.
Specific benefit claims, including
instalments, paid $ 600
Temporary disability benefits and
other payments to members 6,948
Dated at New Ulm, Minnesota, this 15th
day of April, A. D. 1905.
7,548 80
Claims Settled
during year
Unpaid Dee. 31
end of year
!5MS°E N?
6,189 97
7,548 80
6.189 97
18 N in
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Notice, is Hereby Given that default has
been made in the conditions of that certain
5 &
Koehler and
Barbara Koehler, his wife, mortgagors, to
Joseph Kapp, dated July 1,1898 anf recorded
in the office of the Register of Deeds of Brown
County, Minnesota, on July 12, 1898. at 11
"X mortgages on page
185 thereof that on the 1st day of August.
1898, said mortgage was assigned by the said
Joseph Kapp, mortgagee, to Joseph P. Vogel.
?£?. 5ihe
..e£ °3 Assignment recorded on the
13th day of February, 1905, at 10 o'clock A. M.
in said Register's office in book of Mortgages
on page 504 that said mortgage was there,
after by the said Joseph P. Vogel assignee of
mprtgagee.assigned to Joseph H.Vogelon the
13th day of April, 1905, and the deed of assign
ment recorded on the Hth day of April,1905"at
two o'clock P.-M. in isaid register's office in
Book 3a of Mortgages on page 464 thereof
that said assignees of said mortgagee have
paid the taxes assessed against the premises
described in said mortgage for the veari
1899,1900,1902,1903 and 1904, amounting tn
to one hundred thirteen dollars and sixty
cents that the amount claimed to be due un
on said mortgage at this date including said
taxes is Eleven hundred sixty dollars and
forty-two cents that the premises described
in and covered by said mortgage are Lots
numbered Nine (9) and Ten (10) in Block num
bered One hundred eleven (111), North of
CenterStreetintheCityof New Ulm, in the
County of Brown and State of Minnesota
that, by virtue of the powerof sale contained
in said mortgage and pursuant to the Statue
in such case made and provided, said mort
gage will be foreclosed by the sale of said
premises, at public vendue, to the highest
bidder, for cash, by the Sheriff of said Brown
County, Minnesota, at the front door of the
Courthouse in the City of New Ulm, In said
County and State, on Friday, the 2d day of
June, A, D., 1905, at 10 o'clock A. M. to satisfy
the amount then due on said mortgage, in
cluding said taxes, together with the costs
of such sale and Fifty dollars attorneys fees
stipulated in said mortgage.
Attorneys for Assignee of Assignee of Mort
gagee, New Ulm, Minn.. 22
County of Brown.
District Court, NintlL.Iudicial District
The Northwestern Mutual Life
Insurance Company,
James H. Enden and Anna En
deiK his wife E. A. Stockslager
Nichols & Shepherd Company,
a corporation W. P. Rempel
and Ivatharina H. Rempel, his
wife, Defendants.
You. and! each ^of you, are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled
action, which is on file in the office of the
clerk of said Court at his office in New Ulm,
in the County of Brown and State of Minne
sota, and to serve a copy of your answer to
said compliinton the subscribers, at their
offices in the City of St. Paul, in the County
of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, within
twenty (80) days after the service of this
summons upon you, exclusive of the day of
such service and, if you fail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid,
the plaintiff in this action will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in the said
complaint together with the disbursements
of this action.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
616-619 Germania Life Bldg.,
St-Paul, Minnesota.
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