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Hero of Osawatomie Praised by
Speech, Monument and Me
morial Park at Scenes of Fa
mous Battle For Free State.
John Brown's body lies a-moldering In the
His sou is marching on.
Home ot bwamp Hoot
Dedication on Anniversary.
Th exercises basin on Aug. 30 it
anniversary and settlers' day, which
will be given over to services in mem
ory of the day fifty-four years ago, the
battle occurring Aug. 30, 1856. Colo
nel Roosevelt arrives on Aug. 31, on
which day there is a parade partici
pated in by Roosevelt and his party,
the governor of the state and his staff,
the department commander of the
Grand Arm of the Republic and his
staff, the membership of the Woman'
Relief corps and other societies.
Th president has ordered a detail
of troops of the Fifteenth cavalry
from Fort Leavenwort and the regi
mental band of the Thirteenth infan
try from Fort Riley to assist in the
parade. Th governor has detailed
of the crack companies of the
state militia for the week.
Th dedicatory services are held in
the afternoon in conformity it a
program prepared by the ladies of the
state department. There are also do
ings on Sept. 1. This is political day
and is thrown open to all comers for
political speaking, as the state cam
paign is being opened at that time.
he G. A. R. posts are to be present
in a body with equipment, prepared to
camp for several days. Th state de
partment of the Veterans' Association
of the Spanish-American a acts as
personal escort for Roosevelt.
One of the interesting features of
the celebration is that Gifford Pincho
and a R. Garfield are scheduled
to speak with Roosevelt. A a as
is insurgent territory the combination
ought to produce fireworks. Think of
these three on progressive ground on
John Brow day! Wha crusade
tnay not be launched! More parlous
still, the following day is to be thrown
id open for political oratory.
Kansas Still Moving.
N use talking, John Brown's soul
is marching on right now, and the
drumbeat to which it keeps step is to
be heard at this three day celebration
at Osawatomie. Insurrection is still
in the air, the echoes from those a
sas primaries are yet reverberating,
and the spirit of freedom is not dead.
"John Brown's Body" takes on a
fervor as it is to the music of
today by men are solving today's
problems Th old hero is Kansas
patron saint, and a as is in
once more. Colonel Roosevelt's talk
at Osawatomi is on governmental
questions, and we all at that
means Osawatomi a be historic
for more events than one.
Thi is by no nfteane the first cele
bration on the ground of the old bat
tlefield. Fou years ago the fiftieth
anniversary of the fight as observed,
and Vice President Fairbank as the
chief orator. Twenty-nin years ear
lier a as dedicated to
Captain and his son and fol
lowers fell on this field. Govern
or Joh St. John spoke, and Senator
John a Ingalls delivered the ora
tion of the day. Of Joh Sen
ator Ingalls said:
"In a a or country or cinder a
where abuses existed that
needed correction he a been
a reformer in politics and a Purita in
religion. have gone it
to the stake or it Sidney to
the scaffold."
of Osawatomie' noted relics
are the Joh cabin and the
John W the
shaft as set up the main street of
he to ran north of it, and tt fronts
north, but will be turned to front the
mMn street, which runs south of
it Beginnin with the north side, the
legends read: "This inscription is in
commemoration of the heroism of
Captain John Brown commanded
at the battle of Osawatomie, Aug. 30,
18ft6, and who died and conquered
on the scaffold at Charlestown, Va.,
A as the song from
Bull to Appomattox. Its
music, rolled from thousands of
soldiers' throats near Washing
ton, inspired Julia W a we to write
"The Battle of the Republic."
Bot were heard for four years by
campfires, on the march and amid the
muskets' tattoo in battle.
Apparently John Brown's soul is fetill
marching on, as what amounts to a
national celebration is being held in
his honor On Aug. 30 and 31 Joh
park is dedicated at Osawato
mie, Kan., and no less a an than
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt a the
dedication speech. In his day
as called a a an and as
hanged as a criminal, yet fifty-one
years after his death the foremost citi
zen of the repablic travels halfway
across the continent to speak his
Th park, which consists of a little
more than twenty-tw acres of rolling
ground, half of it covered by a growth
of oak and hickory trees, comprises
the old battlefield of Osawatomie. he
Woman' Relief corps of a as
bought it and presented it to the state,
thus paralleling the action of another
body of pariotic preserved
Washington' home at Mount Vernon.
Roosevelt, Pinchot and Garfield
Among the Notables Whose
Oratory at Dedication May
.Cause Political Upheavals..
Dec. 2, 1859." On the side of the
monument is the, a me of Frederick
as shot in cold
blood on the morning of Aug. 30, 1856.
On the south side are the a of
Davi H. Garrison and George W.
Partridge and on the east side the
a of Theron Parker and
Charley Keiser. Thes were kill
ed in the battle or wounded and tor
tured by their captors and died in a
a I is to
Th battle of Osawatomi as fought
between less than forty men under the
command of Brow and 400 Missou
rians, maiche across the border.
On the a to the to an advance
guard of the invaders under a preach
er named Whit met Frederick
and three companions, rode out
to meet them and they shot
down without warning. he death of
his son only nerved Old Brown as he
as then called, for the fight Leav
in in a cabin to guard
the town, he took with him fifteen
and forth to meet 400. Captain
Cline, also with fifteen men, it
him. Cline's re mounted and
retired early in the fight for lack of
ammunition. Bu did not re
tire. as not of a retiring nature,
not when a fight as on. only
told his to get behind trees, a it
until the enemy as near enough to
furnish a good target and not to shoot
over their head**.
Evidently they obeyed orders, for
only one of their number as
killed outright and another mortally
injured, while thirty-one of the Missou
rians bit the dust and forty or more
were wounded. Th sixteen in their
fight against he 400 had rendered a
good account and me off virtual
victors. For one thing, they had fired
the heart of the north and had made the
timid take courage. Frederick Doug
lass said that O a a to "foreshad
a free Kansas means a
free a free south and a free
S N a a Ejpxpose.
he battle in the a as to has
been called the Bunker Hi of the free
state struggle. It has alsoi been dubbe
"the modern Thermopylae." Bot
a are rather ambitious and per
haps so me sizes too large for the
event, but Osawatomi did serve a
great purpose* It heartened the friends
of freedom io Kansas, to in the state*
and it stood as a prophecy to the na
tion of at was. ahead.
a he end as forced to ne
at but the very fact that he had
checked a body outnumbering his
more than to one an& had
wreake such havoc upon it compelled
universal attention to him and his
cause. Perhap tt is not too, much to
say that Osawatomi saved a a
Joh as born in Connecticut
in 1800. a me from Revolutionary
stock on both sides of the house, a
fact of he spoke it pride. is
father as noted as a an a a
stuttered except he prayed. he
to Ohio he future
abolitionist as a small boy, and he
as reared in the wilderness. All his
Tife "he as for his striking in
dividuality, his rigid principles, his,,
tender heart and his generosity. Chil
dren and animals he loved, a he
grieved for months over the loss of a
pet squirrel. swore opposition to
slavery when at twelve years of age
In his prime, before he a me pron*
inently identified it the anti-slavery
struggle, Brow became fairly pros
perous In business. as ever
plain in dress. Fo one thing, he wore
a leather strap for a necktie. *.-^» *33S
JS^,'Helped Negroes In North.
"IWhen a refuge for runaway slaves
as established in the Adirondacks
volunteered to go there and
teach them how to live in the wilder
ness. established a home among
them and became "a sort of father"
to them, as he said at the outset he
is to do. A this N York
home he as buried, and there his
family lived for years after his tragic
JSrown did not spend much time in
the wilderness, however, even to be
come a father to the fugitives.
as intensely interested in the move
men for a free a as and as active
in sending colonists the territory.
A the earliest went were
his sons. he old man himself
soon followed with a rifle in one hand
and a Bible in the other. as a
most religious man and as especially
fond of the Old Testamen and loved
the story of Gideon.
John as like an Old Testa
men character himself, a sort of Kan
sas Gideon. is religion as not of
the meek and lowly order, however.
It as a fighting faith. Fro the
time he hanged the five proslavery
men at Pottawatomie—that as be
fore Osawatomie—to the sad end at
Harpers Ferry he never once faltered
in his militant attitude. An in that
last act of the drama he stirred the
entire north as before he had stirred
There are many sayings of John
worthy to live. Her is one,
probably uttered in relation to the
death of his boy:
"Do not allow any one to say I acted
from revenge. I claim no man has a
right to revenge himself. W at I do
I do for the a of human liberty."
O a to
W General Lan feared Brown'
impetuosity and asked him to me to
a council of a he old warrior re
"Tell the general that he a
me to fight to say so, but that is the
only order I will obey."
I the- a me vein he once said:
"Talk is a national institution, but it
no good to the slave."
I is last trial, asked at he
had to say, he a he historic an-
"Gentlemen, a an end of slavery
or slavery will a an end of you."..
O he scaffold asked to give
a signal he as ready he said In
even tones
"I am a a ready."
is is he an in honor
Theodor Roosevelt is to speak. In
doing so it is a to say he will oc
casio O resentment in any corner
of he land. .Fifty years out
much and fifty years a mellowed
even he southern estimate of Joh
Brown he south loves a brave an
dares to fight for at he thinks
is Perhap as a
little a but it takes a certain kind
of divine a to a history.
W a he a the- truth of the old
song re certain it the
Hi soul frees, marching on.
he a a negro boy beaten with iron
ti in the center at the place at which the
tongs. ,.&
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a arrangements to secure the prod
uct of the mine. Ty 57
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enable a person to shoot a revolv
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