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Agent New Ulm
P. Starr
H.J Wagenv
General Agent
Winona, Minn.
Effective March 17th, 1912
Wo 516—Daily, new line 4.25 am
Thro to Twin Cities and the Kast
22—Ex Sunday, old line.. .6 25 am
Connects at Kasota for Twin Cities or Mankato
8 10 a in
Wo 514—Daily, new line 3.39
Tbro to Twin Cities and the East
Wo 24—Daily, old line 3.41
Wo 14— Y.x 8unday, new line..6.55 tn
Ooontt'ts at Mankato for points South on
Wo 517—Daily, new line l:00aro
Thro from Twin Cities and the East
Wo 13—Ex Sunday, old line. .8:12 a
Thro to Tracy
Wo 503—Daily, new line :39
Thro from Twin Cities and the East
Wo 23—Daily, old line 1:35
Wo 27—Ex Sunday, old line..8:40
Connects at Mankato Junction with trains from
East and at Rasota with Twin Cities.
No. 22 now makes sharp connection
"with Omaha No. 8 at Kasota for all
points North, arriving St. Paul 10:25
at. m., Minneapolis 10:55 a. m.
Minneapolis & St. Louis R.
N fe St. Paul...(ex. Sun.) 6
Twin mues Passenger .... (ex. Sun.)
Baocal Freight (ex. Sun.)
IS n. tn.
2:06 pm
New Ulm Ac St. Paul...(ex. Sun.) S:45 p. tn.
«torm l^nlce Pass (ex. 8un.)12:!5p
tVocal Freight (ex. Sun.) 8:50
Juegal Advertisements.
Order for Hear'nJ on Claims.
S A I E O I N E S O A __
of Brown. »DB"
I Probate Court.
Special Term, April 6th, 1 '••?.
I the Matter of the Estate of Mar
jgaretha Nix, Deceased.
Letters of Adtninistration on the estate
of Margaret in Nix deceased, late of
tthe County of Brown and Stale of Minne
sota,bein granted to Albert Steinhauser
It Is Ordered. That six months be and
•%he a me is lierebj allowed from and after
tthe date of this order in which all persons
Shaving claims or demands against the
eaaid deceased are required to die the same
ftn the Probate Court of said County, for
•examination and allowance, or be forever
It is Further Ordered. That the first Mon
a in November, A. D. 1912 at 10 o'clock
.A. M., at a General Term of said Probate
Court, to be held at the Probate Office in
Hthe Court House in the City of Ne Ul
in said County, be and the same hereby is
sapDointed as the time and place when and
•where the said Probate Court will exatn
ao and adjust said claims and demands.
An It Is Further Ordered, That notice
of such hearing be given to all creditors
sand persons interested in said estate Oy
forthwith publishing this order once in
sach week for three successive weeks in
tthe New Ulm Review, a weekly newspa
printed and published at New L'lm in
tsald County.
Dated at New Ulm,Minn., the 6th day of
i\pril A. 1912
By the Court,
i(SE \l) GEO. Ross
15-17 Judge of Probate.
Order for Hearing on .Claims.
County of Brown. 5
In Probate Court,
I .Special Term, April Gtu. U) 2
In the Mntter ot the .Estate of Annta
^Carlson. Deceased.
Letter-* ot Administration on the estate
*af Anna CirKon, deceased, late of the
•County ot Brown unil State of Minne
so a beins grunted to E. Toenberg,
It i«ordered, That six months be and
4 he «ame is herebv allowed from and after
"the date of tins order in which all persons
Slaving claims or demands against the
Maicl deceased are required to Hie ih "same
•in the Probate Court of said County, for
•examination and allowance, or be forever
lb sirred.
It is further ordered, That the first Mon
#3av i,i November A. D. 1912, at II) o'clock
j&. M., at a General Term of «aid Piobate
*omt, to be held at the Probate Oflice in
«the Court House in the City of Ne Ulm
said County, be and the same hereby is
appointed as thetitneand place when and
•where the said Probate Court wilt examine
iand adjust said claims and demands.
An it is further ordered, That notice of
eiucu hearing be given to all creditor*- and
jpersotis interested in s-aid estate bj' f'»rtl»
•with publi-lung this order once in e.uli
'week fur tbrfe biiccts-ive weeks in the
:New Liui Review. weekly newspaper,
{printed an 1 publislic 1 at Xeu L'lm m-.nul
Dated at Minn the (th dav
pf April, A, I», iPU
hit the Court,
'tfe-M-J GEO. ROSS,
X5 L7 Judge of Probate.
Order to Examine Accounts.
County of Brown,
And it is further ordered, that notice tlieroof
3e giveu to all persons inteicstcd, bj publish
ing a copy of this order once in each week for
"throe successive weeks, prioi to -.aid ilaj of
tiearing,in the New Ulm R- view, a weekl news
fiaper, printod ami publi-.hed at Now Ulm, in
«aid count.
Dated at New Ulm tin- 6tli day of April
A. D. 1912
tSeal 1
Uj the Court
JUJKO of Probnto.
Order for Hearing on Petition to Convey
Lands on Contract.
County of Brown S
In Probate Court,
I Special Term, April 9th, l'JU.
In the Matter of the Estate of Joof
Schueiler, Deceased.
On Reaaing aud filial? the petition of John
Schiller -claiming to be eutitlecl to a con
weyaace ot certain real estate from the
Bxocutor of *aid estate, sotting forth that
Josef Schaollor deceased, was bound by a
(Contract in writing to convej «,aid real estate
Co the said John Schiller upon the terms
(andconditions therein stated, with a descrip
tion of the land to be conveyed, anil the facts
upon which such claim to coinejance pre
dicated, and praying that the probate court
make a decree authorizing anil directing the
said Nicholas Reinhart. Executor, to convey
ssid real estate to said petitioner as the
person entitled thereto.
It is Therefore Ordered, That all persons
interested in said estate may appear before this
conr at a special term thereof to bo hold on
iwdaytfa 3rd day of May A. D. 191* at 10
o'cloc in the forenoon, at the probate office in
Che court house in New Ulm in said countj. and
oppose said petition.
And it is farther ordered, that this order
Shall be published once in each week lor three
•successive weeks prior to said day of hearing in
«he Nevf Ulm Review, a weekly newspaper
printed and published at New Ulm in* ^aid
**Datedat New Ulm, the 9th day ot Aptil
Ja. D. 1812.
Se*l) By the Court,
J7 '*•$ Jndie of Probate.
Stato of Minnesota,
County of Brown.
fct.ite of Minnesota. I „,
Coui .1 HK'VMI.
^battel Lourtt.
Special Term, Apul lith, 1912.
In the matter of the estate of Tbeodor
Rein, doceasod.
On reading and filing the petition of Albert
iSteiiihiiuser. Executor of the estate of Theodor
5teni, deceasod, representing among other
sfiinup, that lie lia° administered said
•». tat«, aud iraying that a time and place be
Sized for oxaminiug and allowing tho ac
count of liis administration.
It te ordered, that t,aid account be oxaminod,
jund petition heard bv this, Court, on Friday,
*he :»rd day of Ma, A. D. 191.', at 10
^o'clock A. M., at tho Probate oHico, in the citj of
^Cew Ulm in said County.
District Court,
Ninth Juliciul District.
Christian Filzen Plaintiff
August Hamich, Anton Kamsancr,^
George Kramer, Jr., John sjchpll.
John Idner, Frauz Baggeler,
Henry Casper, C. L. Blanchard I
and John Schuffeneckor, also all
other persons unknown claiming
any right. tUlo, estate, interest
or lien, in the real estate de
scribed iu tho complaint heroin,,
The State of Minnesota to tho above namou
You aul each oi you are horeby summoned
and required to answer tho complaint of tho
Plaintiff In the above entitled action, which is
filed in tho office of the Clerk of tho District
Court of tho Ninth Judicial District maud for
the Count} of Brown and Stato of Minnesota,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the saut
complaint on tho snbscnbers, at their offico in
tho City of New Ulm in said county within
twenty days after the service of this summons
upon you exclusive ot the day of such service
and if ou fail lo answer the said complaint
within the time aforosaid, tho plaintift in this
action will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated April 15,1912.
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
New Ulm, Minnesota.
State of Minnesota,
County of Browu. t*g
District Court
Xtuth Judicial District.
Christian Filzen Plaintiff,
August Hamich, Anton Ramsiuier.l
George Kramer, Jr.. John Scuoll,
John Idner, Fran-! Baggeler.
Henry Casper, C. L. Blanchard
and John Sohufleiieckor, also all!_
other persons unknown claiming
any right, titlo, ostato, interest!
or lion, in the real estate de-1
scribed in the complaint herein, I
Notico Is hereby g'von, that an action has
been commenced iu this Court by the above
namod Plaintiff against tho above named Do
fondants That the object of said action is to
have the Plaintiff adjudged the owner in feo
simple and entitled to the possession of the
real property in the complaint and herein
after described, aud to further adjudge that
the Defendants, above named, and each of
them aud al-o all other persons unknown, have
DO right, title, estate, interest or Hen in or to
aid real property or any part tberoof.
The real property affected by said action is
situated in the County of Brown in the State ot
Minnesota, and is described as follows, to wit:
Outlets Tuirtj-tbree (33). Tliirtj-four (31),
Tbirti-live (35), Thirtj-six (36) and Thirtj
seven 37). all in the Citv of New Ulm.state
according to the plat of said City on file aud
of record in the office of the Register of Deeds
in and for said County of Brown.
Dated April 15,1912.
Plaintiff's Attorneys
18—21 New Ulm, Minnesota.
State of Minnesota, I
County oiBrown.
District Court,
1 Ninth Judicial Di-strict.
Christian Filzen Plaintiff
Johann Mayer Ada Meyer 1
Marjjaretha Mayer, John
Mayer, Auicust Mayer. Her
rnann Mayer, Albert Mayer,
A Mayer, Phitipp Groha,
Philipp Gross, Herrmann Bo
denstein, Peter Breith, Ger
an Land Association, a I
corporation, Joseph Ilitz and
Mrs. Joseph Hitz, his wife,
also all other persons un
known claiming any rijrht,
title, esia'e.intertst 01 lien, I
in the real estate described in
the complaint herein, I
The State of Minnesota, to the above
named Defendants:
You and each »t you are hereby sum
moned and required to answer the com
piaiiitof the plaintiff in the above entitled
action, which is Hied iu the office ot the
Clerk of the District Court of the XintU
Judicial uHtriet ,ind for the ,County of
Brown and State of Mmue-o'a, and to
serve a copy ot your answer to the sa .t
complaint on the subscriber at then
office in the City of New Ul in -aid
couutv within twenty days after the
s-ervice of this summons- upon you.exclu
si ve of the day of such service .i nd if you
fai! to .inswer the said complaint within
the time af-repaid, tiie plaintiff in tin
•iction will apply to the C.iirt for the relict
demanded in the complaint,
lnted April, 15, 1912.
Plaintiff's. Attorneys,
New Ulm. Minnesota.
Di-tnct court.
Juilienl District
Cliri'-ti-in Fil/tn,
Johann Miner, Adam Miner,
Maruareth.fi Ma\er. John
M.ivcr, August Majer, Her I
t.i.mri M.iU'i, xlbert Mavtr I
A Mner, Philipp t.iolif..
Philipp Gross, llerrm.iiiu I
iilenstein, I'etcr Breith, I
German Land Association, a
corporation.J i^eph Hitz,and
Mrs,. Joseph Hit/., his wife. I
also all other persons un
known claiming any ri»:ht,
title, estate, interest or hen 1
in the real estate described
in the complaint herein, I
Notice is hereby given, that an action
has been commenced in this Court by the
above named Plaintiff against the above
named Defendants That the cbject of
said action is to have the Plaintiff ad
judged owner in fee simple and entitled
to the possession of th real property in
the complaint hereinafter described and
to further adjudge that the Defendants,
above named and each of them and all
other persons unknown have no right,
title, estate, interest or lien in or to said
real property or any part thereof*
The real property affected bv -aid action
is situated in the County of Brown the
State of Minnesota and is described as
follows, to wit: Outlots Kottv-two -U).
Forty-three (J3), Forty veil (47), Forty
eight l-H) and Lot Twent two (2i) of
Bottomlands, all in the citv of New I Itu.
according to the pint ot said city on tile
and of record in the office of the Kegister
of Deeds in and for said County of Brown.
Dated April 15, W\i
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
lo New Ulnv, Minnesota.
Order for Hearing Application for Vp
pointinent ol* Administrator.
if Brown.
In Probate Court
I Special Term, April 19th, 1912
In the Matter of the Estate of Anton
Heklt, Peceused
On receiving and filing the petition of
Carol as Welter of the County if Carver
representing amotiK other things, that
Anton Heldt late of the County of
Brown in the State of. Minnesota, on the
17tn day of December A. D. 1911, at the
County of Brown died intestate, and
being an inhabitant of this County
at the time of his death, leaving goods
chattels, anJ estate within the County
of Carver aud that the said petitioner is
a nephew of said deceased, and praying
that administration of said estate be to
Cdr.ilu^ Welter granted
It is Ordered, That said petition be heard
before said Court, on Saturday the 18th
dav of Mav A. D. 1912, at l'i o'clock
A."I„ at the Probate Office, in lie Court
House, in New Ulm in said County.
Orderei Further. That notice thereof be
given to the heir-* of "-aid deceased anil to
all persmt. interested, by publishing this
order once in each week for three succes
sive weeks prior to said day of hearing, in
tiie New Ulm Review weekly newspaper
printed and published at New Ul in
said County.
Dated at New Ulm. Minnesota, is 19th
day of April A. D. l«i
By the Court.
National Automobile Road
Ovvatonna Journal-Chronicle: Sec
retary Searing of the Mankato Com
mercial club is in receipt of blue
prints drawn by Prof. Solberg of the
college at Brookings, S. D..
mapping out the proposod northern
coast to coast national highway. This
will be known as the Chicago, Black
Hills, Yellowstone Park and Coast to
Coast highway. It is intended for
travelers in the novthwest making
transcontinental trips between Chi
cago, the Yellowstone Park and the
Pacific coast.
Prof. Solberg was employed to map
ont the route from Mankato to the
western line of South Dakota. The
route as planned and which will be
followed, commences at Mankato,
passes through North Mankato, thence
up Belgrade hill road to Courtland,
New Ulm, Sleepy Eye, Springfield,
Sanborn, .Lamberton, Walnut Grove",
Tracy, Balaton. Tyler, Lake Benton,
M-inn Elkton, S. D. and on through
that state through Brookings, DeSmet,
Hm on, Highmore, Blunt, Pierre, fol
low in? the Dead wood trail through
the Black Hills by way of the Spear
fish canyon to Rapid City and thence
on to Sundance, Wyoming.
The route east of Mankato will fol
low the line of the Northwestern rai'
way. passing through the towns of
Eagle Lake Jane^ville, Waseca, Owa
tonna. Dodge Center. Kasson. Roches
ter. Chatflell St Charles, Lewiston.
Woodstock and Winona.
The whole of this proposed natio
nal highway through this state with
the exception of that portion passing
through Redwood county ha been
designated as a state roan It is ex
pected that at the next meeting of the
Redwood county board, that that por
tion will be designated as a state
highway, in order to receive the bene
fits from the state.
The National Automobile associa
tion is back of this move, and in get
ting out its blue book this jear will
print this pioposed route so that those
wishing to make the tiip this year
may do so An effort will be made
bv the different localities through
which the highway passes to properly
grade the roads and gravel the same.
Fortunes in Faces.
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Taxation of Money and Credits--.
In 1911, as explained in the preced
ing article, a somewhat radical
change was made in the method of
listing and assessing money and
credits in this state. For more .than
50 years Minnesota had been trying
to reach such property for purposes
of taxation with the same machinery
and in the same manner as we taxed
tangible personal property. Our ex
perience was not materially different
from that of other states and coun
tries that had followed the same meth
ods—at no time did we ever get more
than a fraction of such property on
the tax rolls.
Two causes have largely contribut
ed to our failure to reach this class of
property for purposes, of taxation—
the intangible nature of the property
and the high rate of taxation that pre
vailed in n-ot,t of the taxing districts
of the state.
Such property, known as intangible
personal property, can be easily con
cciled because, unlike live stock or
manufactured goods or the goods and
wares of a merchant, it i* not suscep
tible to the touch or e\e of taxing of
ficials and cannot ho appraised with
the saire degree of accuracy as tan
gible personal property. For this
reason we are compelled to rely
largely on the declaration of the
owner as to the value of his property
Of this character
Experience in this and every other
state has demonstrated that when
tax rat© consumes more than 1" ~r
cent oi the income from this clas"
property it will not be volurt.ir lv
listed for taxation.. Thse tax rate-.
isiea lo uixau-Ji
ary in differen taxing districts of
this state from about one and one-half
pet cenf to more than ten per
the average for the stato this
beina nearly three per cent. ThL
means that in some districts the taxe^- I
on credi's would amount to mo:e tlM
tho entire income from such propei
vvhila the av»Mage rate in the sta
would consume from 40 to per cent
of such income Under such condi
tions the natural tendency is to cc i
ceal such property from t?.Mrig
flcials. and perhaps justifiably so, f^r
no man should be expected to con
tribute more than half of his income
for support of government.
Realizing the difficulty of reaching
this class of property for purposes of
taxation under the prevailing system,
the legislature, in 1911, passed a law
imposing a flat rate of three mills on
the dollar on such property. It was
felt that a low uniform rate of taxa
tion would result in placing a large
amount of this class of property on
the tax rolls that had heretofore en
tirely escaped taxation. It was con
tended that the average man desired
to be honest and that a low rate would
permit him to make a truthful return
of property of this character that he
might own without the fear of having
most of its income confiscated for
The results the first year under the
new law have fully justified these
conclusions. The assessed value of
this class of property returned for
taxation in 1910, under the old law,
amounted to less than fourteen mil
lion dollars, while in 1911 the amount
listed for taxation under the new law
exceeded one hundred and fifteen mil
lion dollars, an increase of nearly 850
per cent in one year. In -1910 the
assessed value of this class of prop
erty represented only 4 2 per cent of
the" bank deposits of the state, while
the assessment of 1911 amounts to
33.8 per cent of such deposits.
Notwithstanding the low rate tho
total tax derived from this class of
property in 1911 was but slightly less
than In 1910, 07 ot the 86 counties of
the state showing an actual increase
while 52 of the fi4 cities and villages
of the state having a population of
5,000 and over made substantial
gains in revenue over 1910 Not on
ly is the increase a very gratifying
one. but the returns show conclusively
that the tax is much more equitably
disturbed among the people than it
was under the old law.
It is confidently expected that the
assessment this vear will show a con
siderable increase over last year. The
purpose of the law is now better un
derstood by both the people and the
taxing officials than it was a year
ago. The tax imposed under the law
is not burdensome it has been sus
tained by the supreme court, and is
now an established part of the tax
ing system of the state. It is en
titled to a fair trial, and if the ulti
mate results, after it has had a fair
trial are not satisfactory it can be
Some criticism of the law is heard
because it does not permit of the de
duction of debts from credits. It
should be remembered, however, that
a person who owes a debt on his farm
or his home, or on his farm imple
ments or household goods or merchan
dise is not permitted to deduct such
debt from the assessed value of the
property. There is perhaps as much
justification on the grounds of equity
for deducting debts from these classes
of property as from credits, but no
such deductions have ever been per
mitted under the law. In the opinion
holding that debts cannot be deducted
from credits the supreme court says:
"Though this result leads to a de
parture of the long settled policy of
the state to allow the deduction of
debts in taxation of this kind, that
policy was at its inception of doubtful
merit, in that it extended to one class
of taxpayers a favor not granted to
others. It permitted the taxpayer
holding credits to deduct his debts
from the amount of his assessment,
and denied the right of any owner
of other property who was also in
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"illy w»)"',30ithedoi 80 000
•uootnu cnslo-nors herd »d
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