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Mrt. Olio Konn attended the funeral
•of Daane W. Skewes at Luverne last
H. C. Pessrson of Sleepy Eye
Tel Orta of Esslg wire pleasant cellere
«t the Review office last week.
Bert Hebbard of Excelsior cetne
-down Monday to join "Co. A" wheo
4hey left yesterday for SperU, Wis.
H^N. Soasen, O. A. Johnson of
fianska end E O. Hage made en to to
4rlp to eke Cities Saturday in the
Sage ear.
Mr. and Mrs. George"Nutter, Miss
Nutter end Miss Hattle Johnson of
St. Peter were Sunday guests of the
F. W. Johnson family.
A20H. P. Avery farm tractor Is
toing used oa the August Loeffel
enacher fare*to haul three large self
binders in the harvest field.
Mrs. L. G. Bell and son Kurt
-returned the latter part of last*week
-from Minneapolis and St. Paul where
shey attended the Saengerfest.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Garvin of the
Bay State Milling Company of Winona
and Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Davison of
Winnipeg, Man. were in New Ulm
last week on their way thru the
southern part of the state by auto.
On every outing
Week end trips to the country,
visits to lake or seashore, all
invite your Kodak.
You have the fun of tak
ing the pictures, and the pleas
ure of a picture story all your
It is easy to Kodak.
Let us show you at
Drug Store
The Kodak Star* OUca Block
Peach canning 8eason
has come again. We
have anticipated your
orders and have
to supply your orders.
This is the very best
brand of peaches to put
op. They are fine ones
too Let us supply
your needs.
Queen Sanitary
Wide Mouthed
Fruit Jars
are the most convenient
and most sanitary glass
jars' on the market.
Have you seen them?
Picnic Specialties
We can always be de
pended upon to furnish
what you may wish for
Souvenir Glassware
A nice line and priced
Red Front
A i«au»V*t»fJi?
Mr. and MM. Chas. Vpgtol drove
lo, iHnnsapolts Setarday *n«
ftanday there.
Theodore Sehaslder
after business suiters
Friday and Saturday.
was looking
in gas Cities
Overalls, Paste, workshirts, the
best at Hummel Brottters.?!*
Miss Hannah O'Brien of St. Peter,
a nisee of Mrs. M. Mullen is making
an extended visit with her aunt.
Louis Palmer and daughter Lunletta
of Fairfax visited with New Ulm
friends and lelatlves the latter part of
week. $*
August Windibrn left Monday
afternoon for Wheelock, North
Dakota, where he will have charge of
a grain elevator. '*•.
Mrs. E. T. Critchett left yesterday
for her home, in Minneapolis after a
two weeks visit at the Mullen home
and with otherfriends.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crone, Sr. and
Carl Crone, Jr., left in their car
yesterday for Minneapolis. They will
be gone for about a week.
All Stock No Style 5c Cigar is
All Stock No Style.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Rempel of Preston,
Minnesota are visiting at the Wagner
and Scherer homes. Mrs. Rempel is
a sister of Mrs. Robert Scherer and
a granddaughter of Mrs. Chas. Wag
ner. They will stay for several
At the recent annual meeting of the
Ladies' Society of the New Ulm Turn
vereln, toe following offloers were
elected: Pree., Mrs. Augusta Schmidt
Vloe Pree., Mm. Franziska Bellm
Recording Secy., Mrs. C. Volquard
sen Corresponding Secy., Miss
Louise Scbrodt Trees., Mrs. L. O.
Considerable complaint la being
registered by the abutting property
owners along South State Street over
the deplorable condition the street was
left in by E. T. Webster who had the
contract for constructing the sewer
and catch basins on this street. It is
likely that formal complaint will be
made to the city council if the street hi
not placed in a more passable condi
tion soon.
Prof. M. Andrist of the University
of Minnesota, an aspirant for guber
natorial honors on the Democratic
ticket, was in the city Friday, can
vassing the situation. While here be
met quite a number of Democrats
lojal to the party, but it is very
doubtful if he made any converts to
h|s platform which, among other
things, favors county option.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Remund and
Miss Mabel Remund of Waseca
arrived last Thursday evening to
visit at the Dr. Reineke home until
after the marriage of Miss Remund
which will take place tomorrow
evening at 6 o'clock at the German
M. E. Church. Miss Remund is a
sister of Mrs. Reineke and is well
known here, having taught in our
schools year before last. The groom
eiect is Mr. Adolph Sandmann who
was employed with the Fullerton
Lumber Co. for three years until last
fall when he left for Burkhard, Wis.,
where he is now connected with a
flour mill.
If you have word from friends and
relatives who have notified you that
they will be here for the eelebration
kindly telephone the Review office at
atonoe. It Is important that the
names of all who are coming be pub
lished in advance so that friends far
and near will know of it and the re*
union may be made more thoroughly
successful and enjoyable. The Review
is going at the present time to every
person known to have been a former
resident of our city and one way of
getting all to come home will be by
notifying them of their friends who
are to be here. It is the hope and
desire of the celebration committees to
make the event a real "home coming"
of all those who were once among us
and of us. Therefore, call us up the
minute you hear from anyone who
will be with you at that time.
This time you will know where you
can buy the famous high grade, stan
dard A. B. Cameron piano that you
have heard and read about for
well known piano man, A. Danielson,
has bought a big carload of twenty of
them and has ordered them shipped to
his music store at New Ulm, Minn,
and will offer this carload of beautiful
instruments to a music loving public
ai a big reduction in prices. This
big sale will last for only six
starting August 19th and ending Aug.
25tb the Home Coming Week. This
sale of High grade, A. B. Cameron
pianos in fine Mahogany, Oak andand
Walnut veneered cases will be theNorthwestern
greatest sale of high grade instruments
that has ever taken place at such
price, as tbeee instruments will sell
32—33 A. DANlELSOSVFrOp.
TI»M.Kpet»ea,ta* CoWso
Born, Friday, Aug 2nd, to Mr. nod
Mrs. Arthur Rssd on North German
Street, a daughter.
N. Benntageen and William Silver
son left Sunday afternoon on a
nets trip to North Dakota.
Al. Stork, Harry Bingham, Mies
Hannah Stork und Fred Stadelbauer
drove to the cities la the Stork oar
The Misses W a
STOCK CO., makers. Try One.
Capt. A. Page, Mayor of -Austin,
who served in the Spanish American
War, passed through New Ulm last
Wednesday. He was on his way to
South Dakota.
George Brett and a party of twelve
autoed to New Ulm from Mankato
Sunday and had dinner at the Dakota
House. Another auto partyof seven
teen from Madelia were also guests at
this popular hostelry.
Remund of Waseca arrived yesterday
to be present at the marriage of thejr
sister, Mlas Mabel Remund.
Mr. and Mrt. J. H. Siegel, and Mrs.
L. B. Krook drove to Minneapolis
Friday and Mr. Krook and Miss
Frances left Saturday to join them
there and return with them.
The George Graff family of Ivenhoe
who has been visiting in New Ulm for
several days will make the return trip
to their home by auto to-day. Mies
Elisabeth Henle will go with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Stockstead
of the Town of Home are rejoicing
over the arrival of a little eon who
came to them last week Monday. Both
mother and child are doing nicely.
Get it now and read up "ON THE
historical story of the Indian War in
1802. Good wholesome and interesting
reading for old and young. On sale
Drugstore. 32—33
MissElfrieda Toberer went to St.
Peter to attend the dinner party given
Monday by the Misses Clara and
Emma Rust in honor of Miss Ceiia
Engeser who is to be married today.
George S. Hage and family of
Madelia and Mrs. Borreson and
daughter of La Crosse, Wisconsin,
spent Sunday at the Emll G. Hage
home. They drove over from Madelia
by auto.
Mrs. Therese Finnell of St. Paul
and her two children, Gladye and
Tommy, arrived Saturday to spend
several weeks at the A. J. Alwin home
and with other friends bare and •*Ulm.
Miss Lottie Silverson of Chicago
and Mrs. O'Donnell of Cincinnati are
visiting with their father, Chaa
Silverson. Mr. Silverson's sister,
Miss Barbara Schubaoh of Cincinnati,
is also here.
Mrs. Peter Giefer, Mrs. Robert
Fesenmaier, Mrs. Myron Snyder and
Mrs. A. J. Esser will entertain the
sewing circle of St. Anne's Court W.
C. O. F., at the home of Mrs. Giefer
this afternoon.
The Band Concert last Sunday
evening was not completed owing to
the rain storm and Captain Hofmeister
has decided to give another one
evening of August 18th ou the return
of the band from camp.
Mrs. W. G. Alwin and children
returned Saturday from Arlington
where she has spent the past three
weeks visiting at the Herman Breit
kreuts home. Mrs. Alwin attended
the Saengerfest concerts while she
was gone.
Mrs. S. Pfefferle left Friday for an
extended trip to St. Paul, Milwaukee,
Kenosha and Chicago. She will visit
with friends and relatives and also do
the fall buying for her millinery
parlors. Her niece, Lucy Pfefferle,
accompanied her.
The School Board of the New Ulmnecessary
Schools met Saturday evening last
and organized by re-electing the pre
sent incumbents to their officers. Dr.
Weiser will therefore be President for
another year, Prof. Reim, Secretary
and Mr. A. W. Bingham, Treasurer.
The time has come to let the
readers of this paper know where and
by whom the famous A. B. Cameron
pianos are sold. These pianos are
handled and sold by the old and well
known music dealer, A. Danielson,
and he has got a'carload of twenty of
these high grade instruments shipped
direct from the A. B. Cameron Factory
to his music store at New Ulm, Minn.,
and will offer to you piano buyers
this carload of twenty pianos at such
low figures that these twenty pianos
will be sold in only Six
Kfetse*,** *mm"*+m Mrs. Che* Ooftwll wee* to St. i-#»~
W&»***^ noOD to
nftmnmn nwi
great piano sale will start August 19th
and close August 26th, sec DAYS ONLY.
A. DANIELSON, Prop. 32-33
Geo. A. Biebl, the well known
druggist of Fairfax, at one time in the
employ of the Pioneer Drug Store here
and Miss Anna Altmann of Fairfax
were united in marriage at that city
last week Tuesday. The happy event
occurred at St. Andrew's Catholic
Church at 9 o'clock in the morning.
The nuptial knot was tied in the
presence of a large number of friends
of the contracting parties by Rev.and
Andrew Biebl, of Columbus, Ohio, a
of the groom, assisted by
Revs. Goergen of Fairfax and Mamer
ofSearles. The bride was attended
by her sister, Miss Nellie Altmann
and Edward Palmer acted as best man.
A sumptuous wedding dinner was
served to the bridal party at Hotel
Ryan and shortly thereafter the newly
weds departed for New Ulm by auto
from- here they left over the
for Denver, Col. where
tney will spend their honeymoon at
the borne of brother of the groom.
They will go' to housekeeping al
Miss Iona Salter of, Minneapolis
visited at the Frenael home from Wed
nesday to Saturday of last week.
Alfred Sehlumberger made a recent
trip to the north central part ot the
state recently and purchased some
land near Pietz.
The rains of Sunday and Monday
evenings did no material harm to the
crops of grain and were very weloome
in the cornfields and vegetable
Mrs. Fred Setter come home Satur
day after a month's visit with friends
in the city. Little Helen Johnson and
Aline Setter came home at the same
During the absence of Major John
Buschers and Peter Kitzberger at
Sparta, Wis., former teller Albert A.
Manderfeld will be on duty at the
State Bank.
Miss Margaret Schoch and Miss
Thusnelda Fuerot left this morning
for St. Paul to visit a week. On their
return Miss Dorothy Helmes will
accompany them.
Do not fall to see the A. B.
Cameron piano before you buy the
best piano made in regard to material,
workmanship and fine tdne quality,
in the market and the prices the
lowest. Investigate. 29 tf
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Seheiderich
drove to Le Sueur Center Sunday,
accompanied by their little nephew
who has been spending a week in New
Their niece, Estslla Marks, re-
turned with themtovisit with friends
and relatives*
Miss Ida Hauenstein returned last
evening from a month's visit with
friends in the cities and at the lakes.
Her sister, Mrs. Franx Hubbard of
Excelsior came with her to stay while
Mr. Hubbard is away at camp in
Sparta and wilt probably remain here
for the celebration.
When you read this it will tell
you where and by whom the famous
A. B. Cameron Pianos that you have
heard and read so much about are
sold and where you will have an
opportunity to buy this high grade,
standard instrument at a sur
prisingly low price. A carload of
twent of these fine instruments will be
on sale by the well known
music dealer, A. Danielson, at his
store in New Ulm. This great sale
starts August 19tb and closes August
Two of the force of teachers who
were here last year and accepted re
election for next year have since
resigned. One of them is Mr.
Cesander who intends to continue
traveling for the New Ulm Roller Mill
and the other is Miss Burns whose
health is so poor she will not (each
next year at all.
Chairman C. G. Reim of the Band
of 100 pieces reports that he has no
trouble to get musicians but lacks the
instruments. All who have
instruments, not only in New Ulm
but also in the surrounding country,
are kindly requested to plane them at
the disposal of the committee. Their
return in as good condition as when
received is guaranteed.
Among the expected guests for Home
Coming Week are Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
J. Pfeu of Cincinnati, Ohio and Mrs.
Hein Loenholdt of Hamburg, Ger
many. Mr. Pfau who is one of the
old Pioneers of New .Ulm, is an uncle
of Miss Allie Scherer and he and
Mrs. Pfau will be her guests. Mrs.
Loenholdt was formerly Mies Minnie
Pfaender and she will visit with Dr.
Frltsche's family.
Harvest has been going rapidly
forward the past week under ideal
weather conditions, both for the grain
and for the laborers. For years past
no such crop has waited the reaper
and hopes have been high for a
bounteous yield which should wipe out
the memory of the forlorn yields of the
last two seasons. One difficulty
exists even now, however, and
that is the scarcity of binding
twine. The factories are swamped
with orders for more than they
can turn out during the season
a number of farmers in this
vicinity have been forced to cease
cutting while they waited the arrival
of twine they had orderd. The
State's Prison plant will not accept
any further orders and the situation
here was oeeoming serious. One ofCameron.
our enterprising dealers, Mr. F. H.
Retslaff, proved a friend, indeed, to
hie customers by having a consign
ment of 9000 shipped him by express
the pact week. He did not advance
the prioe to the farmers but paid the
difference out of his own pocket wbfth
was really more than should be
pasted of a merchant. 8uch treatment
of customers Is sure to bring good
-wi' -tww^fp^fy1yjgag
BVnMotN)ey 7 Baal Monday^—• week's visit. 1 J— .- Jm s^,,
.,today._ —vS^¥- I
Mrs. Frank Matsch and children
leave today for Springfield for several
days' visit
Kasson Setter who is tsktaf medi
cal treatment in the cities left for 84,
Paul yesterday morning. \j
Mrs. J. H. Vogel accompanied the
Carl Crone family on their auto trip
to Minneapolis yesterday.
George Ramme of Rochester came
join the boys of
Compan. A onAaa.r
thei trip to Sparta.
l§ l]l
14 No. Minnesota St. New Ulm, Minn.
A. Danielson, the well known
music dealer, is the man that sells the
famous piano that you have heard
and reed so much about, the A. B.
The greatest warm weather pictures ever shown.
"Capt. Scott's Expedition to the South Pole," in two
parts. These pictures reveal the unknown wonders
of the Antarctic Circle. Marvelous views of the
Midnight Sun, and
Strange animal life of the frozen south
You cannot afford to miss this feature
Come and cool off among the Ice bergs
Thursday and Friday, Aug, 8-9
New pictures
off New Pall Suitsr
tonight, tomorrow
A up a reservefund against
future. Bad crops, misfortune
or a great financial opportunity may
come. Be prepared. Step in and
talk it over today. Be wise in time—
this time.
Start a savings account today.
A dollar will do it.
Brown County Bank
New Ulm, Minnesota.
Mr. Danielson has a big
carload of twenty of these high grade,
standard pianos shipped from the A.
B. Cameron Factory to bis store at
New Ulm, Minn, and will offer this
big opportunity to all piano buyers to
get one of theee splendid instruments
at this great piano eale. He will offer
them at prices that will sell theee
twenty planes within six DAYS. The
sale starts Aug. 19th and ends Aug.
25, only sot
A. DAMingpN,
3 *&•
Oar New York Resi
dent Bayer watches
the retail as well as
the wholesale places
in New York and
keeps us supplied with
the newest patterns,
with cravats, handker
chiefs and hose to
^•verj^new fad. J)
shirt stock reprefei
Silk Shirts at $3.00
to $3 5 0
Others at $1 to 2.50
Belts in Gray, Black
or Tan 50c

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