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v* i.
New Sewers In
S.German Park
Committee Which Investigat
Turbine Engine at
Virginia Reports.
Storage Room To Be Provi
ded For Electric Light
Plant Supplies.
Prof. A. Ackermann of the college
appeared before the Council at their
last regular monthly meeting and in
cidentally reminded them of the
promise of a cement sidewalk on Cen
ter Street which the college should
have had before now. His main
reason for appearing however was to
protest against the excessive charges
for minor repairs to tbeir electrical
switchboard such as the blowing out of
la fuse. These they could repair tbenv
selves if given permission to do so,
but up-to-date this bad been persis
tently denied them. The matter was
finally referred to the pioper com
The committee which investigated
the low pressure turbine at Virginia,
Minn, filed their written report.
Although favorably impressed with
this style of engine, the, gentlemen
were not ready to recommend the pur
chase of a turbine for our plant, but
they did recommend that further in
vestigation be made. City Clerk
Albert J. Meyer and Supt. John Bol
•tad were directed to communicate
with manufacturers of various styles
of engines andCity Engineer Minium
waa requested to get into touch with a
competent electrical engineer who is
to draw up plans and specifications
for the machinery and appliances
necessary to adequately equip our
electric light plant.
On account of the numerous com
plaints that are pouring in because
several, of .the cross streets south of
Center Street are fenced off and closed
to traffic, an Investigation was made
and it was discovered by an examina
tion of the council proceedings that
Spring street between Seventh and
Sixteenth South Streets and those
portions of Eighth, Ninth, Tenth,
Eleventh, Twelfth, Fifteenth and
Seventeenth South StreetB had been
vacated at the time the M.* & St. L.
was built. City Attorney Somsen was
requested to take up the matter with
the railroad company and secure their
consent to have Tenth South Street
opened for traffic at this time.
The committee on electric light was
given Jfull authority to erect a shed
near the station to store the supplies
of the plant, it having been reported
that no suitable storage room could
be secured. The contemplated im
provement will cost about $125.
The committee which bad been ap
pointed to investigate sewer condi
tons in South German Park report*
through its chairman that some of the
property owners along South German
St. had laid underground sewers from
their premises to the park, and that
Special Comedy
In addition to our usual comedy program for
Sunday we will feature a new stuut, something
that has never before been produced in a picture
house in this city, tt is built for laughing purpos
es ouly. We're not going to tell just yet. but
try and be there.
Uemember the prize to be given away Saturday,
a handsome cut glass bowl, on exhibition in Sch len
der's window. Bear in mind that this is no pressed
glass imitation.
Save Your Coupons
by reason thereof there was grave
danger that the water in the springs
would be contaminated* As a majority
of the abutting property owners are
agreeable to having public sewers laid
next year, this nuisance will soon be
abated. ,.||fc
The report of Fire Marshall Jos. F.
Groebner which was read and tiled
shoved that in general precautions for
the prevention of fire were being taaen
and that whenever it had become
necessary to order premises cleaned
up, the,, orders had been cheerfully
complied with by the owners.
Upon the request of Fire Chief
Henry Engel, Joseph F. Groebner was
appointed First Assistant and Fred
Pfaender, Second. Assistant. An
honorable discbarge was {granted
August Niemann who for six and
one half years had.been a'faithful and
efficient member, of Hose-Company
No 1.
City Treasurer Gottlieb Oswald was
advised that assessments could be
collected from the purchasers of lots
on South State Street where the former
owaers had neglected to pay the sewer
The request of Postmaster Liescb to
have four of the mailboxes attached
to standards of the "White Way" was
laid over to the special meeting on
December 17th.
Night Policeman Anton Stiemann
having bad DO vacation during the
six months he wa^ on duty, was upon
request allowed an additional 5 days'
pay. ,.
A building permit was granted to
theNewUlm Brewing & Malting Co.
for the erection of anew boiler house.
At the meeting of the Nicollet Coun
ty Agricultural Society held recently
in St. Peter at Treasurer Jackson's
office It was voted to withdraw from
the Southern Minnesota Short Ship
Circuit. The association faces a de
ficit which may run up to $650. It
is hoped to decrease expenses by with
drawing from the circuit and thus
escape the heavy drain due to the
harness races. It was also agreed
to raise the general admission fee
from 25 cents to 50 cents.
This, it is expected, will increase the
receipts to such an extent that no
new deficit will stare the directors
in the face.
The following officers and board of
directors were re-elected:
J. M. Turner, Oshawa, president
J. H. Nutter, Traverse, firsr, vice-pre
sident James Randolph, Kasota, se
cond vice-president, John C. Hulett,
St. Peter, secretary, and C. H. Jack
son, St. Peter, treasurer. The direc
tors are as follows: Geo. W. Studley
and O. J. Quane, St. Peter Paul Mc
Dermott and Fred Manske, Kasota
Henry Fanning, Sharon Henry Lam
pert, Washington Fred. Leath, Cleve
land Martin Schwartz, Ottawa Jos.
Seitzer, Oshawa J. P. Wright, Tra
verse Julius Schmitt, Nicollet Theo.
Ostrom, New Sweden Ole Peterson,
Bernadotte F. D. Currier, Granby,
Charles Braun, Courtland Claus A.
Swanson, Lafayette Ernst Kienlen,
Rldgely Matt Walser, West Newton
Adam Epper,. Brighton, and Wendell
Hodapp, North Mtankato.
/v .^
Late Building
Is Completed
New Ulra Ice Company Erects
H000 Ton House For ,.
Storing Ice. '.
Roller Mill ami Seed Co. Com
plete Elevator and 'J
Corn Warehouse. *$
The Farmers Elevator Company has
a new store bouse for oil, meal, Hour,
feed and salt. The building is locat
ed north of tbeir grain elevator and
is a two story structure, 18x36 feet, and
costs something like $500.
The new boiler house and met*l chim
ney erected at the south side of the
Brewing & Malting Company's plant
will cost from »2000 to $2500. The
boiler house stands approximitely
23x28x14 and the chimney is 80 feet
'high. The building operations are
complete and two new bolers each
having a capacity of 50 H. P. will be
installed this week if they arrive in
time to do so.
The $3500 warehouse erected by the
New Ulm Ice Company will have a
capacity of 000 tons of Ice. A little
figuring will show that this means
more than a dollar a ton merely for a
storage place for the ice. The ware
house is located between the M. & St.
L. Right-of-Way and Water Street.
It is of thoroughly modern construc
tion with double walls. Between the
two shells there will be sawdust and
hereafter the ice will not be packed in
sawdust but will be covered with bay
instead. Electric machinery will be
used'for hoisting the bloi ks of ice into
place. The old house will still be
used. Ice cutting will be late this year
on account of the season's warmth. It
will probably not begin much before
New Years.
Building operations at the Hospital
have gone forward with speed also
and a temporary roof covers the im
mense structure so that all thru tne
winter finishing operations can be con
tinued on the inside and there's no
doubt the building will be completed
for use early next season.
At the last regular meeting of the
New Ulm Fire Department Alfred
Schroeck, Fred Pfaender and Math.
Pederson were named as a committee
for the annual Firemen's Dance which
is to be held at Turner Hall Sylvester
Eve. Chief Henry Engel will be ex
officio a member of the committee.
The extremely late season has been
most favorable to building operations
in New Ulm and several large
structures amounting to thousands' of
dollars in value have been erected and
have been so far advanced in con
struction that only the inside finishing
remains to be done. It is doubtful
whether there has been a time when
more large structures were in course
of building at this season than is the
case this year. Another favorable
feature is the fact that all these
operations have been entered upon
because of growing business which
called for more space for expansion
and this indicates a healthier con
dition than entirely new enterprises
The Minnesota Seed Company have
practically, completed tne work on
their immense new warehouse. It
stands three stories above a deep
basement. Its dimensions are 85 by
50 feet and this gives the entire
building a length of 165 feet. The
basement Is built of concrete and the
upper portion is ame covered with
galvanized iron. It has a capacity of
ten to fifteen thousand bushels of ear
orn. The interior has merely
warehouse fioisn and the curing of the
seed corn will be done as before in the
original plant. The company reports
a successful year. •:.'•'^4^
The Northwestern Hotel recently
completed the addition of a third
story which was necessitated by in
creased business. The place is oow^a.
twenty-five room hotel and plans are
already made to enlarge it to thirty
five rooms in the spring.
The New Ulm Roller Mill Com
pany's new elevator was completed
last week so that it can beused for
storing of grain. It has a capacity
of 45,0)0 bushels. It, too, is a frame,
ironclad building and was erected by
Chas. E. Web9ter of Winthrop. The
building was necessitated by the
growing grain trade of the Mill.
15 Jury Cases
1 Will Be Tried
#etit Jury Convenes To-day.
Criminal Cases Come Up
Next Monday.
Two Cases Are Reported-Set
tied Upon Opening of
December Term.
Promptly at eleven o'clock, Tuesday
orning, Sheriff W. J. Julius at the
irection of Judge Olsen, announced
opening of the December term of
District Court of Brown County.
John Gratz, one of the grand jurors
had not been summoned and George
Guth of Eden was excused. Fred
Pfaender was appointed foreman and
H. C. Peterson was elected as clerk of
the grand jury.
Upon the preliminary call of the
civil calendar, fifteen case* were set
for jury trial, seven as court cases,
two were reported as settled and dis
missed, one was passed and there are
motions pending in three to strike
them from the calendar. County
Attorney Erickson announced that be
would move the criminal calendar next
Monday. John gchapekahm is bailiff
of the grand jury, Fred Prahl and
John Scbons bailiffs for the petit jury
Sod Emil Garbrecht is acting as
Deputy Clerk of Court. The petit
jury convenes at o'clock to-day
(Wednesday) and the trial of civil
cases will be taken up at once. We
append herewith a Hat of the cases
noticed for trial and their disposition
at the preliminary call:
State of Minnesota, Piff. vs. Lavis
Larson, Deft. Jury case.
State of Minnesota, PJff. vs. Win.
Weuger, Deft. Jury case.
State of Minnesota, Plff. vs. Geo.
Hale, Deft. Jury case.
Qiward Pearson, Plff. vs. Paul
Gotkoecbt, Deft. Settled and dii
Fmma Arndt, Plff. vs Lavis Larson,
Deft. Jury case.
Margaretba Mack, Plff. vs. Chas.
A. Engelking, Deft. Court case.
Vacation, 10 day's notice.
Edward Berkcer and Alfred A.
Berkner, co-partners as Berkoer
Bros.. Plff. vs. Wm. Schmitt, Deft.
Motion to strike from calendar.
Edward F. Berkner and Alfred A
Berkner, co-partners as Berkner
Bros Plff. VB. Martin Sherman, Deft.
Motion to strike from calendar.
Edward F. Berkner and. Alfred A.
Berkner, co-partners as Berkner
Bros., Plff. vs. Dudley G. D'Evelyn,
Deft. -Motion to strike from calendar.'
Ole T. Helling, Plff. vs. Hanska
Milling Co., a corporation and Henry
N. Somsen as Trustee, Defts. Passed
Argument on demurrer.
State of Minnesota, Plff. vs. Wm.
Wieland, Deft. Jury case.
World's Best Film Co, a corpo
ration,Plff. vs. Otto D. English, Deft.,
and Harry Lewis, Max Lewis and
Philip Lewis, ct-partners under the
firm name and style of "Independent
Film Exchange." Interveners. Court
case. Vacation, 10 days' notice.
Martin Neubauer, Plff. vs. Joseph
A. Neubauer, Deft. Court case.
Wolfgang Hacker, Plff. vs. Geo.
Tauer, Deft. Jury case.
Alma Zellmer, Plff. vs. Ernest Zell
"mer, Deft. Court case. Vacation, 10
days' notice.
Carrie Anderson, incompetent by N.
P. Nelson, her guardian, Plff. vs.
Thomas Larson and Emma Larson,
Defts. Jury case.
Chas. Baltrusch, Plff. vs. Burg
Cigar Co. Defts. and Wm. H.Dempsey,
Gam. Jury case.
Bank of Perth, a corporation, vs.
H. F. Berkner, Deft. Jury case.
Motion for continuance.
Geo. Reiser, Plff. and Resp. vs. W.
E. Kortb, Deft, and Appl. Jury case.
Sleepy Eye Land & Trust Co.. a
corporation, Plff. vs. Otto Schreyer,
Deft. Court case. Vacation 10 days
In the Matter of the Estate of Chas
Feirer, deceased Joseph Feirer, Pro
ponent'and appellant vs. Herman
Weber, Guardian of Anna Feirer,
Contestant and Respondent. Court
case. Vacation, 10 days'notice.
Albert W. Schmid on behalf of
Margaret Scbmid, Plff. vs. W. M.
Anderson, Deft. Jury case.
Albert W. Schmid, Plff. vs. W. M.
Anderson, Deft. Jury case.
Wm. Mueller, Plff. vs. Axel New
da!I, Deft. Settled and dismissed.
Ida Klein. Plff. vs. Ida Renner, Deft
Jury case. %A if
Albert A. PaffratlC Plff. vs. Wni.
Polkow, Deft. Jury case.
Emma B. Nuodahl, Plff. vs. John C.
Nundabl, Deft. Court ease.
Henry Mueller, appellant vs. Super
visors of Town of Courtland, Nicollet
Co., Minn., Respondent Jury case
8tate of Minnesota, Plff. vs. William
Diepolder, Deft. For trial.
M. E. Mathews, the defeated candi-
counties and personally examine and
should not be allowed to count for
either candidate.
The results of this contest will
be watched with interest, the official
count being so close. As the count
now stands, M!r. Olsen has 104 majori
ty. A change of fifty-three votes from
,f# ft(J* «t'*S-«r"fif*r'Mt^3fly'
jr .'
Society Plans
New Grandstand
Receipts of the
Brown Co. Fair Ass'n.
Out of Debt•
Possibility of an Aviation
Meet Here For Next
Summer Discussed. ..
The good w^bjrk.done by the officers
and directors of. the Brown County
Agricultural Society for the past'few
years is beginning to tell. In spite
of a at
date for judical honors has demanded °t received the support from our
a recount, which really does not citizens that it should have received,
come as a surprise, in view of the present management wheh has
rumors that were current immediate- shaped the distinies of the associa
ly after it became definitely known tiop for some years, has doggedly re
that he had been defeated by a small mained on the job and has fought ad
margin. In speaking of this appeal verse conditions to a successful con
the News-Messenger of Marshall, says: elusion. For the first time in its
Thursday afternoon Robert Hell- history, the Fair Association is out Qf
mann, who was one of the supporters debt and has money in the bank. .%
of Mr. Mathews* candidacy for the This was the report that was sub
office of District Judge at the gen- roitted with a great deal of satts
eral election, not being satisfied faction by the officers of the Brown
with the close vote, and at the In- County Agricultural Society at their
stance of many friends, filed an an- annual meeting which was held in the
peal for a contest, with Clerk of Commercial Club Rooms last Tues
Court Bumford, which was served on day evening. /-'^f *M- 5
Judge I. M. Olsen at the close of the From a purely financial standpoint
district court. As we understand it, the year just closed has been the
the appeal is made to the District most successsful in the history of the
Court of Lyon County from the de- Society. This was made possible on
cision of the state canvassing board, account of the attractions that were
which decided in favor of the elec- booked at the Fair Grounds during
tion of Lv M. Olsen. The Governor Home Coming Week. The total re
will be notified of the appeal, and. ceipts aggregated the sum of $6,627.
it will become necessary for him 54 and the total expenditures amoun
to appoint a Judge from some other ted to $5,843.90 leaving a balance of
judical district to hear the contest, $784.05 in the hands of the Treasurer,
which hearing must be set within To this will be added the sum of
thirty days from the date of the $777.75 premiums paid out at the last
decision of the state board, which Fair and for which amount the So
was made on November 27. Each ciety will be re-imbursed by the State,
contestant is allowed to choose one
a 8 2 7
person to-, act on the^,committee" to ,„_,.«„ „i.^„* „«i,««- ^...wi •«•«.!
inspect the ballots, an* tbe two chps- last turxey shoot, making a grand total
en will select one other, making a of $1830.80 on the right side of the
committee of three, who will go to ledger. Besides that the management
the auditor's offices of the various
association has
a a W a off a
recount the ballots cast at the last $1210.50. an overdraft of $103.2S
general election. In connection with and purchase a lot for the sum of
the appeal, the question of the citizen- $110. This will make the actual profits
ship of Judge Olsen has been raised.
There have been doubts expressed .... ,. „„„,_
as to the irregularities of the past
election, and of the count, and it sure. In addition to this valuable
should be the interest of every elector property it has title to nearly two
in the district to see to it, where they directly north of the Fair
know of illegal voting, that such votes „.
Turne Theatr
Eve., Dec, 15
"Tess'of the Storm Country
A wonderfully interesting story of
York State fisher folks
Last Year's Best Book—
•t This Year's Best Play
Selected Cast. Complete Production of Scenic and
£li*I^Ligh't Effects.
PricJeV^^fellery, 25c Balcony,
50e Dress Circle, 75c Parquet,
oOand'T^?- Seats now selling
at ttii^loneer Drug Store.
,ealiaed at the
„„„.«»„«#* «msoa
figcal a
inasmuch as no record of natural- „«„--. „„J ,,,•„,.,„„
ization can be found, and this matter
aggregate $3,260.59.
a at at offlcers a
is also being brought to the atten- may justly feel proud of.
tion of the District Court as one of the With the purchase of the lot in
grounds of the appeal. question, the Society has become the
a land tte
„„t„ *K-m „„„liai
Groundsf which.
Mr. Olsen would elect Mr. Mathews, which not only are needed but which
In the district, there are 137 precincts,
and it is not unlikely that one or more'
votes will be thrown out of each, in
the recount which would make a ma
terial difference in the result, and
might favor either candidate.
nets them an annual
rental $75.00
It is highly gratifying to note that
"progress" will be the watchword in
the future also and that permanent
improvements will be entered upon
will make future fairs more success
ful. 'In the first place the cattle sheds
which burned to the grounds last Sep-
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