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,Ottd»l Pfeprof the O Ntw Ulm
Subscription Rates $1.50 Per Year.
Wediwwiav, D^c. 11,1912
Every year in America many
children are Burned to Death
by fire from Christmas
DO NOT decorate your Christmas' tree
w. with paper, cotton, or any
other inflammsble material.
Use metallic tinsel and other
non inflamable decorations
only, and set the tree se
curely so that the children in
reaching for things csnnot
tip It over.
DO NOT use. cotton to represent snow.
If you must have snow use
asbestos fibre.
DO NOT permit children to light or
relight the candles while
parents are not present.
They irequently set fire to
their clothing instead. The
tree itself will burn when
needles have become dry.
reach of children at Holiday
time. Candles are meant to
be lighted, and if the children
can get matches they will
experiment with them. They
imitate their elders.
tteim'e Jewelry store is a good
substantial place tor the Christmas
shopper. lAavfcj
„*, .^"MM-
33fc£i^ -1.
ChriHiuias Seals.
Sfhe Association which has worked
far years in the cause of the Pre
vention and Relief of Tuberculosis
has determined to adopt new methodsito
end plans to attempt to secure legis
lation at the coming session of our
state law makers that will provide
for the establishment of county hos
pitals for those afflicted with the
dread disease. To this end the sale
of the Red Cross Seals is being push
ed with vigor. The following circu
lar received from the Association ex
plains *he plans. All who send out
any mail between now and Christmas
time should be sure to make use of
the seals and further the cause of
health and happiness.
"The Minnesota Association for theand
Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis
begs to announce to the public andthe
especially to the many purchasers of
Red Cross Christmas Seals and to the
Seal agents who by their splendid
cooperation the past four seasons have
made possible a state educational
campaign that has reached every city
and county that this is the last
appeal that will be made to the peo
ple of Minnesota. to buy seals for
state work.
We believe that the coming legis
lature will pass the bills that will
be introduced providing for a state
supervised system of hospitals, dis
pensaries, nurses, and enforced sani
tary regulations without which
things the death rate will not be
preciably lowered and are resting
everything upon this belief. But these
bills and the reasons for them must
be brought to the attention of every
tax payer which will cost a lot of
money. So we need the assistance
of the generous public once more. All
former and prospective seal agents
are urged to write at once to the State
Red Cross Seal Agent, Christopher
Baston, at the Old Capitol. St. Paul
for assignment of territory, supplies,
few of them:
Furs -Furs
We have the most beautiful line that
we haVe ever shown. Sets con
sisting of scarf and muff to match.
pri-es^iVom $ 5 0 0 to $ 5 0 0 0
Sq itePearls from $ 5 to $ O
I |K. verv In test styles nnrl the prices
Fancy waistings also lor (iiv.se. .:••
very latest shades, in serges, liitabaii::-.^
and changeables at our well Ur own low
Dress Goods! Dress Goods!
We have a full line of the latest styles
and shades in whip-cords, mixtures,
serges and batiste, look over our line
before buying, it will pay you.
From I to $ I 0 0
We have a plain white, also a fancy
bordered handkerchief for children at
the price of I
An embroidered handkerchief for.. -5
Better goods at OC I 5 2 5
all the way to $ 0 0 Also a large
lint- of men's awl Indies' initinl handker-
ej:'.•.•:'-. £»!ii. 'i
We hope that every sales agent
will put redoubled vigor into the cam*
paign this year and so provide the
sinews of war for a battle that ought
mark the beginning of the end.
This is a fight that we ought all
to be proud to have been engage^ in
and let usflgti*.it to a finish. Tr:
Nothing abov^vjrtfcted binds any lo-the
cal association wt to sell seals after
1912 for the benefit of local work for
which the greater part of the pro
ceeds of previous sales have been
expended." ,'j\
One bad cough can keep the whole
family awake at night. Phil. Dlsbr
neau, Schaffer, Milch., says: "I could
not sleep on acount of a bad cough,
I was very weak. I used Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, and soon
cough left and I slept soundly all
night." 0 M. Olsen.
Tell Children the Truth. gfJfV
Schools of the lend are assuming
the burden which ought to belong to
the home in giving education in hy
giene. No education Is more needed.
Some doctors say seventy-flv6 per
cent of the men they know are In-cleanness
fected with diseases caused by dissi
pation. California has taken advan
ced steps in attempting to stamp out
these diseases by compelling the
porting of cases of gonorrhea and
syphilis as it does all other contagious
Every young person ought be know
terrible consequences of violating
the laws of the sexual nature and the
high possibility of making innocent
people suffer.
There is no home iu or near New
Ulm that should ha without an Edison
Phonograph especially not when they
can be bought on such easy terms as
re offered by Pfefferle's RelisbleDrug
Store. By paying the small sum of
50c a week you can have the usejof
the machine and when enough pay
ments are made the machine will be
your own property. (Adv*
11 icy bwx^s
Our Jewelry Department
For the holiday trade is more com
plete than ever before, we have a very
good line of bracelets, rings-, belt pins,
brooches, lockets and chains, cuff
buttons also a complete line of bar
rettes, side combs and back combs, both
plain and fancy.
Education vs. Woman Huffimge
Mary-D. McPadden, for years a
writer on the Duluth News-Tribune,
has recently entered upon Iter new
duties as editor of the "Courant," a
monthly magazine-which is the official
organ of the state federation of
women's clubs. The first number of
magazine under Miss MteFadden's
management has just reached us and
proved very interesting reading, tell
ing as it does of the high aims of the
progressive women of today. "The
Courant" takes its stand for Equal
Suffrage and no doubt will be a big
factor in the accomplishment of this
What Interests us more, however, is
the stand taken on the point of over
coming social evils by educating the
people rather than by legislating
against the evils. The writers in the
"Courant" realise that the dance hall
evil and the ills of disease cannot be
sucessfully overcome by passing laws
to suppress them but by educating
those who are likely to fall victims to
the point where they will look for
cleaner, healthier diversions snd
where they will not tolerate the un
that breeds disease.
The Bee Hive Store for Xmas Gifts
Xmas Gifts for Everybody here
Our dismay of X'mas goods is now ready, goods that you make take a pleasure in giving, for you know that the
hch standard Quality, is goods that recipients like to get, for they are both useful and practical as well as
We believe that all permanent im
provement along social lines must
come through education of the masses
not by elevation or emancipation
of any one class. Women have not
had equal rights with men and equalconditions
suffrage will give them vast oppor
tunities of extending information to
the ignorant, both men and women,
but. In our opinion, the right of equal
suffrage is only a means to an
and we feel that too often with
women it is a question of trying to
get something whUJh'ijthfey have been
deprived of. The 1&$'i*$: ot
existing "between thS^^isxea, in poli
tics •hnist'.lbe overcome/before suff
rage wJllToe of any practical benefit
to womfyn andl. the" country in general.
Meantime'••$&'.work of education can
^..?J.^Ut^4 •...
». »Tj'
A full line of linen table cloths
and napkins to match plain or hem
stitched, also have tablecloth to sell
l.v tin- yard. tlso napkins to match,
j, iitli lui-ot iuiu-l'i clothes, towels.
Remember, The Bee Hive always carries a large assortment of seasonable and up-to-date merchandise at prices always the lowest.
Make comparison and be convinced that the Bee Hive is the right place to do your holiday shopping.
A fancy line of Hair Ribbons, Scarfs, Neck-ties, Bags, Fascinators, Auto Hoods. Aviation Caps, Night Gowns, Bed
Spreads, Lace Curtains, Embroidered Dress Patterns, Pillow Tops, Fine Wool and Silk Socks and a great many more
items which we cannot mention on account of the room.
A very go~d assortment "of cotton
and wool blankets, quilts and bed
spreads. A complete line of kid
o-loves, cloth gloves and mittens.
Six automobiles will be auctioned
off at the Roy L. Berg sale at the
Stsr Hall this week. Advt.
House Dresses and Kimonos
Also make nice presents for the holi
days, all season we have not had such
a large assortment as we have at the
present time, prices from $ $ 3
!.• 7
^W«W|p*'^ |',H'r""
.lakeViurC«Mkinaa DailyPleasurt
.«fe *]»fc.
'&*• the,
go steadily otrand such Journals as
the "Courant" can do wonders toward
educating the classes to a point where
they are not afraid to study social
and do their share to com
bat the wrongs existing. Progress in
remedying the Ills of society has been
terribly impeded by the ignorance of
those who should have known better,
the well-to-do who shunned all un
pleasantness and feared to soil them
selves. "The Courant" will help to
arouse such people to a sense of what
owe society.- •^'•'.v^&i
Be,ow we mention a
We have a very beautiful line of
dress skirts, silk petticoats, also
raessaline and sateen petticoats.
We still have a large variety of
cloaks consisting of mixtures and
golf cloth in the latest styles, also a
good line of caricul and plush,
childrens and infants coats which
we are offering at low prices during
the holidays.
A:.o wish to draw your attention
t»|ix' line of waists that we
have just reei-K'ed for the holiday
trade made up in liu.' newest shade*
ot mescaline and other materials and
trimmed in the latest styles.
FOR SAMJ—The N. Hennlngsen Agency
has for sale a number of nice
dwelling houses in the city of New
Ulm, ranging in price from 11100 00
to $3000 00. These dwellings are
located in different parts of the City
and are all good propositions.
Come and see us for further par
ticulars. *3tf
Lots for Sale.
The following lots will be sold
cheap: Lot 11 Block 111. Lots 1 and 8
Block 155, and Lot 0 Blot* IM
S all
South of Center Street, New Ulm.
Your suoeess depends upon the
training you receive, therefore, attend
Maakato Commercial College, Mao
kato, Minn. 4*-5u(Adetf

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