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Board of Health
,* s.^
Bridge Committee Assigned
ll and Salaries Fixed For
New Yearv
State Roods Fund Appor
tioned. Will Not Exceed
$10000 la All.
One new fees, that of Dr. P. Graff,
(raced the Co. Commissioners' table
when Ibej met la regular session,
Tuesday, January Tib. Tbe board
duly organised by electing Hermao
Poikow, Cbainnao aod Nela Erickaoo
aa Vice Chairman. The, booda of the
newly elected county officiate ranging
from 1100 000 for tbe County Treasurer
eo ffOO for the County Surveyor were
approved aod ordered filed aod re
corded In the offlces of the Register of
Deeds and Clerk of Court.
The board then examined into and
counted tbe funda of tbe County
Treasurer wbleb were found to be cor
net, disclosing a total of 167,983 38
oatfcaad, of which ,130,000 la out on
Ot*Mcw(ea of Deposit drawing interest
aaaithe baiaaoe is it ip the
warioas banks of the Conner on open
Van) report of the grand jury was
and ordered Sled and |be County
waa direofed to collect
two daya each aa Skjray Eye and
^apriagfeld and one day each at Com
#iitf« Haaska, Evan, Joboen and
nfe bounties will be offerei on crows,
and blackwirds Uda year and
bouaty on wvlvos' wan. agf li-
The aalary of the Co. Supt. of
ls was fixed at 11.500 with an
•300 for traveling expenses
Sheriff at 01275 Co. At-
torney $1100 Deputy Register ol
Deeda soOO janitor 000 per month
•ftfeeeer otie4*r farm •!& per ssoatb
aea't. to overseer 015 per month and
tbe Judge of Probate waa allowed an
additional 0300 for olerk htre.
Tbe financial statement a* prepared
by tbe Co. Auuiior waa read and
ordered published.
lu compliance with the Revised
Laws a Couuty Board of Health was
erarted witb Dr. J. C. Rotbeouurg of
Springfield as Chairman and Com
aaiMioners Sieinke and Graff as the
ataer members thereof.
Tue loiiowiug committees were
appointed for toe ensuing two year*:
Bjutsin, Al*ln, Meu«o and Kiuhanc
awuigee, Couiiniaaiouera Graff aud
Be*iie Larreoer, loeriaaud Wiuduom
hriu«es, Ccmuiisaionere Krica»ou bnd
Stetukt bpriuKtieiU, Coodeu, Burn*,
Leaveu worth ana Poikow bridge*,
CtfaimiMiouera Poikow and Heme
Poor Farm, Couuuiaeionera Poikow,
Eriokson aud Uratf Purcuaaiug low
asittoe, CoinuiiMiobem Heme, Giaff
ana tbe Couuty Auuiior Court-houae,
Jaa ana tirouuue, (JuUitiutNiouei
Seeiuke, Poikow and Heme (Jlaiuia,
Ooauuiaaioueis Poiaow atiu Ei-icKaou.
Juuge Koss lieu a report snowlug
ahu Ou»iue»» u-ikuaauitd lu llie ProU»i«
Goni-t dui-iug luo e»r auu tue over
eeer ol tiie uur J'»i ai buhniitiea ui»
antau»l report wuiuo a-as oruercu
Co. Surveyor Minium reported on
aae survey tu«de ot the DiUoeuutr
farui wOiuu tbe lOuuty una uouti-Mcud
to puicu»»e. lue Co, Audiiior w»a
direcMMl to luruun copy ol survey to
Mr. Dmueuber'e kUoruey.
Ibe •euienwut oi 9&M uinde between
Batue Auuereou auu WIIIIMUI
Weuger, $.50 of wuioh to go to tue
Oosauiaiuiug wtkuu»a ta tue U«*MUUJ
proveeuitiK* auu aiuO to tbe Cyuut
Was approved.
Liiaia uoutMiuing the naoiea of 72
petkoub qujmDtu lor grauu jury uuty
and tbe ktuue uuwoer lor yvinu juij
duty aere piepafeU auu tiled wnu Uie
ik ol Court.
Oiuer* paid between July 1st and
Devetuber 31»t 1V1Z «4tgrea«uuK in an
*M »uui ot 91u7,M»oVfo Were uauuelied.
Tb»t p»i-fc ol Ouuot Mo. 4,3, wiilub
Uea between tbe vacated Cououwoou
Street aud tbe newiy laid out Cotton
wood Street tttoiug Bridge atieet waa
.to *'. J. Meuuo (or the auui of
On Wedneaday morning the only
hia received for county printing
opened and the board deaigueied tbe
Springfield Advance as tue otttciitl
paper ot toe County to puuli»b tbe
deitnquent. tax list aod ail other
ejflotal publications, the same to be
paid for at legal rates. P.Uesehwas
allowed tbe sum of 0C0 to publish tbe
personal property tax list In tbe
Volksblett and Brown, County Jour*
The application of Hans Mo for the
reduction of assessments and taxee of
real property in Sleepy Eye waa
favorably recoannfobed tp the State
Tax Commission.^
The petition for a bridge across tbe
Minnesota River in the Town of Mil
ford was laid over to tbe next meeting.
Telephones of tbe Northwestern
Telephone Co. which were recently
ordered out of the Register of Deeda
offloe aid the Sberiff'a office were
ordered re-Installed.
Not to exceed tbe sum of 110,000 will
be spent on State roada this year aa
follows: No. 1, 04500 No. 2, W
No. 3, MOO No. 4,1500 No. 5,01000
No. 7,1500 No. 8, 0600 No. », 0500
aod No. 11, $1000.
Tbe bond of Dr. Win. Meierdlog of
8prlngfield, who bad been appointed
Dupoty Coroner by Dr. O P. Reloeke
was approved and ordered recorded.
A contingent fund of030»waa creat
ed for tbe use of the Co. Attorney to
defray tbe necessary expenses of hia
Hereafter the physicians who treat
the County Poor must file a weekly
written report with the Commissioner
of the»r district of tbe services rend
ered by tbem and the amount to be
charged therefor and no medical bills
will be paid for aervieea rendered uu
less autborixed by the member of the
County Board where such poor person
resides. After auditing bills aggre
gating 06000, the Board adjourned.
Chui|es ll Bukli| Orcks
The annual election of 4he fltata
Bank of New Ulm held at their hank
log house Tuesday, evening meant
practical reorganicatloa of tola in
atltu^on and tbe outoome waa watohed
for with considerable Interest. lathe
pest several months a great number
of sharef of stock have changed bands
and it waa not definitely known until
|ha?i«sult of the election waa an
nounced who would have the eon
trolling Interest. The newly elected
directors are John Busehers, H. P.
Bastian, Ferdinand Crone, O. C.
Stricklei, AndMwSaffert, FvJ. Backer
a W a a
P. Bastian, Ferdinand Crone, O. C.
Strlckler and Cbas. Stuebe, Jr are
new members of tbe board. They
organized by electing Jobn Busehers,
Pres. and H. P. Bastian, Vice Pres.
Ed. A. Sioll and Peter Kitzberger
were reelected as Asst. Cashiers.
The pobition of Assistat Cashier at
the Brown County Bank was made
vacant by tbe resignation last week of
Antony Schiller who has been with tbe
bank for seven years. Mr. Schiller
has been more or less interested In tbe
automobile business of recent years
and finally decided to give up bank
work and follow the other line which
gives him more opportunity to be out
of doors, Mr. Schiller has set April
1st as tbe date for hia resignation to
take effect but no action baa yet been
taken in tbe matter as there has been
no meeting of tbe directors. The mat
ter will be considered by tbem at their
regular meeting Thursday of tbi*
week. Mr. Schiller bas purchased the
Korth building and fquipment on
South Minnesota Street and will take
possession in the spring. He bas em
ployed Wm. Gruber to look after tbe
mechanical end of tbe business. Mr.
Korth baft not yet announced his plans
for tbe future.
Activities Among Business People
W. B. Greig has found more room
necessary to accommodate bia grow
ing tailoring and sboe business and
will use part of tbe building which be
now occupies as living room for his
tailor establishment and will thus
secure additional room for bis sboe
department. After tbe first of the
month he will occupy living rooms
There were two promotions at tbe
Etgle Roller Mill office recently,
following their sy»tem of advancement
for merit. Wm Meile who has been
bead stenographer for a number of
yeara baa proven himself competent
for a position requiring more execu
tive ability and bia emploers ad
vanced him to a position in the cor
respondence department where be bas
charge of a pnrt of the mail. Mr.
Meile is known to everyone as a trust
worthy, reliable and earnest young
man and bia prorr otion gratifies all
who know him. Tbe other promotion
is that of Miss Nettie Herxog who
takes the position of bead stenograph
er made vacant by Me. Meile's promo
Jobn Scbaefer, who bas been a
member of tbe firm of R. Feaenmaler
& Co. for quite a number of years,
sold bis interest lo the business to
bis partner. Mr. Scbaefer hsa formu
lated no plans for the future as yet.
$17000 Wages
Auditor's Office Draws Moat
Prom Funds Report
Shows $3439.l
Fees Collected By Co. Officers
During Year Amount Tp
It may isawawt oar readem to learn
what our Conoty pays out in the shape
of salaries and tbe amounta actually
received In the shape of salariea and
perquisites during the year J012 by
tbe ofHtiial family of Brown County.
Under the law county officers must file
with taw County Auditor a statement
of salaries and fees received by them.
From each atatemeota we glean the
following information:
Louis G. Vogel, Co. Auditor
Salary...... ... 12000.00
Board of Audit
Canvassing Board.
Deputy Auditor
Henry J. Berg Co. Tress.
cinisry........ ....•••«.
For Stats collections
AJbevti..8enrexnss,Rea^ of Deeds
72 (Xi
.. ooo
*S5 70
)£& O
17 81
•Salary..». »..'........ ...-i OOO^O
Fees estimated.... 86000
DueftosaCowMy..,...... 10***
Mlai Louise Sehrvdt, Deputy
Reg of Deeds.............. 90000
Geo. Ross, Judge of Probata
Salary,»,.,i .. 1700.oa
Clerk Blre. .............. ouOoo
Certified copies a marriagea 142/ 0
W. J. Julius, Sheriff ffi'y*
Salary i.. ..-... 1275 00
Bwerding Prisoners^...... .,g(km
Her* in? Papers ... ^iML O
•••••. *.-• ,S^--,- ^. -. ... 17go^(jr
R.B. Kennedy, Co. Supt. of
bcDouU. Salary 15 0.00
Aug. Erickeun. daiary..... 11000u
CbarlfH Brunt, Jailer......... 75O.U0
C. N. RoberUou,co. Surveyor
Prep«riug Plats of Keeu *nd
Daue .Lake* ... 10.0*
Leke Heu»k» Outlet Survey 8 00
Survey of Sec 18 a 10 Stork 2ti.oo
F. D. Minium, Co. Surveyor
Poor Farm survey
Poor Karin survey
Ditch No. 6 Profiles
G. F. Reineke, Coroner
Total fees
Herman Poikow, Chairman
George A. Tauer, Co. Com.
Jobn Henle, Co. Com.
W. C. Steinke, Co. Com.
44 00
9 70
If lb
31 UJ
120 45
030 74
137 7o
377 70
250 00
44 1*0
250 00
164 9
414 yo
Nela Erickaon, Co. Com.
Sal .ry 250 00
Mileage t3 To
313 70
The County Attorney is also entitled
to bis actual and necessary traveling
expenses wbicb during the year
amounted to approximately 025». Tbe
total salariea and peiquiattes paid lu
tbe County amounted to fully 020,000
of wbicb tbe County paid every tbiug
except about I&M0 collected in tbe
shape of feea.
Business to Probate Court
From tbe report of Judge Ross filed
with tbe County Auditor it appears
that the business in tbe Probate Court
on the Increase. One hundred and
fourteen new eases were started dur
ing the year, nicety-six estates were
settled up and three hundred six bear
ings were held. In add tion thereto
the Court conducted eight insanity
cases. Eleven couples were married
by the Judge at tbe Probate office dur
log tbe year.
Tbe State Bank of Court)and will be
officered as follows during tbe ensuing
year: Pres., Emil G. Hage Vice
Pres., O C. Btriekler Cashier, Alfred
Ouren Directors, Nick. Relobart,
Jobn Reinhart, Herman Poebler,
Ernst Drill, John L. Evan* and J. B.
Doty. A ±0% snnnal dividend was
declared, 0600 wss placed to tbe credit
of the anrplaa fund and 1500 will be
carried aa undivided profits.
Mills' Business
In New Ulm to Supply
City of Chicago.
Shop at Eagle Mill
Turns Out a Barrel Per
ft#^ .-..•. iMuntte. ,-•••!
tbe Mew Ulm enterprises in this branch
of industry. The light crop harvested
In Southern Minnesota and South
Dakota in 1911 had some effect on tbe
production early lo 1012 but tbe year
juav closed, sccordiog to reports
furnished us by the two large com
panies operating here, sbowa a aub
staotial increase over tbe totals of tbe
preceding year. During tbe past five
months the New Ulm Roller Mills ran
an average of 28* daya per month, full
tin»e, including half tbe Sundays in
order to fill contracts while a com
parison of tbe reporta of Eagle
Company shows that tbe output In
tftefemill was increased 100 barrels
par-day during 1912 over the daily
output of 1911.
Thatotol amount of wheat ground in
the vwc big mills amounted to 5.645.340
buabels. It is difficult to think in
millions of buabels hut on the basis of
JD bushels yield per acre this would
quire ell the wheat grown on 177,287
heivaof Ja 4 and that amount of mod
iced to townships 6 miles sqiare
would make more than 12 such
divisions. In other words, if all the
land in the two lower tiers of town
ships in Brown County were sown
to wheat and yielded twenty buabels
per acre that w»uId not be enough to
auppy the requirements of our too
gr at tailor plaoU.
^S^Siii squires more than four
bushels of grain to produce a barrel'
of flour tbe flour turned out amounted
to 1,254,015 barrels. Tbls is more
than tn«ugh to supply 450 cities of tbe
size of New Ulm witb flour for a
year's consumption. This gives a
fair estimate of tbe vast importance of
the milling industry aa carried on
here. Occupation is furnished for
320 persons connected directly with
the plants, hundreds upon hundreds
of farmers spend a large share of their
time in producing tbe grain cooaumed
and the finished product forms tbe
staff of life for nearly three million
Tbe amount of feed ground at tbe
Enft'e Mill was 71,500,480 lbs., nearly
6 carloada a day. At tbe New Ulm
Roller Mill tbe output waa 10,109.680
lbs aod their flour output was in
creased 11,089 barrels over that of tbe
preceding year. At tbe Eagle Mill
17,421 tons of coal were consumed to
furnish motive power. Expenses at
the Engle Mill aggregated tbe sum of
1563,089.64, approximately 11800 per
day, exclusive of the cost of wheat.
Tbe amount of business done by them
totaled «6 167 591 28.
The two plants employ 201 persons
in New Um. Both have traveling
salesmen but at tbe Roller Mill the
hulk of tbe output is sold direct from
tbe office while tbe Eagle Mill employs
nt-ariy 40 peraous as salesmen, branch
•fflce managera and assistants. They
also employ 76 agents and assistants
at their 52 country elevators.
Both plants have their own bake
shops a here daily tests of the quality,
strength and color of the pr-jducta are
made. The Eagle plant baa its own
cooper shop also where the barrels
are made for tbe flour shipped to tbe
eastern states and across the Atlantic.
The average daily output of the
cooper abop is from five to six
buudred barrels and during the year
just ended 150,000 barrels were made.
The New Uim Roller Mill gets its
supply of barrels from tbe Eagle Mill
cooper abop. Tbe swift change of the
shaped stoves into tbe completed
barrel ie a most Interesting process to
watch. Each operation la performed
by a separate workman. Starting at
one end of tbe shop two boys slip tbe
staves into a frame by band and after
that a number of machines operated
by different men drive tbe staves into
position side by side, slip the hoops
over them, fit tbe hesds in aod smooth
off any roughness in the lumber. All
tbe operations are performed on tbe
one floor and at one side Is a ware-
house in which the hundreds of barrels
are set up tier on tier to await filling. I tion to bis successor
The complete operation of making a
barrel takes but little over a minute.
Twelve men are employed in tbe
cooper ahop and the material used for
work amounted to 60 cars of
staves, 12 earn of elm hoopa, 4 cara of
I wire hoopa, 16 ears of heading, 1 car
m_ A |«*fcaMllawja^»ajaall board uaed to
Uaonjrb Flou a a hold the aWetogether) and aookega
of barrel nails.
M.iim., Ku-i^-- K— fore, the totsll vote polled wss«5 less
4 S tSZ £JZLZ ISSM^j***_-?*
Liccase Ciiriesla Redwood Falls,
For tbe first HUM to three years tie
license parte carried tbe day in tie
municipal election held at Redwood
Falls last Tuesday. Because of tbe
dose vote on the license question, tbe
luteve**4| the annual etotfktote* al
ways wcwkesaaod this year proved
no exception. Altbo a lartwr aasabsr
of voters were registered than ever be-
party lost about the same number of
votes, this did not affect the fiaal re
sult. Julius H. Melges, a former New
Ulmlte, was elected Mayor over bia
opponent, Dr. E. A. Lyman, by 10
votes, C. O. Borg waa elected alder
man of tbe second ward by 10 votes
aod Rud. Stenavad, the other license
eendldate for alderman waa defeated
by 5 votes.
Lmi Dispute News Close
At ten o'clock Saturday evening
both aldee In tbe Mueller road appeal
rested and submitted the eaee.to Judge
Olaenforbis decision without argu
ment. This action is an appeal from
tbe award of damages made by the
Town Supervisors
the Town' of
Courtlaad in the matter of laying oat
a cartway over Hoary Mueller's land
and was originally nottoed lor trial
at the November term of tbe District
Court for Nien)let County but was
transferred to Brown County fir tan
oouvenienea of witnesses. Tbe trial
began at 10 o'clock in. the morning
Saturday and was not completed until
10 o'clock at night. W. L. Comstock
of Mankato represented the appellant
Henry Mueller, Messrs. Pfaender &
Flor appeared for tbe Town Board
aod Albert: Steinbsuser represented
Herman Mueller for whose benefit the
cartway is being laid out. -I'
Tbe ease marks tbe~eiose of a loog
drawo out dispute. The first steps in
tbe matter of securing a cartway were
taken by Herman Mueller wfaeu be
filed a road petition witb tbe Town
Clerk of Courtland in May, 1911. Tbe
Town Board decided adversely to tbe
petitioner who appealed to the District
Court. The trial waa held at St. Peter
and the jury impaneled to try tbe case
decided that the plaintiff waa entitled
to a cartway. The case was then
appealed and the Supreme Court
sustained the verdict of the District
On July 15th last yesr the Town
Board met again and ordered tbe
cartway laid out as directed by tbe
Supreme Court aod assessed Henry
Mueller's carnages at 0340 06. From
this award be appealed and thia was
the proceeding wbicb was tried before
Judge Olsen without a jury on Satur
day. On account of the survey of the
cartway made by County Surveyor
Daniels showing a different location
than bad been assumed by all parties
In tbe former trial, the question of tbe
location of tbe cartway was injected
iuto tbe proceeding. Upon this branch
of the case Judge Olsen decided in
favor of tbe Town Supervisors and
then the only question left for deter
mination waa aa to the amount of
damages to be awarded to the ap
pelIact. Here tbe testimony was
widely divergent, Henry Mueller, D.
L. Williams, Cbas. Johnson, Joseph
Diepolder and W. F. Helm testifying
to damages all tbe way from 02000 to
»3000. Herman Mueller, Emil G.
Hage, Henry Simmet, Luis Hulae
and Julius ticbroeaer on behalf of tbe
respondent placed the damages at
sums varying from 00 to 9300. Judge
0»en took the case uuder advisement
and a decision is expected from him
In the near future.
Postoffice Campaign Opens.
Ever since November 0th rumors
concerning tbe postmasterabip of New
Ulm have been floating about town.
"There'll be a new man In the White
House" waa paraphrased to read
"There'll be a new man in the Post
Office" as early as 11 o'clock on elec
tion night in New Ulm and altbo Post
matter Liescb bas still more than two
y*ara of bis term to aerve a number of
tbe local politicises have msde known
casually that the position looks good
to tbem. F. W. Johnson appears tbe
moat anxious for tbe iob and already
tor a week past has been circulating a
petition. Several others are named in
connection with tbe vacancy and no
doubt there will be activity enough
before tbe 2nd of March, 1915,
Mr. Laie»ch expects to resiso the nosl-
City Mus Hare Improve^
Facilities at Electric
Light Plant, ''-.
Franklin Street Residents
Opposed To Expensive
City Clerk Meyer reported that there
4s soteo swr# ^tiiajaaeilhig oa^-aeseaa^
meets due the oity for the upkeep of
graves at tbe city cemetery. It ap
pears that these collections have not ,5.3..,,.
oeen made regularly and that some tf Jf'*
tbe persons owing same have moved
away leaving their whereaoouta un*
Known. An investigation of the
matter will be made by the cemetery
committee. Toe matter of a new
fence about the cemetery was also
referred to tbe same ooflMBtaee.
Tungsten globes have ham reduced
about one-fifth lo price hy the maun
facturlbg companies and Sunt.
Bolstad notified the council of this
matter in order that a reduction may
be made in tbe price to local con
sumers. The electric light committee
will look after thia matter. Tbe same
committee was empowered to act la
the matter of appointing a auccessor
to Jos. C. Hofmelster as collector.
Tbey have since appointed Wa.
Tbe Machine Gun Company thru
Capt. G. Vogel and Lieut. W. H,
Bierbaum asked for an appropriation
from the city to pay Armorv rent for
tbe company because no state aid will
be available until the company baa
been in existence a year. The council
granted tbe request but cut the atuonnt
from 0150 to 1100 Capt. Vogel re
ported that all the equipment except
the 16 mules for transporting tbe guna
bad been received and tbey will be
delivered to tbe company in tbe
Capt. Hofmeister Re-elected Biol
Tbe yesr 1912 waa a prosperous one
for tbe Second Regiment Band as was
disclosed by tbe aonual report of tbe
financial officers submitted at their
recent annual meeting. Tbe'band haa
now 28 active members sndlSJ passive
members. Tbe annual dues of toe
passive members are 02.00 per annum
and the receipts from tbls source,
altbo not very large at present, could
be materially increased if our citizens
generally would make application to
be placed on the passive list and would
by doing so make the band boys
feel that their work Is being ap
preciated by our citisens.
Tbe following officers were elected
for tbe ensuing year: Pres, Henry
Stelljes Vies Pres., Jobn Friteeber
^eoy., Albert Gag Treat, Peter Kita
berger Messenger, Emil Backer
Leader,, Cspt. Jot. Hofmeiatsr Aas't.
Leader, John Wartba. The annuel
concert of the' band will be given
I some time after Easier. 's^J„
President Mueller was directed aw
Mmday evenlng'a special wieetlug -o»
the city council to coaassunleate wish
Mr. Druar of tbeClaussea Engineering
Company of St. Paul and get him to
come to New Ulm for consultation la
regard to Increaaing tbe sapaclty of
tbe city electric light plant. Tbe con
ditions existing are getting serious
and it is imperative that some actio*
in the matter be taken soon and tbe
special meeting waa called for Mon
day evening In order to decide upon
aomethiog definite. No other business
came up at tbe session. '. i"',^fiMi
The regular meeting of the counoft
held last wash, Tuesday took ap
various matters of straetia^rovement.
A written report of the street ooav
mittee advised the grading
graveling of Franklin Strut
Fifth and Twelfth North afreets la
soring. This matter I
previously brought ap hy the Board)
of Public Works but aoaw of ta*
nrops^ owners near Twelfth North,
objected to, swing Msssiid equally.,
with those living near Fifth Noithv
Acting oa the report ol law .stress
coouaitfee aba council lastruotsd' Obp.
Beginner Mtalual to saaoaa
of the cost of improvesstnt in
block separately, Mr. Minium will'
also draw up plans and speclficsttonavS
for tbe work but it is understood thatM
there will again be objections fros*,'-'''
tbe property owners.

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