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Thru a misunderstanding the match
frame between the Springfield Gun
Club and the local aggregation
scheduled for Sunday afternoon did
not materialize. It was originally
planned to have the contest on Decor
ation Day in the afternoon, but
Springfield had a three-day's base
ball tournament on at that time and
the date of the meet was postponed to
Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. At
any rate, Secy. Bierbaum claims that
that was the hour fixed and that all
arrangements had been perfected. One
of the members of the local club
happened to be in Springfield Satur
day and he was told that their club
would be in New Ulm at 10 o'clock in
the morning. Either he did not under
stand that the shoot should take place
in the morning, or he forgot to tell
the managers here of the changed
plans of the Springfielders and when
the visitors came, there was nobody
to meet them and contest for honors.
Six automobiles brought the follow
ing crack shots to our city shortly
after nine o'clock: M. Lehrer, W. G.
Frank, A. G. Nuessle, Arthur
Nuessle, Otto Lehrer, E L. Nippolt,
A. G. Black, R. J. Mueller, S. Schu
macher, Herman Jaehn, John B.
Scbmid, Dr. W. Haycock, B. M.
Dunn, W. C. Anderson, A. C. Lehrer,
J. G. Lockway, A. G. Anderson, P.
W. Kuski and W. A. Anderson of
Winnipeg and W. Duncan of Milroy.
As they had planned to take in the
ball game at Sleepy Eye they pro
ceeded to that city after partaking of
a sumptuous dinner at the Dakota.
It is to be regretted that a misunder
standing prevented the match game.
This ought not to make it impossible
to have the usual two match games
some time during the season, however.
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At last Thursday's shoot at the
Fair Grounds Theo. Johnson carried
off the honors and will wear the gold
medal until some one wrests it from
him and whoever does it will have to
go some, because Theo. hae made up
his mind to keep it. J. P. Graff broke
9 out of 10 pigeons which if kept
at that rate would have landed him
in first place. The following scores
were made:
Theo. Johnson 23
Hugo O. Schleuder 21
Adolph G. Bierbaum 20
B. Esser 2°
John H. Forster 20
F. J. ftenno ,...20
Victor Schleuder 20
Dr. C. A. Hintz 19
Jos. Klaus
1 9
John Hauenstein 16
Matt. Pederson I6
John Kaseforth 15
Wm. Edwards I4
L. G. Vogel
Chas. Emmerich :12
Wm. H. Gieteke 8
Shoot at Hunter's Rest.
The shoot at Hunter's Rest Sunday
morning was interesting for the
reason that the tables were practically
reversed from tbehoob the previous
Sunday, Hugo Gebser jumping from
lowest to highest place and John
Hauenstein, Jr. who then won the
gold medal connecting with the leather
one. The scores on the whole were
not so good as on the previous shoot.
They were as follows:
King Stand
Hugo Gebser 165 43
Hy. Meyer 159 27
Chas. Hauenstein 158 22
H. Windhorn 157 22
Otto J. Schneider 1.5
4 14
Jos. Klaus -.121 25
Wm. E.Koch 121 34
John Hauenstein Jr 94
Mrs. W. Rhode of Morgan was
operated upon for appendicitis at the
Loretto Hospital Wednesday morning.
The eight year old daughter of Louis
Dauer also underwent an operation
for appendicitis the same day.
upr ^^f^^tr- p'v ^y^r^ A^rf^f^
A Movetothe W|hl Direction.
By suggesting to sons of our
citizena that he would ba willing to
gize the business men of New Ulm a
short talk while on his way to Canby,
Pres. Vincent of the University of
Minnesota may have done more to
awaken an interest among us in the
matter of the up-bulldtng of our city
and the advancement of its interests
than he ever dreamt of doing. Thru
his coming here we have had the first
business men's lunch. That there is
a necessity for such gatherings and
keen desire for them was evidenced by
the unusually large attendance! over
one hundred being present. What* ia
more important and signlfieaxt, how*
ever, is the fact that all factions of
the city were represented. It would
of course be much more agreeable all
around to say that there are no
factions in New Ulm, but coming
together as they did on Wednesday
noon shows a desire to bridge over all
their petty differences and work for
a greater and more enterprising New
Ulm. G. A. Ottomeyer and Dr. O. C.
Strickler are entitled to the credit for
getting up this pleasing and enjoyable
event. The meeting and luncheon
held in the dining-room of tbe
Masonic Hall and the meal served by
Mrs. Henry Vedder.
Mr. Vincent spoke eloquently and
forcibly upon the development of a
sound civic pride. He made striking
comparisons with conditions in this
country at the present day and as
they existed in Greece and Rome when
these countries were at the height of
their power and their civic grandeur.
The old Athenian's honor was so
closely related to that of bis native
city that they were in fact identical,
and to the Roman it meant Life to be
a citizen of Rome and Death in case
this privilege were denied him. He
pointed out that the conditions in
this country in the early days and
even to some extent at the present
time challenged the prowess of the in
aividual and that he had responded to
that urge that there is, however,
growing slowly but surely the desire
for team work which is centered a
more intensive interest in the welfare
of the general public. This spirit will
grow and eventuate into that spirit of
brotherliness and oneness, that will
reach out and make the most humble
citizen in every community feel that he
is needed in this uplifting work and
that he will be encouraged to do his
utmost to improve conditions. The
beginning for the get-together spint
has been made and at least monthly
meetings should be inaugurated to
keep tbe enthusiasm that baa been
aroused. At these gatherings our own
citizens should express themselves
freely. Certainly one of our number
ean be found every month who has a
message for the rest of us.
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Concert June 9th.
Next Monday, June 9th, our citizens
will have the pleasure of listening to
the annual concert of the male and
mixed chorus and the orchestra of the
Dr. Martin Luther College under the
direction of Prof. Fr. Reuter which
will be given at Turner Hall that
evening. The friends of good music
will please take notice of this always
welcome musical entertainment.
Miss Mary Davies who was born in
tbe Town of Cottonwood in the year
1863 died in the village of Lake
Crystal Friday evening. She had
made her home at Lake Crystal for
some years. Death was due to diabetes
and brigbt's disease. She is survived
by her mother, three sisters and four
brothers. The funeral was held from
the Welsh Church at Lake Crystal
Monday afternoon, Rev. David
Edwards officiating..
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interest with tuneful songs
taining stories.
and enter-
The University Glee Club of twelve
young men assisted by Mrs. 'Poehler
and Ruth Anderson as soloists and
Mary Allen, accompanist, furnished
an evening of musical happiness. A
full bouse greeted the singers and
went home brimming over with the
pleasure of what they had beard.
Mrs. Poehler scored another triumph
and Mary Allen's wonderful ver
satility, sympathy and understanding
other work as pianist deserves the
warmest praise. The violinist, Ruth
Anderson, has splendid control of a
splendid instrument and she, too, met
with a warm response to her playing.
Keith Walker, as baritone soloist,
filled the cup of pleasure to the brim
with his songs.
The audience present was an
enthusiastic one, and season tickets
as well as single tickets went like hot
cakes. The success of Tuesday's pro
gram was quite as obvious as that of
the first day.
At the Business Men's Luncheon to
day Dr. Gray will give an address on
"Co-operation." Preparations for
the luncheon are all complete and
present indications point toward a'
crowded meeting. At the usual free
afternoon program, Dr. Gray will
again speak, this time on the vital
question of "Socialism Miss
Dorothy Kurtzman, of tbe Minneapo
lis School of Music will give an in
tensely interesting program of dra
matic readings and interpretations,
and Professor A. V. Storm will speak
on the important subject of "Educa
tion for Efficiency." The evening
program is one that has been eagerly
expected, it being a lecture on "The
Panama Cansi" by Dr. E. V. Robin
son. Thursday, Friday and Satur
day are full of "good things." John
E. Gunckel will address the people on
"How to Develop the Good in a Bad
Boy" Thursday night while Friday
evening Dr. Newkirk will give an
{illustrated lecture onthe "Gyroscope."
Finally, Saturday evening the Uni
versity Dramatic Club will present a
I splendid performance of "Judah," a
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Also our line of cotton and silk fabric gloves as
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gripping play of modern times,
dealing with the psychology of human
life. A note of appreciation is due to
the women of tbe Turnverein because
of the facilities for refreshments that
they are offering so successfully.
Iff Notice. $wx
Our exhibition advertised in
this issue or the Review for
Jnne 14th has been changed to
one week earlier June 7th.
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