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Leonora Langmack has gone to
Mllroy to visit with her aunt, Mrs.
You receive full weight when you
•order your coal of the Farmer's Ele
vator Co. Phone489. Advt 30—32
Mias Louise Schrodt.and her mother
left last Friday for a three weeks'
visit with relatives at Corder, Mo.
"If it isn't aa Eastman, it isn't a
Make the children's
summer holidays real
holidays for them.
Picture-taking gives them enter
tainment and a new interest in theCollege.
out-of-doors, which thejr can never
-exhaust. The BROWNIE makes
iit all as simple as A, B, C.
Sold in New Ulm only at
Largest Stock of Photo Supplies.
Don't Fail
to Attend the.
^l^i-^llillpREAT REMOVA SALE
^•^feMl?RV:.: GOOD
IH There are Great Bargains
In Store For the Economical
Don't Miss
|This Opportunity
Blanche Burg enjoyed a visit with
relatives at Redwood Falls last week.
She made the trip alone.
66|% discount on all new ice boxes.
Adv 27tf
Miss Marie Bogen of Mobridge, S.
D. is spending part of her 6 weeks'
vacation in New Ulm. She arrived
Tuesday evening1 by auto.
Mrs. A. J. Aiwin spent the week end
in Minneapolis, a guest at the home
of her son Sidney. She went down
Friday, returning Tuesday.
Learn more to earn more. Take a
course in Mankato Commercial
College, Mankato, Minn. Send for
catalog. Adv 32 33
W. G. Alwin went to Arlington
Saturday afternoon to spend Sunday
at the Breitkreuz home and to bring
his family home Monday. They have
been away three weeks.
Miss Elsa Hein is entertaining Miss
Lillian Hopkins of Cincinnati. Miss
Hopkins was Miss Rein's roommate
at College the past two years at
Indianapolis. She will stay here two
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kemski of
Waconia were week-end visitors at
the home of their son and daughter
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kemski.
They were very favorably impressed
with the metropolis of Brown County.
Prof. Hugo Mosel of Milwaukee
who has been re-engaged as an in-His
structor at the Dr. M. L. College for
the ensuing year has returned. Until
the ooening of the first semester he
will visit Lutheran congregations in
this district in the interest of the
Justice Buschers found Joseph
Kraus not guilty of assault, the
offense he was charged with/ the
trial of which occupied Monday after
noon and all day Tuesday of last
week. The County Attorney moved
to dismiss the cases against George
Rieger and George Kraus Monday
afternoon which motion was granted.
This is to announce to the
people of New Ulm and vi
cinity that I have opened
up-to-date Marble Works
in this city and am in a po
sition to furnish the best
and most beautiful monu
ments. English or German
inscriptions. I guarantee
allraywork. Prices right.
Will be pleased to show
you ray line of
whether you buy or not.
307 N. Minnesota Street.
Boock Block.
•, y. *. 1 3
Albert Schilling, wife and^children
of Great Falls, Montana, arrived Sat
urday for a three weeks' visit with
relatives and friends. This is their
first visit to New Ulm in three years.
A daughter was bora to Mr. and
Mrs. William Hahn of Sigel last
Tuesday evening and a son and heir
arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Fiemeyer Wednesday morn
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Volquardsen
who left for Germany last fall have
returned. They landed at Ellis
Island last Saturday and reached
New Ulm Tuesday evening and report
an enjoyable trip.
The funeral of Anton Schrimpf, 13
years old, who died Tuesday at
Hospital following an operation (or
appendicitis which was performed
upon him the previous Sunday evening
was held from the Catholic Church at
Searles Thursday morning at 10
Get one of the adjustable Lawn
Swings of ROY L. BERG and be
satisfied. Adv 27tf
Frank Leibold was agreeably sur
prised Saturday evening when he came
home from work to find his son Dr.
Herbert Leibold and wife of Parker's
Prairie and his son Edward and wife
of Shakopee at the house to greet him.
They left again Monday afternoon.
daughter, Miss Mamie Leibold of
Los Angeles is expected\shortly for a
visit also. She comes here from
Columbus, Ohio where she has been
visiting friends and relatives.
Ye editors went to Fairmont Thurs
day evening to be present at the 2nd
District Minnesota Editors Convention
held in that city Friday. Postmaster
Liesch also attended, going down
Friday. The Fortschritt was not
represented. A further report of theconference
meeting which was a very good one
appears elsewhere in this issue and
gives some idea of the progressive
ness of Fairmont, one of the prettiest
cities in Southern Minnesota.
Mrs. W. F. Wendt purchased a lot
of Commissioner Herman Schiemann
on South Minnesota Street south of
the house owned by him and occupied
by the Taylor family recently removed
here from Watertown. The con-the
sideration was $800. Mrs. Wendt
says she wants to be sure that she will
have a place to put a house in case
the one they rent should be sold.
There has never been a time when it
was so hard to secure living places as
at the present in spite of the immense
amount of building going on andremarkably
several families are wondering what
on earth they are going to do this
Harvesting on the August Loffel
macher farm in Ridgely Township
was completed last Tuesday, July
29th. The work was done by their
large gasoline tractor pulling three
and four Deering Binders. The big
outfit cut from 70 to 90 acres per day.
Gas tractor power has proven a
success on the Loffelmacher farm, this
being the third season they have used
the outfit to do all their harvesting and
plowing and other farm work of alike
character. It is a fascinating sight to
see this Big Four Tractor and the
binders at work. More than a hundred
spectators from neighboring towns
have visited the farm to see theried
wonderful outfit at work.
I '•Trt»K
'•'of ,V«'
Miss Lena RuemKe left for Redwood
Falls yesterday to visit with friends.
Dr. L. A. Fritscbe returned last
night from a professional trip to St.
Miss Meta Frank went to the Twin
Cities yesterday for a visit of two or
three weeks.
Mrs. A. N. Rinke is away at St.
Paul, Chicago and Milwaukee doing
her buying for the fall trade.
Miss Alma E. Boergel of Chicago
arrived Monday for a visit of several
weeks with Mrs. George Schmidt.
Mrs. Nettie Qulgley of Parkier, S.
D. is a guest at the Wm. F. Wendt
home. She will be here two weeks.
Miss Lydia Heidmann of Arlington
and a sister and brother have been
guests at the Koch home for the past
Mr. H. F. Ramme left Monday
morning on a trip to Duluth and other
lake points to spend the hay fever
Mrs. Gustav Goetsch and daughter,
Miss Hulda started Monday for a
three weeks visit with relatives at
Ottumws, la.
Lieut. Adolph Klause and 1st Sergt.
William Pfeiffer of Co. "A" left for
Lake City Monday morning to take
part in the Regimental team shoot.
Now is the time to put up your Win
ter's supply of coal. Send your orders
to the Farmer's Elevator Co. Phone
489. Advt 30-32
Mrs. B. Follmann accompanied by
her granddaughter Adeline Liesch
went to the Citiea last weak for a visit
with relatives prior to starting for
Chicago and Milwaukee to buy her
fall patterns'.
Joe Gleisner, one of our North Da
kota subscribers in sending in an ad
vance payment writes that he has
taken a homestead about 25 miles from
Kenmare which is in the northwestern
part of the state and is getting along
nicely which is indeed pleasant news.
Attend the grand picnic at the old
Oley Johnson place 1 mile east of
Hanska Sunday, Aug. 10. Given by
the Brown County Rural Letter Car
riers, ltp
Miss Alma Marti departed Satur
day for Cardwell, Montana tor a visit
with a schoolmate who is to be married
shortly. Miss Marti will spend two
weeks there and her mother and sister
Elsa will then join her for a trip thru
Yellowstone Park.
George Doebne has awarded the
contract for the erection of a brick
addition to his property on 2nd North
Street to August Puhlmann who will
commence work in a short time. The
addition will be 20x25 feet, two stories
and when completed will give
the Liesch Printing Company con
siderable additional room. At present
their quarters are rather cramped.
Henry Koester, 18 years old, had
the misfortune to break both bones of
the right lower leg last Wednesday
afternoon shortly after three o'clock.
He was operating the brick machine
at the time of the accident and came
into too close proximity with the
gearing of the large wheel. His
trousers were caught and before the
machine could be stopped, his right
leg was fractured. He was imme
diately taken to the Loretto Hospital
where the fracture was reduced.
Prof. John Meyer of Dr. M. L.
College left last Wednesday afternoon
and will be gone for four weeks. Sun
day he preached at Trenton, Wis.,
his former charge. Next Sunday be
will deliver a lecture on "Parochial
Schools at Lake Mills and the follow
ing Sunday he will be present at the
mission festival at North Prairie.
Between the 20th and 26th day of
August he will attend the synodal
at Green Bay and will
deliver a lecture at one of the sessions
His wife and children accompanied
him to Mankato for a week's visit
with friends.
Thursday last a group of eleven of
the young ladies set out on a hike to
Sleepy Eye. They started at 5 o'clock
in the morning and traveled by easy
stages along the main road, reaching
Sleepy Eye just in time for dinner at
hotel. The party consisted of the
Misses lida and Henrietta Hauenstein
and their guest, Miss Selma Scott,
Miss Frances Krook, Elsie Marti,
Elsa Klippstein, Martha and Louise
Winkelmann, Olga Mayer and Elsa
Hein with her guest Miss Lillian Hop
kins. All of them stood the walk
well except one young
lady who found the elevation of her
high heeled shoes interfering with
general comfort.
Miss Jeanette Reinhart who has
been employed in the County Auditor's
office for the past 3* years and has
tendered her resignation which became
effective last Saturday. Miss Rein
hart has a special fitness for office
work and soon became thoroly con
versant with the many details of the
County Auditor's office and was able
to look after all of the routine work.
When Capt. Vogel was in camp in the
early part, of July, she took care of
the office all alone and kept the min
utes of the County Commissioner's
semi-annual meeting. Dame Rumor
has it that Miss Reinhart will be mar
in September to an estimable
young man from Sleepy Eye.
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k/ ,^
'#«t p.... a. »._£
Study 'em carefully—don't take
them on the trip unless they'll put
up a.good front.
New neckwear here at 25c up to $2.
Wash silk ties at 50c.
The new cloud effects at $1.
Cool grenadines at 50 and 75c.
Everything new in New York is
right here. Our New York Resi
dent Buyer keeps our assortment up
to the Fifth Avenue standard.
Shirts in all the various fabrics frpm
silk to flannel, il to $4.
Today Outing Suits in Cravenetted
Mohairs at $18. that were $22.
$10.50 that were $20.
Hummel Brothers
14 N. Minn. Str., New Uim, Minn.
and putjour savings in the bank
Yo can cut down your expenses,
if you try—a little less for this
luxury, a few cents less forthat—
and you have the beginning of a fortune,
if you put what you save in the bank.
All the time it is accumulating you are getting nearer to
inclependence|and to the goal of that ambition—for all
things are easy when you have money.
Start today. Open a bank account with
what yon have Even a dollar will do.
Brown County Bank
New Ulm, Minnesota*
Must be sold to make room, 3 Koch barber chairs, hy
draulic and reclining. Also 3 chair front, plate glass,
marble slab all way through, first class barber pole
and numerous other barber's articles also porcelain'
bath tub and a 100 gallon galvanized tank and a Wilkin
Inquire of
New Ulm, Minn.
"H'i1^" ''Uptffir/
"At Hummel1

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