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New Ulm Entertains Farmers.
The party arrived at New Ulm shortly
before 7:00 o'clock and proceeded to
Turner Hall park where they rested for
several hours and listened to music
rendered by Hofmeister's Band. Quite
a number of the citizens joined the
boosters and visited with them while
they were in the city. For the cordial
In point of attendance the booster tour
was certainly a success. Over 200 cars
started from Sleepy Eye, the rallying
point at 10:00 o'clock in the morning
Friday and proceeded "from there to
Springfield via Cobden where they
stopped in the park immediately adjoin
ing the village and had their lunch. They
were accompanied by the "Jolly Farmers
.Band" of the town of Leavenworth who
played at every place where a stop of
any moment was made—except Comfrey
Alias Luecyntlila rtiehe, oi «SUWxv
submitted to an operation last Friday.
Airs. Otto Buenger, of Sleepy Eye
was brought to the hospital Friday.
She has been operated on.
Mrs. R. M. Hicks has ful'y recovered
from her recent illness. She left the
hospital Monday.
Miss Irene Mord, of Winthrop under
went an operation last Friday.
Mrs. Aug. Blank, of Nicollet who has
been taking treatments at the hospital
was well enough to leave Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Gerber, of Walnut Grove
was operated on Monday.
Misses Helen Sandquist, of Lafayette
and Alwina Asmus, of Gaylord were
operated on last Saturday.
Says you really feel clean, sweet
and fresh inside, and
are seldom ill.
If you are accustomed to wake up
with a coated tongue, foul breath or
a dull, dizzy headache or, if your,
meals sour and turn into gas and
acids, you have a real surprise awahV
ing you.
To-morrow morning, immediately
upon arising, drink a gi^ of hot
water with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in it. This is intended to
first neutralize and then wash out of
your stomach, liver, kidneys and
thirty feet of intestines all the indi
gestible waste, poisons, sour bile and
toxins, thus cleansing, sweetening and
purifying the entire alimentary canal.
after asked Sheriff Julius for protection, this week brought a very interesting
Apparently it looked to the Comfreyites letter dated May 22. His friends have
as tho they were getting the worst of passed it on to the Review so that the boys
the fight that they had started and they who get the paper may hear from their
immediately found it necessary to call old school mate. He speaks of receiving
upon the Sheriff of the county for pro
Warrants Issued.
A warrant for the arrest of Phillip
Mueller who committed an assault upon
Alex Waibel was sworn out Saturday and
no doubt further warrants will be sworn
out against some of the ring leaders in
this dastardly outrage.
The incident at Comfrey rather spoiled
the entire trip for the boosters and quite
a number went home from there. Others! is wonderful and we have good service
proceeded on their trip to New Ulm via' and since coming here two days ago I
Hanska and Searles. At Hanska they have already noticed a change and I
had no difficulty altho H. Chambard, am feeling much better.
the real estate dealer, started in to make
a demonstration but he did not go anyall
farther than that.
reception given the farmers of Brown
County by the citizens of New Ulm the Ben Seifert. I
boosters feei truly thankful and have was over here.
requested the Review to extend to the "I must tell you about some flying
citizens their sincere and heartfelt thanks.
For Sick Headache, Sour Stomach,
Sluggish Liver and Bowels—
Take Cascarets tonight.
Furred! Tongue, Bad Taste, Indiges
tion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
aches come from a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, which cause your stom
ach to become filled with undigested
food, which sours and ferments like gar
bage in a swill barrel. That's the first
step to untold misery—indigestion, foul
gases, bad breath, yellow skin, mental
fears, everything that is horrible and
nauseating. A Oascaret to-night will
give your constipated bowels a thorough
cleansing and straighten you out by
morning. They work while you sleep—
a 10-cent box from your druggist will
keep you feeling good for months.
Those subject to sick headaches,
backache, bilious attacks, constipation
or any form of stomach trouble, are
urged to get a quarter pound of lime
stone phosphate from the drug store
and begin enjoying this morning in
side-bath. It is said that men and
women who try this become enthu
siastic and keep it up daily. It is a
splendid health measure for it is more
important to keep clean and pure on
the inside than on the outside, because
the skin pores do not absorb impuri
ties into the blood, causing disease,
while the bowel pores do.
The" principle of bathing inside is
not new, as'millions of people practice
it. Just as hot water and soap cleanse,
purify and freshen the skin, so hot
water and a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate act on the stomach, lirer,
kidneys and bowels. Limestone phos
phate is an inexpensive white powder
and almost tasteless/ "ZZ
Last week's Review stated that the
friends of Harry Joern had not heard
from him for quite a while but the mail
a letter from New Ulm dated April
22, and says he is glad to know the
chickens here are "doing their bit."
He continues: "They are industrious
little creatures in this country, and there
seems to be no end to eggs. At the
flying school where I have been I nearly
lived on eggs because the food Was so
poor. However, I have finished there
and have moved to an American camp
and it surely is a fine place. The food
At last I am a pilot, having passed
the required tests and am proudly
wearing the two silver wings. If every
things^ goes all right, I will be a first
lieutenant in about six weeks and thehereabouts
commission will be very welcome after
having waited all this while.
"I am now waiting to go on the flying
list to take up advanced flying on the
faster machines. Our pay is to be
reduced from $100 to $75. However,
when I get my commission, I will be
all right. It was news to me about
didn't even know he
experiences I had while passing my brevet
tests. One test is to go up 2000 meters
(3 feet equals 1 meter approximately)
and stay at that height an hour. I
started out one cloudy morning with
a fur-lined combination suit, went up
to 1500 meters and was to the clouds.
I searched until I found a "window",
an opening in the clouds, and circled
around until I was above the clouds
and climbed until I was up 3400 meters.
Above me the sun was shining while
below the clouds it was dark with here
and there, the sun peeping thru to the
ground. It' became quite cold and I
had to blow my nose occasionally and I
stuck the handkerchief in my fur boot
so I could get it easily. Well, the hand
kerchief froze stiff before I got down
and there was still ice in it when I landed.
But above the clouds it was wonderful.
The clouds are puffy, fleecy white masses
of fog and they roll and tumble around
and here and there a tall column'of cloud
rises up a hundred feet above the rest
and looks like a sentry on guard. I
had been up there for some time when
all at once I saw a falling star burn up
about 300 yards ahead of my machine
and I am still wondering what would
have happened if it had hit my machine.
The rest of my trips were without
mishap or excitement, aside from one
day when it was very rough and bumpy
weather. I saw one fellow try to cut
down some trees with his aeroplane
wing but he only cut down three or
four before the machine came down but
He wasn't/ rmrt w* »H-
"The weather has been wonderful
the last week and this is indeed Sunny
France. The country, too, is all green
and very picturesque, so it is really
enjoyable to be out."
Harry closes his letter with kind re
membrances to ail his relatives and the
"fellows at the store" and to the Retz
laffs, and with a few jokes showing that
he is carrying around with him mem
ories of the fun he had in Little Old
New Ulm.
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm
tender little Stomach, Liver,
and Bowels.
Look at the tongue, mother! If
cWted, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once/
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or is fever
ish, stomach sour, breath bad has sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and in a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have a
well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist for a bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," which contains full
directions for babies, children of all ages
and for grown-ups.
'JHijtS I
The Mothers Club which was or
ganized about a month ago held their
first meeting last Friday at the pon-who
gregational church. The following pro
gram was carried out:
Solo, Mrs. Higgs
Paper: Are Our Children Truthful?
Very few reports from Nicollet County
are available at this time we go to press.
In the towns of Lafayette, West Newton
and Brighton Lindbergh got a very
heavy vote. In West Newton 133 votes
for Lindbergh and 10 for Burnquist.
Lafayette 161 for Lindbergh and 35
for Burnquist and Brighton 48 for Lind
bergh and 13 for Burnquist. In these
towns also Congressman Davis received
a highly complimentary vote and Bryer
of Sibley County has the lead for' the
nomination of Senator from the counties
of Nicollet and Sibley. In these three
towns also Gieseke has a very good vote
and the town of Courtland gave him
all votes except four and it can be
safely lassumed that he will carry the
nomination. Louis T. Precht has every
reason to feel proud of the vote that he
received in the townships mentioned and
he is quite confident that he will secure
enough votes to be one of the candidates
who will run in the fall election.
There were only two contests for
County offices, one for Representative
and the other for Register of Deeds.
From the incomplete returns it would
appear that Louis Spellbrink and Anton
S. Dorn carried the nomination and will
appose each other in the fall election and
for the office of Register of Deeds Fred
Christiansen, the present incumbent,
and Ed. McGowan of the town of Eden
will fight it out in November.
New Ulm 168.000
Sleepy Eye 72.855
Springfield 46,370
Hanska 9,820
Comfrey U,530
Cobden 2,470
Evan 3,375
Albin 18,310
Basnaw ifl,a™
Burnstown 18,915
Eden 16,300
Home 20,800
Lake Hanska 19,740
Leavenworth 15,385
Linden 20,935
Milford 14,750
Mulligan 11,576
North Star 10,100
Prairieville 17,900
Sigel ,12,165
Stark 13,960
Stately 11,065
Miss Minnie Schmockel of Pryor
Lake, Minn., and Captain John Lau
terbach of Redwrood Falls were mar
ried at El Paso, Texas, last Satur
day, June 8, according to a message
received by relatives of Captain Lau
terbach living here. Full particulars
have not been received but so far as
can be learned, Miss Schmockel, who
left Pryor Lake for Camp Cody last
Wednesday," arrived in El Paso Sat
urday and was met there by Captain
Lauterbach. The marriage took place
at once and Captain and Mrs. Lauter
bach returned to Camp Cody where the
captain is in charge of Company I.
Mrs. Lauterbach will spend the summer
at the camp with her husband.
Mrs. Lauterbach has been a resi
dent of Redwood Falls for the past
several years, having taught school
here. She leaves hosts' of friends here
congratulate both her. and her
husband and wish them all that is good
in their life together. Captain Lauter
bach is one of the "home" boys of whom
Redwood Falls is very proud and of whom
Mrs. I Stone 4-ke townsmen expect splendid things
Reading, selected, Mrs. F. H. Krook. —Redwood Falls Gazette.
General Discussion of what work
should be taken up for the year. There
are about twenty members of the club
and they mean to give earnest effort
to solving some'of the problems that
mothers of small children encounter.
Announcement of the meetings .will
appear in the Review in advance of each
meeting in order that all may be sure
to be present, as the club very much
desires to be a real help to its members
thru steady assistance and cooperation.
•-, V* ,. uW
(Continued from firsi tf&jze.)
in several of the towns and voting pre
cincts no democratic votes were cast
at all. New Ulm cast 148 votes for the
Democratic gubernatorial candidates, of
which number Fred E. Wheaton received
126 and W. L. Comstock 22. Altho
it was conceded all around that Lind
bergh would carry New Ulm by a good
majority but few expected that it would
be so large as it turned out to be. Lind
bergh received 800 votes to Burnquist's
234 thus carrying the city by 566 major
ity. This is certainly a vindication for
Dr. L. A. Fritsche who was suspended
and removed by Governor Bunrquist as
mayor of the city and no doubt it was
meant as such by the voters.
In the Towns of Sigel the voters almost
made it unanimous, giving Burnquist
only one vote and Lindbergh 137. Other
towns also showed up as veritable
strongholds for Lindbergh and the state
ment frequently made by the farmers
that they would "stick*'
had a practical demonstration in the
results of the election.
A message announcing the marriage
of Lieut. T. Otto Streissguth was
received as a pleasant surprise by his
folks here Saturday.\ His marriage to
Miss Gladys Burnside of Neenah, Wis.
took place that day at Columbia, S.
near Camp Jackson where the groom has
been stationed for the past few months
since leaving Camp Grant, 111. 5, An
nouncement of the ^gagement- Of the
young couple was made last fall and the
prospects of an early transfer of the
*™S W4 WWW'S S&3 BSE
groom jor oyerst
IN EARLY_RETURNSL arriage. M^SIjtreissguth is a son
of Mrs. K.. Streissguth of this place and
prior to his enlistment was a practicing
attorney at Gaylord, having enlisted in
the second officers' reserve training camp
at Ft. Snelling last summer. After
receiving his commission he was trans
ferred to Camp Dodge, la., then to Camp
duty hastened t$fe*J
Grant, 111., and later to Camp Jacksor
S. C—Arlington Enterprise.
Lieut. Streissguth is a cousin of C.
G. Reim of this city. .-.
CORRECTED June 18, 1918
NewWheatNo.2 2 04
No.3 2 01
,'•••• No.4 :.. ,. 1 97
Flour, War 100 lb .....:.. 5 40—5 50
Graham 4 70—5 00
Rye 7 50—7 80
Shorts 1 50—1 60
Bran 1 40—1 50
Oatsf 70
Barley 90
Rye 1 84
Corn 1 10—1 25
Chickenfeed 1 30
Potatoes, ir 60—75
Butter per lb 40—50
Eggs,perdozen 27 1-2—28
Cows and Heifers 100 lb. 8 00—9 00
Steers 10 00-12 00
Calves 11 50-11 25
Sheep 7 00—8 50
Lambs 10 00-13 00
Hogs' '. 15 75-
Sirls! Tryit! Hair gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a small bottle
of Danderine.
If you care for heavy hair that glis
tens with, beauty and is radiant Witt
liie has an incomparable softness anc
is nuny and lustrous, try Danderine.
Just one application doubles the
ber.ut cf ycur hair, besides it imme
diately dissolves every particle ,oi
dandruff. You can not have nice heavy,
liealtiv hair if you have dandruff. This
destructive scurf robs the hair of its
lustre, its strength and its very life,
and if not overcome it produces a fever
ishness and itching of the scalp the
hair roots famish, loosen and die then
the hair falls out fast. Surely get- a
small bottle of Knowlton's Danderine
from any drug store and just try it.-
Two young men, strangers in this
community, furnished quite a little
amusement to a number of our citizens
late Monday afternoon. Who they were
and where they came from nobody seems
to know, neither is it definitely known
what time they reached the city. When
notice was first taken of them they had
both fallen asleep in-their car which they
had parked in front of the Meine Clothing
Company. They slept very soundly
and the usual noise on the street was
unable to wake them up. One of those
who saw them could not resist the tempta
tion to take a Bigtur§ °J them. It is
interesting to know how they COllld
sleep so soundly when all the thirst
parlors had been closed Sunday and also
Monday, being primary election day.
Cincinnati authority tells how to dry
up acorn or callus so it lifts
off with fingers.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says this
Cincinnati authority, because a few
drops of freezone applied directly on a
tender, aching corn or callus, stops sore
ness at once and soon the corn or
hardened callus loosens so it can be
lifted out, root and all, without pain.
A small bottle of freezone cost very
little at any drug store, but will posi
tively take off every h?.rd or soft
corn or callus. This should be tried,
as it is inexpensive and is said not to
irritate the surrounding skin.
•If your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house. It is
fine stuff and acts like a charm every
t'Jv* *.
., .OS?""* "*.'» "»,
Pleasant Lake Lodge
New Cottages with Screened Porches. Every
thing New. Equipped for Light House
Pike, Pickerel, Bass, etc., fishing. Boat free
with each cottage. Tennis and croquet
grounds. RATES $12.00 PER WEEK
Spring Dale Resort
Lake Augusta, South Haven, Minn.
An ideal place to spend your summer vacation.
Best of fishing, excellent bathing, good, roomy,
screened,cottages, boat free,, farm in connec
tion where fresh eggs, milk: and vegetables can
be had. Two mails daily.and first class tele
phone service. Rates $1.00: per'day for cot
tages. For full particulars write
Hotel Idlewilder TOD AND
well known Summer Resort on'Osakis Lake
under present management for seventeen years
has proved that the best aaveftisingTslbo' sat
isfy its patrons—They tell others Write for
rates, stating when you would like to come,
and that you have read this apvertisement and
if we have the room we will be glad to accomo
date you. E. R. Ruggles, Osakis, Minn.
Sapolio doing its work. Scouring
for US.Marine Corps recruits.
Join Nov/!
The Original Front-Lacing Corsets
because they are beyond
comparison with any other
front-lacing corsets and are,
truly the perfeet expression *&
of the front-lacing principle.^
The name Gossard stamped
on the inside of the corset .'"/
is your guarantee of the
New Ulm, Minn.
You have, no doubt, often heard the above expres
sion relative to repairing some broken part of your car
or machinery^ However, we make it a speciality to do
work in this line that has perplexed others.
Our answer to "It Can't Be Done" is: "BRING IT
TO US!" Here is where you will always find
When may we expect you to calfAnd see the Mon
roe Car and the Moline One-man Tractor? NOW is the
Nielson & Grussendorf
~rti S5jf"."i518 THIRD NORTH STREET WMt.
PJJONE, 523.
'v fryt*-
-H.*r*V^.»jiti ^i^Kt i'Aor rf" "T^^JM, *-,3!
who wear

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