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One of these three is the correct,
oil for your tractor. ».
Our Engineering Staff has pre
pared a chart showing which one
will give the best results in- your
particular tractor. The nearest
Standard Oil representative will
be glad to show it to you.

The Missionary society of the Congre
gational church will meet Friday at the
home of Mrs, H. L. Beecher with Mrs.
H. Schrammel as leader.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E.,Englebert accom
panied by Mrs. John Arhart motored
to the Twin Cities Sunday to enjoy the
opening day of the State Fair.
Mrs. Adolph Klause and daughter
Norma are in Minneapolis visiting with
friends and attending matters. The
latter is planning to enter one of the
Minneapolis schools in the fall.
A Building and Loan association has
been organized in St. Peter and is being
conducted along the same lines as thefrom
New Ulm Building and Loan associa
tion. Ad. F^ Burmeister, a former
New Ulm man, is secretary of the new*
organization. A plan for the sale of
stock will be carried out in the near future.
UBRICATING oil is inexpensive the cost of a
burned-out bearing will pay for the lubricants neces
sary to keeppthe machine* in order for months.
The Standard Oil Company ^(Indiana)/*manufactures
three lubricating oils for tractors—
Stanolind Tractor Oil
olarine Oil
910 S. Michigan Aye. I"*Um')
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Fredde from
Fairmont visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. P. A. Becker last week. The trip
was made by auto. „'i
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Koke from Fort
Dodge, Iowa enjoyed a visit at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wiedenmann
during the past'week.
Edgar Ruemke and Oscar Ulrich are
spending the week in the Twin Cities.
They are taking in sights at the State
Fair.: */?**,
The pavilion dances at Gaylord are
getting to be a very popular attraction.
People within a radius of sixty miles
We VoilhfofThe
Because they are made by it
the biggest rubber company
in the world. And they know
how to build good tires.
The^ have^ choice of ma
terials,—they have immense
-Write for "Tractor Lubrica
,tion," which you will find a
Valuable reference book, of 100
pages and we believe it will save
you many days of tractor idleness ,p
/with the resultant monev loss. '(&
-It's free to you for the asking.
.Address ,** ^jvi^'^vi^^v^v.^^j^ii
the city travel there on Saturday who havebeen visiting with relatives
night to enjoy' dancing. First Class there and at^New tflm. Mrs. Cecelia
dance orchestras furnish the music which
is an added attraction. A large group
of young people from this city motored
to the city Saturday evening. 5^
Of all thetiresthat are made, faciUties,—they employ many
—why do you suppose exclusive methods.
prefer to sell United States§« They can'go ib greater
ires? ^viflPBa lengths in testing, improving
6 1 6 0
United StatesTires
an boo
The Wm. Ruemke and George Gasiler
families enjoyed an auto trip to Rapidan,
Minneopa and Marikato Sunday. .:|
Miss Beata Krrok left Friday for
Aitkin, Minn., where she will resume her
duties as instructor in the High school^
W. B. Clement, of Redwood Falls,
has1 been appointed assistant state bank
examiner by F. E. Pearson, state super
intendent of banks. He recently re
turned from irilitary service.^ ,^4^1
A family reunion'was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs'. Lr Schilling in Spring
field last week, in honor of Mr and Mrs.
Albert Schilling of Great Fills, Montana,
Schilling and daughter Lydia, and
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Zschiinke from this
city were present. The honqrary guests
have returned to their Kome in Montana,
the things that
make good tir^s.
We find it good business to
seU United StatesTiies#M
And—you will find it
business to buy them. Iney*
arehere-a tire forevery need
\, -__
State Federation Rejects Suggestion
of Governor BurnqiiUt.^
The Minnesota State Fed*eratidn"of
Labor refuses to confer with the Minne
sota Employes' association, on ,a, pro
posed legislative program. -$'
The federation today so notified
Governor Burnquist who suggested a
get-together conference to agree on
laws'relating to labor to*be introduced
at the coming special session of the leg
islature. ,»
The federation?- asserts little good
ever resulted from conferences 4n the
past between representatives of the
federation and the Employers' asso-j
Motives Questioned. 0
e"letter, which is signed by George
W. Lawson, state secretary, questions
the motives of the request, inasmuch
as it declares that the only.time the
Minnesota Employers' association de
sires to confe'r with representatives of
labor is when they feel it. is advantage
ous to themselves^'
The union men further say they will
not%ieet the employes in such a con
ference as suggested by the governor
until such time as the Minnesota Em
ployers' association cares to deal with
them across a table ''fairly, openly and
& r* $
"Sepp' Klaus failed to participate in
last Sunday's shoot, but that is not the
reason why Henry Meyer waled off with
the gold medal. Henry is a crack
shot' and it would not surprise any one
if he would have the highest average
seore when the season closes. Dr. A.
Amann has been doing good work lately
and managed to climb into second place
Sunday. Geo Wich i^ki getting onto
the ropes and may surprise the boys yet.
Victor Schleuder carried off the "booby"
with*a score of onry 80. The following
scores were made:
H. Meyer %%$&& ?/..
King Man
., 171 129
Dr. A. Amann .'?/. 169 114
H. Gebser .[* Iff 159
Chas. Hauenstein .. /,.- 135 127
J. Hauenstein^
Geo. Wicherski
Victor Schleuder
TT. i2i
Arthur Nagle left Friday for Adams,
Minn., where he will resume work in a
barber shop. He recently returned from
overseas service and had been visiting
at the home of his mother Mrs. F. Well
Two daughters of H^nry^.Weiss, of
Bird Island, a daughter of Hubert Weiss
and a daughter of Jos. Baumann, also
of Bird-Island came to New Ulm last
'Thursday and underwent operations for
removal of tonsils. ^\SfV f'X*W^
Work has been started on the grounds
where the new Grand Theater is to be
erected between the Hall Hotel and the
Arbes building. Mr. Schlottmann in
tends to hurry the building so it wi 1 be
ready for use in 'the fall. *'$'^ "\rj0
Kenneth Edmiston, from Dayton,
Ohio visited at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
H.- C. Edmiston last week£ .Sunday
Dr. and Mrs. Edmiston accompanied by
their guest motored to the Twin Cities
to attend the State Fair.'
Friends of^A..V. Sorensen,will be in
terested to know that he has received his
discharge from the army and is now
working in the First National Bank of
Bismark, N. D. It will be remembered
that he assisted in the'office of N. Hen
n'ngsen for a number of years^~
The Evangelical Friedens churches of
New Ulm and Essig will observe their
annual mission festival Sunday, Sept.
7. At ten o'clock A. M. -and at eight
o'clock P. M. Special services will be
he'd in the local church. Rev. Otto
Rapp of Long Prairie will deliver sermon
in the Essig church at two o'clock in
the afternoon.
Sage Tea and Sulphur Darkens
So Naturally that No
body can tell.
Hair that loses its color and lustre,
or when it fade's, turns gray, dull and
lifeless, is caused by a lack of sulphur
in the hair. Our grandmother made
up a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur
to keep her locks dark and beautiful,
etnd thousands of women and men who
value/ that even color, that beautiful
dark shade of hair which is so, at
tractive, use only this old-time recipe.
Nowadays we get this famous mix
ture improved by the addition of other
ingredients by asking at any drug
store for a bottle of "Wyeth'd* Sage
and Sulphur Compound/' which dark
ens the hair so naturally, so evenly,
that nobody can possibly ,tell it has
been applied. ^Tou just dampen a
sponge or soft brush with it,and draw
this through your hair, taking one
"small strand at a time. By morning
the gray hair disappears but what
delights the ladles with Wyeth's Sage,
and Sulphur Compound is that, be*
sides beautifully darkening the 'hair
after a few applications. It also brings
back the- gloss and lustre'and gives it
an appearance,of abundance.
Wyeth's^age and 'Sulphur Com
pound Is ff delightful toilet requisite
\o, Impart color- and A youthful ap
pearance to the hair. It is not In
tended IQr the cure, mitigation or pre*
f, «^jp%'
A W%
«^'^S^DitE NIGH '&* 1
PRICES $1.00 75 50 25c Plus Tax
nou en
Office in Vogel Block
Office Phone 568
!bfeThe Past
5 3 Necessity for War Time Flours has
passed bint the necessity of getting the most
money is greater than ever. .To spend wisely
one must buy flour of proven quality
^^made by
Equitable Lif Inslancf cftlowa
Nej^lJJInr RoilesMiU Company
-Aft $ Ub^^^^l^^l&r
R.^HIGGS Geneilll\pt
.^:, Don't fait to see these splendid Davenports.
They are Beauties and there is sure to be one
which will suit your taste and home needs.
"They are an ornament to any home, while at
^the same time they are^exceedingly useful.
SO/* ..." -d'.
*&• iJ* V*^
New Ulrri, Minn.
Residence 931

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