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The Evening Caledonian-Record
JUNE 28,1920
Reduction Sale
Voile Dresses
Drcsses that formerly retailcd at $16.50, $17.95,
$18.50 and $20.00, on sale for Thursday, Friday and
Saturday. Ali sizes, 1G to 41. A good variety of
stylcs to select from.
$14.95 Each
Locai News
Dr. V. O. Moore's office
closcd .lune 21 to Julv lst.
Dr. W. li. Fitch's office
closed from Junc 24 ih to
This Theatre gives you the best In pictures, projection and music
The vast fortunes of two individuala and the love and honor
of a. wornan depend upon the result of a hor.se race. One man
Dlay fair, the other seeks to destroy everything that opposcs h'm.
The woman is caught in his net. She struggles and fìghts to re
gain her lot position, son and huiband.
e Joyce
Ncver appeared lo a t tlcr advantaere or bandirti
a iole in more magnificent manner than she does fi
in ine
"The Sportin:
The originai play crcated a scnsation at Drury
Lane theatre in London. The picture is better
than the play.
Cartoon Comedy: MUTT & JEFF, in
lncidentai Music: THÈ GLOBE ORCHESTRA
Vose Tiano uscd Sold by L. K. Harvey, Passumpsic, Vermont
vili bc
will bc j
July lst. i
ad'. I
Community Chautauqua ticket
j r.tw on sale by guarantors. Priec j
I $2.00 plus war tax. After 100 tickets
1 hnvo been sold pricu will be S2.50
plus war tax. Buy at once and save
; 5!) cents. adv tf
i Alice Joyce in "The Sporting
Dnchess." The play that held
; thousands of spectators at evev per- j
; formancc of over a year at Drury i
! Lane theatcr, London, the home nf 1
: snectacles and manimoth produ--:
tions, has been picturized. T! i :
: sanie play created a sensation nn
Broadway about 20 years ago. Eut
best of ali is the picturization ir.
which ali of the racing atmosplipro
has been maintained. Beautiful
manoi's, archery fields, training qua -ters,
luxurioùs interiors and pictur
esque drives furnish the background
for a thrilling story which keeps th"
interst at fever heat until the end of
the great race scene around which
the plot is woven. Miss Joyce out
sliines ali her fornici- roles in "Th"
Sporting Duchess", a mammoth ar.d
delightful production. Don't miss li,
at the Globe: today and tomorrow.
Beautiful Marion Davies is wcv
derfully cast as the l'eroine of ..'
photoplay version of Cynthia's Stor'.
iey's mystery love story "Apii
i Follv.-' which nppeared as a serial ir,
the Cosmopolitan magazine. The
theme deals with a beautiful novelist
who hncling her lite too tan-e.
throws discretion to the winds and
starts out alone to seek adventurc. :
Does shs find it You'll sav so! Elub
I orate settings, marveljus gowns, l:i
I vish scenes, and thrilling climax ;
I serve enough "life" for 20 pictun .
, Cor.way Tcarle, one of the most po;
i ular leading nen, of staircdom, arti .
I f.lmdom plays opposite Miss Davies.
: Do not miss this exciting picture of
; love, with its unusual theme. It's
Paramount-Arteraft and its at tho
I Please-U today and tomorrow.
Miss Caroline S. Woodruff has re
turned to St. Johnsburv from Bcn-
nington where she attcnded the
Emery-Gaskcll wedding.
C. C. Longfellow of Los Angees,
Cai., spcnt Sunday at the St. Johns
bury House, leaving Monday after- ì
noon to visit his old home in Gardin- ;
er. Me. !
Mi', unii Mrs. Fred Wark of Cali- ;
fornia are with Mrs. B. F. Rollins, ;
and other relative and fricnds for !
the summer. Both Mr. a:ul Mrs. !
Wark fonnerlv residcd in St. Joìirs- I
bury and Mrs. Wark will be pleasip
ly rcjncmbercd as Miss Mabel G"1'
This is their first visit to St. Job-,
bun- in 14 vears.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Friend and t'i;'
rhildren of Malden, Mass., are v! d
in"' relativcs in town.
Mrs. Baney tells how Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Helped Her (
Through the Change
of Middle Life.
Kneliester, Ind. "My troubles were
from my age and Lydia E. Pinkham's
V egetanic. ora
pound helped me
wonderfully. I took
d o c t o r's medicine
and other patent
medicine but the
Vegetable Com
pound has helped
my nerves more
than anything I
havg ever taken. I
ara thankful to tho
one wlio reco m
mended it to me and
surely do my part in telling othera
w'int the medicine iias aone ior me. --Mn,
Lettie Ba.net, 468 East Oth St.,
ifo.'l: ster, Indiana.
'li h warning symptoms as sense of
ut: Kation, hot flashea, headaches,
i suki'ches, dread of impending evil,
i '.n 'ii'.ity, Bounda in the cara, palpitation
; f the heart, sparka before the eyea, ir
reguhiritieg, constipation, variable ap
latito, weakness and dizziness should
t.c hieded by middle-aged women and
irt i.vdia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
piiiiid carry them aafely through this
L.iiis as it did Mrs. Baney.
Innulor nonno
Every Tuesday Evening
8.30 to 12 o'clock
At Ledere Hall
Henault's Orchestra
Miss Madeline Mandali has been
ii"::gc'l by the State Board of Edu--i
;o i to teach a conrse in Folk
ila -ring at he Rutland Summer
Selnol for teachers.
Olìce of Dr. Atwood closed from
Wednesday, June CO, to Friday, July
G. adv.
Abe Nurnbci" went to Portland,
e., safiraav on a business trip.
0 Ladies' Mcrccrizcd Lisle Union Suits, Cartcr's. Size CO. Rcgulai- price $1.75
Special 1.25 cach
12 Ludica' Union Suits, low neck, no sleeve, knee length. Size 34. Regular price
$1.00. Sale price Ci)c. . Special 50c each
2 Ladies' Union Suits, high neck, long sleeve, anklc length, summer weight. Size
3C, Regular price 50c. Special 35c each
12 pairs Ladies' knee length Drawcrs, Jersey knit. Size 4. Regular price 38c.
Sale price 29c. , " Special ll)c a pair
1 Lot Printed Flaxons, 27 inches widc, assorted patterns and colorings. Regu'ar
price 45c. Sale price 39c. Special 30c yard
2 picces Cotton Pohgec, 32 lnchcs widc. Colors Fcarl, Grcy and Hclio. Regular
price 50c. Sale price 38c. Spcciul 33c yard
7 pieces Madras Ginghams, 32 inches widc. Regular price 59c. Sale price 48c.
Special 35c yard
COLGATE'S TALCUM POWDERS. Odors Eclat, Dacylis, LaFrance Rose, Monad
Violet and Tintcd Tale. Regular price 25c ' ' Special 18c each
JAP ROSE FACE POWDER. Regulaa- price 50c. Special 38c each and 1 jar
Jap Rose Cold Cream free.
19 Ladies' Summer Vests, low neck, short slccvcs. Sizes 34" and 3G. Sale price 25c.
i ' Special 15c each
200 Ladies' Summer Vests, low neck, short sleeve. Ali sizes 34 to 44. Regular
price 38c. Value 50c. ' Special 29c each
6 Ladies' Jersey Knit Corset Covers, high neck, long slcevcs, summer we:ght.
Regular price 25c. Special at 18c each
Corsets. Sizes 20, 21, 25, 26.
7 pair Warner
15 Warncr's Brassiers.
CI :: ' i
12 Infa&ts Bands, Wool Finish
Regular price $3.50. Sale price
Special $2.00 a pair
Sizes 34 and 3G. Regular price 75c. Sale price. 38c
Special 25c cach
Size 2 ycars. Regular price 35c.
Special 18c each
Ali of our regular size Suits in two lots. You can afford to buy a Suit for futura
wcar at these prices.
LOT 1 Contains Velours, Jerscys, Garbedinc, Tricotine and Serge. Colors
French Blue, Navy, Brown and Oxford. Regular price $35.00 to $45.00.
Price for Wednesday $21.50
LOT 2 Contains ali our better Suits. Regular price to $75.00.
Price for Wednesday $27.50 and $39.50
Every one in our stock marked at two prices. Regular price $25.00 to $40.00.
Price for Wednesday $17.50 and $24.75
Every Georgette and Crepe de Chine in our stock, ali colors.
to $15.00. Price for
Regular vnlue up
Wednesday $0.75
Slorc Open
AH Day Wednesday
Miss Doris Macev is visitine i UOV. L OOllUgC lVfffn cu
iends in Danvillo and Concord. J). from the U. V. M.
Pcarl Brigham of Morrisvillc was j
i town Sunday. 1
il lai
" s
is ! i
i l lil i 1
A N important assct to anv bank
GIVINQ Bank. Our aim and purpose is
to please YOU as our customer.
The First National Bank
WAXTED P.ov of K) wants v. o ',
on filini during .'umnicr. Cali Ca!
donian office. , 3-X
WANTED Giri or middle-aged
wornan for general housework in F.
Johnsbury. Only two in the faniil.
No chil'lrcn. House has a'1 the niod
nn improvements. Good rav and
'dare where ho ìr.v'it nartv wcu(!
find contentniPiit. A. B. Dow, S'.
Johnsbury, Tel. 1. V, ti'
Community Silver
For June Weddings
Chas. H. Howe
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Ocmocrats Dcfend
(Continucd from Page One)
pian of man. That pian was for the
aircrandiscmcnt of power, for earthly
LCagUe Of NatioilS' clory, for a place in the sun, for mil-
' itarv sunremaev. It carne as the ìr-
shock ot v.ar in wnien ine
(Continucd from Page óne)
! .lir conditions which it criticizes and
; lores," he continucd.
! 'Thc oppressed peoples of the carth
j .vili look to it in vaiti. It contains no
! n.sage of hope for Irt land; no
; vord of mercy for Armenia: and it
' onceals a sword for Mexico. It is
; 1 he work of men concerned more with
material tnings tnan witn numan
liiglits. It contains no thought, no
urpose which can give impulse or
. Hill to those who love liberty and
i.opc to make the world a safer and
l appici" place for the average man."
He declared that the peace time re
t rd of the democratic party from
i larch 1913 to the outbreak of the
i orld war has to its credit "more cf
i'.jctive. constimctive and remed al
Republican party;
resistib'.e shock or war
artirìcial in human relationship was
cast aside and the real prevailed. If
despotism has not vt been bani.-h-cd
from its rule over people at least
itvno longer wears a crown, it is no
longer glorified anywherc but denied
evcrywherc, and wherevcr practieed
now masucrades under popular sov
ereignty. Thei ideal of the founders
of this University is beginning to
grip the earth in its entirety.
"Faith in the people is an American
ideal. Not faith in their ignorancc
or their prejudice. If men aro only
sclfish the war is in vain. We might
just as well acccpt the Prussian stan
dard and cach seize whatever he
have the power to hold. But a faith
that men act with knowledge rejcct
imr the false, accepting the truc,
proud not of'gain but of sacriftee.
"An American ideai if equamy. "i
LcClcrc's Hall
Mrs. Wilkie's Orchestra
l'.triì;it inn thnn ih
had placed upon the statute books in ; that ali are cual in degrce; there are
h generation.
Childrcn's Black Brown
and White Tennis
for vacation wcar. Low
culs $1.00 per pair
Shoe height $1.15 per pr
Sizes 5 to 10 1-2
Ladies' White Tennis
Shoes, Oxford and Boot
heights. Without heels
$1.25 to $2.00
With hccls $2.25 to $2.50
- Ali sizes 2 1-2' to 7 -Ladies'
Black Bathing
Shoes 75c a pair
Ali sizes
No doubt you are going for an outing over the
"Fourth" and the only thing about it that you do not
look forward to is preparing the lunch.
Bring us your luncheon kit and v;e will fili it so
full of good things that you'll want to extend your
outing over a full week.
We have so many jiicnic supplics that we can not
list them, but we will show you if you will come in.
Praising the administration s
course in the war he saia: w e
! ought a great war, for a great
cause and we had a leadership that
; (arried America to greater heights of
honor and power and glory than she
; has ever known before in her entire
! Kelerring to congressional inves
i rigations by "smelling committees,"
' : e said tha't over 80 investigations
ì ave been made, over two million dol
' u s wasted and "the result has been
! 3 prove that it was the cleanest war
: ver fou"-ht in the historv of Civiliza-
' .on. ' ' J
! Hp ilwelt narticularlv on ut fin
nade upon the President. Malico fol
I owed him to the peace table, he said,
md widc sprcad jiropaganda made it
mperative when he returned from
aris to "make a struirirle for that
vhich had been won at incalculable
ost. This meant wreck of health,
ickness for months on a bed of pain;
tnd worsc, the sickness of heart
vhich cotiles from the knowledge
hat politicai adversaries aie savage
Jcstroying not merci y the work of
nen's hands, but tne world's hope of
ettlcd peace. This was the afflicthon
this the crucifiion."
Mr. Cutnmings continucd that in
one sense "it k Multe ìmmateriai vvnu
people say about the ore.-ident. Noth
ìtiir we can say can add or detract
from the fame that will flow down the
! unending channels of history.
' Senator Lodjte, he .-aid, refused to
! offer constmetive amendments at
i Ktiy time. . "So intoleiant was bis
ittitude that he would not even con
sidcr a compromise iroposcd by
Former President Taft of his own
party and which was assured of sup
port of 40 Democratic srnators. Sen
ator Lodge knew that he controlied
i t he senato and that in his own time
' and wav he would destroy the
: treaty."
i Mrs. William IL England, of Okla
homa, Vassar graduate and mother
of six children, is one of more than
300 women who are delegate to the
lèmociatic national convention which
opens bere June 28. Her husband
was a delegate to the republican na
tional convention at Chicago this
month. f . .. i 1 1
difTorinL- e-loiies. as of sun, moon and
star, but ali of this kind, tolerating
no class distinction, no privilege save
that which comes from sci-vice, no
plutoci-at, no prolctarist, no authon
ty save that which is deiivcd from the
conscnt of the people.
An American ideal is peace. Not.
that peace which is wrought by the
force of the sword, not that peace
,. v,;v. Kr.noVit hv :i ninirinc sei"V'i-
. ..itigli mwm..v j cn ,.,
I ... 1- V... V,ut nnann which allldCS
lUUt, UUl lliav ivnvv ..
with justice, which follows the mutu
ai rc(UÌrcment of scrupulous obsciv
ance and discharge of ali obligations.
"There are others, important, com
pellinz. but these indicate the line of
cks 1 ,,Hv ance. Thev are not yet realitics'
but they are idoals toward which pro
gress is bein - made. To them we can
not yet read our title citar but we
can speli out the beirinnings.
"The teachings of this university
are nlain. The hones of its founders
are clear. Thev are the source of ali
character and character is the source
of rcvelation. Go forward in the line
of duty, small or great, under disci
pline, conscious that from doing
comes the power to do more, firm in
the faith of the fathrs, secking the
enlightenmcnt of education, surpas
sing the hopes of the past, cnsunng
liberty by accepting responsibiiity,
that this wholeiut'0" maf,e nl?e"
mtnth'A with Washington and Lin
coln may continue to show forth to
the world a revelation of 'the way,
the truth, and the liebt.' "
The degrec of doctor of law was
conferred upon Gov. Coolidgc. The
university graduated a class of 125
ind conferred honornry degrces- on
the following in addition to Gov.
Coolidge, Doctor of Laws. Ralph It.
Steward of Boston ami Edward G.
Spaulding, professor of ihilosopby
if Princeton: doctor of divinity. Itrv
Henry .1. Kilbourne and Uev. Isaac
Smart of Burlim-ton, Vt.; dortnr
if letters, Bert II. Hill, head of tho
American Classical srbool at Athen,
docor of entrinerring, Charles E.
Scribner of New York.
Today and Tomorrow
s Paramount-Artr ift rcscntg Beautiful
"Apri! Folly"
A Cosmopolitan production from the Cosmopoli
tan Magazine.
She found her life too tame. So she threw dis
cretion to the winds and started out alone to seek
adventure, so shtf took the place of a runaway
heircss and boarded a liner for South Africa.
Supreme Comedy Paramount Magazine
Pathe News
4th of July Goods Everything for a
Sane Fourth of July
LEMERISE At the St. Johnsbury
Hospital, June 2", il ti. Jane (Drouin)
Lemerise, aged 41 years,
Cap Pistola '
Itepcating Cap PistoU
Novclty Fircworks
Itoman Candles
$3.00, 8.00, $10.00, $15.00 cach
lOc and 15c each
le and 2c cach
t 2'Jc each
5c, lOc and 19c box
Gc, lOc 15c box
le, 7c, 12c, 15c each
3c, 5c, 8c, lOc each
8c, 15c to C'Jc each
up to 50c cach
Solvcs the ice problem for tho thrifty houwcwife sceking for moro
economical nicans of refrigeration, eliminuting the daily expense of
Acme, 2 qt. size $1.1D
North Pole, 1 qt., 2 qt., 3 qt., and 4 qt. $2.40, $2.95, $3.4!) and $3.95
White Mountain Fieczcrs $4.75 and $5.50
Couch Ilammocka $13.95 to $25.00
Swing Hammockò $3.49 to $8.50
42 piece Dinncr Sets
4 new ones just in, 4 decorations. Special prices for Saturday only
$13.40, $14.39, $i4.95 and $15.49
If you need a small set get one of these. Ali American Pot-
teries are closed on account of labor troublcs and crockery is growing
scarcer and scarcer.
77 and 81 Railroad Street

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