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Evening Galedonian
Establbhed 1837 '
Published daily, except Sundaya
JTha CaledoniamHecoid Pub. Co., Inc.
125 Eastern Avenue
Herbert A. Smith, Editor and
Publisher . i
Bt. Johnsbury, Vt Phone 6C0
NewDOit Record Office, Koom
No. li
Root Block, Newport, Vt,
Tel. 175 or 173
f George F. Ilowe,
Specialjti'P reseti latiye
TERMS By mail, ?4 a year; six
months, $2; three months, $1. Deliv
ered Ly carrier in St. Johnsbury at
E0 cents a month. Ali subscriptfons
by order of the government are py
able in advance.
A3 niembera of the Associated
Press that organization is entitled
exelusively to the uso for republica
tion of ali news dospatches credited
to it or not otherwise credited in thìs
paper and nlso the ljcal news pub
lished heren. Ali righta of republi
cation of special despatches herein
are also reserved.
Entered as second-class matter
May 1, 191C, at the post office at St.
Johnsbury, Vermont, under the act
of March 3, 1879.
A candidate who won't agree to ì e
duce the taxes and at the sanie time
put in a lot of costly improvements,
might as well retile vight now.
But Republicans say "O Jim-iny
Crickets" when they look at Brother
Colleges getting ready to open up
for work of the fall terni, by repar
ing the pump under which they duck
the fresi) nien.
The college professors are not aH
engaged yet, but you can be su re that
the football coaches are ali booked.
There aren't houses enough for
people to dwell in, but perhaps seme
of 'em could fìnd shelter in the gar
age being built ali the time.
Gov. Cantu is reported revoluting
in Mexico, but latest reports are that
the Gov. Can't u-surp power.
Lotta these candidates that are
roaming over the country, vvill ba
joining a Home Seekers Excursion
November 2.
After working and waiting for half
a eentury ecuaì suffrage has come in
the United States by the vote of the
Tennessee Legislature on ednesday
There never was a valid reason why
this should not have happened be
fore, and if the women who were op
posed to equal suffrage stili cling to
their views, they can do as too many
men have done in the past stay
away from the polis.
'We welcome the advent of women
into public life and are contident that
the day of prejudice at their partici
pation in public affai rs has passed
away. That these privileges .should
have been denied them so lontr is in
dicative of the idea which some men
have had as to woman's sphere.
Neither sex is superior to the other
and each are entitled to erjual priv
ileges. .
If more legislation is needed in
any state to carry out the provisions
of the 19th amendmentt here should
f. nn iinnsition to nut anv barriere
in the wav of giving the women of
the Uniteli States the sanie nrivileges
as men. The'majority of the people
of the United States, irrespective of
.sex, wanted equal suffrage and the
majority have fìnally won.
That Vermont could not have the
honor of being the perfect ,th is the
only sad featuie of a great victory.
Dui- state constitution can soon be
amended, and it ought to be amended
so that one man, who hanDened to be
governor, could never defeat the will
of the people again.
Gov. Clement missed the opportu
nity of a life time to make history
and his refusai to cali an extra ses
sion was a deliberate attempt to
thwart the will of the people. Con
stitutionally he was within his legai
l ights, but "his postion todav is an un
enviable one. The world war clearly
demonstrated that one man power in
the world was never more to be tol
erated and it will not be tolerated in
Vermont after the next election.
Insurance Service Station
there is hope, and after that there is life insurance to save and
A Vermont Company A Mutual Company
W. W. Spragtie & Son, Gen'l Agents,
Pythian Bldg., St. Johnsbury, Vt
Monday Morning we shall place our entire stock of
At your disposai at
10 Discount
We have ali sizes from the small Children's
Shoes to the Wurkshu for men. Come early while
we have your size.
Twenty-four years ago the country
was stirred by a campaign dealing
with the currency question. It was
claimed that free coinage of silver
would so depreciate the doilar stand
ard, that every doilar would be worth
50 cents only. Tjnis, it was said,
would be of the nature of repudia
tion. Every man who had a savings
bank deposit would find that his
dollars, for which he had worked so
hard, wore worth but half piice.
Now precisely the sanie thing has
happened. The doilar has depreci it
ed, but from other sources. Every
man who has manifested thrift and
laid away money in a bank, findsith.it
his savings are only worth half what
they were.
This has a most diseouraging effert.
It tends to deter peiple from thrift.
There are many people who would be
willing to go back to the half o
their present wages that they former
ly earned, if the prices then prevail
ing could be restored, and their sav
ings again recover their originai
value. It would probably be for the
benefit of the country.
The change has been unevenly dis
tributed. Many people are getting
mudi more than doublé their former
pay, while many others are getting
much less than that. This crcatcs
friction and class warfare.
Everyone is going to protest
against having his pay cut, at least
until the cost of living has gone down
a corresponding amount." And it
can't come down while the wage
levels rehiain high.
'' Some one element has got to make
the move first to get prices back at
least part way toward normal. The
first clement to yield should be the
people who are making liberal pro
fits. They could cut their price
without suffering for it. They will
gr'catly promote the prosperity of the
country, and in the end their own, by
pricking their own particular bubble.
(Rutkfnd Herald)
Addison county men of various
shades of politicai belief are chuck
ling over, some unpublished details
of the great three-star politicai meet
ing held in Bristol a few days sirice.
Ali agree in saying a pleasant time
was had by ali the audience, but
some of the candidates are reported
to have been considerably "haired
Not having l.ad the advantage of
fnst-hand information about the
great occasion, The Herald vouches
not for the veracity of the chucklers,
but, they do say thjit Candidate
"Curt" Emery challenced his oppon
ents to get un like little men and
wijwn . ' xi rj
state whut thev had spent to date for
campaign expenses, whereupon Can
didate "Jim" Hartness sprang to his
feet and wagged his fìst or his
f.ngers, or his fingers crossud
under Kmery's nose and said:
"Mr. Emery, I want you to under
stand I'm a gentleman," meaning by
that, perhaps, that when he spent
money he .pent it like a gentleman.
Also, that Candidate "Fred" Bab
bitt waved his arms "rotestingiy
aloft and declared that he "not
.spent a doilar except for personal ex
penses," whi;h wftuld be stiictly ac
cording to law if ho said it and if it
were true. Naturally, Fred did not
undertake to explain Col. John E.
Pidlock, Edmund P. Howe, "Tom"
P.eeves, "Bob" McCuen, "Harry"
Whitehill, Frank Parsons and a few,
other loyal booster, than whom
Caesar's wife could not be more
above reroach of course not.
But ali was healed and sealed af
tervard when the happy party and
their v.onien-foll "met up" at the
hotel and amieably broke bread to
getlier. Even then, say the wieked
chucklers, the little demon of mis
chief strove to break thiough the
rTaìryon mcal.
Hartness was expounding some
theory of government about which
he knows l'ully as much as he does
about dairv farniing and one of his
hqnorablo but outrageous opponents
su'"re.1ited :
"But, Mr. Hartness, isn't that dia
metrically oposed to vour theory as
set forili in Bulletin No. ?"
"By jove," it is said Hartness with
a jovial (ri in, "I guess I didn't read
that one."
Ali of which is not particularly im
portant, even if true, but merely adds
a faint tabasco tanf to an otherwise
boiled-mush campaign.
Sunday services at St. John's Epis
copal chapel at 10 a. ni., with holy
communion. At 3 o'clock evensong
with sermon bv Rev. A. P. Glint of
St. Johnsbury.
These motorists that knock people
down and then run away, are very
likely soon to get a knock-down to
the turnkey.
It is evident that the people who
laid out the cemeterics never foresaw
Only sure protection yet discovered
against automobile thieves, is to own
a car they won't steal.
(Politicai Advertisement)
Dr. J. I). Bachand of St. Johnsbury
has the following letter in the Mor
risville Messenger in reply to a recent
cditorial in that paper:
Editor of the Messenger: I read
with interest your comment about my
candidacy as "County Senator for
Caledonia county.
You state exactly the whole truth
when you say that I am not a big
man. I am only a very modest citi- j
zen and I will remain such whether
elected or not, believe me. i
When you state that there is no
steam roller against me you err.
You have no conception of the situa- ;
When you state that I am afraid
you err again. It takes courage to
fight the aggregation that I have
against me. I think I have shown no
fear yet, and I intend to keep on
fighting with ali the energy possible.
I am justified when I state that I
have not and am not receiving on the
......l w. Ilnllin V. n Yì full Ill'J 1.
ir ....1. .. i:.i
I OU Can aiLUCK U tanuiuaic vii jjunij-
cal ground but when you enter the
religious ground to defeat him I cali
it unfair. I have my failings, Mr.
Editor, but I can assure you that I
can face the Freeman of Caledonia
County on the question of impartiality
whether it is in politics or otherwise.
I have supported here our candidates
for the past eight or ten years re
Eardless of their creed. I have im
plicit faith in the good people of
Caledonia County,
I am absolutely right when I say
that the fteam roller is loaded with
i the worst venom.
Truly yours,
t J. D. Bachand.
Aug. 7, 1920.
Company L Disputes
Claim oi Company D
(Continued from page 1)
Oatnjeal and Milk
Bacon ulftl Btoiled Potatoes
Bread and Butter Cocoa
Pot Koast Beef Boiled Potatoes
Boiled Turnips
Bread and Butter Chocolate Pie
Fish Chowder Bread and Butter
Cocoanut Cake Sauce
Iced Tea
Egg Oinelet Bread and Butter
Doughnuts and Coffee
Braised Beef Boiled Potatoes
Cabbage Bread and Butter
Raisin Pie Iced Tea
Beef Stew Browned Potatoes
Fried Onions
Bread and Butter
Cake Salice Iced Tea
The writer realizes the seriousness
of the print paper shortage and for
that reason he isn't submitting the
menus for every day we have been in
camp. However, these menus may be
seen at anytime by any member of
the St. Johnsbury organization at
the Company L barracks. We would
be more than pleased to have any dis
interested leader of the Caledonian-I
Record write a letter to the editor.
in charge, giving their opinion as to
Uhe relative merits of the two com
pany s menus. lhis is a dispute that
can be settled satisfactorily only by
the rendering of an opinion by an
outsider. Let's have it from some
one. The boys in Company L are key
ed up to a high pitch of excitement
over this story and resent the action
of Company I) in claiming better
Today was one of the first real
pleasant days the First Vermont
Regiment has had since its arrivai
in camp and the officers in command
rnade 'the most of it by givin" the
sohìiers some good stiff drilling. This
wasthe last day of drill and as a re-.-ult
there was a good full schedule of
Tomoirow, the boys male their
first trip to the ride range, spending
thieo days in ali at target practice.
The men will leave early in the
morning and will not return unti i late
eating their meals on the range. The
lads are looking forward to this be
cause there is considerable rivaliy
among the boys as to who is the best
shot. They will ali have a good
chance during the remaining days in
camp to show what they can do in
the way of shooting.
; Today the soldiers were given
practically a repetition of the drill
they were given yesterday, whitTi
consisted of skirmishing, deploying
of troops and the taking of a strang
Monday was a big day for the
troops in the field. Company L had
ordnrs to take a strong noint on En
gineer's Hill about a mile from their
starting point. Needless to say Com
pany L took this point. Their object
ive was a trench a short distance in
the rear of Engineer's Hill, but the
men were held up by the commanu
ing officers and re-organized.
"Dry Bridge" on Danville
Road Being Rebuilt
The St. Johnsbury and Lake Cham
plafn railroad are rebuilding the 'dry
bridge" on the Danville road just
above Fairbanks village and the west
bound freight began unloading the
timbers Thursday morning. The
bridge will be erected by P. Balda
saro, a Bellows Falls contractor, and
will be ready for use by the first of
Oetober if not before. It will be
located above the presert structure
which will not be torn down urrtil the
new bridge is completed. By chag
ing the location the approach to the
bridge will be greatly improved and
ali who have occasion to cross it,
either in teams or autos, will be glad
to know that it will b wider than the
old one or 22 feet wide. The old
bridge has been in Constant use for
over 25 years and besides being too
narrow for the increased tiaffic was
getting where extensivc rcpairs
would have been nccessary.
CARR At the St. Johnsbury Hospi
tal, August li, Edward . Milton
Carr, aged 21 years.
Specials For
Pure Lard
Butter, Creamery v
Export Borax Soap
Grandma's Borax Powder
Fairy Soap ,
Ivoiy Soap
World Soap
Geni Nut Olio
mith's Cash Grocery
St. Johnsbury and
Harold C. Abbott and Mil
dred A. Smith Married at
the Latter's Home
One of the prettier-t of midsummer
weddings took place Wednesdav ev
ening at the home of Mr. and Mrs
E. C. Smith when their only daugn
ter, Mildred Aliene, was married to
Harold Cedric Abbott. The ceremony
was performed by the bride's pastor,
Rev. F. B. Richards, the doublé ring
sei-vice being used. The couple were
married under an areh of evergreen
and sweet peas and the house was
tastily decorated with the sanie. The
bride was charmingly gowned in
white embroidered crepe meteor, with
tulle veil caught with orango blos
sonis, and she carried bride's roses.
Mrs. David Harriman of Spring
field, Mass., a sister of the groom,
nlaved the weddinp- march and Mrs.
Frank H. Philburt of Essex Junc
tion, another sister of the groom, was
the maid of honor, Dr. Frederick O. j
Moore was best man and Miss Murici j
Somers of Barnet was the brides-
maid. The bride was given away by !
hcr father. Dorothy Drew of Lyn- j
donville and Sylvia Philburt of Esex
Junction were the little ring beurers.
Miss. Marion King of Worcester,
Mass., and Miss Elizabeth L. Mc
Kenzie of Cambridge, Mass., presid- !
ed at the punch bowl and refresh
ments were served b" the Misses f
Thelma and Emma Ronan.
The bride and groom left in an au- .
tomobile for Wells Beach, Me., amid ;
a shower of confetti and on their re- j
tura will be at home after Sept. 1 at
No. 14 Main Street.
Among the out of town guests were:
Mi. and Mrs. O. E. Wilson of Skin-j
nei-, Me.. Miss Marion King of Wor
cester, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett
Williams of Craftsbury. Miss Eliza-
helh McKenzie and Mrs. Charlotte ;
Whittier of Cambridge, Mass., Ches-,
ter Somers and; familv of Burnet, Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey Drew of Lyndon
ville, Mr. and Mrs. Alien and daueh
ter and Mrs. Lane of Lancaster, Mr.
and Mrs. Baldwin and daughter and
Miss Annrel of Wells River, Mr. and
Mrs. Beeman and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank H. Philburt and daughter, of
Essex Junction, Mr. and Mrs. David
Harriman and son of Springfield, '
Mass. i
The bride has been the sreretary in
Supt. W. H. Young's office and the j
groom has a responsible position with :
the Cary Maple Sugar Company. ;
Thev have the heart" congratulations
of their many friends here and e!se
where. Not a Graceful Stunt.
From a Storv -IIer hreast leapcrt to
her tliront ut 1 1 irli t of limi, linmaeu- J
lnte, (l(!'('ii:iii-e
unii young. Boston
I)on"t streak or ruin your mnprial in a
poor dye. Insist on "DiauionJ Dye.'
Kaity directions in package.
Lift Right Off Without Pain
Doegn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, ins
tantly that corn stops hurting then
shortly you lift it right off with fin
gers. Truly!
Your druggist sella a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, suffìcient
to lemove every hard corn, soft corn,
or corn between the toes, and the cal
'uses, without soreness or irritation.
Pk. 58c
7 pounds for 25c
Pk. (ÌOc
pound 24 c
24 bars $1.00
20 pkgs. $1.00
cake 8c
cake 8c
cake 8c
3 lbs. for $1.00
Of Montreal
Ori Thè Campus
Game Callcd at 1.15 P. M.
2 Admission 35 Cents
NOTE The Quebec Royal Giants recently de
feated the St. Johnsbury team to the score of 3 to 0.
It was a pitcher's duel. Today the locai boys are
batting the ball. They are confìident they can "get
to the Quebec Giant's twirler. If they do there will
be a lively time at the Campus. This is a big game
just before the home boys go to Sherbrooke. Give
them a good send-off by attending the game and
cheering for them.
f 1
The members of the Commercial Club will ex
tend a welcome to Mr. Henry J. Fulleì- of New York
City, president of E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., at Iy
thian Hall, Thursday evening, August 19 at S
o'clock. You are earnestly urged to attend this in
formai gathering and bring a guest with voil Mr.
Fuller is a native of St. Johnsbury and vitally ìnter
ested in the industriai life of the community. He
will speak upon South America and its business pos
sibilities. Mr. Fuller has recently returned from an
extensive tour of the South American Repubhcs and
his address will be well worth hearing. We want you
to meet him and hear him. Good cigars will Re fur
nished. EDGAR R. BROWN, President..
St. Johnsbury, Vt., Aug. 14, 1920.
Climate sr.d Longevity.
The gi'iiend di'aMi-raU' i." fouiul to
fni-reaso witli ri-i:ig teinperimir.' and
tu diminuii iiìi a falliti,' tliertnoni
eli r. 'J'Ih'ko , vlusio.is lire a result
of a study of iil'oot I'HImmi deaihs In
New Voi-U in comiect ioli with the
wentlier oh the day of the death. TIhì
lieculiaritii-s seeni to appl.v to ali seu
sons. V..nely, iis in Kia-lisli or Oli
liniliiin weaiher, is lii'iilthl'ut and stlni
tiliiting. inni- it is lielieved llmt some
viii-i;iliilily is ii ossoiitiiil as proper
permanently repaired by Duzit, a
powder compound. Positively will
not clog the tubes or pump. Guar
anteed to do the job or money back,
i Ford size f()c. AH largo cars 7óc.
i We prepay jiostage. Circular on re
1 quest. George E. Carr, "MS Wash
ington Street, Boston, Mass.
Special to Automobile Owners:
I'iotcct yourself by joining the
A. L. A.
Automobile Legai Association Of
ficiai Green'-Book iven to members.
See Mr. Stone, Uep., Dertrand's
Hall, St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Knights of Pythias
Regular meeting jf Ape Ho lodge,
N. 2, Tuesday evening August 10, at
8 o'clock.' -
Important meeting of Uniform
Itank, Aug. 17. Ali come.
II. C. Inersoll, C. C.
A sigi
asrlanks L A,
vs -
Club Meeting
Kegular communicatìon Thursday
evening, Sept. 2, at 7.:'.0 o'clock.
Arthur L. Graves; W..M.
Fred n. DollotT, Sec.
Palestine Commandery, No. 5, K. T.
Stated Conclave, Tuesday evening,
Sept. 21, at 7."0. A good attendance
is desired.
Bernard A. Johnson,
Arthur M. Lang, Km. Corn.
74 Va Kailroad Street
For a real shave. Hair cutting and
Ladies Shampooing a Specialty.
Iaving ìeturned from Califor
nia I am prepared to do
Developing and Printing
of ali Camera and Kodak
An enlarged picture, size 8 by
10, will be given free with every
$.!.()0 worth of work done.
Order.s left ut Edmund's
Lyndonville, Vt.
ai Siants
H. C. Abbott K. K. S,

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