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Are Ée Best Tires tbo
ìor tue .amali ,Lar u
that it is generally
desirable for merchan
dise to be gradecL
A good principle that
often comes out at the
wrong end for the car
owner die man with
the upkeep oti his mind
the tire bills to pay.
He feels that tire econ
omy should be a personal
' contrac t with the ti re-user.
Not a transaction with
his car, whethèr it be
big or small.
Reasoning tires in
human terms instead of
trade custorn has written
this policy for the United
States Rubber Com
pany Build ali tires to otte
standard and let the tire
user choose his own size
When the oldest and
ìargest rubber manufac
turing concem in the
world focuses ali its re
sources upon otte grade,
o ri e quality, it makes ime
client ànd' that is the
zvhoe public.
This single ideal is vis
ible in any US. Tire
factory, at any LL S. dis
tributing branch, in any
U. S, dealer's store.
Seeing that the tire-user
gets his economy mileage along
with an nnlimited guarantee.
Policies are harder to make
than tires.
Probably the deepest reason
why U S. demaiid keeps al
ways ahead of the number of
tires the U. S. makers can
Rubber Cotiipany I
Tm'o hundred ànd , I
fhirtv-five Branchi I
1 1 fej ji
Th r.lele.rt ami Ixrpcjt
RuòVvr Oratiizuiioti ùi ih to'orta
Ihs. Alexajnclt'i' Poiter"' of St.
Johni-bury is spendine n few days
with liei mothci', Mrs. Charles Hayc.:.
i Misi David Bolton i.s visitili;? h r
mothci, Mis. Reeco, and otht -' ; ela
tive?. Mi. and Mis. Haimon Lode and
two children of Iianville, P. Q Mi?s
. Eventi ot Abbestos, Quc, William
foynton, Quebec, Mi. and Mrs.
Thomas McKaage and Miss Ula Me
Kaage ot "Lennoxville, P. Q., were re
cent gue.its ot Mr. and Mrs. G. F.
' Lodge.
, Mrs. Charles M. Flint and her
brother, A. D. Giincs' have (-one for
a second week to Pitton Sprin;.
Fred Pap of Barre i.s visitine his
son. Dr. Leon F-. Pape.
Mi. and Mr. Gordon Haj of
Hartfovd, Colin., are spendine their
vacation with their parents, Mr. and
.'Mrs. Charles Ilayes.
Mrs. II. A. Black was in Oileans on
jj ". J -X ASM f Olir ITMKflBl A
fr-TTrv . uJ Kh Blu Rlt'n.V
-M Taka ibr. Ilr f Tour V
DaTaTlllÉ. AkÉ
iUID DI BKlUlllblb tVtKTWHtKt
, MÌ.-..S W'inona Billing-.s. is employed
temporarily as stenagrapher at the
U. S. Immigration office. E
Mrs. Andrew ilocrs and fon, P.o
land, aro visitine ulutive.s in Orleans.
Cla: enee Davi:: o' Laconia is visit
ine his dauiìter, Mi. . Karl BiOwn.
Ira Sessions and family have ìe
tu i-nerl troni several weeks' vacation
with relatives in Tilton, N. H. .
Miss Katheiinc McMillan, who is
:tayin with her aunt, Mrs. Mary
Lorimei, takinj? two weeks' vaca
tion at her home in Waterbury, Conn.
Miss Rita Harrison and Miss Doris
Hani.:on aie the ueit'i of fiiends in
Lennoxville, P. Q. Q
Mi ;. Walter Bowen and four chil
Jien of Bcllows Falls, are spending
two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Pobert, little son of Mi. and Mrs.
W. L. Peacock, is recovering from
reveral days' illnes.-'. v
Mi. and Mrs. C. J. Harrison and
Mi. and Mrs. F. L. Frceman have tp
turned from a trip to Dixville
.1. PJlev Davis and familv are in
ramp for the morth of Aujrust at
The Newport band consistine of 19
pieces playod its rei;ular Wednesday
nip-ht protrram from the ;tand in
Memphren,.3"Dg' Park last night be
fore an applaudine crowd of several
hundred people in the park, on the
sidewalks, and in automobiles which
filled the street3 and lined the curbs.
Home Sweet and wife have moved
into the house ìutently occupied by
Harley Doane., ....
The Buck family have r.iovcd into
their new home recentlv puichused
01 Ori in Niles.
Mrs. Laplant has fini: hed htr work
at Derby and returned home. They
have moved from the Dickinson ten
ement lo the Lamb house.
Geoiye Pandall has niovpd into the
Hazen Niles tenement house.
Mi. and Mrs. Patterson and son
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allovv
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guari
against this trouble by taking
The world's standard remedy for Icidnejr,
liver, bladdet and urie acid trouble.
Holland'8 national remedy sinca 16Q6.
Ali druggists, three sizes. Guaranteed.
Look for tba una Gold Medsl on over 7 box
and acccpt no imitatioa
William from Topeka, Kansas, are
vi-'itinjf at Dr. Edwins'.
Guy Baitlett and famil-' motored
to Lake Morev Frida- and were in
canio thcic over Sundi v.
Mrs. Myron Morse od little
dauifhter, Rita Jane, spent tne w:ck
end with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs.
William Lawson at Newport.'
Mi. and Mrs. Am. Kinne and son.s,
Erald and Raymond motored to Riv
erside Camp Ground Saturday for a
few days. Mrs. C. W. Kelley and
children accompanied them.
Those attending Camp meeting at
Riverside Sunday were George Arm
iti ong and famil", Steve Crawford
and family, Raymond Norris and
tamily, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Larabee
and cousins. They ali made the trip
bya uto.
George Brown and wife together
with Mr. and Mrs. Hazen Niles are
vi.siting at W'aits River.
Mrs. Willard and mother, Mrs.
Rollins are stopping for adirne with
Mrs. Jtnnie.Rogers.
Mrs. Azio Tracy returned to her
home in Boston the last of the week.
Mrs. Ellen Lafoe returned to her
home in Wheelock the first of the
Mi. and Mrs. Pearl Niles, Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Niles and Mr. and Mrs. Da
vid Wrisrht are taking a two weeks'
auto trip through the states and Can
ada. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Larabee visifed
their dauehter, Mrs. Ben Spaulding
at South Troy last Saturday.
Westmore Citizens
Right to Office Com
plete Ticket Filed
Cla ini
The. petitions and assents of ali
candidates for county office at the
coming primaries in Orleans county
have been filed with County Clerk HJ r '
( After six years of service in Lyn
donville, he moved to Newport and
Benjamin" G.""Vatkins, who passed
away t hia-home on Central - Street
on Tuesday, was born in Leedg, P. Q.,
on March 25, 1848, in which towri he
passed his early boyhood and rece'v
d his early education. He moved at
the age of seven to InvemeSs, P. Q.,
and resided there until 20 years of
age. From there, he entered "the
United States and lived in Notth
Concord, Vt pursuing the occupa
ion of a sawyer in a mill there. ,He
married Betsy Amandy' Rice of North
Concord while there, and moved when
the mill in which he was employed
shut down, to Lyndonville. ..There he
entered the'employ of the Boston" and
Maine railroad, for which he. worked
43 years, a months, and some few
is survived by hi 3
wife, byv his dauehter, Mrs. Lou
Clogston of Barton, by a brother,
William G. Watkins of W'hite Riv.r
Junction, a siater Mrs. Lizzie Patter
B. Cushman of Newport and they in
dicate that there wiil oa consideiabh,
competition for the Republican nomi
nation for several offìces. Five Ra
publicans seek the office of assetanti
judge, and from the five, two will bì
selected to run. !
For the nomination for senator(
from Orleans county, four Republi
cans have filed petitions, and of thS2,
two are from the small community of
W estmore, which ciaims that its
citizens have never before received a
county office, and on that basis setks;
to establish its citizens in both sena-
torial positions. W. D. Miller and ,
F. W. Tenney both seek to succeed!
themselves in the office of assistant
judge, while Solon E. Gray of Derby j
Line is the only candidate for the!
Republican nomination for the office!
of high bailiff which he occupies at
present, and Everett J. Hill is the
only Republican to file petitions for ;
the office of sheriff which he has held ;
for some time. The Democratic pri-j
maries offer no contests and no. can-1
didate for State's Attorney. The ;
county ticket will be as follows: j
State's Attorney, A. W. Farman of
Newport and Hubert S. Pierce cf
Newport, Republicans; assistant
judges, W. D. Miller of Troy, F. V
Tenney of Albany, A. P. Sweet of
Lowell, A. C. Chase of Greensboro. j
Fred L. Parlin of West Charleston,:
Republicans, Dehnis Sheehan of Troy I
and John H. Morirti of Newport, No-To-Bac has helped thousands ta
Democrats; county senators, Rosce break the costlv, nerve-shattering to-'
M. Cowjes of Albany, M. E. Calkins bacco habit. W henever you have a
of Westmore, Urbin W. B''ow" ot , longing for a smoke or chew, justl
Westmore, W. W. Blodgett of New-piace a harmless No-To-Bac tbkt in
port, Republicans: William Pike t , y0ur mouth instead. AH desire stops.
Derby and Eugene A. Pike of lras-, Shorty the habit is compietely brok
burg. Democrats; high bailiff, bolon : en and you are better off mentally,
E. Gray of Derby Line, Republican; phySically, financially. It's so easy, so
G. Herbert Moulton of Barton Dem-(gimple- Get a box of N0.To.Bac andl
ocrat; sheriff, Everett J. Hil of New- jf it doesn-t release you from ali crav-""
port, Republican; Roy P. Skmner ot ing for tobaCco in any forni, your,
Newport, Democrat; Judge ot Pi o-1 druggist will refund your money with
bate. E. J. Smith of Newport, Ke-'0ut question. No-To-Bac is made by
publican, and Amos P. Bean otjthe owners of Cascarets; therefore is"
vas employed in the railroad yards
heie until his death. ' About two
years ago, he retired on account of
failing health, and was pensioned by
the railroad.
Mr. Watkins was a man of great
popularity in Newport, where his even
nature and his generosity were wide
ly known. ' He was a vcry laige man,
and his unusual feats of physicsl I
strength were the source of consid- I
erable admiration on the part of his ". . . . ;
many associates. He was a Master son J California, by two half-hroth-Mason,
had reached the Commandery f.1? f re. '"ndJohn Thotnton of
and his lovalty to Masonry was a V oodsyille, N H and by two half-
inrro nf D-roaf nvirlo tn him Diario, iwme nuvcil Ol OUSIUII
Mr. AVatkins
p i A
Eyery Home -In This -Sfata
! fNeedsffoWves'fr
To those suffering with Indigcsiion,
Tarpiti Llver, Cor.sc1pdtion,Skk orNervous
' Headaches, Neurulgia, Kidney Trouble:,
, Eheumatùnt, Paia in the Back, Eczema
j and other Skin AJfections, 'Fruit-a-tives'
gives prompt rellef and ' assures a
, spcedy recovery, when the treatment
is faithfully followed.. -
, 'Fruit-a-tives', is the only medicine
made from fruii containing the
medicinal principles of apples,
oranges, figa and prunes, comblned
T,itb. valuable tonica and antiscptic.
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, trial siae 25t.
At ali dealers or sent postpai J,
by FRUIT-A-TIVES Limited,
and Mrs. Dora McNeil of Hartford,
Vt. His funeral was Masonic, and
took place at his late home on Cen
tral Street this afternoon.
Quit Tobacco
So easy to drop Cigar
ette, Cigar, or Chew- ,
ing Habit
Premier Theatre
Glover, Democrat.
Customs Officer Seizes a
"Cargo" of Contraband
at Canadian Line
LOST Gold braeelet with locket.
containing two photographs nitials
A. A. P. Finder please notify 11964
East Main St., Newport, Vt., 47-48
WANTE1 Middle aged Cathol
housekeeper for light work, smallj
family. Phone 63-12 or write J. D,i
Hill, Newport, Vt, 47-52
"The Heart of
Texas Ryan"
. : ' ,-ANTJ ',
Chapter No. 4
n -.on ; nnvt lodred in thè
VHC 11 " ,
county jail at Newport and anothei ,
is out on bail ot ?2UU penaing
is UU1 un u v t e ir l
for violation of section 10 ot the ol-
stead Act at Beechers l-alls on iioi.
day. Raymond and Gilbert Long
brothers, were apprehended at Bee-
Cher's Falls and complaint was male
against them by Homer B. Collisi
deputy collector or cusioms. me
were brought to newport Dy ine om-
cer on Monday afternoon, and a hear
ing was given before Commissione!-
Walter H. Cleary, who, Douna tnem
nvpr to district court in Rutland la
October. Raymond Long suceeeded I
in producing his bail, while his lesa j
fortunate brother Gilbert is stilli
waiting in jail for hs release.
The story of the smuggling charg
es that the two men on Monday had;
in their nossession f.ve trallons of sò
called "Canadian High Wines"in five
tin cans. Thev brought the liquor to
the "Line House" at Beechei9 Fallq
111 EUllCttSC, cauli Juan iAiiiiiK iic.
Officer Corliss seized the liquor, put
the men under arrest, and shortl" af
tcrward, he brought them ta New
port. ,i
Tavo table ginls at itzdale
Boarding House. Wages $9
weekly. Phone or write
Fitzdale Paper Company
Fitzdale, Vt.
Announcements of the marriage of'
Miss Leas Maxwell and Cecil Hop
kins were received heie last weekj,;
Most of Mrs. Hopkins' giilhool davs'i
v ere spent heie and her many friendìi
extend congratulations. . 1
Kittredge Hudson has been visiting'J
his sons in Rutland. a
: Miss Irene Campbell of Newport is
viiting her aunt, Mrs. L. G. Buck. ;
Mis. C. F. Barnev is visiting rela
tiva in Sawyeivlle, P. O.
Mss Edna Willis of North An-1
dover, Miss.. rT been visitine her
nenhew. E. O. Willis, the past weeW
Miss Ida Hastins of Derby is;
visitine her aunt, Mrs. Emma Ar
che' .
Mrs. J. D. Pipe- has been enter-
lininir her niee, Ruth Oveibury, of j
Newport for the rast tvn wpfks. ,
Tr. and Wrs, Frnr.k' WiHpr hVI
flnishpd work for Cpinin" and Ilin-f
to" "nd returned to their homp. '4
Mr. pnd Mrs. Bernard Peri-" ha'"
returned to Island Pond after Rpend;ij
in " 'ew -lavs with her parents, Mr
snd Mrs. A. Drown.
ìPratt Auction
R S ' a p. t j ; .( (- t.
i . .! ... t., fc i 5 ,'
Circumstances' have arisen neaking t
desirable to indefinitely postpone the auc
tion of the personal effeets of the late A. B.
Pratt, which w7as advertised for Saturday,
August 21.

Fìe Mi'es has returned home fni
T'utlnn'l where 'he has been attend
in ummpr s:chnl.
tn ' Mrs. Natan Cutler are
vioi'n-r friPr,fir, j,t Warren.
Mis ITiv Fri7z from Kno'Htori.
fìnp. is visitimr her un'"'''. Lnrori
--h, and her aunt, Mrs. Mc-Gi'-'-e.
Kerc'h Nwton visite friends in
M-Hs-ville tlie ppst week.
Mr. nnd Mr. -O. A. Lpp"h fr-1
"rjiiprpi,. w f)., are at Mrs. C.
Mr ""d Mrs Geor-ro Rvthe'- d
-"o.rhi'dr-n Hm Ch',rnnB "s.
Mè net few dav with their eia.
w. Lucius Brown 'also at J.' A.
Newport Business Directory
Ido H.4 Mei ver, D. "Ol
' Optometrlst ànd Optlcian
Appointmenta made by mail
telephone to havt examinationi mada
of the eyes for glasse. Renihan
Tel NawBort. Vt
Office hoori 8.30 to 12 and 1-80 to 6
lei ió-i Lana'! Black
r ì)r. Harry t Hamilton
X-Ray Serrice
Complete Gas and Oxygen equipment
for painless denti.stry.
Office honrs: 8.30 to 12, and 1.80 to S
Tel. 278-2 Gilman'a J lock
E. li. HOVVB
Successor to Howe & Stowe
Tel 175 Eoot'a Block

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