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4 Ff.
New England rltles are Just now liavinsc (heir first gllmpse
of a new low-priccd motor rar that Iias adracted unirli favor
ahlc attendun in the west and In the sonili. It is the (iard
ner Llght-Four hullt In St. Louis b Russell E. Gardncr and
hls snns K. E., .Ir. and Fred W., who formcrly bulli and dls
tributed the Chevrolet ear In middle western territori before
It was sold to the (ieneral Motors two jears a?o. Last year
they repurchascd the plant In St. Louis and last Jantiary
beita n turnlne; out the (iardner. Production Iias rea (lied
1000 cars a monili and the schedule for next jear ealls for
1S.000 cars. Diirini; the wlnter and sprlng the Garduer was
inlrodured In the west and the south.
The first rar to rome to New Kncland arrived rerently after
a noteworthy ni ri from the factory to Boston, maklng the
trip In slx days witliout any trouble more serious than a taek
throuch one of the tlres. The rar averagcd 20 miles an hour
and made 14 miles to the pallori Mf gasoline. Thls rar Is
now belnp; taken. n a tour of the principili New Englaiid cit
lcs and the Interest creaied In the west is beine; duplicatici
here. The tiardner Iias a four cj Under entine with h5
Ineli rylindcrs, 112 inch wheelbase and weiglis 2200 pounds.
It Is built In ((Mirini; car and roadster, sedan, coupé and
commercial truck Ijnes and is designed to meet the market
for a thorousMy substantial, cumfortablc ridine motor car
at a low lirico.
Boston capiialists are intcrested In the (Jardner, the rom
pany havln beeit rinatimi by Ilornblower & Heeks of lioston
in associatloa v.ilh Lorenzo K. Anderson A; Co. of st. Louis.
The rapìiaflialinn Is In la.ì.OOO .shares of no par value, of
which óO.Oói) shares were rece'itly frered tu the public at $27
a sliare. Accordine to officia: of Ilio company it will start
ditidetids at $1 Which means a .vichi on the investment of
unir than oer cent.
Shares now J)eing traded in.
Grsat Eastern Exhibition
Aug. 28, 1920 toSept.4
A wonderful showing of
Ilorses, Cattle, Shcep, Swine and Poultry
Races Everyday Dogshow Sept. 1-2
Vaudeville every afternoon. Midway, 20 Big Shows
A wonderful spectaele with 1000 performers, a
scene of colour, Music, Dancing and Beauty. Every
A Baby Welfare Exhibit with a Trained Staff in
atlendance always
The most enjoyable and profitable method of
spending a holiday. For information write to Sec
tary, Sherbrooke, Que.
Good Roads No Passports Ilcarty Welcome
Auto Service at Morrisville Fair
Wed. and Thurs., Àugust 25-26
Automobiles will leave Hopkin's Garage at 7
o'clock each morning, returning to St. Johnsbury
after the races. Round trip, $3. Less than car fare
and better service. Plenty of cars and comfortablc
ride guaranteed. Similar service will be maintained
for the Barton and Lancaster fairs later.
My night service at St. Johnsbury to the traina
has been discontinued until after, the fall fairs.
Pints, $1.05 Quarts, $1.15
55c a Peck
No. 9óc
No. 10 . $1.85
35 lb. Tubs 20c Ib.
20 lb. Tubs 21c lb
A. H. Gleason & Co.
Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Remains of Mrs. Stevens
Buried at Mt. Pleasant
The remains of Mrs. 'R. F. Stevens
reached here from Chicago on
Wcdnesday, the 18th, and were bui
ied in Mt. Pleafint cemetery.
Services were held from the Chapel
oi the Stanley Furniturc Co. Rev.
iir. Woodworth of the Baptist church
Oi wnich church the deceased was at
oné timo a member, officiated in very
appropriate and comforting word to
the lovcd ones around the bier. The
pali beareis were tour nephews of
the deceased. A -rayer was offered
as the casket was lowered into the
Kiave and ali that was mortai of a
faithful and lovinjj mother was laid
in its last restine place, beside the
bodics of her husband and hcr father
and mother, long; since deceased.
Mrs. Stevens was Reuma F. Younp
fourth daughter of Loren W. and
Betsey YouiiR'. She was born in
Eust Charleston, Junc 21), 184:1, and
nus.scd awav at the home of her
dauirhtei, Mrs. R. H. Livinistonc in
Chicago on AuKiist 11 after a long
and Impelili!: illness.
The remains were accompanied
from Chicago by Mrs. Livingstoìc
and daus'hter, FlDrence. Other im
mediate relatives left to mourn the
los-i to earthly vision of this dutiful
mother and hiuhly respected woman
aie Ira G. Stevens of Wichita, Kan.,
W. 1). Stevens of Los Angeles, Cai.,
Rov W. Steevns of Chicago, sons,
Mrs. S. J. Biirbank. Cari O. Clifford
of St. Johnsbury. Mrs. Jcrrv Stan
ton and Guv O." Clifford of Danvillo,
T.oren W. Clifford of Rellows Falls,
Murrav Clifford of Los Angeles,
Cai., and Harley W. Colby of Lvndon
Center, neiees and nenhews a broth
er. R. F. Youmr of Worthington,
Minn., arni a sister. Mrs. Mary M.
Rrown of T o Angeles. Cai.
Regina F. Yiun" was manieri on
-Tulv . lRfi!) to H. II. Steevns of
Tanv'lle, to which union foui- chil
dip'i were born and the" were raised
in tlii community. Mrs. Stevens
was left u widow in and six
ve;ir late- she took her childi-en west
thinkint there to seek better nnd
yreater opportunities for them. What
more can we say. What better tribute
pay to her than is expressed in these
words: "She hath done what she
could." She has not lived in vain.
Her cheertul disposition and her
niany Christian qualities will ever
live in the hearts oi those who know
and lovcd her best. And the Master
has said, "Ye good and faithful s.r
vant, in whom 1 ani well pieasjd.
Enter into thy reward." "Tue dead
in C'hirst $hali live again."
Mi. and Mrs. Louis Lebay and
family, Mrs. Jcssie Rash were at Oli
ver Ainel's at East iiarnet Tuesday
nisht to attend a dance.
The Sunday school childrcn and
purents ali cnjayed a good timc at
their picnic ;.t Grcy's Giove Thurs
day. Mi. and Mrs. M. G. Kcrr and son,
Elwin of Natick, Mass.. are visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. KeiT.
Mrs. Rcginald Anrlcrson is visiting
.it S. A. Jienio's on hcr way home
from Boston.
Mi. and Mrs. W. J. McBrirlc and
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McBride and
rlauhter, Lorraine and Robert Mc
Bride of Montreal left here FViday
motoring to Lynn, Mass.
The Boy Scouts have got home
from Joe's Pond whcre they have
been camping.
Mrs. Cora Annis, Mrs. E. P. Little
and Mrs., Ina Shaw went to Old
Home day at East St. Johnsbury
Ellie Pearsons from New York
who has been visiting relatives in the
White Mountains returnod Thurs
day night, making the trip with one
of Mrs. Cora Annis' teams.
Public Auto
Fnoit virlin T.,..,J i .'
fui driver, terms rcasonable. Outside
trips only, no village work.
F. R. CLIFFORD, li Main Street.
Tel. Office 93-M. House 32G-J
At Willoughby Lake
Friday night, Music by the
New ITarmony Orchestra.
Tuesday night, Music by Hen
ault's Orchestra. Refreshments
served. Good Parking. Polico
Properly Rcbukcd.
The father unti n friend were enjny.
Ing a snink-p on the poriii and rlnddy
threw.the nlniost flnished rigar on die
lnwn. Junior plcked it up. rnn to liis
mollicr nnrl exclalined : "Look wliere
daddy tlirew llils, motlier! Don't let
bini pet nwny with flint stulT Just be
cnuse he has company."
We are liable to forget the
main object or line, which in
our case is
To illustrate, only a few days
ago a lady carne into our store
and modestly inquired if "this
was a hardware store?" We as
modestly replied that we hoped
to advertise it as such in about
a year.
Hardware is our main line,
look our stock over. Do not
hesitate to build a house on ac
count of alleged high prices.
Let us get together.
The Peck Co.
September List of
Columbia Records
DANCE OF THE HOURS. Part 1. From "Le Gioconda." Gino
Marinuzzi and his Symphony Orchestra.
DANCE OF THE HOURS. Part IL From "La Gioconda." Gino
Marinuzzi and his Symphony Orchestra. j
MELODY IN F. Pablo Casals, 'Collist. Walter Coirle at the Piano. .
THE SWAN (LeCygnc). Pablo Casals, 'Cellist. Walter Golde at
theIiano- tfkJ
MOTHER (T Love You). Charles Hackctt.
VALSE BLEUE. Toscha Seidel. Violin Solo. Harry Kaufman at
the Piano.
FIDDLE AND I. Barbara Maurel. Violin Obligato by Sascha
SING ME TO SLEEP. Barbara Maurel. Obligato by Sascha
"FLORODORA." Vocal Gems. Introducing: 1. "Flora." 2. The
Sharie of the Palm. 3. Teli Me, Prctty Maidcn. 4. I Want to
Be a Military Man. 5. The Silver Star of Love. Columbia
Light Opera Company. Orchestra Accompanimcnt.
"TUE MIKADO." Vocal Gems. Introducing: 1. Behold the Lord
High Executioner. 2. Thrce Little Maids from School. 3. Tit
Willow. 4. The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring. 5. For
He'a Going to Marry Yum-Yum. C. With Joyous Shouts.
Columbia Light Opera Company. Orchestra Accompainmunt.
GYTSY LOVE-WALTZ. Olga Bibor's Gypsy Orchestra.
DON JUAN-WALTZ. Olga Bibor's Gypsy Orchestra.
COUNTY FAIR AT PUNK1N CENTER. Cai Stewart (Uncle Josh)
JIM LAWSON'S HOGS. Cai Stewart (Uncle Josh)
LONG AGO. Ferera and Franchini. Hawaiian Guitar Duet.
HUNIKA. Ferera and Franchini. Hawaiian Guitar Duet.
MEDLEY HORN PIPE. Introducing: 1. Bryant's Favorite. 2.
Biids in the Tree, John J. Kimmel, Accordion Solo. Joe Linder
at the Piano.
MEDLEY JIGS. Introducing: Rakcs of Kildare and Devlin's
Favorite John J. Kimmel, Accordion Solo. Joe Linder at the
VENETIAN MOON. Lewis James and Chas. Harrison.
CHILI BEAN. Paul Bicsc Trio and Frank Crumit, Song Fox-trot.
BELTS OF MONTEREY. Fox-trot. Paul Biese Trio. Saxophonc,
Banjo and Piano.
DING TOES. Fox-trot. Eanta and Akst, Piano Duet. Introduc
ing: "Cuddlc Up."
TYPHOON. Fox-trot. Banta and Akst, Piano Duet, Orchestra
Phonograph Pept.
From a Woman Whose Serious Ill
ness Was Overcome by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ,
r TCao "T first-, tnok Lydia K.
Pinklifim's VcgetaUle Compound for a
compiru; nei " "
liicukilown follow
ing tini hirt.Ii of my
ohiest ciiild. I got
up too fioon which
caused serious te
male troubln. I wns
bo wonk tliat 1 was
not ablc to bc on my
feet Imt vcry little
and could not do my
.... v
Os housrworu ut ali. i
' Jf 1 bad a bari pain in my
1 ftlii 1 left Ride ami it
would pain torriMy if I stoppnl oli a
curb-stone. One day one of your book
let v.ts thrown in tlie yard ami I rcad
everv word in it. Tlicre were so many
wlm' bad been helped by your ruedicirtr
that 1 wanted to try it and my husbund
v.-ent to town and got me a bottle. It
Rcemed as tliough I. felt relicf after tlie
reconrl dose, so I kept on until I had
taken live bnttlex and by that time I
was as well as I could wisb. About
yenr later I gave birth to a ten pound
boy, nnd bave had two more childrcn
silice nini my health bas been fine. If
I cvir bave trouble of any kind I am
going to take your medicine for I givo
it ali the praise for my good health.
I ahvays recommend your medicine
wheneve'r I can." Mr. Eva E. SnAT,
Garnctt, Kansas,
On the "Plain" two tenement house,
each tenement cntircly separate, bath,
electric lights, garage for auto. Price
$4700. Owner leaving state Sept. lst.
On Railroad Street, 7 loom house,
furnace, full bath, electric lights,
hardwood floors and finish in every
room and closet, possession can be
had at once. Can bc seen any time.
ffnin-rite nf ì'vfKSae
Regular m '.etinn jf Apr,luo lodge,
N. 2, Tuesday evening Auj ust 10, at
8 'clock.
ìmportant moeting oi uniionn
Rank, Aug. 17. Ali come.
H f. I,i'ranll C '
jT. C Abbott. K. 15.
A rrood sevon room cottage with
modelli iinprowments, and largj gar
den. .Located near Fairbanks tihops.
Two-tencmcnf. house, bixn and
large giCden. Easy terms.
Thror tenement house. AH niodcrn
ìm provi ments. Nearly nrw. Near
Best ,vort'ing house in St. Johns
bury. l'asy terms.
Chas. E. Kirk. Sk. Johnsbutv
Palestine Commandery, No. 5, K. T.
Fìtatcd Conclave, Tuesday evening,
Sept. 21, at 7.30. A good attenda :cs
is de;ircd.
Bernard A. Johnson,
Arthur M. Lang, Km. Com.
Regular communication Thursday
evening, Sept. 2, at 7.30 o'clock, for
the dispatch of business.
Arthur L. Graves, W. M.
FFrcd IL Dolloff, Scc.
Noble feentiment.
I would rnther be benten In the
rlght ibnn succeed in the wronv. Gar-flòi-1.
12 Eastern Avenue
Over Bailcy's Music Rooms. Tel. One
We Have
300 Second Hand Windows
v r Including
100 HOT BED SASH 3,0"x6'0"xl34"
That wc SHALL SELL CHEAP about one quarter
v the price of new ones.
The WINDOWS and SASH are suitable for
We know these will SELL QUICK. Better tele
phone or write us at once if you need any. We shall
be delighted to quote prices.
Every thing in Builders Supplies.
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
and 2 6
The Biggest Fair of Its Size
in the State
A Tuesday, August 24
Baseball Game
Moretown and Quebec Royals (Colored) of Montreal. Best game
of the year is assured.
Wcdnesday and Thursday, August 25 and 2G
Captain Siickney and
Curtis Biplane
' In Fancy Flying. Two Flights Each Day.
Horce Racing
Band Concert
Big Free Vaudeville Show Each Day.
Largest entry of race horses in our experience
O. M. WATERMAN, Secretary, Morrisville, Vt.

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