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Evening Galedonian
Establiched 1837
Tublished daily, except Sundays
The Caledonian-Record Pub. Co., Inc.
125 Eastern Avenue
Herbert A. Smith, 'Editor and
Et Johnsbury, Vt. Phone 660
Newport Record Office, Room No. ii
Root Block, Newport, Vt.
Tel. 175 or 173
Perlcy S. Hill
Special Repre.cn tative
The peoplc who are' losing their
money in Get Tich ciick Schrmes,
will be complaining soon because
wealth is concentrated in a few
Formerly they
Railroad Fares Will
Be Advanced on Thursday
The Boston & Maine railroad has
sent out. nn nffimnl rinfi vdqiìiiit
the advance in railroad rates, effec-
. ..,,! 4 i
neonle for workinir on 'Snn.lnv. Nowi"'v a"u allvl mursuay, AUgusi
you may nave to prosecute eni to
niake 'era work ariy at ali.
TERMS By mail, $4 a year; six
months, $2; three months, $1. Deliv
ered by carrier in St. Johnsbury at
B0 centa a month. AH subscriptions
by order of the government aie pay
able in advance.
It may be a bumper coìti crop, but
present outlook is that tlie usuai
number of bumpers will not be pro
duced from it.
When you settle down to live in a
place, you become a partner in the
public enterpri.se of maintaining
community life. This partnership ex
ists, even araong people who pay no
taxes. If they buy supplies or pay
board, they help pay taxes indirectly.
Hence they are interested in this pro
position of community maintenanca.
But some people do not seem to
e any share in
this community of interest. Men who
have charge of public parks say that
hoodlums will come in and deliberate
li' break down seats, trample on
plants, and do other damage. If they
find a strip of ground carefully plant- I
ed with grass seed, in the hope of
making a beautiful lawn, they will
maliciously or carelessly walk across
They am to think it is funny to
destroy somethina- that other peonie
Miave worked to create, even if in so
doing they destroy something of their
own. It is much as if a partner in
a business walked into the office and
but they may assist in identikying ' 1Iu) thl.ntt. it intn thstl.Ppt
As members of the Ai&ociated
Press that organization is entitled
exclusively to the use for republica
tion of ali news despatches credited
to it or not otherwise credited in this I some people d(
paper and also the beai news pub- l'.ealize that they hav
lished here'.n. Ali rights of republi
cation of special despatches herein
are also reserved.
Entercd as second-class matter
May 1, 1916, at the post office at St.
Johnsbury, Vermont, under the act
of March 3, 1879.
Ouija boards said to be increasing
number of inmates in insane asylums,
Jò. One way tickets sold prior to
that date held by passengers en route
on August 2G, will be honored to
destination without extra charge.
Passengers actually en route at mid
night of August '25, will be carried
to destination of Pullman or sleeping
car tickets without additional charge.
Among the tickets that will not be
honored after August 25 are round
trip tickets or tounst tickets
pnor to August 26 and upon which
the going passage has not commenc
ed by that date. These, however,
will be redemmed by issuing agent at
fares paid therefor, or at the office
of the passenger traffic department
in Boston.
For space in sleeping and parlor
cars a surcharge equivalent to 50 per
cent of the sleeping or parlor car
space will be collected at the time
Pullman, sleeping or parlor car space
is sold. This charge is in addition
to the sleeping or parlor car rate.
National Convention to Be
Held In Boston In
people who have ahvu;
longed there.
s really bc-
Many people are hclping relievc
the shortage of labor, by working
their jaws tery énergetically.
The only thing oily about a lot
these oil propertics, is the tonguc of
the promoter that sclls 'era.
The profiteers don't worry about
the fellow who saueals on hitrh mices
The one that bothers them is the one: pose in which everyone has an equai
interest, the maintenance and nevel-
A lot of people who know too
much to commit any malicious acts,
will yet offend in similar ways
through carelessness. They will cut
corners on grass plots, until the ncat
squares of turf look seedy and rag
gcd. They carelessly throw away
waste ito the streets of which they
the part owners, until the town looks
Let us ali here in Northeastern
Vermont get this idea well in mind
We are ali tacitly uniteci in a pur
Sherbrooke to Shatter
Ali Previous Records
The 11)20 annual exhibition of the i
Canadian Eastern Townships begun j
so inauspiciousiy ,6 years ago, will I
again be staged at the exhibition
ground of Sherbrooke, Que., Aug. 28
to Seit. 4.
By reason of the unique interest
which the Great Eastern Townships
l'air holds for Americans, it is expect
cd that even last year's remarkable
record for American attendance will
be shattefed. The Sherbrooke exhib
ition has in the past attraeteci visit
ors from ali sections of the United
States and Canada. This year the
educational as well as the recreational
features of the fair have been trreat-
ly augmented
Even hot weather and busy farm
wVrk seem to put no damper on the
sold ! thusiasni that covers New England,
over the coming session of the Na
tional Grange in Boston, November
10-19 next, which thousands of Pat-1
rons are planning to attend. Big
classes of new members for subordinate-and
Pomona Granges, with
groups of hundreds rromised for the
special sixth degree sessions to be
held in ali the six states the ntxt two
months. are the signs that point to
the certainty that the 10,000 class for j
the -soventi! degree in Boston will be i
reached. !
A competent housing bureau has j
been organized, which assures lodg-1
ing to ali who come to Boston, no i
matter how many come! Provided,
however, that early application is
made to this bureau at Room 1"6,
i State House, Boston. It is conscr-
vativrly estimateci that not less than
20,000 New England Grange mem
bers will attend some of the Boston
sessions, while the greater part of
them will be there on Friday, Nov
ember 12th. for the" seventh degree,
either as candidates or as spcctators.
Following the degree work on the
above-mentioned evening, a great
program will be put on, which an
nouneentent will make every New
England patron want to be there.
Governor Calvin Coolidge, the mem
bers of his councils and ali the heads
The horticultural and
agrieultural tlisplays, particularly, will ' of dopartjrients in the Commonwealth
oe a source ot enhanced interest. wun ine mayor oi jjosion ano oiner
that says nothing but gets along with
out things.
Increased co.-lt of lice bears down
hard on two classes of people of about
cqual intelligence, the degvaded Chin
esc laborers, and the Smart set
hoodlums who promote the wedding
opment of a high class town. Every
ne must take hold and help keep it
orde ri y and beautiful. Everyone
ought to do something positive to
help improve it. But if you can't set
out a tree or plant shrubs, at least
refrain from any damage to its pro
pcrtv no matter how slight.
Other educational exhibits worthv
of mention are the poultry, da:ry,
hvestock and automobile shows, the
city oflicials, will be the guests of the
Grange, and Governor Coolidge will 1
give an address. The Webber male
Baby Welfare exhibit, and especially quartet of Boston, one of the finest ;
Insurance Service Station
4 a , -f .VVyiLIi.THERE IS LIFE, , .
hope, and after that there is life insurance to save and
A Vermont Company A Mutual Company
W. W. Sprague & Son, Gen'l Agents,
Pythian Bldg., . St. Johnsbury, Vt.
an historical pageeant symbolizinK ali
the imuortant evolutionary periods in
Canadian history. More' than 1200
perforniers will take part in this
spectacle, which it is said, will be
brilliant and in -piring to a degree.
In addition to the interesting edu
cational arrangemonts the exhibition
will this year boast of a huge and
talented array of vaudeville aitists,
carnival cnteitainers, and one hun-
i cìred and one othei- items calcu'ated
j to stir the gemi of fun and laughter
i in the niost calloused of human
i hearts.
i Attractcd by the admirable roads,
i and channels of pleasurc, not permis
! sable in the United States since luly
i lst, 1018, hundreds of Americans are
' expected to attend the ehxibition this
j year. The almost unbelievable
I smoothness of the roads, added to
! ampie hotel accommodutions, should
I be .the cause of inducing thousands
of Americans to enjoy a profitable
week at Sherbrooke beginning Aug.
airbanb A. A.
On The Campus
, Game Called at 4.15 P. M.
Admission 35 Cents
LITTLE girls and boys grow
up according to the way they
are trained and fed. Tiain
your children io enjoy the
best of meats. Quality foods
cneourage thoughts of high
character. The best is none
too good for the kiddies.
Watch for Mr. Happy Party
NOTE Carton is one of the strongest teams of
the "North Countiy." It took the Quebec Royal
Giants of Montreal 11 innings to defeat this strong
team. Except for a fluke Barton would have won G
to 1." Barton is coming down with a big crowd of
rooters to beat the Fairbanks A. A. if possible.
Ilere's the real Northoastern Vermont classic of the
season. You won't want to miss this game if you are
a baseball fan.
nou more pure,--Thnclctheswe
erthati5 5ure.'
THIS is the checr-up laundry
that fiiend luds has done so
much talking about. Send your-'
oiled and sullen garments here
and we will send th'm back to
you rejoicing. Our piices are
down to a fair prefit point and
our promptness is being ta'ked
in New England, is to furnish music
for the degiee work and as a part
of the Friday eveniny program will
put on an hours concert, reinforced
b the Meistersingers of Boston a
a rare musical treat for ali who at
ttnd. The quarte is also to sing for
the meniorial services in Faneuil Hall
Sunday night and at the service to
be held at Plymouth Rock.
The magnitudo of the agrieultural
exhibit that is to bc run on the low
er floor of Mechanics' Building, in
connection with the National Grange!
session, is hardl realized as yet; but1
it is certain to bc one of the best
quality displays of New England ag-;
licultural produets that has ever been !
macie. Plans for the state exhibits !
are ali well under way and largo
space is to be ued therefor. ' The
market gardeners, the fruit growers, !
the cranberry growers and other
.-jiecial lines of agriculture are ali to '
be much in evidence, while some in- :
dication ot the interest shown is
seen in the fact that the National
Cranberry Growers' Exchange has i
appropriated $2ó00 for their exhibit, :
while the maple sugar makers' as-
sociation ol X'ermont will undertake !
the most pretentious exhibit they.
have ever made. While some of the i
states will specialize in their leading ;
produets, Massachustts agriculture
will be shown in its great variety of :
staples, doubtless surprising many of i
the distant farmers as to the num- j
ber of such staples being rcgularly :
grown in the state. i
In addition to the large number of I
Grange members who will come to ,
Boston for several days of the ses-1
sion, and those who will drive their;
machines, plans are under way to ;
ìun in special trains from ftlaine,
New Hampshire, Vermont and Con- ;
necticut; whje it is confidently ex-
pected that a reduced railroad rate of
fare and one-third will be secured for,
ali who come bv regular trains, from !
anv part of the country. j
It is to be borne in mind that, ex- j
cept when the highcr degrees are be- j
ing confermi, ali National Grange;
sessions are open to ali subordinate;
Grange members; so that there is the :
whole 170,000 membership of New !
Enfiami to draw from in addition to
the crowd from more distant points. '
No uch Grange gathering as this h
wiil be has ever been held before in :
the history of the Order
Soldier Boys Return
to Civilian Life
I (Continued from page 1)
corti and request that you give pub
li city to these faets."
Company 1) and Company L loft
Camp Devens Saturday morning at
8.40 on a special tiain. Good time
wfts maile ali of the way. the train
being held up at only a few places
enroute. I)inncr was served to the
men at Concord, N. IL, and a lunch
was served late in the afternoon. The
trip was uneventful. There were
people at stations alonf the line to
checr the boys as they passed
through ali of which brought back
reminisccnces of the ìecent war days.
St. Johnsbui-- station was crowded
with people to grect Company J).
Tlie boys lined up on the1 nlatrorm,
counted oif and then laid their packs
around the depot in order to take a
rest.' After iaying around for 1.",
minutes, C'aptain Cheney lined bis
men up and they maichcd to the ar
mory to be dismissed.
In Newport there was a good sied
crowd to greet the boys altbough it
i- eeitain th":e wouM have been a
large r ralh"rin" of fiiends and rela
tive hurl thei-e noi been so much un
rertainty as to the arrivai of the
troop tiain. Company L lined u".
rountefl off and marched immediately
to their armory where they were .im
mrdiatclw dismissed. Captain Buz
7ell told the boys he had a lot of fine
thing- lo renii't to them which had
been said about the company while at
mu ter. He urcrrd that every man be
present at drill nn Tuesday evening
v lien he would give a short talk to
the men.
I il
A Clearance Sale of
Hart SchafFner & Marx Suits
at less than wholesale prices
If you know any thing about Hart Schaffner
& Marx clothes--- -
If you know anything about present market
If you know what it costs to make a good
We say if you know about any of those
things we dont have to say a word more
You know that Hart SchafFner & Marx
suits for $48.50, $39.50, are the createst
values that this town has seen in years and
you'll do something about it in a hurry.
Other makes $34.50
ivjioore mjonnson
The home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
St, Johnsbury, Vt., Avenue House Block
Lockcd Steei ing Gcar
Causes Auto Accidcnt
(Continued from page one)
lattei- was going even slòwer than
Arthur W. Schoppe of the V. W.
Kelley Co., had a slight accidcnt on
Eastern Avenue Sunday which was
caused by a "blow out" of the front
tire on the left hand side of his ma
chine. When the tire blew out, it
causd the cai to swerve aeross the
Street strikinjr a telephone pole. As
he attempted to back his car out, Mr.
Schoppe became a little excited and
he struck a Ford car but fortunately
(iid no damagc to either machine.
Locai Nevs
Pcx Bcach's tremendous drama of
Alaska, "THE BltAND." Tlie moj
lealistic, thrilling picturc since 'The
Spoilers." The biggest, most unusual
of ali Rex licach production. Des
perate fight scenes, startling climaxes;
the frozen trail of Alaska in the dead
of a raging storm-night;a man brand
ed with the white-hot barici of his
own gun; the Northwestern mounted
police in action; the sensational ruid
in the City of Gold. And through this
story of unleashed passions there
also runs a tender story of love and
romance; a story of two men, one
woman and the unwritten law of the
great northland. The best Iìex
Beach picture since "The Spoilers."
Big Reduction In Tires
Closing out sale of Tires at 25 percent from the
list price.
Sec it at the Globe tonight and to
niorrow. L ,W. Stafford, after a severe i'1
ness of three months, was ablc to
walk Saturday afternoon from bis
home on Cross Street to his stole on
Prcspect avenue.
Mrs. William G. Iìicker gave a ic
ce))tion Thursday afternoon at hi r
Winter Street home iu honor of tliree
of ber fiiends, Mrs. I'. I'. Ilinkson,
Mrs. (). E. IJoatright of ('hicagn and
Mrs. W. .1. lieattie of Littleton.
Those hclping tlie hostess in tlie din
ing room were Mrs. lialph E. llowe,
Mrs. David E. I'orter and Mrs. J. E.
Miss Sarah Wurmberg rcturned
this afternoon from a week's vacation
with friends in Newport.
Men Wanted
20 Carpenters 50 Laborers
J. M. Swan & Son
Caklcrwood building
SALE Second-hand dishes
suitable for hou -ekeeping, bread mix
er, bread tins, fruit jars, n,uarts and
pints, jolly tumblers. T. I'. Farceli,
15 Church ttieet bO-bl
Men for handling lumber, manufac
turing boxe, piano parta, atid ven
cer. Work from 6.45 to C.1R. One
hour for dinner. Saturday afternoon
off. Wagcs drpend on the ability of
he man. Also, ono Night Fireman
Wanted. Anyono interested cali and
talk it over.

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