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Ili " " ' ' III wed
..... .. the
;:à'AìM9!'. Money. Helping This Community?
New'Iwrfrits and new schemes, paying high rateo of interest
have latelJefcn shown up in thcir true character as regards sec
urity andtfrnfV intcgrity of thcir officiate.
and you escali on the principal when you nccd it.
Tliese'uijfrls are parseci along to locai business men and indus
kieviV'lp development and keep our workers employed.
Gould t3
liorn her
taking a
work al
shops, but wiU .return
woi k until the open-
"COME XOW, LET US lì E A so n tocether"
Sca.-.on is t-.ott i ne; late. Priccs are high. Ice is scarec. Which
is tlie BEST olle to buy.
LISTEN We aie tnlking about the
A full cxplanation wiil gladly oc given as lo the construction of
these Refrigerators il' you will cali.
Now, did we say the season is nettili;; late? Answer. You may
use the ''Harder" the year around. l'rices high. Sro our list brlow.
Ice scal ee, l'ienty of it. l'UE E pretty soon
Which is the best? HARDER.
Ilardw'ood (Vhite Oak Case) finishod as well as any picca of
furniturc in the home. leud air space 111 W'z inch. Linitig genuine
one-))iece seamless I'orcelian jirovision chamhcr. Insulation and
shoathing perfect. Hardware, solid brass nickel plaled. Locks, au
toniatie self-loeking. Ice racks, Drain pipes, everything complete.
To clean up balanco of stock we will make the following genuine
ìeduction in price.
Season Price Now
No. oini 70 ibs. ice $:i7.oo $:::j.::o
No. 04351(10 Ibs Ice $r,3.?5 $48.:ì8
No. 04:i:ì 85 ibs. Ice S:U.25 ?28.1!ì
Season Price Now
No. 022110 Ibs. Ice $20.28 ?1S.2C
No. 022300 Ibs. Ice I?21.:IS ?21.).r
No. 22585 Ibs. Ice 20.80 $24.12
No. 052585 Ibs. Ice $35.58 $32.03
No. 0228110 ibs. Ice $32.70 $20.33
PLEASE NOTE That until Sept. 4, we will sell the above
Refrigerators ut the priccs named which is a
Discount of IO Per Cent.
Priccs bave advaneed silice we bought the.se and cannot be dup
licateci iiext season. First come, first scrved.
ALL your favorite
il centers each in
a substantial chocolate
overcoat. You'll have
to eat one to learn how
good they are and eat
jinany to learn that
they are ali equally
good. Come in as you
go by today, and get
some. Packed in a
hnndsome box that
please anybody.
v .
cìhe Chocolates 'Witti
thcWondetful Centers
. ti
-f '
I ' I . . .
.... . . . . -
(pi ite
lai-.-j Fred Jìavison bar. beni
I ili v.iHi ihc ;. .'ip at .1. H. IiutlerV.
ì Ah,.. Ruth Carter ot Cliftondale,
! Mass., is a -ucst oi Miss Eth.dynd
i .i Iluth Ba:pr.o, onlv il.-.uhtcr
! ot .Vii. a;id Hri Henian nurpee. (lied
! 1 n;d:i after a lor.;-; and )):tinful
j illr.ess, wh.ich has co-itinued ali sur.i
j mei. Slie was 21 years oi at-c, a
j chaiTiin- and pweet youn e''rl, rd
j v.ays more oi less of un invalili, sirice
i a -.evere sickness in her eaily fh il I
; liood. She li';'ves both iiarenls and
o'n' brother .Maurice, to mourn ber
lo Furiri'sil si rvices are lo be held
j ;.t. liei- bile li rime Tuesdav.
I ?!iss Thelma Edmunds of Moi'iis
I ville has been visitinj; the Edmunds
! fa ni il ics in town.
Kotfer Ladd is i:i Boston this we k
on bu-.'Ì!iess tri).
Mrs. Ethelynd Shejiherd, . teacher
in the i;raded school. visited Miss
Edith Gray, last week.
Mrs. Charles Lee of Boston is
steppin;; wiih her dauediters bere,
Mrs. Ernest Martin and Mrs. o(lur.
Bitter?, frfim Mrs. I.orne llowney
announee th;'t slie has arrived salVly
at her new home in Vernai, Utali,
teacli school, and
and the school very
husband's parcnts
nd the will
whore she is to
I J,ii;es the iiosition
mia-li. Ilei- late
.re loc.'ited in this town,
. live witb theni.
J. C. Eaton bus bouuht the liouse
ot .1. S. Butler on AVilliams Street,
and Mr. Butler will t-o eveiitually to
! ive with bis dauhter, Mrs. Moore.
! i Mrs. Josephine Carr has none to
Fo'-est I.akc, near Whitefied. N. II.,
' to siier.d a weel: with ber brother's
familv in their canm. She will return
he re before ivoins (jack to ber school
in I'rovidence about the lOth of Sept-
! next week, and
( Jllj- 01 college.
Mis;j Dorotby and Maleolm Mac
Donid'l and Miss Giace Gould, with
Mr. dee irom W'het-loek, took a
lonc- and iiitere.tin trjp to the
VVhite Mountain Saluiday, vi.-jitinu;
Franconia Notch, the Fiume, and
many other points of interest.
Mi: -. Loia W'atehie visited rei itivi s
in Quebec over the- week end.
Hill' Novell y orche, tra played at
the Friday evenin;;- dance at the
Bouldi rs Casino last. week. The nt
tendanee w.is small, on aceount of
the celebration at Orleans that day,
but the society elea mi crioiu'.h to
pay exjieiifies.
Miss Ida t iiairon r.pent tho week
end with I riends in Lit.tleton, N. li.
Miss Marj'Ueiile Holtham is uuite
sick this week at Mrs. Elvira Cray's,
where she is workili.i;-.
Mrs. Charles I-i.-.h.-i- anil ilaU'.';litei ,
I'hylli.;, who have been stoppine; in
town atiendiiii'- the Cbaut:aiiUa
nu-;:tintfs, has returned to Shell' Id to
.ce ber paients, Mr. and Mrs. I lavi
noti, and iiext week will o back to
In-r biime in Somerville, Mass. .
Miss Susan ('uiiiiiiiKliam has finish-
i ed In-r work in the radroad shops and
will spen.l a week's v.icalian il h
! liei cousins, Mi. and Mrs. Herbert
j Wri.Lvht, in W'althani, Mass., before
I her school bej.',ins.
The j-rade I school, the Institute,
and must of the town ,-ehools will
I onen the fall teim on the day after
: Labm Ha, Sept. 7.
I Miss Uose llcnonville has fini.' lied
j bei- work at the r.iilr.iad shops, and
! will return to school when it reopens.
Mrs. L. V. H ubur has. been on the
sick list l'or a few ilays.
Adelbert Eaton, wli3 has been
sjienrlino ìi we:-k with bis sistei', Mrs.
i G. M. Campbell, has returned to bis
I home in Boston.
I Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wiilnu.n-h-j
by visited their brother and sister,
i Mi. and Mrs. Will Hartwell, at
' Woudsville, N. IL, over Sunday, and
the whole party enjoycj a tri)
throui;h the W'hite Mountains.
Phil S. l ereuson of Akron, Ohio,
who hiis been visitin"- bis parents
j bere, went to Manchester, N. IL, last
week, on bis return to the West. His
! brother, lr. (ieorne Ferguson and
wife, who have been here also, 'nave
' returned to their home in Toronto,
Ohii. Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Ferguson
took thern by niotor as far :is Bur
lington, where th'-- made a few visits.
Miss Jane Sandin, and Donald Mc-
evening will be Mary Milcs Minte;' in
"Nurse Marjorie." There will alsa bs
a Kinograni News reel.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Covcny have re
turned l'rom their trip and will reside
l'or the present at a cottage at Joe'a
Mi !. Violetta Fisher and daughter,
Miss Letta Fisher of Washington,
are visiting at; Frank Stocker's.
Haimony Club will nieet with Mrs.
Julia Pauison, Sept. 13th, and Mr;i.
Paulson hus charge of the program,
subject, "A General View of Opera."
Mrs. E. G. French of Johnson is
spending a few days in Danville call
ing on old f riends.
Miss Olrutt of St. Johnsbury has
returned to teach in the primary de
paitineMt of the village school and
Mrs. Inaile Coveny will teach the
grainmar school.
Mrs. and Miss Woodward and Mrs.
Bates Wyman of Boston, wdio are
stopping at Fair View c-dlage, ac
coniianied by Mr. and Mis. V. C.
li natii, inotored to Smuggler's Notch
Miss Duncklee, who has been spemi
ing her vacation with Miss ila' tic
Whittier, has returned to her home
in Fast Grange, N. J.
Mi. and Mrs. Charles Unwe ot
Chicago are visiting the'r sister-m-law,
Mrs. Klizabetli Uowc, and nicce,
Mrs. Cari Bang.
Mi. and Mrs. Geor-e Fisher have,
returaed from Old Orchard Beach,
where they spent (heir vacation.
Miss Clara Cook, who has been
s)eirling the sumnier at J. W. Gillis,
has returned to her home at Broek
ton, Mass. .
Mis", Annette Stocker (iied Monday
aftei noon at 4 o'clock, altho she has
been in poor health l'or a long timo,
the end carne niost unexpectedly.
Mi. and Mrs. Poster Greenbank
when thev returned from Old Orch-
Me., brought witli meni in meu
Mr. Greenbank's sisti r, Mrs.
Hookei- and little son, cari.
The Star Theatre has again chang
ed h:mds, the purchasers this time
beirg Pierce & Caion, (he senior
partner, Fred 11. Pierce. who ìuns the
pici uro theatre in Uarton.
The maiile su"-ar exhibit at the
Cale Ionia county fair at St. Johns
bury Sept. 14, 15 and 10 will be the
biggest evev seen in Vermont Don't
ìr.i.-s it adv
Services wr.re held in the Univer
sali. 4, church Sunday, with nreaching
by the Kev. E. V. Steven,; of Ohio, a
foriner pastor of the church, and the
first pastor to preach in the new
church. The notice was received so
late it was impossiblc lo notify many
r,f tl:e parishioners, but those who
attended were very glad to see their
old. ua-tor.
Mr. and Mrs. J .R Dexter and
d-.uiglitei- bave been taking a trip to
liix ville Notch.
Mi,-; Margaret IHvis of West Leb
anon, N. IL, was a guest in town over
Sunday, visiliri"- at Dr. F. IL Davis'
inni Harry Colby's.
Mr.. Ira Sar.ly has been on (he
'ick list with a bad attack of indi
gestion the past week.
Miss Janct Bundy is incapaciated
by mear.s of a quinsv soie thioat
! this week.
Charles Lewsey is on tlie s ick list i bride roses.
I with the nrevailinir disten-.ner. which' Tlie bride
seeins to resenilile an attack of c-rin. I Misses
j with an e.-:iecially bad throat, chills j
fever, and other distressing symp
homs. Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Greenslade
! have both been victims, and there I
lare a number of others, more or lessi
Dr. David I!. Brown went fo Con-
cord, N. IL, Monday, to visit bis i
mothei- who is' in very poor health.
The Misses Louise and Isabel Col
vin of Montpelier, are spending a
few riays with their sister, Mrs.
Bavniond Campbell.
Raymond Hall of St. Johnsbury, a
student at Norwich University, and
a former resident h"ve, is in town, a
guest at the Rev. Charles E. Gould's.
Keown of Sonierville, Mass.,
stoii)ini'- at Hotel Lvndon,
guests of Miss Sandin's brother,
E. Sandin
Crane-AHen Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Ciane ar.-?
stopping with his uncle, Ila, ry Os
goo I, but leavn soon Yor their new
house, 77 Oxford strei t, ' Hartford,
Comi. Mr. Grane will ho remeinber
ed as a former Danville boy, son of
Edwin Ciane and brother of Carroll
Ciane of this town. He is now an
instructor in the Hartford , Cenn.,
High st'hool. The Wateitown Stan
dard has the following account of the
the wedding:
The marriage 'of Miss Hazcl Belle
Alien, to Harry C. Crane of Hartford,
Conn., took place at 10.30 this
morning at the residence of the
bride's fallici-, Dr. A. H. Alien, No.
710 Washington Street.
The ceremony was performed by
Rev. W. F. Skinner, of Gouvern ur,
in the prcsence of about 20 rela
tives and f riends. The doublé ìing
service w;!s used.
Smith Goff, of Syracuse, was the
groom:-man. Miss Florence Dun
kleberg played the Mendelssohn
wedding music clurin- the cere
mony. The bride wore a gown of wbite
cre)e de Chine, trimmed with
Georgette crepe and vai lace, and
she carried a shower bouquet of
was attendeil by the
Donna and Doris Day, of
Braedentown, Fla., her twin nieces;
Miss Grace Alien, mah! of bonor.
and !Vlr. biiiith tioll, marron ot
honor. The house was artistically
decorat ed with fichi flowc i' .-.
The bride is a gradu ile of St.
Lawrence University and is a mein
ber of Pi Beta Phi sorority. The
bridegroom is a graduate of the
University of Vermont a mimber of
the Phi Mu Delta fraternity and of
tho Tau Kappa Alpha National
Honorary Debatmg fraternity. He
is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Crane of Danville and an ins
tructor in the Hai! lord, Comi., High
'arnily of
in the Brown
El mel
ai Alex
YV'ivi-en Chanman and
Barnet are camping-
cottage. . .
M1. and Mrs. Chase and M r. I leld
have been camping at Lakeport have
bave returned home.
Mi Mini Mrs. Fenton Judkms
have been campili at Lakeport
returned home.
Mrs. Ida Nelson visited at
l!-,il,.v': lsist week and callers
Warden's and James Blain's.
Mi. and Mrs. Charles Boy and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Boy enjoyed a camp
ing trip to Morgan.
Mi. an 1 Mrs. Nat Dalie of Spring
field, Mass., visited at Harley
E-deii's and Charles Goss' last week.
Rev. F. IL Laird, John l.aireJ ami i
Mi. and Mrs. Paul Morrison returned I
troni a trip lo Lowell, Mass., List
Mrs. Minine Harvey is visiting m
Auburn, N. Y.
N. P. Bugbee and faniil:, of Spring
field, Mass., Biock Kùllias, Helen
Bristol and Mrs. Walter Bollii. s of
Granbv, Curm., who have been camp
ing in Darling's cottage bioke camp
Salii; day.
The animai church bazaar was held
Wedne.dav i-i ' cl-arr-h jiarlors.
The sale was unii u :i , ge? ' netting
$210 including SU. pei benefit:-.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawk bave been vis
iting at Milo McLaren's and other
1 riends.
Mr. Fred McLaren visited at Hcn
rv Lamohere's and Nettie Vincenti
ì at Wells Rivcr last week.
j Mrs. Clara C'orev of Manchester,
I N. IL, visited at her uncle's, Alex
I Wai-len's last week.
Grange meeting was held Tuosday
evening. Danville grange i unii; lied
litoiary programmo which va? very
good. A good crowd and a good lime
was enjoyed by ali.
Coiigratululions to Mr. and Mrs.
Clan -nce ('aldivell on the birth of a
boy last Friday.
A party of young fo'ks were guest à
of Robert Strobw'dge Salurday evening.
Let's go! Where?
OUR prices, are bound to
please you. You buy best
; meats here to be found in
any market at prices we
Jaiow will mect with with
ylir appioval. It's a pleas
nre "lo visit this sanitary
Watch for Mr. Jlappy Tarty
P'HnMF -
' I IVI ta .ri
erri -r
i 1
To the Cale-
ilonia county l'air at St. .Johnsbury.
When? Sept. I l, 15 and 10. adv.
Mr and Mrs. W. F. Dole bave re
turned from their tri) to Dixvdle
Notch in company with Mrs. Dole's
sister, Mrs. Maria A. llobbs of Cres
ccnt city, Florida, and Mrs. Gcnrge
A. Wilson of St. Johnsbury, Mr.
W ilson taking them in hi car. Thev
jiassed tlirough St. Johnsbury, Coa
cord, Lunenburg, Lancastcr, North
umbc rland, Groveton, St rat foni, No.
Stratford, Columbia, Coos Bridge
t'oleiirook, Dixville to the Notch
where they spent the night. Tlie fol
lowing morning they resumed thcir
journey jiassing through Millsfield,
Errol, (Cambridge, Dummer, Milm,
Berlin, (Jorham, Pinkham Notch,
Jackson, Gioii, Bartle'l, llait's Lvca
tion, Crawford Notch, Bivtton
Woods, Twin Mountain, Carroll,
Whitefield, Lancastcr and home
through Lunenburg, Concord an I St.
Johnsbury. A niost delightful trip
and inuch enjoyed csprcially by Mrs.
Hobbs, who has livcd in Florida more
than 25 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Smith re
turned Wedncsday from HighgatJ
where thev spent their honeymoon
and went Monday night to their new
home at Endec Manor, Bristol, Conn.
The best wdshes of their many f riends
go with them.
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Burnham of
Burlington spent the week-end at
Frank Stocker's.
Mr. and Mrs. Allyne Fisher and
non, Ilnrvey. and daughter, Frances,
of Washington, D. C are stopping at
'"Thurber's" and visding frlends in
The motioii pietures for Friday
First come, first served
and Im served both
first and last when
it comes to
tUO L.
Anawe ll seeth&t
YOU won't bave any com
plaints to make about the way
Suds attendes to your laundry
wants. He's always on time
and al ways on the job. The one
thing that he understands
thorouebly is rcviving lired
soiled clothes. Suds syst' in is .
suierior and supreniely satisfac
i.'',-'J..v' jtìi
, Annuallv nse thc'se tablets of or
fitinic iron Nuxated Iron--to bdld,
upred blood, strengthandendara'nce..-.
33r.I !.. B.Vc:l, fomierly Physiclaninthe T?alti-
mere Hospital ar.d a Medicai Examiner says:
"liiifre aro tbouscnds vl.ese t-. Jii a aro a-tii g and
breakmg down ;.t a t me whon tht-y. shouid ht ,-tijo.
iiiK inai pt-rlect hi ul.h which carrirs di tmner To dis
ease simply, bcjuusc they are ut awaketotu.; con-
"""' un ir DKK a. ny arowmg u to rtrna:. min,
pale fimi watcry. they are ti .t civuig he n attimi lila
lurcesoj the body a chance to do thtif work. iron is
rea blood food ar.d In my eiperience 1 h..ve feund no
bt-ttcr means for buildinu thn red L!..nd cor;usc!i-sand
helpiiix to give inrreaied dowit to the blood than or.
game Iron Nuxatcd Iron." Niuated Iron rome in
RED, ... mf
tablet formonly and doos rot c i.ifoin any oidiuary
nU't i.-imn Imf f.lvlha fì..., nnall.if .I X
u.jj. uru ornarne iron wnien iseasny asaimaated
. uy ine oiooo.
We want women with some experience
on home sewing machincs, who will work
steadily, to learn )ower machine operating
on light easy work. Hours 7.30 to 5.30 Sat
urday until noon.
Tauber Lipton & Co.
Te!. 710
5 Concord Avenue
of ali kinds to work in this plant. We also want
young men to learn to operate the different mach
ines, good pay while learning and chance for promo
tion to good paying position.
We also want women for light machine and
bench work.
, E. & T, Fairbanks & Co.
St. Johnsbuiy, Vermont
Employnient Dept.
I'( ) LI T 1 C A L AD V E II TI. SI NO
will spp;ak in tue
Town Hall, St. Johnsbury
Thursday Eve.f Sepf. 3
on the issues of the present State Campaign.
Judge Homer L. Skeels
will also speak at this meeting. A cordial invitation
is cxtended to tlie people of St. Johnsbury to hear
these two speakers. s.(

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