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The VVeather
Generally fair tonight
and Wednesday. l'resh
chmiging wind becom
ing west.
A Newipaper Coverlng
the Entire Northeast Sec
tion of Vermont State
Kvery Working Day.
Urges Action Against Farm Implement
' V- 1 . . .
f" . . : 1 N . ' a.
Merry Parties oi' Young
People Give Bordcr City
Festive Appearance
Ncw'rort v,'.is the scene
.fpec-iallv prttty weciding;
of thrre
on Mon-
day. It gavt
a test ivo tono io me
florder City. Throunh-
holidav iti th
out the day merry parties of youn'-v
people, charmingly dressed. were
ì.oted going and returning from the
vaiious tunctions.
A very eharniing wedding was
solemnized Monday afternoon, when
Miss Kredhi .lanette Carr, tlaui?htei
of Mrs. F. W. Carr, was uniteti in
marnane to Vernon Carroll Hunting
ton, son of Mi. and Mrs. Carroll
Huntington, both of this city.
The cetemony took )lace at the
bride' home, at .'536 Union Street,
Newpot t, the Rcv. H. T. Coontz, pas
tor of the Methodist church, being
the officiatine; clergyman.
The house was decoratoti
ferns, pink and white astors
: wc-et peas.
The brillai party stood in the bay
window which was banked with green
and pink asters.
The timing room was aglow'Vith
floweis, the table which held the
btide's cake was decorateti with pini;
wtet peas :ind fems, with festoons
of white ribbons twined with flowers
and fastoned to the eorners of the
The wedding march was beatiti ful
Iv rendeteti by Mrs. Henry Priest,
piano antl Miss Doris Sears, cello.
The doublé rin" servire was use 1
the ring bearers being the two little
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A Parker Read
The Great Wonder
Drama with
is booked at the
and Coats are how in stock and the season promises to be a big
one. , ..
Onr Furs are a little out of the ordinary, so when you make
your usuai visit perhaps you may be interested.
are as usuai our speciality and naturally we have a wonderful as
sortment of Silks, Satins, Tricolette, Serge, Poire Twill, Velour,
etc. , .
WASHINGTON', Sept. 7 Meth
ods a'.lege-tl by the Foderai Traile
commission to nave ben uscii by
manufacturing of l'arra implements
to advante prices thtoueh "coni-erteti
action,'' are de.-eribed, it bocame
known today, in a report of the com-nii.-sion's
investigation which was au
thorize 1 by the Sellate. The commi:
sian announced lu.-.t night it has rec
ommended the reopotiing of anti
wust proceeiling.- against the Inter
national Harvester Co. and the in-
stitution of court proceethngs against
iniph ment manufaetuvcrs antl deal
er whom the commission assorteti
have illegali'' increasod prices.
Jts investigation, the traile com
mission tloehres, shows that between
liMl antl 1!)1S prices of fami imple
ments atlvaneed 7-'l per cent, while ad
vanses in the cast and oxponsos of
manufacturers ami tlealers diti not
warrant the commission said, an i ri
ere ise of this aniount.
The report stateti that "price cotn
parison meetings" wore hold at
which advances in rtrices recently
made or intended to be matle were
The report further states that
members of manufacturing associa
tions made uso of "froquent exchange
of price lists bv mail, so that muti
bus coultl check up on each others
prices, terms and efiiirjment furnish
etl" antl that letters were sent "urg
ing low price members to increaso
their prices."
CHICAGO, Sept. 7 The Senator
ial committee investigating campaign
expetiditure" is not seeking the best
evitlence" to prove Gov. Cox's charg
es against the Iiepublican party, Kd
montl H. Moore, the governor's per
sonal representative, told the com
mittee on the stand today. Gov. Cox
sent him to Chicago Mr. Moore said:
"To give the commjttee the list from
whom the senators could get the in
formation to support the "overnor's
charges." He mentioned Harry M.
Blair, first assistant to Fred Upham,
Rrpnblican national treasurer ami
leverai other emplovees of T'pham's
office,. In an.swering Senator "Kenyon's
direct question for names of men
who about the Ohio fund Mr. Moore
went into a long explanation of the
understanding of the Iiepublican
campaign fund organization. He sai 1
1 it was headed bv Col. Thompson r.nd
had as stato chairman men whom the
Iiepublican bulletins described as "of
commanding influence."
"I found that usually in Ohio these
locai chairman were manufacturers,"
said Mi. Moore. The witness reiter
ated the charge that specific quotas
were assessed against locai communi
ties: Prices $19.50 to $62.50
Francis Paige, 9 Years Old,
Accidently Shot Whilc
Handling Revolver
Francis Taige, nino year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. 11. G. Faige of Wil
luughby, accidenti shot antl killed
iiimsell while ulayin" with a .I2-cali-bre
rtolver in the rear of the home
of W. W. Waterman in Willoughby
about t hree o'clock Salurday alter
poon. No one witnessed the shooting
ulthough Leon Waterman, aged Ili,
who was nearby heard the reiiort of
the gun antl was the f.ist persoli to
reaeh the boy. The revolver was one
that young Leon Waterman had bor
ìowed from his uncle.
Francis Paìgo together with his
brother, Clifford, agetl 11, were play
iti" in the Waterman yanl while
young Leon was engaged in catiying
wootl into the woodshed froVn the
yard. Mr. Waterman, Leon'.s father,
had warned the chiltlren to go home.
Clifford left ami went to the station
to be wilh his mother, who is the
station agent at Willoughby, but
young Francis insistei! on remaining.
The Waterman boy, who carnetl the
gun in his hip --ocket, was afraid that
so'iiething might hanpen if he kept
the gun there while he was working
-;o he took the revolver out and laid
While his back was turned the Paige
it on the step of the woodshed.
boy .secured the weapon an ! coni
mencet! playing with it. The first
thing the Waterman bc knew, he
heard the report of the pistol. Turn-1
ing around quickly he saw the body ,
of the Paige lad crumpletl un in a J
heap, with the revolver lying ut bis
feet. He hurriedlv summoned h'dp I
and Ezra C. Drown was the first per- j
son to arnve on the sceno. Mr.
Drown carried the wounded boy into
the Wateiman house and then called
Di. F. I. Hastings of Barton ,.ho
reportod shortlv afterwartl.
Dr. Histings found the bullet ha'l j
parseti thrtnih the bov's left tempio
just above the eyebrow. The boy
was dying then and there was no
possible help for him. He lived but
HO minute after the accident. The
mother was calieri and the father,
who is a dispatchr in the Lyndnn
ville station was notified. Mr. Paige
arrived on the air line train, but too
late to see his cbild alivo.
The Board of Selectmen of Earton
were notified immodiately. After
heai-ina- the faets of the caso, thev
declared no inquest would be held.
The fnneral of the bo ywas held
at 2 o'clock this aftemoon.
Another ono cent incrcase in
the price of print paper conipels
us to follow the example of tilt?
other newspajiers of the stato
and raise ou: rates. After this
tlate ihe subscription price of the
Caledonian-I'ecord will bo $0.0(1
the year by mai); three tuonths
by mail, ami one monlh by
mail, r() (.-ents.
l'Iie brattlouoio Rcl'ormor has
just increasod it.-: lato to $S.0tl
per year antl 3 cents per single
copy, l'ho Caledonian-Kocoid is
the vei-y last of the newspapers
of the Stato to iiicrease to $5.0(1
a year. Both the Burlinwton jiaji
ors are now charging three cents
liei copy.
The circuhition of the Cale-tloniaii-Iiocoi
il has increa.-od rap
idly tluring the past few motiths
antl has now heached 2700 tlaily.
In July 1 y li when the prestnt
nianagement took chai'go the not
paid circulation was 1700. Thoro
lu.- Leon over 1,000 gain in daily
circulation in 11 months.
We are paying I! ;!-4 cents a
pound for newsprint in 1010. It
is now (i'z cents a pountl. As wo
uso 7200 pounds a ntonth this i.s
an incroase of doso to $200 a
We had hoped oa Sept. 1 to
have an oight page paper daily.
The scarcity of newsprint antl
the increasing cosi s makes it
prohibitive to establish an oight
jiage paper excent when tho
volume of advertising warrants
it. We hope to be alilo to have
:n oight pape paper at lea-i
three days a weok tluring the
coniing months.
Frances Heltin Blair, the two and
one-half year old dr.ughter of Mr.
antl Mrs. Joseph Blair of Barnet, who
lost htr right foot Fridav was in a
vei-y comfortable rondition at Bright
look hospital today. Tho chili! was
playing and ran in front of her
father's niawing niuchino Jfhe mauL.
..-..; .t: i t..-. A'
uriJiig tua noi s:e noi ni laiif iu
provent the accident and the little
girl was caught by the biado. The
foot was complotoly severod near tho
anklo. -
The chili! was brought to
.lohnshury and operated upon
Btightlook hospital.
N1CE. Franco, Sept. 7 A heavy
oarthfuakp shock was foH along the
Italian coast at fi o'clock this
j morainc. Casualties had resultod and
the authorities had sent aid.
At )resent prices for labor and materia!, there is no I
question about the superiority of those artislic. red 1
The FIRST Cost (in-Imyin-)
The SECOND Cost (for layin-ì
The THIRD Cost (insurance)
The FINAL Cost (in the wear)
Are now ali in favor of
Kvery shlnglo pcrtect, uniform. .niil
four ltulio to the ' wcathir. Jiiproi'l
, Asphnlt State Shlneles cuVof your roof
tlir'f dei'i. 1 Htoi-m y.'Ur limile will
rmuin p rfectly Iry ami wlnd-titihi.
Not a biugla will curi ur hht. .ili
Rain Prevents the Ball
Game, but Other Sports
Were Ali Run Off
The fouiih annuul fie'.d dav of the
eniployees of E. and T. Faiibanks
antl Co., and their faniilies was hold
on the aFirground Labor day and
nearly 2,000 people iiati a most en
joyable day even il there was some
rain in the afternoon. The events
were wcll contested and wore much i
cnioved bv the crowd. The events I
starteli at sharp 10 antl wore run on
schedule timo. Excellent music was
lurnished bv the St. Johnsbury Band
and tluring the afternoon vocal soloc
tions were rentlored by James Sar
gont. Kichards orchestra also lur
nished music for dancing in the big
pavilion. Foìlowinc are the winnors
in the various events:
100 yard flash, Burrows and Day,
committee. A Yarno, fast; C. 1.
Lord, secontl. Time, 12 soc. Prizos,
gauntlct gloves antl a cap.
'il) yartl dash, Twombly antl Wad
loigh, commiitoo. Elmer Eastman,
first; Paul Pipei, second. Time 7
soc. Open to boys from 10 to 14
years. Prizos .sweater antl two tic.
."() yard dash, Bai-net antl Gauthier,
committee. A'gnes Buike, first, Lena
Lavigne, second. Timo 7 socontls.
Prizos, strings of beatls.
Tue: of war between Finish ing do-
i imi tment and fouiidry. Ilollovvay, A.
I!fck, Somers and Hall, committee.
W'oti by tho foundn- in 1 11-10 soc.
Iìunning Bioad Jump. Dean and
(Continned ori page four)
20,000 RETURN TO
LAWRENCE, Mass., Sept. 7 Ali
textile plants with the exception of
the four mills of tho Amt rican Wool
òn Co. and fhe Pu'cific mìTIs prinf
work plant resutned operations today
after tho annua vacation poriod. Ap
proximatolv 20,000 operative ìe
rurned to work. The American
Woclen Co. will resumé in part r.ext
Mondav and tho Pacific Print works
will run in full on that day.
Iiegular meeting will be held Tues-
t day, September 7th, at 8 p. ni., at the
j Elks' Home on Railroad Street. This
meeting will be followed by a "Get
Acquainted" Social and ali members
are urged to be present. There will
be a short program, refreshments and
a general good time. Evei-j-one try
to come.
n.ill-h ti3h f ti 1 1 v i l
:i (p;iltfl- fltHH'i
MtlKtir .luti I-.l
l' rintitictil, bf-i'tff t
tli- uiiKi'ial fcl.il.'.
y.n.l- n:y j t In;
..f l.
'Iti f.
mi'. I :
h-.i.s , .'.jf i-'.ul
Enfranchised Voters Take
Active Part In Today s
(By Associateci Press)
- CONCORD, N. H., Sept. 7 The efforts of Senator
(Jeorge Moses to obtain renomination from the Rcpubli
cans of New Hampshire was of outstanding interest in
today's primary for Rcpublican and Democratic candi-
dates for U. S. Senator, congress and
governor. The League of Nat'ons,
sutfrage and the tariif, were issues in
tlie primary campaign waged by Mr.
Moses antl his opponent Huntlèy M.
Spauling, former .State food adniinis
t rat or.
Women voted for the first tinte in
today's primary and the prediction
was matle freely that the manner in
which they cast their balots would
have a decided inlluence on the out
como of the contest between Senator
Moses and Mr. Spaulding. The Iie
publican candidates for governor were
Albert O. Brown, chairman of the
state tax commission, Windsor H.
Goodnow, a member of the gover
nor's council and Arthur P. Morrtll.
BOSTON, Sept. 7 Masachusetts
voters balloted today to select the
state and congressional tickets that
will be voted on at the November
election. The primary was the first
in this state in which women partici-1
pated and they had registered in the
approximate proportion of one wo
inan to every four registered man.
One woman was assured a place on
' the Democratic state ticket. Mrs.
,AUen Cram of Boston being unop-
poscd lor the nomination for auditor
Lieut. Gov. Chanriing Cox was unop-posc-d
for the Iiepublican nomination
l'or irovernor. The Democratic candi
dates for the nomination for governor 1
were Richard H. Long, the party .
noniinee in 1018 and 1110, and stato i
senator John J. Walsh.
LONDON. Terrace MacSwiney, j
lori mayoi of Cork was reported
weaker this morning as the result of
his hunger strike but conscious and !
able to .peak. MacSwiney s private
chaplain said the prisoner was suffer
ing intense pain in tho left side of bis
We shall continue our Special Sale of Men's
Shoes until Saturday, September 11.
Save $1.50 to $5.00
a Pair
astern Avenue - St. Johnsbury
A wise philosopher once said, "Of ali things to
be desired the first is Good Health, second Wisdom
third, well-gotten Wealth." Therefore use .v
The American Liver Tablet
The Ideal. Laxative. $ t .
The American Throat Tablet
For Catarrh, Sore Throat or Cough, and
For Colds or Catarrh. At Ali Dmggists. 2
Our equipment and
irrangements show
jupreme dignity.
We are aiming ali
the while to sell
service and satis
faction with our
merchandise and to
show courtesy on ali
Sse our lino of
Hammocks and Re
frigerators. Prices
are right.
Band Concert
Concert begins at 8.20 on ac
count of prayer meeting.
, Caldbeck-Gosgrove Corp.
0smttrrr-. . '" t r ' - 7-- -a.

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