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the Entiro Northeast
SectJon of Vermont Stat
Every Working Day.
Demands Support
Lloyd George Forces Action
At Unionist Meeting
(By the Associated Press)
LONDON'. Oct. 18 The Iìritish politicai fever has now
reached its heijjht. The future remains obscure pending to
morrow's Unionists meeting' at the Carlton club. One anti
coalition newspapcr. the Daily Mail, today attributed to Prime
. . Minister Lloyd George the state-
- i
Dutton of
t Tti i J r 'J t- i gives .ui'. ariamoci lani aiijuiiiin
Ke-Elected l'resident ai ; approachng strong support the
Anniial Meeting . l'remier, it is reiterateti, will ad-
i vise the king to dissolve parlia-
goodly numbcr'rf t!u- farmers 1 m-ht and this being done, will ap
of Orleans Countv with tneir wives 1 to the country on a coahtion
gathered in the town hall in I ras-1 ticket. Thus. if the prophets be
burg Tuesday afternoon for the i coi rect, the dissolution of parlia
annual meeting of The Orleans ment seems imminent in either
County Farm Bureau Association. i case.
The activities of the lorenoon
were confined to a business session
in which the reports of the various )
otricers were considored. At 12. "0 J
an excollent dinner was served by
the ladies of the church, and at
2.(M) P. M. the meeting continued
with an address by H. C. McKonzie
of New York, tax export for the
American Farm Buiau Federation
The morning session was opened
with an address of welcome by R.
A. Dutton President of the County.
Association .followed by a report
of the minutes of the last meeting
bv Secretary Bruco Buchanan of
West Glover. At this time Rev. Al-,
fieri Ward of the M. E. Church ad
dressed the meeting and oirered the
freedom of the parsonage, and the
church vestry, to the assembly as
a resti ng place for the day. I
The report of the treasurer, H. '
W. Shaw of Newport, showed an
advance from the reports of forni
er years, with ali bills paid and a
substantial sum left in the treasury
He also nientioned the fact thut
the banks have faiied to cooperate
in projeets as expected, during the
past yeii'' but that better things
are expected the coming vear. The
report of R. A. Dutton on the
bureau organization .-howed a., 111
crease of 11. members during the
fiscal year, that the bureau has re
cently established a market report j
which will he mailed to each niem
ber weekly, as one of the benefits
of the organization, and that there
were twentv-two .Iunior Clubs in
the county, with an aggregate
niembcrship of three hundred and
fifty boys and girls. ,
.1. I'-. Niles reported on the crop '
impi ovement project, which .-how-ed
very satisfactorily results, there
having been ni ne vaiicties of seeds
with which .-ati-factory experi
ments were cai l ied on especially
with coni and oats. each project
showing a startling inelea.-e in vai
uation over the crops and methods
of former years. The seed ))Otatoe
expenments were not of much val
ile horause of the' excessive rains
of the . pring although several pro
jeets were carried on with success
by the boy.-' clubs.
Civile Vance of West (Mover, in
hi- report on Dany Improvement,
placcd mudi empha.-is on the value
of pure bred sire.-, and that in spite
ol the tmancial
ituation among i
me larmers itunng tne past veai
twelve fami- bave adopted pule
bred .-ires. An attempt is being '
iliade to revive the Cow Te.-t Club
in the county. Mi. ance al.-o plac- !
ed mudi .-ti c-s on the work of the
.Junior Club.-, and toid of the vai- i
tiable work that these organia- j
tions are doing in the way of juilg
ing and testina.
Mrs. J. II. Bartlett of Orleans
gave a very interest mg ami con-i
ci.-e re)ort on the Home Econo-
mie- work in the county, .-tutingj
lier belief that it was the gi'catest '
year in the hit.-ory of agriculture.
The Federai Bureau ha.- -i ut a re-,
presentativi; to Europe to, -tudy
the .-ituation there, to compare
with conditions bere. She al.-o mi n- i
tioned the achie-cment ol the
Farm Blor in Washington, and the
rea.-ons for the oppoition they are
meeting fi'om otlier industrie-. A
home ilemon-ti ation agent wa- e
tured in July who is to make a -i;r-vcy
of the condition- in the country
and project- in imtiition, clothini!',
inilliueiy and coni. ,unit woik will
(CoEtinacd ou pae 4)
of Chamberlainj
I nient thut he will resign oli ice it
the Unionist meeting derlares
! against Chamberlain, whose out
'spoken support of the premier has
aroused stronfi; opposition in the
' ))arty vanks. lt would then he up
to the King, in aeeorilance with
politicai precedent in this country,
to invite the Consei-vrttive party to
try its hand at fonning a cabinet.
''" on nc eontrary. the meeting
Rev. E.
Rallv for Gre
Church Ef
V. Shari
dtnt of the St. .lohnsl
of the Methodist Episc
has planned a senes
he hcld in each countv
cu.ssion of some of the vi tal prob
lema relatinor to the efficiency cf
the locai' church. The one for
Caledonia county is to be held at
St. .lohnsburv, Wednesday, Octo-
ber 2
The morninir session will open at
, 10.:',0 aiiil will considéi- the very
real work of the church. Its
teaehing function will be discusseci
bv Ilev. Walter Gould of West
Uurke and Supt. C. C. Hitchcock
I of St. Johnsbury.
' In te afternoon, one of the pHn
cipal topics will be the work of the
locai church in social sei-vice. Rev.
W .E. Cririg of Hardwick will
speak upon the church as a social
center ami Rev. George W. Hylton
of St. .lohn-bury will speak upon
social servine in the Sundav school
and Epworth league. Woman's
Home Missionaiy work will be
taken up bv Miss Dixie Cari of
Barre and Woman's Foreign Mis
; ionary work by Mvs. O. li. Wells
of Traftsbury.
I The Every Mcmber canvass will
he taken un bv Rev. David Hick
land of Danville: the evangelistic
promam of the church bv Rev. W
.1. McFarlane of I.yndonville and
Rev. Stead Thornton of Croton
and the Centenarv pi'ogram by
Iìev. S. G. Suitor of East Burke.
In the eveniiitr there is to be an
illustrateli lecture on South Am
erica, its peonie and their problems
by Rev. Charles Spauldinr of Wor
cester, Mass.
The jirogVam as a whole is one
of the best things of its kind
which could be jirepaied. The
people who are to discui the var
iou to))ics are ali familiar with
I them and will bring helpful sug
gestions upon them. AH of the
services are to be. held in Grace
Methodist church and will be open
to the public. The people of the?
county and e-pecially the Meth
odist "people are cordially invited
to be prcsent.
rrnwmjtr mNniTlfNS
Economie conditions in Greece are
ilc.-critied a- -erious in a cablegram
received today. The employment
situation was ,-aid to be alarniing.
IS John P. Rockefeller today be
gan to rest at a locai sanatiriuni
after bis arrivai la -t night. He re-fu.-ed
to givi' any l'ea.-on for seek
innr ie-t. He had no appcaninco of
t .lohn McKinney. .lini Carroll and
I Karl Br.iult of Orleans received
I cuts and brui-es Saturday night
' when the car in which they were
j ridilli! and operated by A. White
j faiied to take a curve nini ran 10l
i fi et into a meadow. White paid a
I fine of $ii and co.-ts for reckless
1 drivim: ami bis license has been
-u-pended for (io days. lJumagc to
. the cur was ?000.
Ali Northeastern Vermont
To Gather There To
I Celebrate Day
I If the weather man is willing,
I Friday, Oct. 20, it looks now as if
jall Orleans County and niany out
! side are planning to t.ke a day off
and have a real "Old Settlers
Picnic" on Friday at the foot of
Jay mountain. The interest in
Jay Peak is growing and organiza
tions both within and out.side. the
county have taken hold and are
developing an interest in the pro
ject which is to arouse people at
home and extend the knowledge
to other states of the seenic
beauties of Jay Peak and the ad
jacent country. AH northern V'er
niont is interested in having the
Sky Line Trail of the Green
Mountains extended to Jay Peak
and to the Canadian border. This
is the best time of the year for
liiking and mountain climbing. A
general invitation is given by the
Newport Chamber of Commerce,
the Iìarton Improvement club and
the Green Mountain club, who are
sponsoring this schemei
The selectmcn of Jay bave pro
niised to have the road cleared to
the mountain house where the re
ninoli is to be held. Those who
climi) the mountain will be aniply
lepaid for doing so, and those
who do not feel inelined to take
sueh strenuouti exercise may sit by
the cani)) lire and swap stories.
But come anyhow and bring along
yi.ur lunch, here will bc (ires to
cook bacon, frankfui ts and coffee.
It is now expected that the
speakers of the day will include
' P. C. Cooper of Rutland, James
'Taylor of Burling-tvn, lenny
; Good of Boston and Fumi; Howe
: of Bennington.
It is hoped and exiiected you
will be nere witli. as many more
a- your car can carry. We sball
be making history if we can boom
this pian to extend the Long
BOSTON. Oct. 18 State com
missioner public woi'ks John X.
Cole died here today after a .-boi!
...Jl .! L J JIJI
IS No arrest unti! late this aftr-
inoon, if then, was the word of
authonties investigating the Hall
M i lì s murder as they resumed ihoir
intensive pursuit of clues. Mrs.
Francis Stevens Hall, widow of the
Rev. Edward W. Hall, was suni
nioned from her home this morn
ing to the safety deposit vault. at
the Peoples' National Bank. What
was found in the batik was not ilis-
I closed. Detectives were checking
I up on newly aciiuired information
some ot which was deemeil very
LOS ANGELES, Ca.if. Oct. 18
Herbert Wil.-on, fornici' evange
list and bandit and convicted mur
derer, Adam Blaszyk, convicted
murderer, and Rudolph Stignola,
convicted robber, who broke j il
here yesterday were ìe-captured
bere today after 'i l hours liberty.
They were taken witliout a strug
gle in the home of a former pi is
olici .
ATLANTA, Oct. 18 Walter F.
George, tormer justice ef the state
supreme court, with a total of "04
county units votes, was overwhelm
ingly nominateli as candidate to
become suecessor to the late U. S.
Senator Thomas E. Watson in yes
terday 's special democrat.ic prima r
ies, according to complete unoll'i
cial returns coinpiled today.
Frustrate Break In
xN'evvport Garage
A mysterious attempt to break
into the Tuie and Blanchard gar
age at Newport wa- fiustrated la.-t
night. The autborities .-uspect
that Walter D. Perkins, out on
bail, after bis booze-i unning car-
eer was brought to a halt Sundayj
morning. inaile an attempt to force
bis way into the garage and .-ecure
bis Buick. The car has been con
fiscateli by the government an i
is temporarily stored in the True
and Blanchard garage.
The vigilatici1 of Pei lev Gibson,'
employed in the garage and Cai -j
roll Huntington, a memoer or me
finn, prevented the man from car
ryiirg out his plans to secuic the
dir, it is believed, Claude Kevoir
saw a strange man in the vicinity
of the garage early this morning.
por Catan li
Woman Member of Re
pubiican State Coni. Ad
dresses BPW Club
Speaking more particularly to
the three classes of wonien voters
the conservative ones who had
no desile for equal suffrage, the
wonien who were opposed to it
and shirked the responsibility and
the women who were indifferent,
who lacked interest in national af
fairs, Mrs Charles L. Stuart of
I.yndonville called upon the mem
bers of the St. Johnsbury Business
and Professional Women's club to
point the way in awaking wonien
to their responsibilities and their
duties. "Better Citizenship for
Women", was the subject of Mrs.
Stuart's talk before the Business
and Professional Women's club
and their guests, the teaehers of
St. Johnsbury at a meeting held
Tuesday evening in the American
Logici n auxiliary clubroom, and the
enthusiasirt of the speaker, her
earnestness md her ready know
ledge of locai, state and national
atfairs, added to her pleasing per-
(Continued on Page 2)
OVER 30,000 IOIN
NEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 18--The
American Legion, following a
brisk business session, paraded to
dav. More tinnì "0,00(1 men were
in line.
The allied mission- reached a
unanimous decision today forbid
ding the Kemalist gendarmerie
troni entcritig Con.-tantinople. The
Rriti: h navy has been ordered to
sto)) ali vessels Hearing Turkish
National polire.
G E IN E VA, N. Y.. Oct 18 Jack
Foster, believed to be the only dog
i'i America who had Liberty
lìonds in its own name. (lied to
day. Jack's owner. Miss Neena
Poster .bought the bonds four
years ago and made provisions for
t lic use of the intere.-t to support
the animai until death.
State Highway Of ficer Dickens
Aids In Round-up of Geo. P. Mills
Exercises Tuesday Made
Part of Greater Effi
ciency Rally
Tuesday was an important date
in Iiasburg.
It is not often that a country
church has the distinction of be
ing able to dedicate a memoria!
window. Tuesday the Methodist
church in Irasburg (leticateci
cleven memorial Windows with ap
propriate and inipressive services.
The program was made a part of
the rally for greater efficiency in
the locai church in charge of Dis
tri ot Superintendent E. W. Sharp
of St. Johnsbury.
The sanie day the annual meet
ing of the; Orleans county fami
bureau was held in Irasburg, and
the two meetings brought a large
num-ber of people to town and
made Irasburg common look quite
metropolitian with several hundred
cars parked about the square.
When the ministers and the farm
ers of a county get togethert it
means something, especitdly when
it comes to providing the sump
tuous dinner such as the ladies
served at the town hall af noon
and the chicken pie supper that
wan served to a big crowd 4n tho
Former Govomor Bell u'sed " o
$ay that one could judge of the
pisjjeritv of a church by the con
dition of the horseshed.s and their
state of repair. If this is so, the
church at Irasburg is one 'of the
most prosperous in ci 11 this region,
for it has a horseshed or gjirage of
most genei'ous proortions and In
first class repair. But it is not alone
by its horseshed.s that the Metho
dist church of Irasburg is judged
to be in a live working condition.
The pastor, Rev. Alfred J. Ward,
radiates enetgy and helpfulness,
and the building is a church home
to be proud of. The church stands
on the shoulder of the hill over
ìooking a beautiful rolling country
to the west and south, where the
sunsets are a benediction to each
departing day, and whose white
spire points like a finger to the
sky, typifying its purpose and high
The eleven beautiful' memorial
Windows that were dedicated are
not the only marks of improvement
and progress. A new bible adorns
the pulpit desk, the gifts of the
Willing Woi'kers class in Sunday
school, and a new clock takes the
place of the old one on the wall.
The first of the memorial Win
dows in the vestibule as one enters
at the left is in honor of the sold
iers of Irasburg, and at the right is
(C'onrinued on page S.)
CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 18
Coverei! with grime and his face
reddened from the wind, 11 year
old Joe Jackson of Brooklyn, N.
Y., was being held by police today
after being taken from the coal
tender of the New York Central
"Twentieth Century Limited," fol
lowiiiir a fast ride from Albany.
Attenipts were being made to get
in touch with his parents.
Joe said the toughest part of hi
ride was between Buffalo and
Cleveland last night, when the er
gine scooped water during which
operation he was drenched. It
was Joe's second traveling ventuie.
The first co.-t his parents ?!!.'. ti)
get him back. He said the object
of his present tour was to get a
job in Chicago to enable him to
pay the .$'.i.".
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 Coal
production reached on Monibiy a
new peak. The ilay's production
was placed by the Railway Assoc
iation at 41,201 cars, estimate'! to
amount to about 2,2"O,O0 tons.
This daily totaì has been exceeded
onlv once in recent years.
MONTEPIER, Oct. 18 Charles
H. St. Louis of Lvndonville reports
to Sec. of State Black that hi.- car
was driven into the diteli and ,-ide-swi)ed
by one driven bv W. A.
Davison of East Hardwick in Glov
er last Sunday. The road at the
poi ut wbeie the accident occurred
wa- 24 feet wide, Mr. St. Louis
Dash To Highwater Locates
Lincoln Coupé Third
Bandit Escapes
Actinjr with precision and direetness after Worcester
police had buiiR'led, Chief of l'ol ice John lì. Finley of St.
Johnsbury, State Highway OH'icer, Harry Dickens of Orleans
and OH'icer Louis Morris of the locai force in conjunction
with States
Attorney James B.
Campbell, struck a powerful blow .
at highway lawlessness when they I
dashed by automobile to High- ;
water, P. Q., and returned last '
night with George P. Mills, one of
the bandit trio who held up Mil
ton .1. Warner, robbing him of his
Lincoln coupé and about $120.
I.yls Barribeau who held the gun
on Mr. Warner at West Danville
last Friday escaped from the Cana
dian officers yesterday moming,
but it i momentarily expected that
Chief Finley's drag-net will etfect
his capture.
Chief Finley, State Highway
OfTicer Dickens and Officer Morris
comprized the American party
who located the Lincoln coupé at
Highwater yesterday. A Caledon-ian-Record
reporter accompanied
the officers, leaving St. Johnsbui-y
yesterday afternoon at 2.00 o'clock.
Canadian customs inspector, H.
M. Clark, greeted the party of
American. officers at Highwater, P.
Q. The little hamlet of Highwater
is- the next station beyond North
Troy, Vt., on the Canadian Paci
fic' raijway.
Inspector Clark told the Anici'
icans how George Mills and the lin
coln coupé carne into the possesr-ion
of the Canadian customs. Mr.
Clark and two of his confreres
wero on the ciuivive 10 miles up a
back road fi'om Highwater before
davbreak Tuesdav morning. They
lay in wait, he said for a big Pierre
Arrow that suppo.-edly bore a car
go of liquor.
It was about 1.30 Tuesday morn
ing when Lyle Barribeau and
George P. Mills carne along in the
Lincoln coupé. Inspector Clark
said it was bis bu-iness to cball-
enge eveiy car
anv attempt at
"We ordered
making certain ol
the Lincoln coupé
to stop," Mr. Clark told the Amer
ican officers. "I noticeli that Bar
ribeau had a gun and I told my
fellow offici t to look out. He went
over to the other side of the car
and Barribeau Iviiii'ed the gun over
to him."
Before the Canadian customs
officers and the two bandits return
ed to Highwater it was ò."0 in the
morning. Mills and Barribeau were
allowed to go to the Central House
the only hotel in Highwater for a
little sleep. They proniiscd the
Canadian cu.-toms men that they
would return to the former.-' office
about 10.00 yesterday moining to
explain matters.
The only charge that the Cana
dian customs men held agninst the
pair of bandits was that of iliegallv
entering the Dominion of Canada
Mills and Barribeau had not re
ported at either the L'nited States
customs at North Trov or at the
Canadian customs at Highwater.
About 10 o'clock yesterdav
morning Mills carne from the hotel
to the Canadian customs otFicc.
Barribeau did not come and a
search disclo-ed the fact that he
had made tracks over the bill to
wards Jay. Yt. In.-pectors E .N.
Draper and K. B. McKaye gave
chase to Barribeau. They trailed
his fresh footprints l'or a few miles j
and then lo.-t trace ol' bini, ln.-pect- i
or Draper told the American offi-I
cers Barribeau could perhaps be !
found in Jay.
Mills was incarcerateli in the
"ciink" as the Canadian officers 1
cali it at the ('. P. R. rail'ond
station. Mills was tiiere when Chief t
Finley, State Highway Oticer '
Dickens and Officer Morris fou"d
bini. The boy bandit, who said he
was but 18 years of age, lay on a ì
bunk, apparenth aslecp. Chief ,
Finley roused him.
From the "clink", Mill- was
t iken to the immigration olfire. In
the ab.-ence of immigration officer
L. A. Gingia-, ile))ortation Droceod-'
ing.- were certified bv Arnold
Heath who i- ve.-ted with immigra
tion authoritv be.-ìde.- that of pa- .
trol officer. Mills v a- now olficial1"' ',
ileportcd to the l'nited State-, al
though the Lincoln coupé ,-till re-j
manici! in ine posse.-.-ion ot ine
Canadian cu.-toni-.
Befoie the Americin party li ft
Highwater with Mill-. Chief Fin
lev nuest ioned file vou'h in D'c
:( '.inaili:1 il cii-'.oni.- oll'ire. Tlie St.
John, bury chief ;..-kd Mill- where
I he got the finely tailored, green
heathei' coal that wa.; found in the
The Weather
Fair tonight anl Thurs
day. Collier tonight with
heavy to killing frost.
Strong northwest winds.
Lincoln car. Mills replied that the
coat, as weli us ali the reniaindfc
of the clothing found by the Can
adian customs mei!, ali belongeTl to
Mr. Warner, owner of the coupé
who was held up at West Danville
State Highway Officer Dickens
and Chief Finlev negotiated with
the Canadian officers for the re
turn of the Lincoln coupé. Mr.
Dickens told the Canadian officers
the entire story of the hold-up at
West Danville, clearly substantia
ting the American officers daini to
the car. Mr. Clark was courteous,
but due to government "red tape,"
said he preferred to keep the Lin
coln in his custody until Mr. Warn
er called for it. Mr. Warner could
not be reached on the telephone
lato yesterday afternoon but his
attorney was notified that the car
had been locateci.
Mr. Warner is expected to come
for his car tomorrow. He will be
accompanied to Highwater by
some niemfcer of the St. Johnsburv
police force, in co-operation with
State Highway OfTicer Dickens.
The bandit, Mills sleepy eyed
was put in the back seat of Mr.
Dickens' new Reo. The youthfui
highway robber wore a gray heath
er sweater. He had no overcoat.
He pulled his cap over his eyes and
slumued down between Officer
Morris and the Caledonian-Record
At North Troy, the American
party stopped for a minute at the
U. S. customs, where the olTicers
peered info the tonneau and asked
Mills about his parents. The boy
told them bis father lived in Can
ada, but where, he did not know.
Lyle Barribeau, Mills declared, was
the .-on of Ed. Barribeau of Gran
by. Mills responded freely to iiies
tions on the way back to' St. Johns
bury. He took bis capture very
calmly. "It's ad in a lifetime, I
suppose," the mere youth ))liilo.-o-ph
i zecl.
The reporter told him that the
officer who talked with him and
Barribeau in Worcester has to
stand trial for not arresting him.
Mills exprossoil greti t surpri.e. He
said the officer knew bini as they
had often seen each other in Wor
cester. The boy said nothing that
would temi however. to indicate
collu-ion with the police officer.
"What is your regular occu;i
tion?" he wa.--asked. "I used to be
a plumbei-. I worked for a man
.-even year- but we had a row an i
I lei't him."
Is this your first
rum running?"
"Yes", he a.-.-erted
attempt ;:t
witliout he.-i-
An instant latei, Oificer Morris
and the Caledonian-Record report
er were discussing with him, the
apparent futiiity of getting by the
watchful American customs men
with a load of booe.
"Even though you got as far m
the line, you could'nt evade the
American officers," asserted the re
porter. "
"You could'nt eh!" Mdls bui-;,
forili, "l've been tlnough thiee
The boy wa.-. a-ked about the
three girl- who accompanied the
bandit trio a- far as St. Johnsbury
"I told Mctiourty," Mill.- .-aid di..-gu.-tingly,
"that 1 didn't want. any
'liroai!-' with us. 1 knew that they
would get us in ..vrong. 'Broad.''
doni go well with this kind ot bus-ine-.-.
They certainly were tough
girl-." he added.
Miil - answered veadily to every
imestion (Hit to him. When eon-ver-ation
lagged on the home
.-treti'h ol' Die trip back into St.
John-buiy, the boy. beni forward
with his chili auain-t In., ebe-t. his
head bowed, fé II into a nuiet .-lee)i.
Chief Finley took Mill- into the
immigration olfice at Newport to
comply with ali the regulal ions.
Jn-pertor William Hurley iolted
down hi.- (). K. on a paper and the
la-t bit of "red tajie" that. di-puted
Mill.-' next destiiiation at Caledonia
county jail was removeil.
State Highway Otficea Dicken
diove into the St. Jolin.-liury ':
yard about x..".() la.-t night. Mill ;
;i.- ordered out ni' the eai' ali !
locked up. Ile -aid he had not eat
en n thing sinee early ye.-ten!Iiy
morning whea he had a sandwich.

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