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A Newapaper Covering
the Entlro Northeast
Section of Vermont State
Every Working Day,
TAM,?116 O
Passengers Rescued
by Crew of Freighter
Taken Off Sound Liner
When 12 Miles At Sea
Off Watch Hill
(By the Associated Press)
PROVI DENCE, II. I., Oct. 19 One hundred and sixteen
passengers were taken off the Colonial line steamer Concord
lieve early tliis morning- by tlie freighter Mohegan vvhile a fìre
raged in' the cargo liold. Thon the Mohegan put sixteen of
their officers and men aboard to
Pire Said to Have Started
In Enfine Room of
Fire which is supposed to have
bioken out in the cugine room of
the Holland Creamery and ice j
cream plant, situated near the;
Derby Line and Rock Island I
freight station at three o'ciock ,
yesterday morning, practically des- !
troyed the entire plant, burning
the building to the ground, with
the exception of the ice cream
house, which was under the sanie
roof and which was not destroyed.
The Derby Line and Rock Is-1
land tire brigades responded to
the cali, but were unable ta save ,
the building. Some of the equip
vnent of the building was saved
and early this morning young
sters werc on the spot with pails
and spoons partaking of the con
tents of the ice creani cans. i
The Holland Creamery, which
was established a few years ago
by Messrs. C. R. Counter and lì.
Tv Wilson of Derby Line, take in j
large quantities of eream every
day from farmers of the surround-1
ing disrict. This is pastourized and !
shippod to Boston. Until the
creamery can be rebuilt which is
expected will he at once, there will
be a great inconvenience to the
patrons. I
The proprietors are young mcn
o'' great onterprise, and highly rcs
peeted. and it is hoped that they
will continue the business.
ding In Providencc
Miss Vera Mae Heath, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Livingstone
of Spring Street and Lawrence
Ashworth son of Mr. and Mrs.,
John Ashworth of Providence, R.
L, were married Wednesday morn
ing in that city. It was a church
wedding atlended by members of
the immediate families and a few'
intimate friends. The b ride was
vcry lovely in a three piece suit
of brown miriceli with beaver
tiimmings, and a hat ta match.
Her attendant, her sister. Miss Ina
Heath of St .Tohnsbury, was be-1
comingly gowned in a draped drcss
ni" black marcellette with oragne
farings. and wore a black hat. Mr.
Ashworth was attended by a
fi-iend from Provdence. A wed-1
ding hre.akfa.-t followed the cere-1
ìminy. j
Mr. and Mrs. Ashworth are to I
live in Lewiston, Me., where the 1
groom is cashier l'or the Metropo-0f
J 1 1 fi il ln-urance company. Jlis
bride is one of the popular girls of
the younger set in St. John.-bury.
Sho is a graduato of the commer
cial department of St Johnshury
iteademy, was eniployed for a short
time in the office of the E. and T.
I'airbanks and company and the
p.-i-t year has becn her l'ather's
office assistant in the garage of
Livingstone and Howe.
Foot Ball
ST. J. A. vs
Do not miss this conte.-t.
Saturday, Oct. 21
ON THE CAM PCS 2.::o '
ade C
lildreil l'i ceni-
melili IW..WI1U JM
help the Concord's crew fight the
tire. It was an hour betore the
blaze was out. No one was injur
!ed. j The transfer of passengers was
j Urne with the vessels 12 miles
freni shore off Watch Hill, R. L,
and the wind blowing at between
25 and 30 miles an hour. There
j was a little swell on but not
enough to require the use of a
gang plank. Capt. Fred M. Ham
, ler. of the Mohegan said there was
! little panie. Passengers reported
i that five negro porters and stokers
j v.ere first to don life presevers and
that these men were discharged by
f'niil. Cohh. He reoorted that
the men had deserted the ship.
19 The high and trraded school
building in South village was de
stroyed by fin this morning.
BOSTON, Oct. lD-tty. Gen.
J. Weston Alien was called as a
defense witness today at the hear
ing in Superior ocurt of contempt
charges against Henry H. Chmiel
inski, former president of the Han
over Trust, William S. McNary,
former treasurer, Charles Piezei, a
director and Walter G. Conway of
New York. The attorney Genera!
alleges that they uttempted to in
fluence a special grand jury' in
vestigation of the bank.
veys are being c.arried on by three
parties of employes of the State
engineer's department. One party
under L. F. Walker, is working on
a stretch of five miles in Coventry
from the north end of the Iras
burg federai aid construction to
the Coventry-Wvport town line.
When this stretch of road is 'built,
the highway from Rarton to the
Coventry-Newport town line will
be alniost compieteli' of federai aid
1 .Tnmes T.. D:i'i-i ani rinntVipr
party are in Ferrisburg to survey
a stretch of about one mile, in
cludi ng a bridge. This is a section
of the highway with a steep grade
ani! tum on each siile of a bridgi'.
More woi'k is to be rione on a pro
ject just north of the Vergennes
lini; in Ferrisburg.
Chandlcr Cowlcs Struck
I5y Train On Railroad
A telegrani received announced
that Chandler Cowles, oldest son
of Mr. anil Mrs. Harry Cowles of
I.yndonville, had been kuled néar
Coihani, N. IL, while on a motor
truck which was struck by a train
on a giade crossing.
Chandler was working near Gor
h: in with a gang of sui-veyors.
Word was sent at once to his
tVthei, who is working in Ila ito
and he went to the scene immedi
ìately, anil will return with his
son's body. N'o details of the
casualtv hac been heard. but it
is thought that no one else was i
- ir.jureil. j
Chandler had just fìni.-hed school i
;ai Lyndon In.-titute, and was work- ;
I ing l'or a while with the intention j
of attcnding a school for autoino- !
i tuie mei hanics. He was a fine
young fellow tuiet and steady and
.with a decided mechanical talent.
i Jk leaves both parents and three
ly'ounger brothers and the news of
l'.is sud death was a terrible shock
: te everv one.
Use Arneìican
Various Classes at the
Club House Wel!
New members of the Good
Times Club are Bianche Ashburv,
Laura Dolloff, Dorothy Murphy,
Carlotta Talmer, Betty Ruiter and
Carolyn Scott, The club now num
bers more than twenty. The gii'ls
are working on doll's hats for
themselves, or wax head work ac
cording to individuai taste.
The class in wax head work,
taught by Mrs. Ernest H. Cowles
is proving very fascinatine. The
dozen girls nnd women who have
joined are producing beads and
pendants at present. In later les
so ns they will take up vase work
and making decorations of flowers.
Mrs. Rrailey's basketrj- class,
which meets on Thursday nights,
has conipleted two artkdes in the
two meeting.-;, a mat for hot dish
es and a pencil tray. There are sev
en members in this class.
Mrs. Mudgett's class in dress
making beyan Tuesday with five
members. 'l he evening was devoted
to a lesson on mea.-ui"enients and
se.wing machine parts.
There are three registrants for
plain sewing nnd several each for
cooking, millinery, jihotograjihy,
crocheting and knitting.
Mrs. Abbott's class in dancing
w ill begin Monday November ì.
The Girl Scouts of Troop lì have
chosen the fo::owing otficei's:
Troop leader, niyllis Oliver (re
elected,) secretary Marjorie Woods
treasurer, Elizabeth Voodworth,
leaders of patrols, l.-t Helen Samp
son; 2d, Hoi'tense Wilkie, Hrd,
Laura Stone. Patrol 4 will choo.-e
a patrol leader when their ranks
are filled out, New members of this
troop are Elizabeth Morse, Mar
garet Marshall, Vera Bundy and
Dorothy Cross. The .second lieuten
ant is Irene Aldrich of troo -,
This troop is to have a Hallowe'en
party on November 1.
WAKEFIELD, Mass. Oct. pi
lli a special j-eport on the potato I
crop issued today by II. A. Sanders
federai crop statisticinn for New i
Engiand said low prires through- I
out tlie .-i-a.-on would .-ceni proli- !
a'ily l'ioni the experieiice of pa.-t ;
ye.ai . '
; """"
I poCr
jOh:: viti - raK:.- -X'VaJb--
- ; vi I W
BOSTON, Oct. 10 Organization
of the "Mechanical Employees
A.ssociation of the Boston and
Maine railroad," comprising shop
men who remained loyal at the
time of the strike as well as men
hired July l.-t, was announced by
the road today. Twenty-tìve locals
have been established throughout
the system. Rules signed on .lan
uary lst by the system federation
and the shopcraft have been aboli
shed and new agreements are to
be drawn up.
LONDON. 6.09 P. M. Oct.19
The resignation of Prime Minister
Lloyd George was officially an
nounced this evening. The resig
nation of Viscount Tesi, the sec
retary of State for India, also was
announced.- After a brief audience
with King George this afternoon,
Mr. Lloyd George rsturned to
Downing Street where he reeewed
a miners' delegation but according
to Frank Hodge's who headed the
delegation, Mr. Lloyd George said
he could not consult them as
prime minister since he had resign
ed. Members of the miners' dele
gation said Mr. Lloyd George said
the king has accepted his resigna
tion. When Lloyd George tendered his
resignation he advisej the king to
summon A. Bonar Law to fcrm a
new cabinet.
NEW ORLEANS, La.. Oct. 19
The fourth day of the national
American Legion convention was
marked by the arrivai of General
Pershing. Tomorrow the Legion
will elect a successor to Hanford
McNider, national commander.
Removal of Brigadier General
Charles E. Sawyer, head of the
hospitalization board and President
Harding's personal physician,
charged with blocking the Ameri
can Legion hospitalization pro
gram, was demanded by the Am
erican Legion Natonal convention
today by a vote of 621 to 304.
TOKIO Oct. 19 Ambassador
Warren today lodged a formai pro
test with the Japanese foreign
office against the treatment of R.
M. Andrews, American business
man. whose heuse and office weie
ransacked by peliee in seai'ch of de
fense areas, he ds suspected of
having in hii; possession.
Groveton High School's
Fumble Pavcs Way for
St. .Tohnsbury academy football
team journeyed to Groveton, N IL,
yesterday and defeated the High
School team of that place by the
score of fi-0
The contest was one between
biains and brawn. the Academy's
light but keen team being pitted
against a sìower thinking heavier
eleven. Time after time St.
.lolinsbuy's trick plays caught the
Groveton ends ott their guard and
enabled the Academy to make long
Both tennis v.ere held for downs
pii several occasions and it was the
kick followng one of these that
paved the way for St. .lohnsbury's
touchdown. Parling's punt froln
the center of the tield was fumbl
'd by a (Jroveton back and iecov-
(Continued on page six)
DENVER. Colo., Oct. 1!) Cen
t ering hi. attack on the tariti" act
of Uniteci States Senato!'
David L Walsh of Massachusetts
declared that the old Republican
theory of protection in industry
had been discarded in a speech to
Colorado Deniocrats la.-t night.
The increa.-ed tax, which he de
clared candy, hoots, and shoes will
be compelled to nay under the new
taritT law, was cited as an instance
of "alarming expense by which our
industrie.- have been penalized."
TOKIO, Oct. !! Lawne.-sle.-s
reigned in 'ladivo-tok as the re--ult
of the approach of a victor
iou "red"' army. oificials di.-na-ches
.-ay. The F rendi consulate
was attacked yesterday and for-eigner-
have nppealcd to their j;ov
ernment for protection. The
American con.-ul ha- engaged as
a ri-fuge for American a buililinu
t'ivine tlie American t!ag and
guarded by the gnu.- of an Amer
ican ciuisfl.
Coalition Forced Out
Milton J. Warner Secures
Lincoln Coupé at
(Special to Caledonian-Record)
WORCESTER, Mass.. Oct. 19
Worcester counly grand jury has
retumed an indietment of larceny
against Edmund McGourty in con
nection with the theft of an au
tomobile from Fitchburg, District
Attorney States. McGourty will
be brought back to Fitchburg
w hen St. Johnsbury authorities are
finished with him.
Caledonia county officials today
accomoanied Milton J. Warner of
New Haven, Ct., to Highwater, P.
Q. whei-e he was to recover his
Lincoln coupé, stolon from him
when a trio of bandits held him
up at West Danville last Friday.
The coupé, confiscated by the
Canadian customs officiai.-, before
daybreak Monday morning when
two of the bandits, George Mills
and Lyle Barribeau enterwl Can
ada without reporting, h.-us been
kept under lock and key awaiting
the arrivai of ita owner.
The locai off icials who went with
Mr. Warner this morning were
States Atty. .1. B. Campbell, Sher
iff Wilbur Worthen and Municipal
JuHp Harry Rlodgett. Mr. War
ner arrived in St. Johni-bui-y hust
night in responso lo Communica
tions he has hnd with States At
torney Campbell and Chief of
Police Finley.
With the appearance of Mr.
Warner at Highwater, it is expect
ed that the "red tap" which pre
vented the transfer of the Lincoln
coupé to Chief Finley and State
Highway Officer Harry Dickens on
Tuesday will be easily cut.
The Lincoln coupé has not been
harmed in the least by Mills and
Barribeau, the two bandits who
have been driving it since they
stole it from Mr. Warner.
When Mills was being taken to
St. Johnshury from Highwater by
the oificials Tuesday afternoon, he
said that the Lincoln coupé was in
poor -hape when he took it. . It
needed oiling and much tinkering
here and there, he declared. Mills
prides himself on his expertness as
an automobile repairman. He ad
mitted to the officers and the Cal-edonian-Record
reporter that he
had worked over the Lincoln cai
ami had it running smoothly.
The Cadillac car which Mills and
McGourty stolo at Fitchburg,
Mass., was referrinl to by the for
mer as the "Cadic". Mills said,
"that 'Cadie' could walk away
from most anything I ever saw.
We had it up to 72 miles an hour
coasting at one time."
Mills and McGourty are stili in
Caledonia county jail awaiting dis
posai of their cases by the oificials.
C. H. Goss Company Hrins
In Dodffes and
Five young men from St. Johns
bury and tour from Berlin, N. IL,
made a trip to Buffalo, N .Y., for
the C. IL do- Company bringing
home with them six Dodge touring
cars, two busine.-s sedans, one bui-
ncs i tPUj'v , lini um .-i i. ii iim.-iiiv
truck. The trip was in cliarge ol
Harold Jenks, and tho.-e thSt iliade
the trip with him from this place
were, Max Moulton, Hoiace Law
rence, Ardile Blair and Merle Har
vey. Four young men from the
A.-sociated Auto Sales Company at
(Continued on page à)
BURLINGTON, Vt. Oct. l!t
Thirteen borse.- urvivor of the
22 starter- last Monday, cantered
out of Fort Alien statile this
morning for the Ith dav of the :ì()(l
mile army endurance test. Mayoi j
S. a gì ide moi gan. w as wil hdarw n.
Only Gold Review, a thorouuhhi'cd. j
had peifect tiir.e acorc up to today. I
by Vote of
Andrew Bonar Law of Earl
of Derby Will Probably
Form New Ministry
(By the Associated Press)
LONDON, Oct. 19The Lloyd George coalition govern-
ment resiarned today. It received ita death lilow -At rho
hands of the Conservative
members ot the House of Commons and Government minis
Two Editors Seek Posi
tion Ma de Vacant by
(Special to the Caledonian-Record)
St. Albans Oct. 1'. -Herbert C.
Comings, United States collector of
customs of this district, with head
quarters in this city, has tenderei!
his resignation to Secretary of the
Treasury Mellon. The resignation
was requested fo.- politicai reasons.
Mr. Comings is credited by the
treasury department with having
conducted the affair of his olfice
in a very creditable manner.
The resignation is to take effect
at the dose of the business day on
Decomber 31, this year and Mr.
Coming's successor , a eRpublican
wil ltake office the first day of the
new year. President Harding will
probably send to the Senato for
confii'mation the aame of a Repub
lican soon after the convening of
Congress in regular session in De
ce ni ber.
There are three candidate to
Kucceed Mr. Conimings; Harry C.
Whitehill, editor of the The Water
burj' Record, who has been in the
employ of the Republican national
oommittee raising tampaign funds;
John T. Cushing, editor of The St.
Albans Messenger, and George
Carpenter, of Montpelier. state
purchasing agent. up to this tmu
there ha been no ineeting of tln
Vennont congressional delegation
to consider the endorsemerits to ne
presented by any of the candidate
Mr. Comings was appointed col
lector ot customs by President
Woodrow Wilson. While he holds
a commission which does ni (x
pire until late next year, he last
Ju'y completed eight vears as a
cur-tom collector. When Mr. Coni-
ings first took office there were
two customs district in Vermont
and he was collector of the west
ern district for .-oiiie months be
fore the consolidatimi took place
.itili he was appointed collector for
the enlaiged district.
vv.'Aur, eU1NiKAL1 M.iovfl George governnient.
Ol:INr", Mass.. Oct. li Seven fhat this would be dono was
teen niember of the Qumcy Gran- t.,u,(i bv the Manali.- of Sali
ite manufacturers' associatimi, act- nl,.v in his .,.,.,.), ìas, Mondav.
i.,., ,M,l,.,y,,l.l,,WK- ,1,.. n. ' ... . . .. '
MS .!... (.i ..... ,.i i.i v.i ni. .., t.,!,.!.,.
tion last night signed agreements
with the granite cutter ami the
men ìrturned to work today. The
ìnunufacturei' agieed to pay the
$1 an hour wage for an eight
hour day a demanded by the union
and the union were granted the
right to discipline worker who re
turned to work while the strike
was in progress. The strike has
been in progress since Januaiy .",
when the manufacturei declared
for the "open shop."
PORTLAND, Ore. Oct. X 1 j
More than 2(M) men were under ai-
ret here today following Mavor I
George L. Baker' declaialion tli it
l'oi'tland was threaUned with an
invasimi of thousands of un m!e's '
of the Indu.-trial Worker.- of the
World coming here to partii ipate i
in the watei front strike and hi-
orders to the police to round Ihein
up. In wholesale ranh- in .-ci tion- '
of tlie city where most of the dock
worker l'eide. .'ÌÓ0 men were ar
rested. When they h id lieen check-
ed over, 22."). mo.-t of them believed I
1o he menielieis of the Marine,
Traiisiort Indu.-trial ungili No. .itili
of Portland, were jailed on cliarge- 1
of vagrancy. The otheis were ri-I
letised. William Ford, said to be I
head of the Portland I.
organi.atior v.a- among
re-ted. Mavor Baker -ai
officiai.-- eie not takinu
-ide of liie eiriployer- in
bui in-teaii were vacilli;'
the I. . W.
Ih Os e
1 tlvtt
wl tlie
h' -I I ike
W'ar Oli
The Weather
Mostly cioudy and
slightly warmer tonight.
oler in a
northern V t. and
by Con-
186 to 87
nartv when thp nnnsprvntivp
ter at their ineeting in the Cail
ton club today voted by 186 to 87,
to appeal to the country as the
conservative party.
This creates a situation of the
gieatest politicai confusion and un-
certainty the country had known
ioi rnany years. ine next move
ctrtain to be made will be the re
signation of Austen Chamberlain
and his associate, Lord Balfour
and Lord Birkenhead from the
il is expeeieu rrmie Amnster
Lloyd George will then present his
resigiiation to the king and advise
his majesty to summon a Con
servative leader to forni a govern-
ment, This course would be taken
becau.se the Conservatives havi
ine largesi numoer ot memoers m
the House of Commons. The Con
servative leader expected to bc
picked for the task is either An
drew Bonar Law or the Earl of
I erby.
The life of the new ConseiTative
n.inisti-y win probatiiv be very
brief, according to present forecast
and a general election is expected
to tollow us foruiation. King
George, who has been on a holiday
at Sandringha.il, returned to Lon
don today. It is expected that
Prime Minister Lloyd George will
be received in audience by him
late today
The announcement of the resign
ation of the governnient was made
by the ('entrai News agency at
4.21! this afternoon. No officiai or
other announcement v.as made ex-
cept the semi-official statement of
the Associated Press. Several of
tne unionist junior nieinoer ic-
siuned immediately after the meet
ing, including Stanlev Baldwin,
piesident of the board of traile and
ir Philip Lloyd Green minister of
oereas inule.
1 he vote ot the Conservative', at
the Carlton club was taken
on a
motion by Col. Pettiinan, niember
loi the t harmshooil ilivision ot
Essex, which read "resolved that
this meeting of Conservative nicm-
bi rs of the House of Common de-
i vative
its opinion that the Conser
partv while willing to co
operate with tlie Coalition Liberal.
sliould tight the election a an in-
Idependent partv with it own lead
er ami its own program.
If the Conservatives control the
next Parliament, thev nmv he le-
pi nded upon to carry out the
- ; t i i ti i i
t rea tv made with Ireland bv the
, , , ì-t-.-ult is t he eeneral co an-e
ot the Coalition party
iod of upheaval, the
which it is ditficult to
the reversion of Breat
the traditional system
party line.
itter a per
le ngt ti ol
predict and
llntain to
on ,-trict
Seek St. Johnsbury
liasketball Conch
No further development- in the
lia.-kettiall situation here have oc
curreil as yet. The Co. D, conimi) -
i tee have lieen eniieavonng to e
I cure a coach since the dechiiation
! of the intention to promole a team
j luit as yet no satisfactory candi
date has lieen landed.
In a letter to .igl. Lynde. chrii:--nian
of the committee for Com
pany D, received yesterday,
"Chick" Rui'ch recoinnieiided .Io
eph "Ciuley" I!urn of Troy, N. Y.,
a a very de.-iralile prò pect. The
committee are now in corre.-poni1-ence
with him and hojie to reach
.-omo definite conclusion before the
la.-t ol the week.
Some ot, the la-t ycir- teari
have alrei'dy begun fo limher up
eveniiiL'.- at the Arniory, getting
them.-eive- in prepai'ation l'or the
giuel, ing .-ea.-on lo come.
BOSTON. Oct. U -After ,)udi;e
l'i-k, in .-uperior cou.'l, had .-iid In
diti noi approve ot tlie y.-teni ol'
rtishing trial he uc-inted to coi.n-'!
of Alfred T. Bartlett, chaige-i wi'li
t'ir.-l ileuiie murder, an l.tu.'.sioa
unt.i November Lst.

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