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The Weather
Showers tonight. Coolcr
A New.paper Covering
the Entlra Northeast
Section. of Vermont Stato
Every Working Day,
in Vt. Tucstlay partly
clouyy unti cooler.
r. Fresh i
shifting winds.
Unanimous Choice
of Conservatives
New Prime Minister Assertó
lrish Constitution Must
Be Carried Out
(By the Associated Press)
LONDON, Oct. 23 Andrew Donar Law on leaving the
Unionist meeting today at which he was unanimously elected
leader of the party told the newspaper men he would accept
the task of reforming the niinistry.
Mr. Donai' I.aw in his speech
V.-.rvi. Yoivlo 1lìrtLtA
eupoit laid lilotked
Wii U Tio flfif TcVtn Ali
H liti llUHIt M. 1UHI it"
... . , . , . . I
. J. Lren, of Montreal, assist-j
."ut general superintendent, Supt. '
A. Williams of the Canadian Pa-
cific railroad of Farnham and
Supt. John Ahearn of the Boston
and Maine railroad vere in New
port yesterday in eonsullution with
General Agent E. W. Savane and
Yard Master E. C. Huntington,
devising ways ami means to re
lieve the prcsent convention of
fieieht at this terminal.
The Newport vards are at pres
ent so blocked with frieght arriv
ine from ali points that the Cana
dian Pacific Railroad was obligod
to leave Kit) rars on the Summit
siding Saturday afternoon and
Saturday night A temporary em
bargo has becn pluccd to relieve
this situation.
The freight bandii ng force on
the transfer was increased today
fiom 57 to ('! men. This is an 'ii
t rease of one new crew of seven
men, and addine one additional
man to cach of the nine crews
which heretofore consisted of four
truckers, a tipper and a rhecker.
An extra shifting crew js also to
he added, and additior.al clerks
vili be rcipuired to handle this
volume of work at the yard office
and in the freieht otrice.
Supts. Uren and Williams are
dcmiciled in their irivate rar Que
bec which is placcd on the ('. I.
siding to await a ronferencc with
general superintendent, li. E. Fol
som today.
Interesting Lccture Is De
livered by Dr. F. H.
The steropticon lecture Sunday
evening at the Newport Methoilist
Episcopal chiurli givon by Dr.
Fred H. Morean of Boston was
full of interest not only to Metho
dists, tracine as it did the history
of Methodisni from the founders,
John and Charles Wesley and
fì coree Whitelìeld and the growth
of the chiudi in America, bui to
anyone vho would learn some
thine f pioneer days.
Dr. Morean's talk was full of
(iiaint tales of ubo custonis and
the pre indice.-; of the chiì.v days,
epecially in New Eneland. The
Pilgrinis caule to this country in
scardi of roligious liberty bui
their de-rondants vere often as
illiberal as those from whom their
frtliers has del. They vere .-low to
nvrognize the intruder whether
Baptist, (Quaker or Mcthodist, and
the prearheis nn't with a Imitile
i'(ccption. Ono of these. Elisila
Heddine. traveled .'!t(Ht miles a
yea rin the Xew Hampshire lis
ti ict and received ''V1" above hi.
Il a velili;;' expen.- e-.
The early piracheis and chiurli
members we,e exceedinely au.-tere
and simple in both dress and hab
Continued on Paee Five
For Catairh
deelared the I risii constitution
must le ir lied out. Itefei-ring to
Mr. I.loyd George he iaid he was
suro they would have a "pretty
stih" tusslf", out he hoped they
would stili ne good friends after
ward. In the eoursc of his address, Mr.
Andrew Law deelared this was not
the time for introducine great
things which might be beneficiai
to empWe howpvcr dmr t0 hjJ
i..,,. n., ,.,:A hn VinH fnr
hn.-11-t He said he honed for a
j period of quiescence rafher than
i ono of sheer controversi'. His re-
f eretico was said to be understood
t(j fae iaym reform Mr I!onar
jaws edection gives England her
first Conservative prime minister
since V.m.
Capital City Eleven No
Match; Drop Game by
51-0 Score
Lyndon InstituU' had thincs
pretty near her own vay on V io
tory fiold Saturday afternoon she
ran awav with the heavy, but in
experienced Monipelier SeminaiT
tam to the tune of ó4 to 0. The
si.e of the score does not entirely
indicata the whole story, as sever
al Montpelier players .showine
fla.-hes of real football toro off sub
stantial pains aeafnst their heaier
and more experiinced opponente.
It was a case o.' a veli coachod,
veli workine team playine an
eually as husky but totally inex
periencel one, for the performance
of the Seminary lads bespoke of
but little for the coachine st.afT at
that in.-titutiom The Woods broth
ers as u susai vere the whoie team
for the Instituto, vhile Capt. Has-.-ett
and "Turk" Durgin cave very
satisfactory accounts of themselves
as did W'ark. Smith, Edmunds,
Martin and Kenorson in the line.
For Montpelier, Tvombly was
easily the most aeeressive, nevei"
failine to penetrate the Institute
line for le.-s than five yards and
followine li ini closely was Davis
the husky left tackle whose punt
ine and passes saved the Seni from
a more severe beatine
The eani opened with the Sem
inary lecchine at the south end of
the fiold. Woods kicked ofT to Gard
yne vho ran back five yards, and
the ball went into play on the Sem
inary .'!" yard line. They vere held
for dovns and Davis was fo'.'ced to
punt, Durein receivine on his 20
yard line and was downed in his
iracks. Then Dick Woods vent
aronud the end for .-.ix yards, Dur
ein three, and Iìasett folloved
with about tvdve and first down.
Dick Woods and Durein then
follo wed with a first down cach
and the In-titute steam roller in
the sluipe of the husky "Whiff"
Woods baneed throueh the oppon
ine line for the touchdown. Ha.
,-ett kicked the eal-
Montpelier received aeain, D.
Davis catchine the kick vhich he
fumblerl. A Lyndon )iayer pounoed
on it eivine them the ball on the
Seminary 2-" yard line.
Here the Seminary had another
break in their lurii wlu n they vere
penalized live y ni for tackline
(Continued on paee three)
HOSTON, Mass. Oct. 20
Thomas Gettiean of Rovere was
piacili on trial a eoond time in
Superioi' Cocrt today chareed with
tue murder of hi aunt, Mrs. Lizzie
M. Cook of Revci-e in .lune 1021.
The jury in the first tiri, di.-aereed
Gettiean is alleeed to have poi
soned Mrs. Cook. The woman's
body was i xhimied sliortly afti-r
ber death and medicai oll'icer.- said
they found traces of arscnic in the
digestive organa.
Pian lOOth Anniversary
Celebration During
Corning Year
Saturday evenin,;, a eet-together
meeting was held at the town hall
at Concord for the purpose of con
siderine the fuestion of celebratine
in 102'! the lOOth anniversary of
the foundin". of the first normal
school in America located at Con
cord Corner, Vermont.
It was decided that sudi a cele
bration should be neld and Uev. A.
M. Markey was chosen cenerai
manager. A finance committee and
a workine committee vele ap
pointed, these committees beine
structed to eo ahearl and work out
plans for a celebration as they
thoueht best.
The committees chosen vere as
followers: FinaiB;Mr. O. I!. Cut
ting, Mr. O. V. fia'ker, Mr. F. L.
Carpente!', Mrs. H. E. Currier,
Mrs. Helen Folsom, Mr. E. A.
Gray, Mr. C. F. r.iclntire, Miss
Jennie Ranny, Mr. W. M. Ridi.
The working committee is as
Follows: Mr. F. A. Iìrewer, Mr. C.
F. Urown, Mrs. F. M. Cobleigh,
Mr. C. F. Cutting, Mrs. Dennie
Fisher, Dr. (;. lì. French, Mr. S. C.
Harding, Mr. F. M. Hastings, Mr.
Ieo. Hastings, Mr. C. E. Joslin,
Mrs. E. D. Lee, Mrs. C. A. Milti
more, Mrs. G. E. Monili, Mr.-.
Harry Ranny. Mr. E. E. Reed, Mr.
K. F. Richards, M r. Jacob Richard
son, Mrs. H. C. D. Smith, Mr. H.
C. D. Smith, Mr. W. I. Streeter,
Mi. .1. C. Warrcn.
The first meeting of the commit
tees is to be held with Mr. Maikey
at the school-housc on Tuesday
evening, October 24th, 7..'!) oclock.
1! RAN' DON, Oct, 2.'! That booze
smueelers may bave become
friehtened while pa.-sing through
Ilrandon was indicateli yesteniav
morning when three bottles of
Scotch were found in the ioad be
tween the u)ix r end of Giove
.-treet and l'ine Hill eemetery.
There were si veKU broken boti les
.-cattered along the road and two
empty dress suit cases and a pood
sized wooden box were also found.
Two cars were ,ieai'd passine
through Giove .-treet at a high
rute of .-peed.
v rtyftCwj
XEW YORK, Oct. 2:: Federai
Judge Learned Hand today handed
down a decision disniissing the ino
tion of foreign and American ship
companies for a permanent injunc
tion restraining federai piohibition
agents from putting into effect the
boni' dry ruling of Atty. Daugher
ty. He extended the ,-tay teni)oi
arily, however, providing that the
steamship companies file an im
mediate appeal to the United
States supreme court.
I -
I TRENTON. N. !.. Ort. 2.1-At
the request of supreme court jus
tice Parker, the Attorney Gener-
j al's departmrnt today at noon
took charge of the Hall-Mills mur-
der case. Attorney General Mc
I Cran deputized William A. Mott
of Kssex county as Deputy Attor
ney General in charge. The ac
tion of Justice Parker was taken
at the joint request of prosecutors
Slricker and Beekman.
WORCESTER, Mass.. Oct. 23--Mis.
Frank L. Heald, 30 yeai s old,
fell 50 feet from the rear veranda
of a brick block today. She land- ,
ed on a concrete walk. She was ,
nn!u slifrhtlv brii;sH. the lines of !
clothes line of the first flcor break-
ing her iau. j
A MHEUST, Ma-. Oct. 2:', The
death of Prof. Arthur L. Kimball
66 vears old. prof, of physits at i
Amherst college was anncunccfl to
day. Death occurred in his home
last night. He had been a professor
in the college for 31 yeais. ;
IlOSTOX, Mass. Oct 2:: Char-I
les Ponzi went on trial tod iv on
( harges of laiceny and conspiracy.
prefei'red against him by the Com
monwealth. Ponzi is nod .-crvingj
federai sentence for Usine the
i mail- to defraud nut the U. S. Su
preme Court rulcs that He could he i
tried at the sanie time on the state I
indietments. I
Ponzi told Judge Frederick I o - .
I dick that he would conduct hi- osmi j
! defense. As.-t. Atty. Cui. Albert j
llurwitz in a confo. enee amore the
i nro-ecutors of the court -aid he.
intended to Uy the defimlant on
: only part of the indici nient.-. Pive , i
jof l'on;'i's agents were ab-o jilacei .
I on trial for con-piiacy. '
Ivf)cal Boys' Offensive Is
Too Strong for Dow
The green and white ovai toss
eis of St. Johnsbury Academy
carne through with another victory
or the campus Saturdav, when
they defeated Dow Academy of
Francntiia, X. II., by the score of
.'IS to 0. Pract icàily -11 of the
break.- of the game carne to the
St Johnsbury team, but their
important gains rame thru njns
and some completed passes
The game start ed with Dow
kicking to the Academy. Darling
ran the ball down to about the
e nter of the field, from whence
i! was carried by one run after an
other to within 2."i yards of the
goal. Monili annexed territory
coveiing fifteen yards in the next
da-h, and then Darling carried the
pigskin for the first touchdown,
but failed to kik. For the re
mainder of the first half Dow re
reivod after cach of St. l's touch
ilowns. When Darling's long kick-oil
s ttlcd tovard low's end of the
field, theie vere several green-jei--.-eved
tacklers vaiting for one of
the vi-itoi's to
as that when
on ber sceiyid
catch it. Thus it
Dow lo-t the ball
four dovns, the
Hit forty odd i iinls
; econd touchdovn.
carried the ovai
tewn boys bad 1
in rarry il to i
"Buzza" again
pa-t tlie gate
failed to kick.
po-ts, liut ne agalli
Scoi e, 12 to (l.
Monili, back in the po-ition
which he iliade famous in St. J's
tiist two game- of this season,
sprinted some ten or fifteen yard
tur the third touchdown, and
"Buzza" backod bini up by ,-uc-ces-fully
kicking the goal. Bald
vin completed a nicc pa.-s from
Darling, and scored the fourth six
puints. The fifth touchdown was
ci alked up by Darling.
It wa- durine the third quarter
ilat the vi-itoi- were the nio.-t
Luigerous. Parker. Dow s .-II-iie.cK,
playine back for a jiunt, sev
eral times canieil the ball for
;ain-, although before and after
this portion of the game he was
.-topped by '.he Si. J. end-. One
or two l'orw.i ri- were also ioii'-
(C'oiHiiiuc.l on lust page)
Dramatic Scene As Sec. Denby
Pleads With Crew To Race
Accidently Discharges a
Shot Gun Into His
Right Side
(Jiiorpe Muir, .Ir., the youneest
son of Mr. and Mrs. George Muir
of Keebe, 't., was shot and killed
while fox huntine Sunday after
noon when he accidently dischare
ed his own shot e"", the contents
tearing into his rieht side. He died
soon after the accident from loss
of blood and the effeets of the eap
ine wound.
He was huntine about one mile
from his home. Stoppine to rest a
moment, he stood his pun against
some loes. In sonie manner the
youthful hunter lost his balance
and f eli. As he toppled to the
eround, the tiieeer caupht in his'
clothinp and the eun was discharg
ed. The thots pe.ietrated upward
throueh his rieht side.
William Coots vho accompanied
hini, rushed to his aid but death
carne alniost immediutidy.
Reginald Sterns
Buried In Lancaster
The body of Keginald Stenis,
vho died as the result of an acci
dent which occun-ed Saturday at
Sutton, I .Q., was taken to St.
Johnsbuiy Saturday. Mr. Sterns
was drivinp an automobile which
v.nt of the end of a bridpe. In the
accident he heecived injurte.s which
broupht about his death soon after.
The Stanley Undertakinp Co.,
took the body in charpe in St.
Johnsbury and transported it to
Lancaster for burial.
MOXKTON, Oct. 2.'ì Charles
Harriman, 21, was .-hot and seii-ou.-ly
vounded late Friday night by
W il li.im Master.- and is nov in a
criticai condition in the Mary
Fletcher hospital at Burlington.
Harriman was to have been mar
ri ed last. evening to Miss Mary
Ben on.
The shooting was admitted by
Master- to State's Attorney George
Stono and is believed by the aut
horities, after an investigation, to
have been accidenUil, occurring
while Master- wa-- footing villi
Harriman and Harobl Cox in their
room at the fami of Charles
Thomas, vhere ali vere employed.
St. Johnsbury Players
Make Pluckv Tries to
Hold Poe
St. John.-bury Vocational school
played a fine rushing game against
I.i.-bon High school Saturday but
kicking the necossary wallop to
penetrate the Li-bon goal zone,
fell victims to a ::X to 0 score. The
si ore of the game no where near
indicate.- th.e rea! battle that vas
fought on the Lisbon High field.
The Vocational School vou ihc
loss up, rhristy receiving the ball
and ninnine back ten yards, vith
line pluiiL'es by McCrillis and
Chri-ty. They nere able to make
tiist down only io be penalized
for hurdlmg. This seemed to
be the spirit of the 'ocatioli'd
school as they recovcred the
ards lo.-t by penalty and gained
five more by a pretty forward pass
from Chri-ty to Mann. They ihen
ci.ntinued marchine down to vith
ir. the shadow of the Lisbon goal
by plugging the line with an oc
casionai end run only to loose the
fiali by a l'umide.
Here Li.-bon started ine ball
n'aiching in the opposite direction
Coruinuori on Page Four
NEW YORK, Oct. 2:ì-Dr. Ly
nian Abbott, editor of The Out
look and succe.-.-or of Henry Ward
Boecher as (la-tor of the Plymouth
Congregalional church died ye.-tei-day
in his home at USI Lexington
avenue, after an illne.-.- that degan
eaiiy in the summer. He v.ould
L ive been S'7 yeais old in Decom
ber, and hi- age had illudi to (io
vith bis failuie to ui.ly from an at
tack of bionchitij.
Race Today Starts In Ten
Knot Breeze With Racers
Nip and Tuck On lst Leg
("Rv the Associated Presa)
GLOIXESTEU, Mass.. Oct. 23 The Henry Ford, well
in the lead at 1.30 this afternoon was practicàily conceded
the Fisherman race against her most prominent contenders,
the Bluenose and the M ayllower. ith a lead that remained
Bert Percy's Big Barn
Filled With Crops and
Stock Destroyed
Early Saturday moiiiine Bert
Percy's big barn on the South
Ridge was bui ned to the ground.
The l'ire start ed ili some way
from the lantei'n which hung in
the stable.
The cows and hoisps were sav
ed, but a Gucrn.-ey bull, some
sheep and ealves veiv burned. The
barn was well filled vith bay and
other crops and a largo quantity of
farm machineiy was al.-o in the
Mr. Percy had just repaired bis
stables and the barn contained a
milking machine and .-purator
which were a total lo.-s.
This is a big loss and was only
partly eovered by insurance.
The barn was built bv Daniel E.
Ruggles at a eost of over $1,000
when lumber and labor were both
The house wa- saved by the good
work of neighbor-i vho rushed to
Mr. Percy's aid as soon as the
alami was given. Once moie Sut
ton boys show what good firemen
they are.
LAWRENCE, Mass. Oct. 2:i
A man identified as Oliver Law
rence was fatallv stabbod at the
Xorth station bere this moi'ning,
dyine Inter at a ho.-pital. A mil.
employee was arrested and wa
charged with the murder. Accord
ing to the polire he admitted the
.-tabbing, saying it w: s the result
of a quarrel.
MIDDLEBL'RY, Oct. 2.! Frank
Leno was arre.-ted Saturday after
noon by Deputy Siici ilf N'ohle .1.
Sanford on a warrant charging him
with alienatimi of (he elfection- of
Colia Eubar, wife o. lied Eubar
of Ripton. Ile was taken before
Judge Dickens and held in the .-uni
of 8200 for his aiipearance in court
Xovember 1 I. He ohtuincd bail and
was released. Eubar sue.- to recov
er .200.
Company D Seeks Opinion
of Iocal Fandom On
The manager of the ba-krtbail
for Co. D has received a letter
from "Curley" Burns. sta' ine hi
villingncss to come to St. .lohn.--dury.
He al-o mciitions the -alaiy
that he expect- to roceive. liinn-i-
a player of execilence, and i ìe
eoinmended bv "Chick" Buriii a
the man for St. John.-bury fans
this year.
In'view of the faet that the hu-i-ne.-s
meri of St. John.-bury bave
contrihuted so generou.-ly to the
succo.-.- of the team- in the pr-l
Company D think- they . houli
have .-oiiiethiin.'- to .-ay about the
team for thi- year. Theie i- to be
a meeting of the membri'.- of the
team and the company at the .im-
orv thi.- evening ami it r- liope
that ali the bu-iii'-- men of
town who can po--d!y do so
come and expre-.- tir il view -t
he inaili'!.- to de con i I ì i d.
meetiire is to be at ni'ie P. M
the Armoiy ciubioom.
, at
! constantly over 000 yards, the
. l'nited States contender for the
l'.-hing championship appeared to
; be finishing well at the foie.
1 At 12.20 the Ford pickl up tln;
! wirul and degan to gain rapidly.
I She was leading by one quaiter of
a mile and dronping the Blueno-e
a- fast as on Satijrduy. At 12.2Ó
, the l'ord lead had increased to
"more than 00 yards. At 12.40
the Ford stili had a lead of 00
. yard . The wind had hriuled
iaround to the we.-twan! makinv
the last three miles of the leg a
! de.d beat.
j After the Ford l.ad gained a lead
I of 000 yards the Bluenose appe ndi
. to hold her for a few minuto- and
the American boat could noi pulì
a way. The Boston schooner, Mav
1 flower. folloved the two clo-ely
under the same sail and appeared
i to hold both of them.
1 At 12.5M the Foni pas.-ed to star
i board and headed for the -econd
nvirk 2 miles awa. . At 1 o'clock
the Ford was leading bv "00 yard-.
The Bluenose did not hold as far a
Ithe Ford passine under liei- at 1,2.
I "?. Her crew handled her sail.- bad
,! -
I At 1.20 it looked as though the
American boat had the rare well in
I hand. She had a Icid of 700 yards
! and was gaining steadily and stili
j had a good lead when the boat.
rounded the second maik.
At noon both boats were hard
on the port tack off Efistern
1 1 'o' nt and had sailed more than
one-half of the second leg. The
Ford had drawn avay until she
had a lead of 200 yard- and vas
sniling (iractically as high a.; the
Bluenose although the lattei- vas
'.;ì trifle to the weather of the
l'ord's wake The vini! had fallen
to si'x knots.
The race started at 11.110 o'clock.
The Bluenose ero-sed the line first
but the Ford (;uickly caught u)
and jiassed her gaining a lead of
!." yards which she maintaiiied at
The time of the first mai k
1 11. 20, PI; Bluenose 11.2").
.')". A shift of the wind from the
siuthea-l working' around to
south robbed the boats of a chanci'
' in ho up at the breeze and the race
i devcloped into the sanie kind as
that of Saturday, a reaching af
fair thioiighoul. At 12.2."' the
Ford's lead increa-e 1 to more than
(10(1 yard-.
I The Glouce.-ter M'hooner, Henry
Ford, with a make-hil't crew, leti
ber wharf in tow of a tue at 0.1")
thi- forenoon. The crew degan
bendine on her mai n ail a- .-he loft
the dock. At that time Blu. uose,
the Canadian con'ender, wa- . eil
i 1 1 .u" around Eastern Poinf.
An inci'easing -outheilv bree;:e
j was cornine in. The jinlge- boat
i was at anchor in the harhor. Capt.
! Morl'issey took charge of the bend
ine of the main.-iirl.
The scenes preceding the deci -ion
that the boat would -ail wa-
dramatic. Membri- of liei- ciew,
1 e. Irvine southwe-ter- and -licker;
in a body marched tlirough the
main sti'eet ,-houting "Weie
.tbrough. Well have nothing to do
i with the committee or it races."
A-ked if they would go to .-ce the
committee they rcplied: "I.et the
committee come to .-oc u-."
i At the dock they were mot by
Sec. Denby, who wa- an unolficiid
member of the boat'.- crew in Saturday'.-
race timi planned to .-ail
again todtiv. Secretai v Itenbv told
t'ontlr.ned on l.a-t I ae
Ki: 1(11 l'I.ANMM.
Ili 'I-i! rnlill'!"ULII Oli- V..llli'' Il
Il Hit llli-lin- .-M'UIV III' lill'l- lllt'illl Ole
llll : 1 1 ti VI 1,0 ' - 1 1 L' Il l -.-,' Il i' -l'I". 1C Ih dui'
un I le . 1 1 li.' vnui' elmi-. I hr Ilio IniL'l'Ui-.
Ii 1 e r uni! ìlnt l, rullìi,' . -iitii-. i'-li'i 11
l'arnie Idi' .'-HI. e utili!, -ii iiu- -u -hui,.
illl'.M'l'tl iti.- Kh-i nini tilt' Wl'-l tal'
'.iill lIlflMUll )l't,lT, '. ti ' l'iki''- I'J
i,"'i'il.. Il'ii'al li !'.''. -film' l'i lui ;n. ,. Siili
l.,ik. ( 1 .. Hnil llii.' lejiiiil I iiimiii if
i!h' l'itii !n ì' Hi.il' in Tln 1,. hu'iìiiI Seti a
i 1 lilla t'iin.'i.. Ili li r-li tur li'. 'ti.v ol t'ic
l'iii'iln- ,,illi,,-:. S .kl.1.1 . M.i.M'iiti.t
1 Y.llii" -unii' ni l.liui.r l'aik Inn i. Min.
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