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Dodge Brothers
It Las been said that t!n' only
v. uy to Jiiake roal money in the
l'st'd Car business is to sell
them "as is." That may Le a
e ood way to niake money for
a short time Imt it is not a
jj.ood way to make l'rieniLs. We
ti y ure that if we yet tlie
t'riends, the proti t '.vi!! tuia
care of itself.
Rcmember: A used car is ori
as good as the fimi with which
you deal
The C. H. Goss Company
St. Johnsbury, Yt.
Company L at Newport
Wins First Game 37-11
'Continued Irom naze onel I
I getting the most baskets. Jones
and Keith both played a stroma
game at guard. The line up:
Grav, c, lf rf, Cushion
Baker, lf, c c Bull
Jones, lg rg Hall
Keith, ig g, Hazard
Gaidner, rf lf Ames
More of that delicious
TeL 213-3
Company L second team played
' the St. John the Baptiste team as
: a pieliminary and lost a very ex
' citing contest which was full of
pep every minute. Fans were ali
i anxious to see these two teams
! clash again in the near future. The
first period erided 4-3 with Com-
jxmy L leading. In the second per-
iod St. John the Baptiste team
; .tartel with a spurt and carne out
' on top of the heap by final score
; of i:j to 10. Both Company L
I teams deserve much better sup-
port than they received last even
i ing.
! A dance was held after the
trame and was; attended by about
I 40 couples.
Mrs. Mary Bixbee
Dead at Newport
' Mrs. Mary Bixbee died at the
city fami Wedne.day after a long
: illness. The remains were taken to
j the Curtis undertaking parlors and
; weie sent today to her former
home in Piermont for burial. Mrs.
I Bixbee was 7!) years of age and
I hail been an inmate of tlie city
I fami for fi ve years.
! She has been confined to her
! bel most of the time for three and
j a half years, her troubles being
! those incidental to old aire. She
has had evci'y care and kindness in
her last days. lacking only the
comfort of being with her own
people. Sìie leaves two sisters,
Mrs. Mei vira Whitcomb of New
port Center and Mrs. Maggie
Baldwin of St. Johnsbury.
NlEWTORT LOCAU3 f sverai weeks returned to Newport ridi Library is closed for the wia-1 HEALS OLD SORES
I in company with Dan Rossier and I tei an account of the shortage of I Petei'SOn's Oìntnicnt
To the inillions of neople whci
The Thursday Night Sewing ons making the trip
Club is entertained this evcning at
the home of Miss Kathleen Robin-
Lift Off with Fingersi4'
Mrs. Fred Donagli' is ili with
n e ito us indige.stion.
l'erlev Folsom, student at Tn!'ts
! College, has been honored by tthe
!. , , i 1 1 . . .
cla.-s of V.11 in oeing eiccieu ciass
president and has also been chosen
captain of the basket ball team.
fio ni New York
Gordon Courteuu has been ab
sent from the 8th. rade East
school with chieken pox.
The younjj children of Mrs. Ed
nu Kimball have been ili with se
vere colds but are now improving.
James Addi.-on has returned to
Boston and resumed his studies at
the Bentlev school.
auto .futi, the gi-and piano beine nioved
ilr. Folsom was a member of the J f Eveninfr gUn. Iojk thjs cven
cia. oi i;-u ii. o. uui n. mjr, at 7.40 o clock. M l's. .Mabcl
senior vear at Dean Academy Cuivv( of Burlington, president
A. R. Hall and son John Hall of of pk(.i,ekan Assembly of Vermont
Mollami vere receni guests ai me :i, b n,.e,.nt and i,lsDect the
Mr. and Mrs. George Howland
of Lisbon aie visitine Mr. How-
ì;infl' i;tf')'. Tis- sviltifv Rio hi- :
t David ( ami) is Home Irom emù- fore K0Ìn(r to tnt.ir winter home in
, i:i;ieoga, lenii., unni
into the main upper conndor. Miss
Gv.enneth Ilanley, second aisUmt
in the Library, has also been ve
leaed on account of the lack of
Mrs. John Stephens lu.s returned
fi 0111 Tomifobia, vhere she has
bien to attend the funeral of her
fatlier, George Rediker.
use Peterson's ointment for pih's,
eczema, .-alt rheum, piniply ,skinf
soie teet and cnann?. reteivon
savs, "Teli any sufferer from old
sores that its mighty healing woih
derful." Ali dn;ggi-ts. ."",-M'Ì
$1.00. S2...l, $3.00. advertiseinent ,
1 home of Gerald Buzzell.
Mr. and Mvs. Ara Wilcox of Bar-
! ton have been visitine Mr. and Mrs.
1 .-in nur i ìanrier
after th
holidays. , J
The" Ladies. Auxiliary to the Ani-,
elicali Legion are to have a cardi
party at the 1. (). (.). I. hall Tues
dav efiiing December 12th.
(). IL Johnson has nioved from
,ir Ea.-t Main st. to a tenement
in th Mnhon Kendall house at
Doe--n't hurt a bit! Drop a 1 t- j h(18 Kn,t Main street.
ti e "Freezone" on an aching coni, rivirles Briggs has moved from
instantly that coni .-tops hurting, ,,. ,,MUon cottage on Indiali point
tlu'ii .-hortly you lift it right oir U) jamos i;!aVs' house on Union
with hngeis. I ìuiy.
Your diuggi.-t sei.-, a t;ny bottle
of 'freezone tor a tew vi-M. ; Tu,.(av night from a visit with
ftieient to removc evtry nard ir!.lti vt in uttleton, N. IL
coni, soft corn, or eoin l.etwe.-n M W illiam Dow. who has been
Walter Ilinman returned
the toes, and the caìlu-es, vithout:
vi iling her sons, Sumner and For-
Ormond, Fla.
1 he Assembly room of the Good-
There will be a Car of No. 1
on the tvack at Newpoit,
Friday and Saturday this
soreness or n riuuon. ,viveiue-, , ,t )o,r jn New York City, for
Interest at the rate of 4:-.'t per cent per
year will be )aid to Deposito in our Savings
Department for the period ending December
31, li)22.
This Bank has paid interest at the rate of
per cent per year since July 1, 1921.
This rate of interest can be paid by this
Bank vith safety to its Depositors and safety
to the Bank.
The strong fmancial condition of this Baak
makes this absolutely safe.
The Burlington Trust Company
Burlington, Vermont
A small admission fee, 10 rents,
be chaiged for the evening at
iAvrt- ! ;.:- ; 1 1 t and Op- ' ami nance g:ven lor ine
tician. Si.(-;:a -t in Suectacie and i ' 111111 111 lnl ospitai iuihi at
live -la,.- l.tting.
t and Op- ì
Q2 E. Ma:a St., X.-vport, Yt.
Write or ji'ioi.e 1 iò-21 for
"I pointrsent.
Teas and Coffee
cannot be exceled in
quality a trial is con
vincine. Packedby
Cross Abbott Co.
White River Junction,
pi:. ìi.m:i:v i. Hamilton
Armory on Friday. Articles left
over will be sold at auction during
t!i' evening. Come and get your
nmmryV wortli and help swell the
I. Aiivertisement.
A-l.ay " r "ice
Complete Gas and Oxvgen e-UÌp-
ment for paii-le. rleni.-try.
Offìcp hours: S.-'.'i to li. l..".o"to
Tel. 278 Gilrnan's Block
East Burke
r.dith Achille-; was home in Uye-jMi-.
Walter Nelson and children,
eate for T'irinksgi ving. Mr. and
(Liltie and Charles were in St.
! lolitisbury with her parents, Editor
Ìj. il. llUNl'j ; A. C. Wyman of Brattleboro
Sucee-sor n HOWT 6: STOWE in- a business visitor in town
Tel. 17ò Iloot's Block j ij viii Robinson of Westmore
jvi.itid his -ons, Levi and Lyndon
la t eek.
Late-t sty'e-. bu'tnn covered to
or.ler. Mi' 1 o'ee'- lille,! promptly.
Mi--e. Tiudeau & Vh"elrr
41 1-2 M.'in Str-et Tel. "8-1
C. A. Cramton, M. D.
Ève, l'ai-. No -e and Throat
Mairi St., S. Jolin.-bu! y, "t.
Appoin'n:cnt for examination oi
gla.-.-e by letter or '.elep'none
The a Spot
M rs. Juliette I.awton of Sta
l'i'-nsgiiry .-pent a jiart of last
'.cil: with Mrs. Alma Beni'. j
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Davis of .
J I yi'donville were with her parents, ,
j Ali', and Mrs. Myron Gilson' for j
Thi.iik-givlng. I
I About 201 attended the masquer- '
: ad- ball W'ednesday night given by 1
i !); Burke Mt. band. Quite a good
( -ni1 was reali.e.l. !
! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Godding
a i'l daughtor. Margaret bave been
Moston the jiast week at the
Newport Vermont
Conwav Tea rie in
"The Rei erte"
Hall Boom Boy Conv-dy
"Better Late Than N'ever'
Vida Dana in
"Thev Like Km
Chapter No. 1 I
"Hurricane Hutch"
I're,-,,e: I Repainne j ()f ke si,t(.r
E. R( il Ss E A L MRs Angie V.'illey of I.yndon-
taarant lìlock. N'e tifi-j i ville spent Thanksgi ving with her
' Luther, llairis Smith and fa ni il y.
l!. I '. Webfter, Sherbum I.ang
i ' !( buines- isitors in I.owell re-
FORllET DKEW -ei.tìy.
t NevM"v t, Electric Shop ! Mr. ami Mrs. V. !.. James were
Radio Service and
Ma: S'ieet
N'ev.'pO' t. V : l " OI 1 1
$2.50 to $3.00
, c i-a n"; to 'i.'iigth
T. .1. Hai i ison
'. Mani Street. Newport
-t Ai;
Al! ria a
..'"A'i 'M t.
m K ;
PìuVVI-I d
i ...V jl
Say "Merry
Chrislmas' with
t a
a n iihole
The Richardson Sluclio
week end visitors with relatives in
M:. aii I Mi-. Ander.-on and Mr.
ard Mi-. Waterman of St. Johns
.ii rv "vere Sundiiv visitors at the
. Club house.
! ord has beili reciived from
' Ri'al Etrgleston of bis arrivai in
Sa ai a Cruz, California, v. liei e he
i. with his biother, Eber for vbe
I V.il ter.
' V i s Cornelia Bemis of St.
i loi.nsbury was a recent gue.t of i
! Mr-. Al'm: Bemis. !
Mr. aad Mrs. Arcai Cole have I
jme'.ed into Jie Eber cot tage.
I Ciyde Gii -on and faniily of I.yn
! lenville ,-pert T'iursday at his .
! f;.'i, e. '.-, A. I . Gil-on. I
' Mi. and Mrs. Edwin Hough were
! .i. her old home in Ea.-t Lyndon
; w;tl. her mot her, Mrs. Sarah!
: H.uht.n, for Thank.-giving. Mi'.
' and Mr.-. James Buell at Lyndon-.
;llc with their daugliter, Mrs.
Mei ton Holbrook and family.
Chi .-ter Simp.-on and family at
i i le l.rooks in i.ynuonviae, m r. ,
ani Mrs. Freeman Lang at Meri'
lieath's at St. John-bui y.
The Ladies" Aid will hold a
ICIn istmas sale Friday afternoon ;
land evenni'-'- this week. A chowd'T
per will be served at li o'clock.
j Lyndonvillc 1
: 'Vf-rmi.nt Beautiful". Wallace
' N'itlir.g'.- Look which is so in de
; e.; ad tur Cliri-tnias pre-ents, can
; La obtained at the E. C Smith
'eer,;. storo. Ea.-tei n avenue. St.
j lniit -bui v. l'rice $:;.."iO. Advertise
; mi ut. m. . H '
J-Xétàiim Min irfliii--'' l'ai XMllnllM" li M -"' 1 1 i mi i l I rlnl A
Save six of these coupons and rudi or bring
them to the Caledonian-Record oli ice with 95
cents and you will reccive the lutest
t JLi .-..--g .wHmii, n i. mt,,-- l-mm n
i A 1 1-2 pound boy arrived at
the home of Mr. and Mr.-.Joc La-
bounly Friday.
li. i xi.. ti- i.. il,.,. ..ii-
I ( Mi. ild'l .HI-. . .n. iaui , n-
iteitained ber bother, Mrs. B"ach.
ri i and .-i-ter. Miss Anna Corley of
Q i St. John-bury for Thanksgiving.
I Mi.-.- Lillian Calhoune .-pent
i Thanksgiving ami the remainder
li ot the week wun ner iamer in m.
ri John.-bury.
Mrs. Helena l'i indie- 1- teachmg
in Holland.
yk Mr-. Jo.-epbine Simino motored to
' l ; . a-.. Tk... ,l ... ... ..; ; m
' J ' -'li ' HI UMl .11 i .
PI 'aia! Mr-. Abraham Me-.-ier.
Mi Mr. and Mr.-. A. E. Harlow en
fi ' te; tained her parent-, Mr. and
:j m .. - T...V,. -i... ,.f n.
SSiTi,u,k'g,vi,,-, .1,,'y. ' ''
Full of the Old Time Christmas Spirit
Tlie Spirit of Christmas Giving
LS to Rive those things which perfcctly suit thc.tastes of
those to whom they ave iven. and also eloquently carry
the messale of love and cstecm which prompts the giving.
Ilere we do not list the cuuntless if ts on display, but
raerely suggest the variety which await you.
Earliest sclcctions are always the best, and hearing
this in mind, e urge again this year that you
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early
I slfp
A Few Suggestions
Ccdar Chests
Genuine Tenne.-see Mountaia Red Cedar
plain and with tray $la.iMI to .$:;..'M)
In Mahogany, Fumed Oak. Walni.it,
Golden Oak to .l-Vw
Ma le or. Ime.- of regalar carriages
!.."!) to ?l(i.:el
Tedeslals Tabourets
I.ou" and High. in Oak, Mahogany,
Walatit !( to .l.'i.on
Carpet Sweepers
Sin;-,1' , And Vacuum . i.00 to ?10.aii
Candle Sticks
AH -i:'.e, Im'lation and .-olid M alioea r.y
S.'ic .'air to '?'!.7" pu.r
Console Sets
Include four Candle Stick-, howl ami
Fiuit :-f',.(K) ;in, Uj,
Wi'li reiaoval tray, with and without
drop sidi's, ali have rubber tired
wbeels, in Walnut, Mahogany and
Reed . ?i2.r( to ::.". on
Smoker Stands
Severa! .-tyles, with or without humidore,
Mahogany, Walnut, Fumed Oak
S'2..i0 tu $2à.00
Oak and Mahogany S;.no and up
Tape-try and Eeaiher J22.00 and li ;
Reed aiid Fibre 12..0 ami up
Sewing Tables
Seveial styles, includili',' the popu'ai
Martha Wa.-liiimton ,::.."mI to s:;."i.(iO
In colors, i'rained .l.aO and rp
Non-fi anied l;ic!,n:ll and Sauyer
(ì.m: to '. ii't
Telephune Stands
In Oak. Walnut .nd Golden Oak
.O.T.i to .H.0'l
High ( hairs
In Golden Oak ami Fumed Oak
S::..';0 to si 2.00
Children's Rockers
In Oak
d aii.l Fibrt
to S 1 i.lid
Iti;":.'. L.J!LÌLx.i
We Furnish
r p
f -xV)
t ) v 'i r
IVlI' IVA III . -w, V f JLlU Wl 1
Come Early
Take your Time
He Salisficd
Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

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