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ntilUhed 18(7
aiibad daily except Sundar. ha
CalvdoDian-Racord Pub. Co.. !
12f Kastern Avenue
St. Johniury. Vt.
770 New "ept. 771 Biuinag Dpt.
Novnort Record- Office
Jt" Cuiitiint'iain, Spyelul RepreienUtl
Tallii GoodneSS, Cap Must Be Woisc! (Copyright. 1922, George Mattaew Ad&ma) By EPWINA
JilttRlMlipO il - ir ip Il sslTtóVMII S;- K& I?
(llume Tel. 173-:!)
TÉRMS By mail S a yer ; fix
jionth.' $J.5u : tinca monlh, 11.26. Ona
nontii. .7u cr-nta. Simile conv 2 canta. AH
utìuicriplions by Old ;r of th governmant
re payHble in uviince.
Ai mamlrers "f the Assnriated Pren
that orKani'.ation in entiili'd axcluaivtly
tn the use l'or rppuhlication of ali nwi
lupa'chea errdited tu it or not otherwisa
redited in Hill paper and ali tli locai
nf publiahaU herain. Ali riKhti o( re
publication of fpeciai dinputchet berelo
r Ino rest-rvad.
The Julius Mathews Special Agency
OtTires: Boston, 1 Benron Sti-pet.
Detroit, 24 J I.nfnyett Boulevard Watt.
NVw York, 171 Madison Avenue.
t'hicaxo. 1111 Hartford Building.
Entered as ppcnnd-ctiss matter Mar 1.
IMfi. Bt the pot office t St. Johnsbury,
''rriont. under the act March 3, 1879.
"Thè" Cnlediininn-I?crord asmime no ft
i.annal responsiliility Cor tynouraphlcal
'rroi-a in advrrtisement hut will rep-int
ttht part of an advertisement in which
he tvpngraphiral crr-or owur. Adver
tir will plcase notify the mannirement
Imn.ediately of any errori whlch may oc
tur. ,
TUESDAY, DEC. 12, 1922
imJy '0 )PL 'MÉ -
The Speukership 'jl i l
Belleau W-rd Memnrial
Ht liiis licen sui'tt'd to tilt'
h(5idquiirt(ji. of thi Anit'i'ican Lo
;;t)!i that in licu of tTi-ctinR a
iiióiuinx'iit at IJt.'Hcau Wood near
Chatcau Thicny, oj- at any of the
othfr biittloliclds hallowod by the
Idood of the vouth of America, a
biìVler !)' .-latioticd t li ore wlio,
ycai' after year.
tajì.s the soldier.-
evciy eveiiiiijr
would .-'oulid
Scvoral plans havu been sug-?ff-stetl
foi- di.-oussion in the A ni
micati Leivion Wcokly. Some jsug-j-e
;t that 1 lie I.eion promote the
.-;clicnie, ami otliers that it be piven
,J., 'he army w.ho .diould sttition
Jnie or t,o oi' the best buK'ler.s in
jthe servici' therc l'oi" ;i period of
?a ear for that puipose.
. hat (nulli he a more beautiful
memoria! '.'
; Tl:is liuly ground to every
5i;an who .--erved in the American
ft'orces durino; tli- v;ir, and lud
Jowéd to those who.se sons brolh-
and lovetl ones answered the
cali and now .-ice m the
iijilj..- that tliey o
f'ended. U'hat could be a more
beautiful tribale than when in the
L"T"t rIow of the fading sunset a
AcjtresetHative of that army and
Jhat people l'or whom they so nob
.'. fouK'ht and died bhould sound
3511 the eveninu' air that most
beautiful of Imojer calls over the
jiaves of the deparijei
W'e was eating suppir, bein
roast beef and mash potatoes and
loose corn in an exter saucer, and
I had 2 helpinp;s of everythinK and
I was thinkin; about another one.
saying I dont know whether I
wunt eny more meot or not.
YVell if you dont know Ini su re
I dont ma sed. Meeninp I was the
best judge, and I ed, Well wats
for dizzert. ThinkinR it wasent
some kind of bum dizzeit like rice
pudding or bred pudiling Id leeve a
bitr space for it and not eat eny
more meet, and ma sed, Never
mind, I hope if you were out eny
ware vou wouldent ask about the
dizzei't wen you were asked if you
wanted more meet.
W eli, maybe III jest nave more
mash potatoes under a little grav-
ey, wats for dizzert? I sed.
Dident I ìest speek to you on
that subjeck? ma sed.
No ninni, you sed wen somebody
asked me it I wunted more meet.
you diflent say mash potatoes,
Weli do you wunt enything
more or dont you, for goodni.
sakes? ma sed.
Well, let me see, Ini not suro, I
Theres nuthing Id like better
than to sit heer ali day waiting
for your royal anser, ma sed.
Meening she wouldent, and iest
then Nora carne in from the kit
chen saying to ma Ini afraid the
bread pudding is a little bernt
mani, in fact half of it is ali black
and the rest is kind of brown.
the rest is kind of brown.
111 take a little more ot every-
t hing, I guess I sed, and ma sed.
Youll do nuthing of the kind, youll
jest wait for the bred pudding, if
other peeple cari eat it a little
brown, who are you?
Aw heck, I seti. On account of
me not liking bred pudding eny
how, so wat must it of taisted like
bernt, ony I ate a little enyways
on account of not wunting to feel
as if I had missed dizzert.
SUills Plans to "Go
Straijvht" at Windsor
yi Continued from Pa-e One
Set oli' easier. I was a fool," and
the beaiWle-s youth looked
ar away a if he did not wish to
jhink of the long years that he was
to spenti behind the grini walls of
Jlie state tiri: mi.
J. "1 t bini- I shall finish my .rade
JÌ ; a plumbei- whilc thero if I can,"
Jaid (ieo'.ve. "W'heirl get out I
Jvill he alile to go pome where and
jjo somethinir."
Deputy SheriiT Smith offered
lini a rigaiette. "No," said
jfieorge, "I ani gomg to cut out
Smoking t(o. I never did smoke
jDiti'-h and it is Wul for me."
The traiti whistled and rushed ini
B-si(le tao plat l'orni. George turn
jS'! to a ('aledonian-Uecord repre
fciitative. "I want to thank the
jE aledonian-Record ;md the men on
ti for the way in which they bave
ìandled my story," he said.
"I.et's go Ixiys", said ;heir custo
ir.n. Tlu-y clinibed on the traili
Ijmiil t crowd of curious onlookers.
"Ali -ilioard,' called the coniluc
tjir. The beli iang, the traili puli
ti out and (it iiige Mills, the beard
U -ss liandit ami highwayman was
ìiirtlulay Party l'or
s ' Two-Year-Olà
? Mi.-s Iìnihara Ann. W'ilcomb,
Saughter of Mi', and Mrs. A. I.
A ilromb was the pleasing hostess
! 11 jinrty Saturday afternoon at
er home on Summer street when
il, e deliditfullv entertflined 11 of
Jer little friends in celebl'ation of
tier "second birtlulav. The atmos-
icre of t'hristn.as was in evi-
enee, the hou.-e nemg (it-coraien
:V-i'h flowri'.., evergt'eens and
.brigiit ! c-i i baloons. i;efreliments
'yen- -.erved and every one was
B i)i))y. Tho.-e pre.-cnt were Portili
'Morri.-on, Priscilla Bartlett, I.il
'iian lidi, liehora.'i Sargent, Doro
jfhv 'i'ann. Aliati Ilowes. Richard
l'ranklin. Ridi "'d P.aitlett, Her
icrt lìailey, Robert I-'i.-k and Stan
t" MacPheison.
Echoes From Parent-
Teacher Association
At the. meeting, last Friday ev
ening, of the Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation, Miss Siria Serri. State
gloriously de- ! 'esident, quoting in her address
noni me u. h. Lommissioner of
Educiition, said: "Education is a
dual job, by the teacher and by the
parent. The heavier part falls lo
the parent. If school work is to be
a success, parents must cooperate
with teachers." Sneaking of the
importance of cooperation, she
. 1. UIC l'I,
saio: ir cniitiren are not iriven a
chance to prepare for life in
school, when in the world are they
going to piepare?"
A very important way in which
parents may aiti teachers is by pro
viding modem helps for their
children for preparing their lessons
for modem ways of reciting. Some
of these modem ways are: the
"socialized recitation" in which
each pu))il contributes a part; the
"problem-project" method for
working out and discussing prob
lems; "motivation" or supplying a
niotive and creating interest; "vis
ualization," because what is seen
Prin. Wilson of St. J. A.
Represents Vt. Schools
On Committee
Principal T. II. Wilson of St.
Johnsbury Academy attended the
New England confrence for the
eampaign to rebuild the Univei-sity
of Louvain Library as America's
war memorial in Belgium which
was hehl in Boston lust Saturday
II011. Samuel W. Melali is New
England Chairman of the proiect
which is to complete the miilion
dollar fund for building this
"speaking record of America's part
in the World War".
As the opening featui'e of the
eampaign, ewry school and college
in New England will h.ive oppor
tunitv to make ils contribution to
the fumi, and to record its war
reserved for cutting into the
service in the memorial. Space is"
stones the names ami insigniti of
the institutions who give to the
fund, and for recording on the voli
of honor the names of those who
died or went into war service from
the school. Other patriotic organ-
ization will be given an opportuni- 1
ty to memorialize their war-time
activities. !
The Louvain Library was burn-
ed by the invading army in August -1914.
Soon afterwarct an American !
committee was formed to rebuild .
it. This committee, which included
the late Theodore Roosevelt, Car
dinal Gibbons, Joseph H. Choate.
and other eminent Àmei'icans who
have died, veceived gifts of $180,-
000. Last vear the corner stono
was laid, the foundations are now
rising, and the fund is to be com
pieteti this winter so that the work
mav continue without interruption.
President Butler of Columbia
University, the national chairman.
has asked Principal Stearns of
Andover Academy to serve as I
chairman for New England sec- I
ondary schools. He has asked I
Principal W ilson to sene as chair
man for Vermont secondary
Has High Single String
Average of 137 as
Continuetl from Page One
winnin- promotions until liis retirement as Major and Judge
Advocato. Ile enlisled as private in the Volunteer Militia or-
jsanized duiing- the late war, won an appointment as Major
ariti was aisciiar-ert as Lt. t;olonel ot the reiment. Ile was
keenly alive in ali the "at home" activities durine the world
war, and liia reatest regret is that he could not render his
service "over there." Ile was a page in the House of Repre
sentatives durin- two sessions, served as executive messenger
and executive clerk durino- two other sessions, and was sec
retary of civil and military affairs dump; the administration
of Gov. Prouty. The two last mentioned services comnelled
The averages of the bowling
teams that are members of the
le:;gue at The Baruin alleys show
some exceedingly gootl results.
Phillips of the American Lcgionjhiin to beconie intimately familiar with the details of pro
shows the highest single string j cedure in hoth legislative bodies to a "feater extent than
( with a total of 137. The. "Night- any inembei's thereof except the presidine ofFicers and clerks.
hawks come forth with the high Yet, withul, he does not claim to be a prodijry, but "uist
.team single string with a total of jfolks" like the rest of us. In ali the work he has done, the
'488 and the Elks law daini tr the j public bettcrments he has assisted in brinu'inp; about, the va
The av" ageT othe spSive ! us services in public odice he has rendered, he has freely
bowlers are as follows: jgiven the best that was in him. Ile has the reputatimi at
I T. Philiips 04 l-.'i, E. Smith 04, home of being honest and just in his dealings, and he is
oh S4n-! Vharetté LLvnch I f riendl-v and approachable. ire possesses a maturity and ex-
. iìó 7-i.i, Garfield y'o" 2-5, C. Morris j Pel'ience in '' which should be a most Vfduable asset in
88 r-i, G. mith 88 1-0, Dean 87-1 "-uidinur the destinies of our next, House of Iienresentatives.
PJ-l."), Pr-iy 87 2-.'ì, Ronan 87 8-1."
Beattie 87 4-15, Moore 87 2-7, Mc
Lean 80 14-15, iSeck 86 5-12, Rob
inson 85 7-10, Conner 85 1-13,
Christie 85 3-11, Chouniere 85 1-4,
Lucien Lacroix 85, Batchelder 84-5-6,
Farnham 81 3-4, Greenwooil
84 7-15, Higgins 84 4-15, Ram-sey
83 1-4, Wright 82 1-2, Sparhawk
82 1-3, Davey 81 4-5, J. Veilleux
80 1-4, Carrier 80 1-9, Flanders 79-2-3,
Morse 79 2-3, McDonald 79,
Davidson 78 5-6, Hill 68.
High Single String T. Phillips
137, High Team Single String,
Night Hawks 488, High Thi'ee
String Total Elks 1367.
North Walden
place to
Mr. Bellevance has
crawing milk from this
Miss Alma Orton is in I.yndon
vi Me for a few weeks.
Miss Jennie Bell is in Burlington
attending State Grange this week.
Melvin Gray is working foi-.Sytl-nc-y
He works hard for a desimi end and does not claim ali the
credit of victory, but jaiadly gives credit where credit is
due ainong those who bave assisted in the work. Ile does
not believe in single-handed valor, but rather attains his ends
by friendly co-operation with otliers, realizing- that no one
man is big enough to do it ali alone. He has a good knowl
edge of parliamentary practict and is a pleasing presiding
otl'icer, moving business fonvaid w ith as much rapidity as is
consistent with a reasonable discussion of important
i measures. ne nas no pieuges to reueein arni no prejuuicet io
gratify, and offers a fair and impartial service to the mem
bers of t!ie house and to the State of Vermont in ways that
will tend to strict economy and eff'iciency in the administra
tion of the state's business, a short session, a reduction or
elimination of the direct state tax, a proper conservation of
our naturai resources, ano a legisiouvc iirvtju wm.n
the folks back home will be satisfied.
To these ends Mr. Crout will give the best that is in him,
and we hope each member-elect will weigh carefully the
qualifications Mr, Grout undoubtedly possesses, and, so doing,
his election ought to be assured.
e desile to x-pìos.s our (
t i ìhtink.- to the l'rienil.-.jieii'hboì-.
for their k'ndness.
4'atliv, flowers ani
ing.- on 1 In- orcasion of tln
"1)1 olir d'i;r inotiier. Their
.Je.-tal io m.. o
'l'i' lorgotlen.
w Mr. i,irl-Mì,
l'i i ni i I -
M'. arni M r.. -Io p!i I.egendre
ri. ji, I l'iimily
S Mi. and Mrs. Thoir.a Legendre
'fi tir I Family
Eii'anuel Paradis
'- -I li I : i . t i 'in.nl i -.
r .lol:n-!tir, Dee. J2, l'.'JJ.
ritual olfer-
f : ii iid.-hip will never
Fr.mk Landrv ami
is instatitly learned and al ways re
membered. One of the leading educators of
America, C. O. Pearse, President of
the Stitte N'ormai school, Milwau
kee, Wis.. has written on the sub
ject tis follows: "American parents
stand responsible for the education
of American boys and girls. The
schools relieve them of much of
the tletail, but the home bears the
heaviest duty. Even the best par
ents neetl the best helps they can
get. The standard oncyelopedias
have been too voluminous; children
got lost in them. Children's ency
clopedias bave been too scant or
scrajipy or unscientif ic or unat-
tractive, or have had several of I
these faults." Then Dr. Pearse
goes on to name the only motlern
help that measures up to present
requirenients. "Hcre at last is
C'ompton's Pictured Encyclopedia,
a set of volumes usuable, hand
some in paper and print, beautiful
ly illustrateti, tittractive, fascinat
inglv interesting authentic."
is the only encyclopedia that has
been tlefìnitely prepared with view
to meeting ali modem school
needs. 'It is the produet of-a hun
dred of the foremost scholars and
educators of America. It does the
job for which it was mute, as hun
dieds of letters from grateful par
ents and teachers prove. You may
see the books at E. C. Smith's
Bonk store, Fastern Ave. For an
explanation of them, if you wish to
know how to begin to use them :tt
once to best advantage, cali C. IL
n,.;n.,t e T-l ,ir:-..
.irjl.-r, 71 II ni w-i.., xv.r. -n,.i-,,,j
Manager for Vermont and New
Hanipshivc. Advertisement
Former friends here will be in
terested in the announcement from
San Bernardino, California, of the
marriage, Xov. 29 of Perley V.
Severance and Miss Georgina L.
Teas and Coffee
cannot be exceled in
quality a trial is con
vincine. Packed by
Cross Abbott Co.
White River Junction,
Knights ot Pythias
Important business
Dee. 12th. Y'ou are
expected to be at Castle hall
tit 8.00 P. M. sharp.
Refreshments. Smoke talk.
L. G. Sitaubling C. C.
A. McLeod, K. of R. & S.
We have gained 35 new patrons
at the Creamery since Noveniber 1. We stili need more milk.
We have to buy a great deal of milk from the dealers in Bos
ton on which we cannot make much money, but we are doing
this to hold our traile hoping that soon we can supply this
tratte from our own creameries.
We can pay the highest pvices just
this creamery io its full Vapacity. We
it to, ali waiting for your produet.
is soon as we can vun
have the tracie to sell
When vou order Ice
Cretini insist on PLYMOUTH
Sold by ali the leatling dealers.
Plymouth Creamery System, Inc.
Who In Sam Hill
He is the man who is reading the clothmg
advertisements and saying to his wife,
"Jane, I wonder vhere I'd better go for my
He is the man we are ali advertising to this
But where in Sam Hill will Sam Hill find
the most satisfaction for his very satisfac
tory $35.00? That's the question
Here's the answer ! He will find it here at
a store that makes its living out of Volume
not individuai sales and he will find that
because we center on Values we are also
' the center of Variety.
Popular Priced Overcoats $25 to $15
New-Woolen Hose r "
Pulì down Caps.
Jurt off Broadway at 109-113 W..t 45th St.
Mudi fiTored by wonwn btTelinf without escorL "Suiuhine in e re 17 room."
ìli IIUIC1 r-l fluire uiìlil,
1 : u . l. i
8pX)intmcnis 01 a wcii con
ditioned home. o
40 Theatros, ali prlncipal
hops and rhurdies, 3 to S
minutes' walk.
2 minuta of ali subway,
"L" roads, nurface car, bu
A Within 3 minutes Grand .
Centrai, 5 minutes Pennsyl- Snnd postai for ratea and bookUt
vania Terminals. w. Jounsun Qwinn, Prnidtut
Miss Loliibell Alien spent sever
al tliiys in Stanna rtl last week.
Harry Iìarnct is threshing in thi-
vicinity. 1
o.-nii:-.. 11,1 I
. inriiriju iiiuuii 111 ni ,u 1111.
North Walden school Friday even
jing; Dee. 8 between the seventh
;md eiubth gratles nf East Hard
j wick and the 'seventh and eighth
gratles 01 inis sciiooi. ine ioiin
Walden school won out.
School closes Dee. 15 for a vaca,- ;
non of two weeks. 1
Alphon.-c LuCroix is working for
Mr. l.eMere in Hardwick. 1
Mi.. JliM-oId Ki.llil.rlMm 1.11-
Iicen 011 the sick list. j
Stirtut Aaiplitirr, pota powrardep ui
rorofl - siops miBiuiuK
eie 11 makrs utartiRl
Miy is witfrpfnef.
wh?r ifhnnt loam
ine tli sparli lwr,
Ttis Bnx'h cotbt
loia rompleU,
Brunelle Paint &
Auto Co., Inc.
' 1 1
U f!IAPif!Iiì -fmm.
.e.. . .... ai , .t. .-..J.i...,1f.4i,.. : .-..,...3
. 1 -' 1 gai
rw.jrp.ymmmvmf " nmmnmimt'', -' ; 11 m'mv.wyi'f, ,'twyi
I t rrfI.A.. ,1 JL ,-MV.tH-;1 frs.a.l-L.-.i''J.yj'1ify ,J
f i t-'ì
Presented by Messrs. Pearle E. Griggs and George Hinman
Colonial Theatre
Wednesday, Dee- 13
These individuai Artists are so versatile that a widc rango of
instrumentai combinations is possible. They forni a clarinet
orchestra of piano, clarinet, cornet, trombone, or alpine horn.
They can also change to a straight string uarter of violili,
cello, mandolin and guitar, playing the bright sparkling Italian
music or the dreamy songs of the Tropics.
Single Admission 75 cents
Save six of these coupons and mail or bring
them to the Caledonian-Record office with 95
cents and you will receive the latest
il J Mi m.r "W WVfif m

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