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The rriesf Christmas Evor
There is no reason why you and your family should not enjoy
'ne Merriest Christmas ever. .a
f There are two requisites and they are Health and Happiness.
During the last twelve months alone so many people ali
tiftmnd you have been restored to Health by Chiropractic that you
have become half converted yourself. Be wholly converted.
!l ; Be sure that your spine is nonrial. You can do this by Con
sulting a competent chiropractor, who will give you a Spinai
If he tells you that there is nerve pressure somewhere, thus
impeding the Life Force frani flowing unintermptedly to the vari
ous organs, take some Chiropractic Vertebral Adjustments, which
will be given with the bare hands alone. - t
They will do you good and will restore you to Health.
Do this at once and make sure that the Christmas uf 1922 will
be the Merriest one you have ever spent.
We are here to help you, and, if only given a chance, will help
There is not the slightest reason why Health and Happiness
should not reign supreme in your home this coming Christmas.
Take time by the forelock and consult your chiropractor
today. t j
Consultation and Spinai Analysis Free.
W. A. GAGE .
R.E.GAGE Chiropractors
Because of the illness of Mr. Frye the store has been elosed foi' two weeks. It is
now open with G. C. Frye in charge with Miss Marguerite Cagne assisting. (FrenCh
The place to get that "last minute" gift you have not yet bought. Open every evening
this week. (
Ln Fa FB8Y
Railroad Street
HOUSE 1000
zuììuv cQuu.j.rrs
Fot mot ly t ho ntinilml.-: uscii to
.-kin pcoplo ulivo, ltut now this
piallici" is rvM rictod to tlio staci;
May Construct Vast Shed
to Protect Biff Fleet
- of Motors
Nowpovt may house this win
ter a thousand Iìuick automobiles
if sto mire room can be provided
for them.
Messrs. Bradley and Fairbrotho
er yosterday received a wire from
the Noyes-Euick Co., New Enj?
land distributors of the IJuick car,
askilip; if it would be possible for
them to store a thousand cars for
the winter. They vili be shipped
cast via the Canadian Pacific rail
yay to Newport, to await delivery
in the sprint? by the Boston and
Maine railroad. This would meati
seveen or eight train loads of be
tween forty and fifty cars each.
The fiat cars on which autos aie
bhipped will carry at least three
This proposition was a po.er to
the now firm, but they are already
making plans to put this larpe
shipment under cover. There is a
rumor that an immense shed will
be constructed on the trottine
park or some other available place
l'or the purpose.
The followinff committee from
the Ladies ISenevolent Society
have been appointed to serve the
cornine year. December, Dewey
Smith, Jack Ralston, T. II. Osood,
Sidney Harding, Francis Lillicrap,
William Remnick, Thaddus Whea-
ton. January, Mrs. O. W. Baker,
Mrs. Francis Lillicrap, Mrs. Henry
Lee. Febi-uaiy, Mrs. Dewey
Smith, Mrs. Kloise Grav, Mrs. f.
H. Osgood. March, Clyde F.
lìrown, E. A. f.ray. O. W. Baker,
H. E. Curvier, 1 S. Woodbuiy,
Walter Gleason. Aprii, Mrs. S.
C. Harding, Mrs. T. E. Wheaton,
Mrs. Frank Carpente!'. May, Miss
Nellie Ranney, Miss Jennie Ran
ney, Miss Mary Reed, Miss Pearl
Lunnie. .lune, Mrs. Kate Crofton,
Miss Belle Burbank, Gwendoline
Rook, Rose Rook, Mildred Crofton,
Grace Hull, Maggie Wilson. July
Mrs. .1. R. Ralston, Mrs. Jennie
Wilson, Mrs. George Whipple,
Mrs. Alien Hodgileii. AiiRust
Mrs. Walter Gleason, Mrs. W. A.
Bradshaw, Mrs. Will Remick, Mrs.
Harry Morton, Mrs. Charles Rook.
Soptember, Mrs. Elennor Reed,
Mrs, J). J. Lunnie, Mrs. Charles
Howard, Mrs. P. S. Woodbury.
W. O. Rochleau left Friday for
Manchester, N. H., where he will
spend a week with his son, Guy
end wife going from there to Phil
adelphia to spend the winter with
his dauhpter, Mrs. Charles Cuirier.
The Philosophy of Toys
The children's toys which are
distributed in such profusion at
Christmas are more than mere
plaything-s. Parents will find it in
teresting to .stuGy their effect on
child nature.
The primary motive for toy rìv
inp is the desire of loving parents
to make their children happy.
Also they have a useful effect, in
divertine the attention of the kid
element fi"om their trobulcs. In
numerable genemtions of yelling
youngsters have been silenced by
diverting their attention through
some toy. These plaything.s are a
wonderful help to the busy moth
er, who uses them to occupy the
mincls of her restles!, otìfsprinp,
while she attends to other duties.
But the toy ilocs more than
keep peace in the house. Il is the
child's first tool, and his use of it
is his first introduteion to the vst
equìpment of machinery and in
dustriai devices that has been
handed down from previous gener-
l ations. A child wìthout toys is not I
merely likely to be unhappy, but i
he is like a man ast out into the
world withbut tools of manual or
montai labor with which to use
his powers and accomplish his
Toys incite children to use their
hands and play they are cloing
real work, lav the foundation for
! industry and mechanical skill. Mil
jlions of children got their first
i conception of tools from building
blocks and similar playthings.
Toys give the child bis first lit
tle glimpse into" the vast woi-ld of
invention, and make him curious
to know more of the triumph of
man's ingenuity. Children should
be taught to care for their toys
and to use them in the most skiil
ful way. The boy who handles his
little tm spade effectively today,
will soon use carpenter's tools well
and some day may be handling or
perating a morvalous mechanical
New Ideas
Is is a ditricult matter to draw
the golden mean between conser
vatism and radicalism.
Many people begin to hurrah
for every new idea suggested for
politicai and economie re forni.
The theoretical ai'guments for
such innovations look plausible to
them, and they never think of pos
sible objections. They agitate vio
lently for such ideas, and condemn
politicians and partles if their pro
posals are not promptly accepted.
Other people go to the opposite
extreme. They regard the world tts
a pretty comfortable place as it is,
and view new ideas with hostility.
Both attitudes are wrong. The
country is full of evils that need
reform. People must examine sug
gestiona with a hopeful and open
mind. But before rushing to the
support of every new idea, it is
well to ask how tìiey have worked
in practice, and how they fit in
with ordinary human nature.
The kids are always willing to
attend Sunday School if a popular
athlete is niade their teachcr.
There is a movemont to estab
lish public gami- rel'uges and the
liunted bachelors ccrtainly need
Business i.-u rged to adnpt a
code of ethics, but schedules of
jail tenns might be more effec-tive.
Like This In
Similar. Cases Being Published In
Each Issue
The following case is but one of
many occurring daily in St. Johns
bury. It is an easy matter to
veri'fy it. Ask your neighbor. You
cannot ask for better proof.
G. II. Webster, 3 Garden St., St.
Johnsbury, says: "About a year
ago I was troubled with a case of
very lame back and it would huit
me to do any lifting or bending,
I was vcrv lame upon arising in
the morni'ng. The kidney secre
tions were highly colored and con -tained
sediment. I used one box of
Doan's Kidney Pills which I got
at Landry's Drag Store and they
relieved everv condition and I have
had no trouble silice." Statement
given October 27, 1910.
On May 19, 1920, Mr. Webster
said: "The cure I received from
Doan's Kjdney Pills is permanent.
I am glad to again say a few words
in praise of them and to confirm
my former statement."
COc, at ali dealers. Foster-Mil-burn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
One borse traverse express
sleigh. A few tight air wood
stoves left. Open every ev
ening this week.
Cosy Furniture Store
Tel. C79-M.
Tender and
That's what our cus
tomers say about our
meats. We buy from
the largest markets
and get but the very
best the trade can af
ford. You will l)e a pleased
customer if you trade
with us.
Come in and see us.
illuni 1 1 ir l' i rmiriwni iimi
"e ' '
YOU may be Furo that a
gift of a Rndio Set this
Christmas will bo enthusias
tically wclcomed.
We've a variety of the most
favored kinds at a wide range
of prices. Stop at our shop
and let us show you.
Also parts and attachments
for those whose sets are al
ready installed.
W. H. Tilton
94 Railroad Street
Florida's most beautiful Hotel, an achievement of
Stanford VVhite's genius. Large, checrful sleeping
rooms, with or without bath, elegant ball room, an
attf active sun parlor. The wide and spacious vef
anda fronts on Bay Biscayne. "
The best beach on the East Coast invites the bathert
and the neighboring waters are unsurpassed for
boating and fishing. The golfers will find some of
the best courses in America and the surrounding
country is ideal for riding and motoring.
American Pian Unexcclled Food and Service
For iltuttratrd booklet. rrtn and full mformatian
mdànn Haiti Hakym HM. ffAumt, fionda.
S. Duncan, Propritttr U. A. HaakeU, Mi
of the 1918 Issue mature January 1, 1923 j
We have arrangements wlieveby we can send in to
the Federai Reserve Bank of Boston ali War Savings
Stamps which are not ìegistered and by fonvarding well
ahead of January 1, payment will be made to us prompt
ly. This will obviate delay in receiving funds as might
prove true, due to congestion of business, if settlement is
attempted through the locai post office.
Funds will thus be received, we expect, in season to
start interest on any deposit from January first.
We have already given attention to those we hold
for safe-keeping for our customers but if you have any
not yet presented to us, please bring in at once and we'
will collect, free of any expense to you.
Passumpsic Savings Bank
St. Johnsbury, Vermont '
IV.-. X I V 'V
ìf! I !l
i iti ir
0 M
m tv i -ut watìjfr
Gire Them Comfort
the Most Satisfying Gift of AU
The ideal gift for the family is one
that will give everyone the greatest
joy not only for this Christmas season
but for many years to come.
Radiantfìre means complete comfort
convenience a real saving in
money in Spring and Fall and a cheery
fireplace you will use throughout the
This marvelous gas fire gives you
healthful radiant heat prevents
colds from stuffy rooms makes a
fireplace beautiful whether in use or
Theie's a Model to Suit Every
Need and Every Pocketbook

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