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A Newspaper Covsring
the Entiie Northeast
Section of Vermont State
Every Working Day.
Final Resort When
Small Boats Fail
Rum Runnérs Marooned,
With Christmas Cargoes
On Coast, Desperate
(By The Associated Press)
NEW YORK, Dee. 23 Rum runninp; by airplane is the
next move anticipateci from the few desperate sea bòotleggers
who stili are marooned off the coast with their Christmas car
goes, dry officials' said today. The bootleggers hauling off the
three mile limit are in a bad way,
Mr. and Mrs. William Ber
nard Leave On Wed
ding Trip lo Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Iìuteau
are leaving todav on a belateti
wedding trip to Berlin, N. IL and
Quebec City. They bave success
fully kept their marriage a secret
for some timo, and il lia.s just been
discovered that they vere married
some timo ago. Announcement was
made todav tn Mr. Buteau's iellow
empio, at the railread office
where he is employed as manifest
clork, and they are enjoying candy
and smokos on the news.
Mrs. Buteau was Miss Vivisi n
Bernard, elde.-t daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Bernard. She has
been in the employ of the New
England Telephone and Tclegraph
Co., at the locai exchange for two
years and is to continue ber work
there. She is a graduate of the
Sacred Heart convent. Mr. Buteau
i.s a Newport boy and has been in
the joint office of the Canadian
Pacific and Boston and Maine at
Newport for fi ve years.
. - . i
Lf thoro ìs a ueuer ìmuriOìonial
bufeau any where than the-Ncw- G f it wiU he the largest
po.t exchange of the New I,ngland;hoI.d in all his ofTicial
Telephone and Telegraph Co., wc, The post office will be
should likc to be infomied of ,t. ' , fron n fl m t h
And what s moro, when marr,ed,l ufte.-noon. but ali parcel
the operato, will not leave their . yka(?es be deijUred.
work, so that he Company ,s ,n no , ' oAmtel. esperially requesta
danger of depleted servire. On the l 'f palTel post
contrary, the company is perhaps ; , , ,. ' j
the gainer m increascd efliciency, !1
owing to the steadying lionds of
the matriomnial estate.
Miss Alma F,th(d Astbury, daugh
ter of Mis. Kthel Astbury, for five
years in the locai office i.s the third
bride within a few months. Miss
Astbury, was uniteci in mnrriagc
this morning to Mr. William Ber
nard, the ceremony took place1
at Norton, Itev. Baymon.l Blais, tmwuii ..v.v..
being the oiriciating clergjinan, ! 'Ot NeWDOrt Girl
using the single ring service. ) all,i jirs. a. B. Cobleigh of
The bride wore a stylish suit 1 Oak Street announced the engagc
of navy bolivia and a small liat ment of their eldest daughter, Miss
of becoming shape of henna vel- i I,aura Cobleigh to Aubrey W. Akin
vet. The newly wedded couple left at a delightful party last evening
early in the afternoon for a weeks' whic-h was atlended by a largo
honeymoon trip to Berlin, N. IL, number of friends of botti familie.s.
where they will be guests of the j Miss Cobleigh i.s a graduate of
gi oom's brother, Mr. and Mrs. j Newport high school in the class
Henry Bernard, after whieh they0f 1!H7. She later attended Mt.
v ili spend a few days in Boston. Ida school near Boston. Mr. Akin,
On their return Mrs. Bernard is to one of the Boider Citv's most en-
(Continued on last page)
A Very Merry Christmas
Owing to the Iloliday there will be no edition on
Monday. Tuesday's paper will contain a com
plete account of the holiday doings.
the dry nien say. They cannot get
small boats to run the blockade.
Their supplica are ninnine low
and every night pirates who dare
to take a chance are ' putting to
sea and are making li fe for the
bootleggers anything but a joy.
It was said 15 airp'anes were
being prepared today, along the
Jersey coast and marshes in an ef
fort to defeat the vigilance of the
prohibition enforcement officials.
Vhi.sp'red charges that bootleg
gers ply their trade without re
striction under the dome of the
capitol of the United States and
number among their customers
some of the nation'.s foremost leg
islators was recognized today Sen
ator Curtis of Kansas, chairman
of the Rules rommittee, who orcier
eri the. capitol police to arrest any
bootlegger under the dome of the
who may intervene for theni.
DUBLIN, Dee. 23 Two hun
dred and sixty-four Republicans
; held prisoners in Mt. Joy pn.son
I were released today having signed
! a declaration to the Free State,
i Four of those released were wo
men. Christmas Hours
at the Post Office
Thcsc are the busicst days of
tilt' wuuit: t'tii ai me uimn-
, . , rr- nM k,,!
.. . . ,,,
()n Christmas day the office
will be open throughout the day.
The office force has cleared the
decks every night this weck, being
greatly handicapped by the late
arrivai of the afternoon and night
trains almost every day this week.
A lnrro o-omon
terprisinjr young men, has a res
j ponsible position in New York.
tu all
Some years ago the New York Sun was interrogated
by a little New York girl about Santa Claus and the rcply
of the editor has become a classic. When the writer died
the Sun broke its rule for the first tiine of editorial
anonymity and announced that the answer was written
by Francis P. Church, long one of its editorial writers.
The letter and answer i.s here given as our Christmas
message :
Dear Editor: I ani eiglit years old. Some of my
little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says," "If
you see in the Sun it's so'. Please teli me the truth ; is
there a Santa Claus?"
115 West Ninety-fifth Street. Virginia O'Hanlon.
Virginia, your little friends are wrong. Tltey bave
been affected by the skepticism of a sceptical age. They
do not believe except they see. They think that nothing
can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds.
All minds, Virginia, whether they be 'men's or children's,
are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere
insect, an ant, in his intellect, as conipared with the
boundless world about hini, as measured by the intelli
gence capable, of grasping the whole truth and knowl
edge. Yres, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Ile exists as
certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and
you know that they abound and give to our life its high
est beauty and joy. Alasi how dreary the world would
be if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary
as if there were no Virginias. There would be no child
like faith then, no poetry, no romance, to make tolerable
this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in
sense and sight. . The eternai light with which childhood
fills the world would be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not
believe in fairies. You might get your Papa to hire men
to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas evo to catch
Santa Claus, but even if tliey.did not see Santa Claus
coming down what would that prove? Nobody sees
Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa
Claus. The most real things in the world are those that
neither children nor men can see. Did you over see
fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no
proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or
imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseen
able in the world.
You may tear apart the baby's rattle and see what
makes the noise inside, but there is a veil tovering the
unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even
the united strength of all the strongest men that ever
lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love,
romance, can push aside that curtain and view and
picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all
real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing
else real and abiding.
No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives
forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay
ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make
glad the heart of childhood.
SANTA FE, N. Mex., Dee. 23-
Six men with heavy suit cases wlio
arrived from Las V'egad in an au
tomobile early today were put in
the county jail pending investiga
tion of the $20.000 robbery of the
United States federai reserve bank
truck at Denver. They were ar
rested wliile eating breakfast in
a restaurant.
BALTIMORE, Md., Dee. 23
Discovery has been made here of
one of the $ bills stolen by armed
bandits in the raid of the United
States federai reserve bank truck
at Denver last Monday police of
ficials state today. The bill was
passed at a down town restaurant.
MIDDLETOWN, Ct., Dee. 23
Clarence W. Davenport of Ply
mouth, Pa., a member of the Wes
leyan University basketball team,
died in the Middlesex hospital to
day after an operation for appen
dicitis. He was 22 years old.
HARTFORD, Ct., Dee. 23 A
radio signal sent by an amateur
wireless station in Manchester,
England, was heard last night by
A. B. Terrill of Riverhead, N. Y.,
and F. Kral of Washington, ac
cording to a report to the head
quarters here of the American
Radio relay league.
VALENCIA, Spain, Dee. 23
Eleven membei's of a regiment of
soldiers were killed including the
commander and more than Mi oth
ei's injured when a military train
out of control ran down a steep
giade and crashed into a freight
train in Valencia province today.
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. Dee. 23
The mansion of Henry S. Denni
son pi-esident of the Dennison
Mfg. Co., on Edmand's road, was
burned early todav causing a loss
estimated at ?75,o'()0. All of the
elaborate furnishings were de
stroyetl. Mr. Dennison is in Wash
ington in connection with his du
ties as a welfarc director in the
l'ostoffice dept. Members of his
family had no difficulty in leaving
the house after the fi re was dis
co trt J. Tii'j can. e i- not Know il.
Greek Capital Threatened With
Revolution By Anti-Militarists
, Defeats Windsor In Best
Game of Year; JVinth
Straight Win
(Special to Caledonian-Record)
WINDSOR, Dee. 23--Company
i D won its ninth .straight basket-
ball game last night by defeating
the -strong Company G quintet
here by the score of 16 to 11, in
an over timo, "sure-death" period.
Fans on eveiy hand declare the
contest the greatest one seen in
At the end of the first period,
the score was a tie 4 to 4. At the
termination of the second stanza,
Windsor forged slightly into the
lead with the marx of 6 to 5 in her
favor. Carne the third period with
St. Johnsbury trailing 9 to 11 just
before the whistle blew. Just an
eye-lash separated the Scaletown
five from a glorious defeat when
Lueky Fisk unleashed a long dis
tance heave. The ball was in the
air when the whistle sounded. Tho
basket counted and made the
score 11 to 11.
The knotted score at the end of
the third period made it necesary
to play another five minute ses
.sion. It was here that Company
D's latent strength carne to the
tiurface. Whitey Dumas, the bear
cat guard, arched in one of his fa-
(Continued on Page 3)"
Wilford Cayer
Injured by Explosion
Friday Afternoon
. Wilfred Cayer of Capleton, P.
Q., is at Brightlook hospital suf
fering from severe burns received
from an explosion at the Fair
banks foundry Friday afternoon
and i.s getting along as well as
can be expected. He was taking
the hot slag from the cupola to
the dump and unintentionally
poured it out in a puddle of water.
An explosion of the hot gases
immedìately followed which badly
burned Mr. Cayer's eyes, face and
one shouldcr. He was taken im
mediately to Brightlook hospital
and it is hoped that his eyesight
can be saved.
Mr. Cayer is a native of Belgium
and has been employed at the
scale works for the past two
Declares Hydro-Electric
Plants May Menace
Editor Caledonian-Record:
Dear Mr. Stone:
You vecently published a letter
from me in which I made obser
vations and statements concerning
not only the wisdom of your vii
lage employing a manager but
made reference to other subjects
which incidently your publication
had mentioned,
Among other matterà I mention
ed was the mortgaging of Ver
mont for the benefit of the Gener
al Electric Company. That obser
vation probably sounded and pos
Fibly i.s thought to be fantastie.
However, I cannot bring myself
to believe it to be unreal or ima
ginary when I have in my files a
circular issued by the Electric
Continued on page 5
IlOCKY MOUNT, N. C. Dee. 23
Fifteen passengers were injured
early today when eight cars in
cluding four sleepers and the en
gine, an Atlantic Coast railroad
train from Jacksonville to New
York were dcruiled mar Lucani
Information From Reliable
Source SaysTrouble
Is Brewing
(By the Associated Press)
MALTA, Dee. 23 Information just received here from
a reliable source in Athens is to the effect that trouble is
brewing there, with the unmistakable find of big counter re
volutionary movement. The population of the Greek capi
Pulpit Pew and Gioir In
Celebration of Great
Elaborate musical program.s
will mark the Christmas festival in
the St. Johnsbury churches. On
Christmas Sunday and again on
I Christina day the churches will
' hold services and at St. Aolysius,
St. Andrew's and Notre Dames des
i Victojres midnight services will
be held Sunday night, Christmas
Christcìas cantatas and pageants
will De given oy tue tunaay
ichools in connection with the treerf
and on Sunday afternoon ground
the community tree on the Sum
mer Street common, groups of
(dngers from the churches and
Sunday schools will assist in the
singing of carols.
pick up sei-vices-
At the North Congregational
church, Sunday, the pastor, Rev.
F. B. Richards will preach at the
niormng semee at 10.30 from the
ItVsmo "TVio Viilnou nf Timo'
The chorus will render Maunder's
"Glory to God in the "Highest",
Shelleys "Christmas" and "Star of
'the Orient" and Coomb's "Star of
the East." Miss Mariorie French,
violinist, will play "Holy Night"
by Noel. ' !
The chorus will be made up of:
Sopranos, Mrs. R. A. Levasseur, I
Mrs. R. D. Sherrv. Miss Lil'ianJ
Richards, Mrs. H.E. Smith. Altos:
Mrs. Ida Brooks, Mrs. W. E. Blod
gett, Mrs. George Cary, Mrs. Roy
Skinner. Tenors, C. A. Shields,
Carlyle Sargent, Collins Brodien,
R. A. Levasseur. Basses, F. H.
Brooks, D. G. Tilton, Edward
French, A. J. Beck. Organisi, A.
H. Brooks. Violinist, Miss Mar
jorie French.
The North Church Sunday school
service will be held at 3.30 Sun
day afternoon, closing in timo fot
the community tree at 4.30. Carols
will be sung by the school and
include "Christmas Prayer", Mil
dred Gilè: Responso, Mim. Frank
IL Brooks' class; Scripture, Mrs.
John F. Puffer's class; Story of
the First Christmas Tree, Eleanorj
Fuller, Christmas hymns and
Christmas verses, primary child
ren. The Christmas stoi-y Drama- j
tized will be presented by Dana'
Baxter, Richard Church, George
BaiTett, Royce Beck, l'hyllis Oliv
er, Ruth Shields. Presentation of
hook prizes for church attendance,
Superintendent C. W. Steele. Car
ols and the closing prayer by the
pastor. An orchestra compnsed of
Mrs. W. E. Blodgettt, RolfeSchop
pe, Ruth Cary and Priscilla Brooks
will assist with the music.
(Continued on natie six)
$;0.000 PAYROLL
PITTSBURG, Pa. Dee. 2:ì
Four bandits today shot Ross Den
nis paymat,ter of the Pittsburg
Coal company and escaped with a
satchel containing about $20,000 in
currency. The holdup occurred in
the hills behind Mt. LcBanon
while a party of company officials
were taking the Christmas pay to
miners at Beudling.
RANDOLPH, Mass., Dee. 2:5
George A. Faunce and John Shea
were burned to deuth when
Faunce's shack on the outskirts of
this town was des:royed early to
day. Their bodies were found in
the ruins. There was nothing to
indicale how Ilio lire ,'tai'Ud.
The VVeather
Cloudy probably locai
snowa tonight and Sun
duy. Little chance in
tal is at a highly nervous pitch
with many of the participants in
the late revolution leaving the
countrj'. The movement is not
against King George but again.st
MARION, 111. Dee. 23 Tho
terrorizing of a quiet countryside,
abu.se of law-abiding citizens and
the killing of an unarmed miner
were chaiged against the armed
guards at the Lester mines by wit
nesses for the defense today at the
trial of five miners in connection
with the Herrin riots. Only two
witnesses for the defense were
heard at the morning session.
HALIFAX, N. S. Dee. 2'i A
new trial was granted today by the
Supreme Court to Ralph Miles, a
soldier, .sentenced
to be hange
January 4 for the fatai shooting of
P'iorence Miles. Itiiies was found
wounded from a pi.-tol shnt near a
park last June. Neai'by lay the
girla body. The soldier sai'.i she
had met her death as the result eif
a suicide pact.
Christmas at the White Hou.se will
lack mudi of the usuai spirit of
the timo gone by because of ÌD's.
Harding's illness. There will be no
house guest-s and no t'hi'istrnaa
t Neither
' ..
the presuient nor
Alrs. Harding has nu.ue any holi
day plans. She may come oow
stairs in her wheel chair and pre
side at the table for Christmas
dinner but othcrwise the day will
bo hke any other s.nce he w-iù
taken ili.
43,900 AUTOMOBILE'.;
tomobilcs registered in 10212 will
number appi'oximately l.j.1'00, ac
cording to tigures given out by
Secretary of State Harry A. Black
The total number of chaulì'cui 's
and operator's licenses ssued will
be about 51,000. The ine rea e in
registrution over 11)21 is (!,oilii and
tho increase in licenses in II.OIìii.
Tho percent increase in regi.-tra-tion
over 1921 is 17 lì-i.
One out of every eight persoti ;
in the State own. an automobile
and one out of every seveu hold
an operator's or chaufl'eiu's li
cense. The secretary of State's re
ceipts for the year will be about
$782,000, an increase over 1!I21 of
11 1,000.
Telephone Gang In L01114
Trip from Morgan
Sand IJeach
Seven nien in the cori ti';ictio i
gang of the New England Tel. -iti 1
Tel. Company had a strenuous , i l t
Saturday morning in an Internr
tional truck from Morgan Bi-ach
to St. Johnsbury. making the
in eight hours. They left Morgiui
at .'! a.' ni. and had the hardest tini"
at Skinner hill in Charleston u hf : e
they found snowdnfts three feet
deep. L'ere they had to liovc!
through the drifts for 700 feet be
fore they could start the truck
again. The men in the party were
William A. Ballon, Cari W. Hat
chelder, Francis J. (ìleason, Clar
ence W . (ìeddes, Leon T. Kiii'",
Fred A. Wardner, Harry A. l'uv: 1.
They all had their pirtures taken
in front of the Lrigham drug sto, e
when they rearhed St. Jobtisbury.
The gang has been construct ing i
new line IH miles long from Perii ."
to I-land Pond and their job
j'racticallj i'OiuiKt.i.d.

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