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The Big Song Hits
The following songs are certainly real
"Hits" for we find them in the last relea-es of
phonograph reeords and Player-piano rolls:
"Cali Me Rack Pai O'Mine"
"You Cave Me Your Heart"
'Toot', Toot, Tootsie"
"Caronila in the Morning"
"Don't Bring Me Rosies"
"Love's Lanient"
"Early in the Morning"
Ol)posite Post Office St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Here's Service Youll Like
FROM the owner to the delivery boy, everyone
in this Store is eager to give our customers
prompt and erfkient ser
vice. We are the market
place for the thrifty
housewife. Ask your
neighbor she is our best
recommendation. A trial
order will prove most con-vincing.
Will you please phone or cali personally?
We have everything for your New Years
Main Street
We have made arrangements to ue
Occident Flour
for bread. So far as we know it is the best bread
flour made. We would appreciate your trying
it .
WTe shall have whipped cream pies, mince,
pumpkin, etc.
Angel Cake, Pecan Cake, Macaroons, Cream
Cake, Feather Cake, and we shall be glad to
make you anything you want for the holiday.
We want to thank you for your liberal pat
ronage the past year and extend to you our best
wishes for a very prosperous New Year.
Food and Catering Shop
Co Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Insurance Co. Pythian Building St. Johnsban
Calderwood Bldg., 42 Eastern Ave
vToi.73i Dr Geo R Cheney
Tuning and Repairing Pianos, Or- 2 Hlghland Aveniie
gan and Player Pianos. Phono- -
grnph repniriiig, Phone 452-J JJ m CONLY
JAMES B.CAMPBÉLL alili and Plumbing. Hot Ab
Merchant Bank Block 12 Portland St. St Johnsbury
Ut. Johnsbury Tel. 8C1-M .
Citizens Bank Building Automobile Fire x.-nc
AmL w Provident Life Men
Office rld Werrnehday 8 Portland Street Brunella BlocK
Spinai trouble a pecialty )fflce 12 anr Jfi jnch d dpli d
bours Tuesday, Tiiu?s-day, Saturday
2-5 p. m., Monday. V'erònesi'? and Te! 42-l
Friday evenings 7 out." 8. . C. F. BURDICK
Calderwood Eldg.. 1 hrne 3 West pJacp
I sruarantee every truss I THK GEORGE P. MOORE
fit to hold the rupture ier- INSURANCE AGENCY
I f fctly, to be easy -nd Insurance Any Kind
1 eomforable, to give corti- 2 Katm Averto
plete satisfaction in every ... t ,:a
vtctcomb: b wastman Chiropractor
T"lYf QSWA M Office Hours daily in afternoons.
J-1!71- f5, VXi; Tuesday. Thureday and Saturday
GENERAL CONTRACTORS rvriin?'?. C,."0 tn s.
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
AH Collesians Lose to
Co. D In Fast Contest
j and throw a long high pass into
Continued from Paco One the hammock which put St. Johns
In Metcalf the iei'l i'orward for bury two points in the load and
New Hampshire- the visitor lield a the crowd wcnt mio jpyfuP - hys
continued thteat, as was H. Forn- terics. The bali was tossed up
àld. the ranirv riirht cuard. These :
two men scemerò invmcihli1. 1 liey
were every wheie in the play and
when they look a .-hot .t the bift
loop it was a sale bet that there
was another point l'or the col
ìi'H'ians. L. Feinabl and Tuttle also
carne in for thoir sharebf the hon
ors by the great iasing jiTsimo tlicy
The passiriff of botli teanis was
above par, and the uardin- air
that would fall inside the loop
side jrot the bit? sphere, his pos
session was su re io do disputed by
an opponent, and the enervey that
both sides displayed made the con
test doubly exciting.
The Company I) huls seimed to
have ditficulty in passine the
moshes. Several times Connor and
Dumas macie spectacular heaves
that would fall insides the loop,
ioli tantalizingly about and then
lazily hop out into the hand of
some ready warnor.
No less excitins was the contest
between St. .Johnsbiiry academy
and the alumni of that institution
the formcr winnins- by a score of
il to 11. The academy lad.s had a
bit the better of the contest be
cause of their intensive tiuininp;,.
but the alumni in spile of the fa et
that many of tht-m had not played
a Kme silice their g'raduation, put
up a contest that kept a look of
worry on the faces of the students.
l'ike was easily the star of the
academy lads, although he con
fined his playin entirely to him
self. The work of Ì')ickÌTi.-..ii,
Shiclds, and Scruton was a, so out
standinK in its quality.
ror the Alumni the work of
Moore, McLane ami Pike was of
a stellar quality, but the lattei- lad
was disqualified at tiu; end of the
first period on personal fouls.
The first )ei'od opened with
Company D leudin otr in a mat- .
ter of fact way which soon tumed
to a whi'iwind fi'ht as the visit- !
ors jumped into the breach with
wildeat abandon. New Hampshire
S'ot the hall and in a Kieat exhibi
tion of passine put the ball into
locai territory. Goslant dove head
first into the melee and emer,ued
with the pili, which he shot to
Connor. Puss sn.-pped to Fisk who
was at once surrounded bv a mob
of the enemy. Ri.u;ht bere "Lucky"
showed the stufi" that makes bas- i
ketball and dod(,rinp; and circlins
he made a beautiful one handed
throw that se-ttled throuti'h the
meshes for the first score of the
pame. A moment Inter he repeated
the performance on a pass from
Dumas. I
New Hampshire right bere took I
a spurt that made the fans anx-,
ious. Metcalf frripped the lemori on
a pass fi-om H. Fernald and jfoinu' !
the Ienth of the court made a one i
handed otTerinjf that set the crowd
wild. Followed ah " exlii-bitioti of
passine and juKli'iff the ball be- 1
tween Goslant and Connor that ,
kept New Hampshire doinjt the toc j
dance. Dumas touled Buri- twice,
but he failed to resister in either
case. Connor was fouled by H.
Fernald. He shot the pili entei-ing
the bed for a seeminuly sure shot
but after cavorting- about for the
space of a minute it rolled out into
the hands of the ever ready Burns.
Burns ami Dumas wei'e fouled
for pushins and New Hampsjiire
tallied the points. The period end
ed Company D, ! New Hampshire
This stanza started otf with a
rush, Goslant, Connor and II.
Fernald makiriK dashes that
broubt the crowd to their feet.
Fernald gettine the ball rushed
the lenp-th of the floor for a goal
only to be stopped by the demon
like dive of Connor. F. Fernald
and Dumas wer( fouled for push
inr, each taHyiiitc.
Dumas snatched the ball fi-oin
the tossup and shot from the mid
dle of the floor, the nutmc'K
fiettlinj? throuKh the meshes for
another Scahitown point. After a
wonderful exhibition of floor work
by Burns and H. Fernald the per
iod ended with the score Company
D 1"), New Hampshii-e 10.
The thii'd period opened with
each team playine; tiyht. Both ave
a clever exhibition of )asin-, siall
ing for the tinie when they coukl
break throuK'h the oppo.-in de
fence for a tally. Both were foul
ed several times for mixing it up
too strenuously. . Fern.dd was
the only one who scored from a
foul and this was called illegal by
referee Kanney, the player heing,'
out of bounds. Each team threw
discretion to the winds and piled
into the scrimmage in a manner
that made the fans hysterical.
Burns made a beautiful one
handed shot, but the jinx were
against liim and it rolled out. Both.
teams tallied from doublé fouls.
Goslant made a great attempt at
agoal but this also rolled out. II.
Fernald again demonstrated his
ability as a crack shot when he
arched in a beauty from the mid
dle of the floor tying the score at
16 to 10 and the crowd went wild.
From ali sides carne commands,
entreaties, and rmploring- for the
locals to score.
Chief Burns called timo out and
held a conference with the Scale
town Braves. With one minuto lel't
to play they again took. the floor
and Whitey Dumas, heeding the
The Sons of Veterans will hold
at G. A. It. Hall, Friday, Decomber
29. Rcfreshments serverò.
AdmisBion 20 cents
Good music. Eveibody welcome.
voice of the fans for a winning
scoio repeated that which ho had
already (Ione earìier in the cvening
arain and Iiurns was touied oy
Tuttle. Curley shot the point put-
ting- the game on ice and assuring
the twefth straight win. The whis
tle blew with a final score of Com
pany 1) 1!), Ali Coilegians 16.
The summary:
Goals P'óul. Points
0 1 1
4 11
1 2 4
ti 1 ' :ì
o.o o
Fisk, rf
Burns, c
Dumas, lg
Goslant, rg
(5 7 li)
Goals Fouls Points
Metcalf, lf r; 4 10
Buri, rf 1 t
Tuttle, c 0 O
L. Fernald, lf ti 1 1
H Fernald, rf 2 0 4
Total 5 6 16
Refe ree. Kanney. Timer ChfU'
ette. Scorer, Lyndes. Time, 15-10-15.
Goals Fouls Points
:; O 0
1 0 2
4 ! 17
O 0 0
10 2
2 0 4
11 !) 31
Goals Fouls Points
0 ;? 3
2 0 4
10 2
1 0 2
0 0 0
0 0 0
4 3 11
Dickinson, lf
Léonard, rf
l'ike, c
Scruton, lg
Goss. rg
Shielcls, sub,
McLean, lf
Moore, rf
Pike, e
Wilcox, lg
Lord, rg
, Total
j Referee, Heath. Timer, Char
ette. Scorer, Lyndes. Time, 15-15.
Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Morton and
children Paul and Louise, spent
Chrihtmas at the home ot Mrs.
Mary Chapman.
Miss Belle Burbank is home
from ber school at Guildhall for
the Christmas vacation.
Russell Moyse went Saturday to
Portland to spend Christmas with
his sisters Misses Alice and Flor
ence Moyse.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WaiTen
were at the home of Mrs. War
ren's mother, Mrs. Minnie Wil
liams, Monday.
Miss Katheleen Ferrin, Concord,
N. m is spendivi g the week with
her sister, Mrs. P. J. Martin.
Albert Morris nus gone to Mass
achusetts to spend the holidays
with his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ranney,
were in St. Johnsbury, Saturday.
Miss Lyle Spaulding of St.
Johnsbury spent the week end
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Spaulding.
Omar Robilard has been unab le
to work the past week from an in-
there Can Be No Doubt About
The Results In St. Johnsbury
Re.-ults teli the tale.
Ali doubt is removed.
The testimony of a St. Johnsbury
citizen can be easily investigateci.
Ask your neighbor. What better
proof can be had?
O. S. Cogswell, 65 Railroad St.,
says: "About a year ago I used
Doan's Kidney Pills when my kid
neys were disordered. My back
bothered me quite a bit when I
stooped and my kidneys were very
weak and inegular. I often had
to get up a couple times during the
night to pass the secretions which
burned severely. I used two boxes
of Doan's Kidney Pills which I got
at Landry's Drug Store and they
fìved me up in short order. I am
glad to recommend Doan's."
Price (ÌOc, at ali dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the sanie
that Mr. Cogswell had. Foster
Milburn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
..H fi.-'"'!
WeVe Trouble Finders
We know that knocking noise
annoys you but it should not
with our service garage at your
Get into the habit of eoming to
us for consultation. uad, advico.
You will find us always ready and
willing to render you the best sat
isfaction in town.
Buick Service Station
Livingston & Howe
iury caused bv sticking a nail
his heel. He is improvnig.
Elmer Hunter was a business
visitor iP St. Jormsbury Tuesday.
Mrs. Uood and children are vis
iting he sistcr,. Mrs. Lynuugh at
North Concord.
The Verdict of 65 Years
Minard ' Liniment ia the favorite
family liniment in thousandt of
home where it merit ha been
tetted and it uperior quality
ha outlived competitori for
more than 65 year. '
Just Off The
That's the kind of fish
we handle and no oth
er. We buy from the
nearest seacoast mar
kets and our fish is al
ways fresh. It makes
a big difference how
long the fish has been
"off the hook."
You get fresh fish
with a capital F when
you trade with us.
I. G. Rolf e
Railroad Street
- : liìlìll C... I ti I IVi ri in2 IJ'"
in i mmf97rx.. .j im. f
This is thesafeand painlessi
tnethod for corns..
For sale in this city at
Welsome B. Eastman
Reliable Pharmacist
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Sfari oor Ghrisffnas mm
Many of us find the Christmas season at hand without the where
wìthall to furnish our families and our f riends with the'gifts or
remembrances that we had hoped and intended to give. We f eel
sorry and yet we cannot do otherwise than blame our own
shortsightedness. Saving small sums systematically would have
provided ali the money necessary and if YOU want ALL that
you'll need next Christmas
Join Our
Which is now forming. By joining this club you can deposit any--here
from 25c to $5.00 weekly, and receive a check for the total
plus interest by December 15th, next.
Ylerchants lationa! Bank
Why I Use Advertising
As My Buying Guide
In my capacity as housewife I am the general
manager of a household. Upon me devolve.-?
the duty of making rather large purchases
which loads into another duty that of th
economical expenditure of the household
My busband reads very assiduou.-ly what he
calls "trade papers." These papers pertain al
most entirely to his business. He says ho
could not get along without them because they
keep him posted on mattei-s which come up in
his business li fo every day.
In running my household I find that the
newspapers and the magazinos are my "trade
papers." The advertisenients teli me nearly
everything I wish to know about the purchases
I should make. Like my husband who spenda
hours upon hours engrossed in his trade maga
?,ines so that he may conduct bis business more
successfully, I study with care the ulvertise
ments in the newspapers and the maga
zines which I have found out enable me to
conduct my business, which is my household,
more economically and succcssfuìly.
In doing my neighborhood buying I think
that I am able to choose the - toro that gives
me the greatcst value for my money. My
choice is always the one where I am sure to
get the advei-tised goods I a.-k for and where
I am not told: "Hcre is romething elst just
as good." I buy advertised goods because ex
pcrience has taught me I save money Ihere
by. It has been my observation that the ftore-
(Publishcd by the Minneapolis Journal, in co-operation
with The American Association of Advertising Ac.eiicic.-)
WeÀre PreparedT9 Do
Excavation, Concrete Work, Stone Masonry,
Raising and Movìng Buildings. Aiso Moving
Heavy Machinery. Work to be in charge of
Fred Blay.
We are in a pòsition to do Carpentry of al
kinds, with John StafTord in charge.
J. M. SWAN & SON, Inc.
Caldervood Building Tel
SSupistoiniis Cini)
keeper who handles advertised articles sells
more goods and it isn't hard for me to figure
out that if the dealer wants to make only a
fair profit he c an sell me goods cheaper if
he sells a great many goods than if
he fells a .mailer amount. Coincidently, T
have noticed that dealers who do handle artic
les which are advertised seem to giow and
I have often wondered if it isn't because ilio
goods which they see on their own shelves
remind them constantly of the forward-looking
work which is being done by the manufacturer
of those goods, thus setting an example for
greator industry.
I know that if I want to buy a barici of
flour or a very large sack of flour I can buy it
cheaper than I can buy a tea or twenty-iive
pound sack. My storekeeper can do the sanie
thing in buying his mcrehandise. I have heard
my husband talk often enotigh on the tpiestion
of small profits and rapili turnover to know
that it isn't the dealer who makes the long
profit that gets ahead but the one who makes
the small profit and turns his capital over and
over. But this is not the only benefit I get in
buying from a storekeeper who sells hfs cus
tomers goods which are advertised. The goods
1 buy ave fresher and newer and I feci that
because many of them have been -idvertised
for years they are more dependable.
For how could people continue to buy them
if they were not? And how couhl the manu
facturers continuo to advcrti,-c them if .luy
did not buy?
i:-1. tv

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