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Arkansas ladies' journal. (Little Rock, Ark.) 1884-1886, August 09, 1884, Image 3

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local brevities.
The nicest quality of dried fruit is turned
", by the fruit evaporating establish
aent of Maxwell & Edmonson, situated on
Th'ird and Broadway.
Capt Chas. E. Kidder is announced as
'didate for County and Probate Clerk.
: h wh ° has so efficiently filled
the office of City Clerk, is an honorable,
prompt and excellent business man.
-Harding & Bailey have lately finished a
, ha 7dsoine residence upon the corner of Scott
an d Ninth street. The residence was erected
for Mr. Louis L. Mivelaz, and is a very taste
ful and handsome home for the family of that
-Correll & Griebel, the popular Main street
confectioners, are prepared to set an excel
lent dinner upon short notice. They also
offer a full line of choicest candies, bon-bons
and confections. Their ice creams are of the
most tempting variety, and one can but taste
to know that they prepare delightful soda
—Sustained and managed by the earnest
and charitable ladies, who are making that
their especial labor of good work, the Ladies’
Hospital has been receiving numbers of sick
and unfortunate during the warm weather.
In July alone, nineteen patients were received.
How can one doubt religions or excellence
of spirit, when its effect is seen in benifi
cence ?
—Rossner & Castleburg, on Markham street,
a few doors east of the National Bank, can
refresh the passer-by with a glass of ice cold,
delicately flavored soda water. All choice
confectionaries are found at this reliable es
tablishment; cakes, creams and' toothsome
idainties of every description. They also
per a nicely prepared lunch or dinner at the
shortest notice. Call and see them.
—lownsley, of the Dollar Store, offers this
week, dishes, pitchers, glass goblets and glass
ware at lowest prices. His china and majolcai
ware are as pretty in design and as varied as
put chasers can find. He also offers, regard
ess of cost, trifles and remnants in every
e partment. these will be placed upon
ounters, marked in plain figures and closed
° Ut at lowest rates. He also offers at his
‘Wnioth soda fountain thirty-eight syrups
eighteen mineral waters. C. G. &H. S.
ar e also courteous gentlemen, deal-
Ln 1 Customers in a kindly, liberal and
palate manner.
■of flip l Cn^’nes are local diversions
itig then'll At 5 °’ clocku P on a gi ven even
instant tv S ° Unds lts measured tap. In an
the trai i U ' ns ad horn the horse stall,
the enso Ct , rses P^ ace themselves fronting
t°gether ’? 1C work mg w ith snaps is
place, he a momen t the driver is in his
open S d r °^ e near tke doors
! Caree rin? H th , e daslli ng, fiery engine is
ent and Pulaski have been rac-
ing up Main street to Ninth and out Ninth to
Rock. At this point the hose is placed and
vast columns of water are thrown aloft, re
sembling great water spouts. One should
see these powerful engines racing up the
street to realize how exciting the contest is.
The fine horses in full run, the men at their
posts, the great engine reeling from side to
side as the horses veer or change along the
route. Certainly it is a diversion to witness,
but rather an alarming one at a crossing, if
within their course.
Miss Nannie Smith is visiting Mrs. Dr.
Miss Lytie Nichol is now at Searcy
Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, of this city, are at
Virginia Beach.
Judge B. B. Battle is holding court in
Lafayette County.
Mr. W. S. Eakin, of Perryville, is passing
a few days in the city.
Messrs. H. V. and John Maxwell will leave
next week for New York.
Mr. E. Julian Beale has returned from a
summer vacation in Virginia.
Judge and Mrs. E. H. English left the city
last Tuesday, for Ashville, N. C.
Mrs. Thompson, of St. Louis, is visiting
Mrs. Bainbridge, at the Arsenal.
Mrs. William A. Cantrell returned from a
visit to the seashore and the Capitol, with
her daughter, Axtell.
Mr. Lucius J. Polk arrived in the city on
Saturday, and will accompany his family to
Columbia, Tenn., on Monday.
On Madame Rumor’s docket, there are
four weddings named for October 6. The
Future Club will be sadly desolated.
Miss Maude Nichol accompanies her sister,
Miss Lytie Nichol, home from Nazareth,
where she graduated with distinction as val
Judge and Mrs. John R. Eakin, of Wash
ington, and Miss Harrell, of this city, arc
guests of Col. and Mrs. John M. Harrell, at
Hot Springs.
A brilliant moon last week inspired a sere
nading party who, in a coach and four, drove
over the chequered streets and gave sweet
music under the windows of a favored few.
Miss Pierce was the nightingale of the party.
It is not known what other feathered song
sters were represented.
A large boating party, composed of five
boats and their occupants, went up the river
Tuesday night as far as the sand-bar,
where they disembarked, arranged a sup
per, played prisoner s base, and returned
about half-past eleven. Mrs. W. C. Ste
vens, Miss Pierce, Miss Davis, Miss Emily
Churchill, Miss Newton, the Misses Wil
liams, Miss Mast, Miss Rose, Miss Wilson,
Miss Waddell, and Mr. Eberts, Mr. Calef,
Mr. Deshon, Mr. Powell, Mr. Lynch, Mr'
Pomeroy, Mr. John Maxwell, the Messrs.
Reaves, Lieut. Woodward and others, were
of the party.
Miss Waters is in Canada.
Miss Bell is at the seashore,
Miss Bein is in Vicksburg, Miss.
Miss Knapp is in Keokuk, lowa.
Miss Eakin is in Culpepper, Va.
Miss Ida Watkins is at Hot Springs.
Mr. Eberts is here from Texarkana.
Miss Urquhart is in Vienna, Austria.
Miss Buchanan is in Lebanon, Tenn.
Miss Whitthorne is in Louisville, Ky
Mr. A. Godbold is at Waukesha, Wis.
Mr. Alfred Ryley has gone to Canada.
Mr. D. A. Brower is visiting the lakes.
Miss Deshon is at New London, Conn.
Mr. Roy Hempstead is at Perryville, Ark.
The Misses Bailey are at Virginia Beach.
Mr. W. J. Hughes has settled at Monticello,
Mr. A. P. Howell is sailing on the sea of
Miss Turner and Miss Watkins are in Cin
cinnati, Ohio.
Mr. A. L. O’Neale has gone to Virginia
via New York.
Miss Bettie Turner and Miss Lillie Eakin
are at Searcy, Ark.
Lieut. W. P. Stone is at Fortress Monroe,
Old Point Comfort.
Mr. Harry, Johnson is home from his vaca
tion at the seashore.
Miss Nellie Cunningham is at Washing
ton, Ark., visiting Miss Hart.
Messrs. Crane and Ragland returned to
this 1 city from Virginia this week.
Miss Lucia Martin is in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Will spend the summer in Washington, D. C.
The Misses Jabine, Miss Lenox and Miss
Nellie Maxwell will leave next week for
Louisville, where they will remain during the
The small flat plaques of tinted pasteboard
can be turned into pretty little calendars by
decorating one side and gumming on the
other a small calendar which, in a space of
two by three inches, gives all the months and
days of the year. On the side on which is
the calendar is painted a narrow vine-like
border or a plain band of color, and on the
back a cluster of flowers or a tiny landscape.
A hole is made near the top, and a ribbon
looped through, by which .he calendar is
suspended from the shelf above the writing
desk or near a table.

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