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Arkansas ladies' journal. (Little Rock, Ark.) 1884-1886, January 31, 1885, Image 1

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—— '„z—— — ~ - , .. _ ■ — \vwJwa\xvx
VOL. 1. NO. 31.
,MRS. E. W. GIBB, !■ Assoelate Writers.
Ladies in business enterprises, can find with this journal
rates of advertising.
Advertisements or subscriptions, and matter intended for the
'A of our paper, we desire addressed
Eg All business matter or subscriptions for
■he Ladies’ Journal can be left at
■hsrs. Wilson & Webb’s book store,
■ 'Mlain, near Second street. Some one
the ladies connected with the Journal
■hll be found there.
B«’e print to-day Mrs. Alton’s beautiful
■»«; we hope to hear from her often.
B“ mekwe give Miss Kirkland’s
B"“’“ To llcart -” Miss Kirkland is a
■ ' ' ,lbutur f ™" Prescott in our State to
South and other publications.
is felt in Enghsh military
■" 0 over the situation of Gen. Stewart
■ “ Soudan. El Mahdi’s forces have
S T °. Seri °” Sly routed as first
iS a P* ol * »»<' nerve
■*i’«t°Xi'e 7 l tl,eci ; lized wotl< '
■atEntrland ‘ ihe force
the' a S <l 7 rteied iU Egypt and
K !cipiil,e( l and w °n 811 Countr ? is lar S e >'
dash of ti ° acc °utered, yet the j
KXX" i,hVC
,®*'>e .Vii„|j,i y . |nece of wor k for the j
M to perform.
W’S7H hasmadea -
thia is t | ' eto " mu€ 'l’ commended,
■"I* r exhibit of H Set aSlde toward tlie
the cot / le inducts and indus-
I*" /o" g T Ving Btat e of Arkan-
I PP, °P™mn is „ ot large> it is
not commensurate with either the resources
or the revenues of the State, which is a
arge producer in the way of raw material. ,
any have thought the appropriation ,
would not be made at all; being made,
however, we pronounce the act public
spirited, and of great value. First it is of ;
value, of course to the commissioners,
second it is of value to the Legislature, for
it evinces a broad and liberal pride and
thoughtfulness upon their part.
Ihe Ladies Journal wishes to call at
tention to the disinterestedness of the above
paragraph. For in all appropriations for
the World’s Exposition, the women of
Arkansas, who have charming pictures,
heads in butter, woven and knitted works,
publications, Ac., have been left out—out
utterly, and there are to be no women in
Arkansas in our State’s portion of the Ex
position. When the women of America
were importuned to show now if they had
performed any work worthy of notice, any
industry, any publication, any artistic labor
or scientific product. Now, did the com- ,
missioners bid them come forward and
placing the results of such labor in a <
Worn m’s Department, permit the world to
judge if women are capable of execution in 1
the way of complete results. This was a I
courageous thing to do, and a noble mind I
prompted the commissioner’s invitation to '
the women of America, for a frequent ver- I
diet has been pronounced regarding the <
women. They are frivolous, they love I
certain vanities and excitements, they sel
dom hold to an enterprise or carry any i
work to completion. Ah—but—and are
we not received in the body politic as de
pendents, as individuals, who according to
law must be maintained by somebody?
Individuals who must not possess inde
pendence of spirit, laboring for their own
income—and for these women look at them,
when left alone to labor, are they not con-I
stant, true and very industrious? But the
Exposition is to bring their capabilities to,
some position amid the capable individuals '
of our land. Alas! and alas, for Arkan-'
sas! Not one dollar of appropriation is
permitted to go to her women, so our lady
commissioners have given up in despair,
and the women of Arkansas can send noth-
ing to the Women’s Department of the
N( w < b leans Exposition. So we attiriu
that the Ladies Journal is quite pleased,
and disinterested in being pleased, that at
least an additional appropriation has been
made for the exhibit of the resources of the
State at large, even if it appear at New
Orleans that Arkansas caresnot whether
her women excel in industry, art or any
other pursuit. May we murmur this letter
soto voce, and then Ley pardon for our
little topic?
The week’s cablegrams are ladened with
accounts of a fearful explosion that occurred
in London, Saturday the 24th, inst.,at2:lo
P. M. The buildings of parliament, and the
tower of London, were seriously shattered
by concealed dynamite, the fuse of which
was fired by some unknown party or parties.
In view of this astonishing catastrophe, Lon
don life is shocked to its very center. The
whole police force is put upon duty, troops,
in and around the city, put under arms,
public buildings have a cordon of police
drawn around them, while the most fren
zied state of excitement prevails in every
quarter. It is thought that this explosion
was the best planned and the most impor
tant politically, that the enemies of the
government have yet dared to launch upon
the kingdom. A noticeable fact is the oc
currence of the explosion upon the side of
the House of Commons, where the members
of the government and their followers upon
the side of the liberals have their .seats.
Had this membership been in their seats
not less than two hundred of them would
have been killed. Sir Richard James
Dacres, chief Governor of the Tower of
London, is reported as having said, “that it
is a pity there were not some Americans
in the Tower at the time of the explosion,
that if Mr. Lowell and a few more Ameri
cans had suffered instead of poor little
[children and women, perhaps the American
Nation would be aroused to aid England
in putting down this dynamite excitement.”
In fact a plot that rivals the celebrated
I Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot, may well tie
supposed to exist, and the chief Governors
of notable buildings, and the keepers of
seals may well look about them with ap
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