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Jeffries & Morris, Props.
“Everything in Drugs”
Also prepared to serve
Lunches and Short Orders
Little Rock, Ark. July 7 *21.
Mr. W. W. Raney,
Local Registrar,
McCrory, Ark.
Dear Sir
Herewith we are handing
you two placards, which we
hope will be of great help to
you in birth and death regis
tration. Please post these
where they will be seen and
read by the greatest number
of people. If you feel that
you can use one or two more
to advantage, we will be glad
to furnish them.
In this connection we de
sire to impress upon you that
the Bureau has been lenient in
the matter of violations of the
Vital Statistics Law up to now,
hoping to secure full co
operation from the people by
education to the value of the
law. However,it is felt that
prosecutions of willful viola
tors will bring 100% regis
tration, and you are instructed
to advise us the name or
names and addresses of par
ties failing to comply, and also
the circumstances, so that we
may advise you what steps to
Thirty-four states have al
ready entered the National
Registration Area on death
registrationand twenty-two on
birth registration, besides the
District of Columbia, and the
time has come to remove Ark
ansas from the list of “Four
teen Backward States” that
nave not yet become sumcient
ly progressive to fulfill the
requirements of an adequate
Vital Statistic Law. *
It is the desire of the Bu
reau to aid its Registrars in
every way possible, and we
ask that you call on us at any
time you feel you need help.
Yours very truly,
Quick farm loans are made
by the American Investment
Co. Write to F. W. PEAR
SON, Bradford, Ark., or see
Dr. R. L. FRASER, McCrory.
Adv. 6-24-4tc.
108,962 IN JUNE
Demand Exceeds Output As
Ford Breaks All Previous
During the month of June,
the Ford Motor Company,
through its Detroit Factories
and 22 Assembly Plants
throughout the country
reached the production of
108,962 Ford Cars and
trucks, setting up a new high
record for one month.
Prouduction of Ford cars
and trucks has been steadily
increasing since early spring,
and shows substantial gains
over the same period last year.
The second quarter of 1921,
viz., April, May and June,
shows an output of 301,796
Ford Cars and trucks against
220,878 for the same three
months of last year, or a net
increase of 80,198.
Despite the fact, however,
that the Ford Plants have
been running at maximum ca
pacity, the demand for Ford
cars and trucks is not being
met, and at the present time,
many thousand unfilled orders
have been piled up ahead so
that Ford sales are still limited
by manufacturing facilities
rather than marketing pos
sibilities. Particularly is this
true with respect to enclosed
cars, for which the demand
has been unusually heavy.
One reason cited by Ford
Officials for the unprecedented
demand for Ford cars is the
present tendency toward
economy. Many of those
whose names have been added
to the long list of buyers
might well have afforded
larger and more costly cars
than the Ford, but it is the
belief that most prospective
motor car buyers are investi
gating all of the costs inci
dent to motoring much more
carefully than at any period
during the past five years.
The estimated output of the
Ford Factories for July calls
for 109,000 cars and trucks,
or a production of 4,360 a day
for 25 days. Since the as
sembling of cars is being
handled during an eight hour
work day only, the hourly out
put will be 545 cars. In other
words, one Ford car or truck
leaves the assembly line every
6V2 seconds. Adv.
Dr. Eugene Rosamond of Mem
' phis read a paper before the South
1 era Medical association with the
following conclusions: (1) Habit
i ual crying in breast-fed babies at a
particular time each day—usually
I late afternoon and at night—is a
! symptom of hunger. (2) The pre
ternaturally smart, wide-awake baby
is hungry. (3) Three-months colic
is primarily hunger. Starvation,
indigestion and milk imbalance, due
to the mother’s worry, may cause
true colic to supervene, but these
right themselves if the baby’s cries
are hushed. (4) Supplemental and
complemental feeding is the remedy.
(5) Complemental feeding should
be given only with a cup and spoon.
I Mr. Wiggum (to servant girl)—
Is my wife going out, Annie?
Anna-—Yes, she is.
Mr. Wiggum—You haven’t heard
whether I’m to go along?
Visitors to Liverpool recently,
j owing to lack of hotel accommoda
tions, were housed in one of the big
^ transatlantic liners lying in dock.
Jud Tunkins says it doesn’t seem
^ sensible for a man to keep so busy
mowing the lawn that he can’t get
time to shave himse3^
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith
and children of Memphis are
the pleasant guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Wood).
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Willis
and baby, Helen Kyle, left
last week for a month's)
Visit to relatives in Munford
Mr. Jack Dixon is now
handling fresh baked bread,
pies cakes and rolls made by
the Home Bakery, at Augusta.
These are delivered daily and
you get them while they are
hot and fresh from the oven.
Ark. Adv. 7-l-4tc.
You can plow, disk,
harrow, harvest,
thresh, bale hay,
grind feed, fill the
silo, saw wood,
pump wafer, pull
stumps, do road
work or any other
power job around
the farm quicker,
easier and at less
cost toyouwith the
Fordson Tractor.
Twenty-four hours each
day, every working day in
the year it will give maxi
mum service. Light but
powerful it gets from job
to job quickly. Easy to
operate and control—effi
cient, economical and above
Get in the power-farming frame of mind
now. Call, phone or drop us a card for
facts. See the Fordson in practical
McCrory, Arkansas

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