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Fourth of July
The P«t Fourth of July ***” W ‘‘“ : ।
r o<xl deal of pleasure trips and
features of the day were the two bal
rames played between Newport an I
Enville which took, place in New
Several hundred peoples of '
B eivlHe attended both games an 1 f
. i themselves nenerally. A goo ! '
enjoyed tlnn^ ne k , t
j-j „r merest was displayed ny o n
. the out ome of bot.l r
Tn th<' tnc »•*“* game w *•
’ Ur J ei . fol BattVille'and Moore f.
" y mvX TaU
ne. Stuart started the ball
,1 by his fielders. Kelley was
1 -her on his left hand.
p. m.. with Lyle pitching for Bate -
• V Konald for Newp nt.
Th firs Inning parsed along w ~h
M runs on either side, but in the sec ।
ond •• the Newport bunch start
el to club Lyle and fortuntae'.y end
ed the inning with only one run in
their favor. The third opened up with
an em r on the part of our ahort-stop (
and tha backed up by a two-ba<? ■
hit by Jones, scoring two men ahei I ,
of him and Moore coming right behind
him with another two-base hit seemed
' hardly possible to atop, which re-'
sult<sl in putting Henry in the b»x
for Batesville, which changed the
tide ar i from then on no other run
being scored.
If Henry had started the game in
the beginning, a different resu.t । I
would have been possible, which wou. I .
have resulted in a repetition of the
mon ng « game. After the last gam '
was over all were satisfied over the
two games and nobody’s feelings hur
Bate^v < won one game and Newpott
Good many of our young people
attended a dance given in Newport
which most of them returned th •
next morning.
Th.- following shows the line-up of
both teams in both games:
First Game:
k- 0 0 0
Parker, If. 0 10
Menard. 3b. 0 0 0
Sowell, ss, 2 16
Jennings rs 0 0 0
Stuart, cf. 2 0 0
Fowler, 2b. 0 0 0
Parks, lb 0 0 J
0 0 1
M rs. 1 0 0
Totals 5 2 0
Allen, If. 2 0 0
Th. mason, as. 1 0 1
Wabh, lb. o 0 n
that saves miles of steps by having
everything within it
that has enough storage room for
all your dishes and pans
that has a means of adjusting its
s height to any owner
that beautifies your kitchen is none
other than a HOOSIER cabinet.
Sold by
| Crouch’s ]
Meeting of the New
Political Party
At Cleveland, Oh:o, Sa urday, the
first plank was laid for a new partv,
with the standard bearer Senator
Robert M. LaFollette and sponsored
by the senat >r's son, Robert, Jr.
The plans for the party is ba: 1
on a determination to break down th'
conventionalism of the old liners, an 1
the demand! of the new condition,
now facing the American people, so .
the message indicates. However, La
The score by innings:
Batesville oou 002 uO.i 2
Summary :
Two-base hits Stuart. Allen. Me
Cartney 2. Strike outs—Smith 7;!
Moore 9. Rases on balls—Smith 5
Moore 3.
Second Game:
Kelley, c. 0 0 1
Parker, if. 12 0
Menard, 3b. 0 0 1
Sowell, as. 0 12
Jennings, rs. 0 0 1
Stuart, cf. 0 0 O'
Fowler, 2b. 011
Parks, lb. 0 0 1
Lyle, p. 0 0 1
Henry, p. 0 0 0
Morrison, rs. 0 10
Totals 1 5 9|
Allen. If. 110
Thomason, as. 0 0 0
Albright, cf. .11 ■’
Hudgens, c. 2 2 0
Jones, rs. 110
Moore, if. 110
McCartney, 3b. 0 0 0
Burton, 2b. 0 0 0
MacDonald, p. 0 0 0
Totals 6 6 0'
The score by innings:
Batesville 000 001 000-1
Newport 015 000 000-6
Two-base hits—Hudgens 1; Jones
1; Moore 1. Strike outs—Henry 6:
MacDonald 6. Bases on balls—Henry,
none; MacDonald 4.
I- - , '<
Real Service ;
’ and Pure Food
I j
CALL 293
. ♦ ... vr x— m waßmsmirmwiMun'rmram^
Izard County lit union
Os War Veterans
Th ar.n.: reunion cf war veterans
First 1 oj, Ilur-day, July 17.
10:15, iv < i nby Chaplain, G. L.
10:30, We\ mv Address, J. G. Jea-
10.4*>, response for Confederate
Veterans, J. H. Roten.
11:00, for Spanish-American Vete:
ana, A. E. Anderson.
111:15, for World War Veterans, D.
C. Holbrook,
11:30, music.
12:00, noon intermission.
1:30, address by Prof. A. H. Me ■
2:00 Address by Prof. Roy Wright. '
Music by Bone String Band.
2:30, Reading by Miss Ruth Simn
2:45, Address by Robert Bone.
3:00, Reading by Miss Eris Gills.
Quartetts, Choruses, etc., led by Ned
Conyers. (
Second hay. Friday. July 18.
10:00, music by Melbourne Band.
10:20, livocation by Captain.
10:30, reading by Miss Mary Coop-
I er.
10:45, address by Hon. Wm. A. Old- 1
11:45, music by Bone String Band.
। 12:00, noon intermission.
1:30, Music by Band.
1:45. Address by Rev, Lelan I
2:30, address by Hon. Harry Pond-i
er. Chorus led by Dr. S. S. Jones. ,
3:30, addresses by soldiers of al!।
three wars.
Third hay, Saturday. July 19.
10:00, music by Rand.
10:30, Address by Hon. W. V. Me-.
1 Cabe.
11:00 Address by Hon. 11. A. Nor:h 1
■ II
11:30, address by Hon. E. R. Mil-|
। bum.
12:00, noon intermission.
1:30, chorus let! by L. H. Rone. i
2:00, addresses by G. L. Ford and ।
others. '
3:00, election of officers.
All Union Soldiers and Veterans cf
all Three Wars arc invited to come
and take part.
For stand privileges apply to John
Shell, Zion.
Come one—Come all!
On Program—T. H. Linn. Rowland
Landers, R. D. Harris. E. A. Smith.
Off Music—Dr. S. S. Jones, Leeman
Bone, Neil Conyers, Lee Smith.
Dull Fourth of July
For Ratesvillc
Owing to the special attraction at
Newport on July Fourth, including
the ball game between Batesville an 1
Newport, the rally offered by the
Civitan Club of that city, and the.
dance for a social ending of the day, ।
in which Batesville people were In- J
terested and all of w*hich our citizens J
were invited, Batesville proved a dull
place for the stay-at-homes on the'

/>r. Hlonde Returned
Dr. P. V. Blonde, who spent the
past ten days in the east, has re- ;
turned to his home in this city and I
that he row ready tv
take up the work with his patients'
v.■ I Lcuftc Cases
L’p In October
ir L.ted fur co:: (piracy to defi ant th
lea-tS likewise will nut be heard un
All four defendants indicted mu't
to post 55,000 bond each, Fall and
the Dohenys for conspiracy and brib
ery, and Sinclair for conspiracy.
Usual legal maneuvers, such as the
filing of demurrers nd motions to dis
miss are expected to be mad.’ and
these may be ruled on in the summer
by the one ju :tce sit Ing in court
The indictments were regarded here 1
as a great victory f>r special gove-n
--ment counsel, Atlee Pomerene and
Owen Roberts, who have enducted th •
governor's case before the grand jury
for nearly two months.
Frank J. Hogan, counsel for Do
heny, here, likewise declared his c'i
ents were please! with the rules.
“The oil cases nvw are transferred

to the courts of justice. We welcome
the change,” he said.

Soldier Ron us
Papers Completed
Thurston Alexander, W. J. DeCamp,
। Ed Linebarger, Emmett Massey and
Miss Ella Case spent the past week
। busily filling out the bonus paper-
I for the former soldiers of the word
' war In Independence county.
There were 500 papers filled out.
' which indicates that there are five
' hundred ex-soldiers in the county and
' Mr. DeCamp states that all applicants
I were not available this week, and tha:
he believes there are more than th ‘
number filling blanks, in the county.
i According to the estimate of
' 5900.00 to each applicant, at the ex
' piration of twenty years there will
be in the county of Independence, pro
viding the soldiers all remain here,
and live twenty years, $45,000 in
bonus paid in the county.
Marion County
Has New Town
Marion county boasts of a new
town by the name of Sum mitt. This
town is located about two miles north
of Yellville on the White River di
vision of the Missouri Pacific Rail
road and is being advertised in the
papers of the northwestern part of
the state as being a town of a great
deal of promise.
2nd Annual Home-
Coming of Sharp Co.
The second annual home-coming
picnic of Sharp county citizens will
be held August 21 at Evening Shade.
The citizens of that county are
looking forward to a greater gather
ing than the one held last year, an 1
it is stated that many inquiries from
:he entire country are being made rel
ative to the time of the picnic.
Lost—About the middle of last
week in June, one Badger Cord tire on
rim. Reward. Dr. M. S. Craig.
2td*d7-« A
I ■ .
The Democratic Con
rent ion Deadlocked
With all previous records broken, 1
the Democratic National Convention,'
In session in New York, is no nearer
a nominee for president, seemingly,
than when it met on Tuesday, June ।
Ballot after ballot has be n cast, ,
and at a late hour Saturday after
no :n no candidate had made any ad
vance sir. s the balloting began.
Saturday morning at 10 o’clock,
McAdoo continued to lead with
Smith second, and the other candi
• » x : - uuiii of ' iv Jay wa spent
“d ard from wha* sour th »v msv
lind a who will meet the approval
cushion and it is thought that much
strength will be added to the party
by the selection of a man to fill the
place as a running mate for whoever'
the convention nominates. It is ।
’ thought that should Smith, who is a ।
Ca holic, be the nominee, that a'
strong man will be put in the place of;
a vice, in order to neutralize the r* j
1 ligious objection which might arise I
from the selection of contending re
■ ligious sects and delegations.
Many of the nominees are in con
sideration as a second, bu' no man
has yet been decided upon. The
public awaits with almost as much in
•erest on the choice of a vice pr< sident
as it now awaits the nomination for
i president to lead the party in the
general election.
R bin on, of Arkan«a«. is amorg
he prospective seconds now under
Rev. R. E. L. Rearden
Will Return Monday
A message received by Mrs. Bear
den, Saturday, from her husband,
Rev. R. E. L. Bearden, at Chatts
nobga, stated that the unification of
tee Methodist churches of the Nor'h
and South had been approved by the
special session of the General Con
ference held in that city the past
week. The vote stood 297 for unifica
tion and 75 against unification.
Mr. Bearden will return to his
work in this city Monday.
= - ~~L
I There Would Be More Bystanders
than Paraders
Thing’s are not often just what they
Appearances are not necessarily evi
dence of prosperity.
Many a man walks who could afford
a car, and many a man owns a car who- -
well, you know how it is.
Don’t judge by appearances. Some
times there’s a lot of juice in a dry bat
tery, and the quiet, thrifty, plodding
along little fellow is probably busy
“feathering his nest” instead of “parad
Parades are all right for the Fourth of
July, but should be cut out of daily
practice by a large number before
they can ever '
Save and Have
'-■■-— — — ' »
Co. Candidates Meet
and Decide Date
The county candidates held a meet
ing in this city Saturday when the
matter of deciding whether they
would hold a county-wide campaign
-peaking tour, when there were about
twenty-six candidates present. After
much discussion a vote was taken
an I there were 12 votes againat the
' c npaign and 13 for, which decided
' ti: • question and the following dates
and places will form the circuit for
the candidates:
Dota township, at Charlotte July
Gain ' 'to. Ham School House, July
Liberty at Floral, 16th (picnic).
Fairyiew township at Pleasant
Sala > an 1 Haff, at Salado, 18th.
C enbri- r and Relief at James-
McHue at McHue, 21st.
Rosie Township at Rosie, 22nd.
( n T vnship at Oil Trough,
Hill and Dcpartee townships at Un-
N< ark ard Logan townships at
Barren and Jefferson townships at
Ashley Township, Brewer School
House, 29th.
Cushman and Union townships, at
Washington township at Bethesda,
White River at Sulphur Rock, Au
-• Ist (picnic). Rest Saturday 2nd.
Black River township at Cord, Aug.
I 4th.
Wyeough township. August sth.
Vaughan township at Paroquet,
; Aug. 6th.
i Craig township, August 7th.
Greenbrier Township at Locust
' Grove, Aug. Bth.
Magness township at Magness, Au
gust 9th. '*' * —
Ruddell Township at Batesville,
' August 11th.
Several rules by which the candi-
I dates will be governed were made
and these were first that the candi
dates for county judge will be allot
ted fifu-en minutes in which to pre
sent their candidacy.
Sheriff and collector wlil be allowed
ten minutes to speak.
Circuit clerks will have only five
minutes and the assessor two minutes
at each speaking place. j
A motion was made and irriad
tl i! si ;»• I da’i shall umain
where the public speaking is h- d/fiF
else he «hall leave the ground* en
tirely, to avoid grouping men in and
about the speakif^r places.
i s
The Winsome Workers Sunday
t school class, with Mr. and Mrs. Will
Jones as chaperones, will spend Tues
day at Guion as the^icnic guests of
1 Mrs. Douglas Brown, who is a prom
inent member of the class.

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