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State Christian Endeavor Convention :
to be held a- Pine Butt 24-28. ;
The tnuiy-tirsi annua, convention
of the Arkansas Christian Endtavurj
Union will be held in Pine Biutl ।
October 24-28. Tht meetings wnl
be held at the First Christian church I
at Sixth & Laurel streets, and about
six hundred Christian Endeavor
workers and leaders of Arkansas will
attend the mooting.
There will be Many musical fea
ture* on the pregnant including spec*
M piano numbers by Mr Harry San
deraon of MaHtoo, fiigl riaim num
bm by Mim Minnie B. Stark of Lit
tie Bock. The Chrietha Kttdoavor
•icheotra of the Pulaski Heights
Preabytertan church will give a apec
m! number, aa well aa the Moaart
Melody Club of Pine Bluff. Mrs.
William J. Moore of Pine Bluff will
be in charge of the pipe organ. The
sunrise prayer meeting at 8-46 a. m.,
on Sunday of the convention will be
held at Memorial Park. The con
vention sermon at 11 a. m., October
26. will be held at the First Pres
byterian church. The denomina
tional luncheon for the Presbyterians
on Saturday noon will also b - held
at this church. All other meetings
and sessions, including the denomina
tional luncheon for the delegates of
the Christian churches on Saturday
noon and the great “Fellowship
Banquet" on Saturday evening, will
be held at the First Christian church.
Other meals will be served cafe
teria style at the convention church
by the ladies of that church. The*
program will also be featured by ad
dresses and talks by prominent
Chri tian Endeavor workers of the
cVountry including Miss Mamie
Gene "Cole of Atlanta, Georgia,,
Junior Field secretary; Mr. Frank!
P. Wilson of Chattanooga, Tennessee,'
Senior Field Secetary; Mr. C. F. ■
Evans of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
SVouthern Secretary; Mrs. H. N.;
Street of Lonoke; Mrs. 1.. C. Majors
of Dallas, Texas, Presbyterian Young'
People's Superintendent; Miss Ade
line Goddard of Enid, Oklahoma.
Young People’s Superintendent of
the Christian churches; Honorable
W. L. Toney, Mayor of Pine Bluff;
and Mr. J. C. Welch. Religious Edu
cational Director First Christian
cfhurch of Littile Rock. Reverend j
C. A. Harper. Pastor Pulaski Heights ,
Presbyterian church of Little Rock '
will be the song leader.
Another special feature of the
convention will be study classes of i
four periods each. There will be
five courses in which the delegates -
may enroll. Credit will be given
I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■!
When you have to
Meet Jones on business**
Just tell him you’ll see
him at the Citizens Bank &
Trust Co. It's a convenient,
pleasant meeting place and
we have a private room for
customers where you can
talk things over.
Farmers and other out-of
town people as well as resi
dents of Batesville are cor
dially invited to make use
of our building at any time
and. to call on us for any
service we can render.
— >
Citizens Bank & Trust Company
for each one attending four classes
in any one course toward a Chris
tian Endeavor diploma.
In addition to repjorts from the
various districts in the state and
the various City Unions that have J
bi-en organized and their work for
the past year, there will be outlined I
a definite program to cover the work
for the ensuing year with definite
goals to be reached. It is intended
that every society in the state shall
have some definite task and purpose
to accomplish during gthe coming
The “Fellowship Banquet" oa Sat
urday evening will be a great in
arirational treat to everyone attend
ing. Mr. A C. Wilaon of Little
Rock will bo the toast master, and
the principal address will be given
by Mrs. L. C. Majors of Dallas,
Texas. The delegates will be seated
in districts, and it is expected that
there will be much competition as to'
the districts that can show thel
most pep, enthusiasm, and good-efl- .
lowship at the banquet.
On Sunday morning at 6:45 there
will be the sunrise prayer meeting
for all who attend at Memorial Park.
This will start the big day of the |
convention in the proper way by
bringin the delegates in closer com
munion and ftllowship with their j
The subject of the convention
sermon by Dr. Sweets at the First ,
Presbyterian church at 11 a. m., will,
be “Christian Citizenship". Sunday
afternoon there will be one of the;
most impressive features of the en-.
tire convention in the form of a,
surprise program by Pine Bluff
Juniors under the direction of Mrs ;
C. A. Harper, Miss Mami? Gene
Cole, and Miss Margaret Bishop.;;
There will also be a missionary
paeent by Pino Bluff intermediates. 1
The regular Endeavor prayer |
meeting at 6:30 p. m.. Sunday will
be in charge of the Batesville En-;
deavorors. The topic is “Why is
law enforcement vital to our na
tion?" The Juniors and Intermodi-,
ates Endeavor meeting- will be h-ld
seperately and will be in charge of
Mis Mamie Gene Cole and Mi.
Frank P. Wilson.
The Sundae evening program will
begin with a special number on the :
organ Be Mrs. William J. Moore
and will close wth a snecial consec
ration service in charge of Mr. C.
F. Evans. The theme of the entire
convent-on will have been “Go to
in pr--paration for this convention.
The citv Christian Endeavor
Union of Pine B'uff is working hard
in prenaration for this convention.
They .are expecting six hundred de-
Batesville, Ark., Oct. 16, 1924.
Dear Sir:
lour duty calls you to our city next week as*wit
ness, juror, or otherwise Interested in our Circuit Court.
We shall ba glad ts you will Ind opportunity to
use our room for any convenience dMirad while in our
Our eoaaultgtlan MUM, toilata, drinking fountain,
newspaper pad aegaafang, Mgtionary and postage, writ
ing deskr, report*. otker radio pews. (Rd
My kind ft awvieg »t aommand is yours for the
We realise that responding to court duty with the
present worth of our county script is made with con
siderable sacrifice, and we would like to add to your
comfort and pleasure while here as much as practicable.
Call on us any time. Drop in often. Our latch
string is always on the outside. If you are interested
in inspecting any of our service methods or equipment,
ask to be shown.
At your service, sincerely,
Union Bank & Trust
(On the corner opposite the Court house)
IH>HltllllllllllUIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIH»' l ' 11,1,
legates from over the state, and
tht program promises much infor
mation and inspiration to anw- one
attending it when couple i un with
earnest effort will equal the con
sumption during the coming year of
plans to be laid at this convention.
Two editions of a bullitine entitled
“The Convention Broadcaster" has
bten publisi-hed by the city C. E
Union of Pin.- Bluff, ami h ive been
sent to nearly every society in the
state. In th- tw > editions of thi ■
bulliti.v- have been letters of invita
tion from the city Union offictrs
an I ot.ier Christian Endeavor le- I
ers of Pino Bluff, as well a th-
! Pastor- of the churches in w - :
there ."re Christian Endeavors S ■
eties. They expect to make
I convtntion the greatest yet here in
Xrkan rs, both in numbers present
j and in spirit of devotion manifested.
’ From all apperances their ext ac
tions will be fulfilled
Mose MeSpadde nos Bethesd i w s
looking after business in the cit.
yesterday afternoon.
• • •
Claude Brown of Floral was?
among the business visitors in the !
city this afternoon.
.1. M. Duncan of Moorefield ms
looking after business in the city
Attorney J. R.‘ Alexander of New
ark spent a' short time in the city
■ this afternoon attending to b -
• • •
Marvin Fallis of Charlotte was a
Wm. Hagle of Mcllue was looking
after business in the city today.
Tom Fallis of Charlotte was look
ing after business in the city this
i gem Theatre tonight
| Also, “PATHE NEWS.”
= 7:30 P. M. 10c and 20c
Are you the father of a boy
A sturdy, p.ajfui little lad,
A restless bit of en -rgy,
Who tries so h^rd to like lad’
^Arv Vou the father of a boy.
Whose life just overflow- w.th
joy ?
Are jou the father of a girl
As veet, roma:r 1.. e m ,
A da'nty parcel of de ight.
Who runs t> gre - you with a ki-s?
Are yon the father of a girl,
More pr.i-A-u- than the ch cee-:
pearl ?
You are a fath r, so 1- ,
The father-spirit in your -:
A d in your face the C ider: --
That such relation signifies;
Yours is the great -gs > i
Enrich the life of any man.
So priceless is that child of yours.
So confident its faith in you,
That you must guard its h.ippine-
With everything that y -u ca i do;
To bless -tach day. and guarantee
Protection for the years to b,
Frank Connor and Erwin Britton
of Charlotte spent today in the city
transacting business.
Lit Watson of Gainsboro spent
today in Batesville buying goods
from wholesale houses.
Hubert McClure of Sandtow-i i
marketing cotton in B;. -vile today.
Charley Finister if Cave Creek
was an' out-of-town bus ne-- v.dtor
in the city today.
J. S. Reves of Cav - Creek -pent,
today in th- city atte" ding to busi- i
“ List of Renewals
| To Weekly Guard
S The following Is a list of our re-
E newals to the Weekly Guard and the I
— names of those who will read the pa- 1
3 per for another year:
= Telephone Company.
E J. K. York.
2 Cul L. Pearce.
E Ben Desha.
3 Mrs. Mollie B*ily.
E S. W. WilHana.
= Mm. V. V.
1 W. I. WtHrip.
lEteie M. BbU.
laaaeh Finley.
B. A. Moere.
M. Hagel.
C. C. Hety.
G. K. Brawfoed.
Wil*M P,#.
J. W. Franklin.
3 Roy N. Jeffrey.
2 R M Harmon,
EI C. C. Bonnett.
S Mrs. Lula Crawford.
3 J- T. Hammond.
3 I. J. Galllan.
E J. M. Collard.
3 W. B. Comer.
E Eli Magness.
2 Winston Williams.
E W. C. Sanders.
I W. A. Rutherford.
E J. L. Inman.
E Mrs. E. r Mathenv.
= O. T. Collins.
E W. J. Crow.
= J. M. Fair.
E S. N. Porter.
= D. M. McCaleb.
E A. M. Stroud.
= W. T. Flournoy.
E J. A. Hopper.
3 M. T. Burge.
E T. S. Clinton.
3 Alva Smith.
E A. T. Best.
3 Mrs. J. R. Butler.
E W. P. Henderson.
3 M. L. Arnold.
= J. -A. Tugwell. »
3 0. T. Jernigan.
— Sam Conner.
F. W. Heartline.
R. H. Mays.
A survey of gtapr production ani
marketing in the Ozark district, made
by J. A. Eastridge, fruit specialist,
hews that 315 cars of grapes were
c-m-l. A total of $.147,615 was
"zed on shipments by the Ozark
I ruit Growers Association, but the
total income, it is stated by East
r -' e, will exceed $500,000, as there
was a good local sale. This is con
clu u- , videnc ■ that there is money
in gr.ines, and that they grow to per
fi lion ■ he Ozarks. Marion county
should add many acres to the vine-
: s >f the Ozarks.
R—♦—* —* • —♦— —♦—♦-■—♦ ■ ♦ ♦ ♦ te - ♦
g ’ 1
t T , I
® s
Mr. S. H. Nail, the Sweet |
Potato Man, requests u> to |
says he will be here in a j
short time ready to pay |
cash for all Sweet Potatoes |
delivered here, after they |
are cured.
Parties wishing to sell I
can report to First Nation- g
al Bank. Mr. Nail bought j
more than a dozen car I
loads last fall. He expects g
to get three times as many ■
this fall.
' ■ 1
| First National Bank j
“There is No Substitute for Safety.” a
Linotype Broke
A, C. 9
Hendrix 13
7 to 6
Household Recipes
Two cups hot need potatoes, three
tablespoons butter, one-half tea
spoon salt, one egg, pepper. Mix well,
shape into oblongs, roll in bread
crumbs or flour, fry in deep fat and
drain. If potatoes are very dry, add
j a little milk to moisten.
Sweet Potato Puffers.
Two eggs, two cups cold mashed po
tatoes, one cup flour, one teaspoon
baking powder. Whip the eggs very
light, add potatoes, then the flour and
baking l oader. *RoU light.lv, cut Hkq_
doughnuts and try in deep fat.
Br,an Macaroons.
Beat two eggs with one cup sugnr
unt ! very light. Then add three ta
blespoons of bran, two tablespoons of
flour and one cup of finely chopped al
mond or walnuts. Drop from a tea
poon on to well greased pans an f
nake in a moderate oven.

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