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,olume xvhi
.1 TO accident
Mr and Mi*. Robert Scaggs and
^embers of tWir family were the
victims of a most serious automobile
accident, which occurred on the
Moore Mountain near Salado, Thurs
day afternoon at about six o’clock,
when the car in which they were
riding, became beyond control, when
the brake-s broke, and ran amuck,
speeded down a mountain and crash
ed into a bridge at its foot, break
ing through and larding in a ditch
below, where the entire family were
thrown from the ear or crushed un
Mr. Seaggs sustained three broken
bone- in one of his arms while the
body of the infant child. eight
months old, is practically mutilated
with arms and legs broken in most
every bone.
Mr. and Mrs. Seaggs with their
family were on their return from
Morrilton, where they had been visit
ing relatives, enroute to their home
at Cave City when the accident
happened. The injured and dead
were discovered by Mr. Moon-, a
road overseer who lives on the top
of the mountain (mown as the
moore Mountain, aqd these were
taken to the home of Mr. Moore,
where the injured members of the,
family are being eared for, while
the child killed, was brought through
Batesville this morning enroute to
Cave City, where funeral services
and burial were held Friday after
Morning service.
*45, Sunday School.
11, Sermon.
Evening Service.
*•36 B Y. P. U.
7:30, Sermon.
You ar>- always welcome,
The Winsome Workers Sunday
School class wishes to take this op
portunity to thank publicity all th<xe
wh.. helped in any way to make
their stand at the fair a success, i
M--sdames Conine, Buffon! Parse.'
Cecil Wade, Roscoe Wililams. Bar
nett Brothers and others showed
special interest and helped us in I
many ways. We thank you.
Sec. of Winsome Workers S. S.C.
J When you have to
■ Meet Jones on business™
T Just tell him you'll see
tom at the Citixena Bank A
■ Trust Co. It's a convenient,
pleasant mooting place and
we have a private room for
Matomer* where you can
talk thing* over
Farmer* and other out-cd Tg
town paop * as wail m r*ai H
dents as Wateeville are • r U
; ^ly fretted to task* us* ■
es oar building at any d* ■
•t>4 to sail on • *■
gt f ” ”* * n '•’"to*
Citizens Bank & Trust Company ■
( _ ■

I' ell, 1 am back again on the •
job, Batesville High School team :
needs me. They are not putting •
up the brand of football we are :
used to. or that has been put up in ;
the past. T day, I was prot<*sting :
the poor condition of the team to a :
young lady, and she said, “look at :
I the runte, what could anybody ex
pect of them,” I am sorry so you ;
। boys but this is true. However, 1 :
Manning don't look like a giant j
killer, and he pulls them down any
size, and anytime he misses the
ball on a kick off i’ll buy. 1 am
going to tell you Bate.-ville guys
whazza niazzer with you. You are
lying still t -<i counting the ;
stars. Now
t i..t N*vp r ■ today like il w m ■
■ mud until you lost your breatn, :
and that was in about three d >wns-if :
you were am. go > | at all. you c >u!d :
, hit that N«wpot* line SO titoM ■
consecutively and the last time the :
hardest. If 1 say “if” stop right ;
hi re and nad Rudyard Kiplings :
poem. "If read it whether you ;
like poetry o. not, and you will make :
up your mind you are not made ■
out of putty, ami "If’’ you will :
| t or. the ball, such •
f mizy, Muffing team as New- !
port has will, fade life a snowflake ;
<>n the desert air. Here'- your I
record, not your's exactly, but of ;
the 1922 team—Batesville, S 3, New
port—o. A scoreless tie with Searcy ';
-Batosvilh ,IS North Litt 1: •
■ ' ■ - - nesboro, 0 Mato*
I ville, 51, II A Springs, t I; , ■
39—Cotton Plant, o—Batesville, 55 ;
1922 team was not scor’d on the ;
entire Mason, except the Thanks- :
giving game, and rt tickled Little ;
Rock to death to be the only team to ■
cross the Batesville goal line. It ■
was going - me, about a hundred •
good football warriors had alnwdy ;
gone to the hM* ’a try ng it Man,
man that was a team, that a '
team. And just speak.ng of one
thing an another why can’t you
fellows try to reach somewhere near
the mark of the 1922 team 7 Y’ou
can do it if you wilt and I believe
you will before another game.
As the young lady said, you are
not as hig as Firpo, but you are
as big as Manning. Today, while
you were taking it easy and letting
। Newport almost «mear you. Manning
' was being mauled by the Hendrix
' Juniors and Seniors just about every
down, you got to kill Manning, he’s
! then* till the bell rings for his fun
। era!. I know that sounds bail, but
boys its football, no women and
MiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHNiiiiiiiiniiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiiminiie i
3 x <
New Radio Service
= = '
= z 1
= g i
| |:
E We hive received front the RADIO SHOP of E
E this city their higheat class SUPERHETERODYNE I = 1
RADP \, which can be seen in the front lobby of E
our bank.
J ; are prepared to giv •at all hours the latest I E
■ 'A E
= »dl as any desired entertainment, '
E 'i ‘ '■ =
= machine is in use and take advantage of this extraor- E
3 dinary service. E
= The RAI IO SHOP, (Mr. W. H. Walkup. Manag- =
= erl is prepared to fit you with any size machine =
E to suit your needs, and if we can assist you in any E
E way in obtaining the benefit and pleasure of a Radio E
E to your own home, it wall be a plea "f any E
3 help to you in this way. 3
| Union Bank & Trust |
^The Bank that Helper
| |

children need apply. Jelly beans,'
tin horn sports, and perfumed dudes
don't belong on the squad. You
ought to feel proud you made the
team, but you ought to be ashamed
of yourself it you don’t do every
thing possible, even the impossible
to win your games. Mark Twain
once accepted the honor of address
ing a class of young ladies gradu
ates in a Virginia school. The ad
vise he gave will also apply to you
for thus he said: My dear young
ladies “Don't smoke, don't chew
tobacco, don't swear, don't drink
I liquor, don’t sit up late at night,
d-n’t eat candy or cake and thiugs
, not good for you, honor your fath
ler and mother, help around the
। house like you owned'a little stock
in it, learn to cook and serve a
wholesome meal and you will be
Y'ou fellows, if you want to write
a page in the High School Football
book for 1924. have got to get
busy, train, work and more work.)
Lay off all kinds of improper foods
—eat only wholesome food, go to
bed early, go out for pract ,e. If,
' you will do your part, your coach
i will do his, and you will not only
feel better from having done all
you could, but I will appreciate it,
i »o will every, business man in town. ।
as well as your school mat-s and
•he school faculty. Now al to/eth-
ier for a better showing. Score to
day, Batesville 7—Newport, fi
1 IF ।
If you *an keep your head wsen
all about you
Are lo*mg theirs and blamrig it
on you;
If you an trust yourself *h** s*
men doubt you,
But make allowance for their
| Grocery Store
IxNated on 170 Spring Street
E =
Proprietor J
I =
Carries all fancies and staple lines of Groceries. ~
Free Delivery —Good Service. g
H»one 181 8
doubting too;
If you can wait and not be t red
, by waiting.
Or being lied ab ut, don't deal in
Or being hated don’t give way to
And yet don't oek too g mh|, nor
talk to wise;
If you can dream .ird net make
dreams your master;
If you c.n thi-k a-d not make
thoughts your aim.
If you can mint with Triumph and
And t:i at those two impostors just
th same;
If you can bear to hear the truth
y 'U've spoken
TWdrted by knaves to make a trap
for fools.
Or watch the things you pave youi
life to .broken.
' And 'toop and build 'em up wth
worn-v.it tools;
If you can make one heap of all
your winnings
And risk ’* on one turn of p tch
and-t« ss.
And kse. ar*d start again at your 1< -
Ard naver breathe a word about
your loss:
If you e'n force your heart ami
nerve ard ainew
i »
are gi ■•
tnd *o Foil on when th>e* is noth
ing i* you
Rxeept the Will which *av to them
If y< n *an talk w »n »♦ and
keep yvur virtue.
Os wi'k with X n^s <or Mm the
common toueh.
If neither foe* -w» loving
fan hurt you.
If aR man count with you. but
There is a probability that con
crete floors will be substituted for
wood on all the I-bean bridges on ' ■
tht Batesville Mammoth Springs j i
road. The floors on all truss spans
will also be concrete.
Owing to new locations the en- i ,
ginetrs have been able to save a
very considerable amount of con
crete yardage estimattd for the ,
culverts. It is believed, with the!
aid that can be secured --t.«eA. the
state and federal government, that
this saving will enable the higher
type floors to be put on the smaller
bridges. This would give a per
manent floor on all bridge struc-1
Work of finishing the concrete
abutments and priers for the bridges
is makidg good progress. Walker
<• Weil, who did all of the concrete
culverts on Sections B a”d C of
the road have taken over the bridge
concrete on Section B. They now
have two forces at work and expect
to have these bridges complete with
in three months.
On Section A. the steel for three
of the bridges are now in place. The
concrete for the two others will tie
completed by the first of the month.
When the type of floor has been
finally decided it will take only a
short time to finish these bridges.
• All of them will be ready to ac
commodate the winter traffic.
none too much;
If you can fiill the unforgiving m n
With * >ly seconds' worth of dis
tance run.
Your* is 'l.e Earth and everything
that's a: it.
And—wh -h is more—you’ll be a
Man. my son!
—Rudyard Kipling
Court will meet tn Annual Session ।
on next Wednesday, October 22.'
, when the usual ms' • • <■' juns-i
dictioa will be di^>atched.
The members of said court, the
th- va r us Justice of Peace from
over the county, will be in attend
-1 anc
The Young People's Missionary
Society of the Fir«t Methodist church
; has a box of stamped linens and
oth' r articles, for sale; the profits
from which will be used for their
vork. The ladie- are invited to see
them at the home of Mrs. R, £ L.
' " ~ ■ —— ——
: : i
’ • ■
.Mr. S. H. Nail, the Sweet
Potato Man. requests u; to I J
Isays he will be here in a ,j|
short time ready to pay I D
cash for all Sweet Potat«*s I B
delivered here, after they V
are cured. fl
Parties wishiug to sell fl
can report to First Nation- ||
al Bank. Mr. Nail bought I
more than a dozen car 4
loads last fall. He expects !
% to get three times as many |
this fall. I
j ■ First National Bank j
( "There Is No Substitute for Safety.” \ |
Tomorrow, the third Sunday, ser
vices will be held at the First Chris
tian church, morning and evening.
The pastor will speak at the morn
ing service, following communion
on the subject, "More than Others.”
and hopes thst every member \
friend of the church will be pres
ent to hear his message.
At the evening hour, his sub
ject will be, “The Two Roads,”
and in this will be an evangelistic
message that will be helpful and
The evening service will begin
promptly at seven thirty o'clock with
a liftng song service for all.
A special feature at the service
will be a solo by Miss Kathleen
Hull, a talenti-d singer who is study
ing this year under Miss Kurth,
head of the Voice Department of
Arkansas College. Mis- Hull has
a voice of rare beauty and sweet
ness and everyone is urged to hear
her great solo.
Bible School will be he' 1 at 9:45
a. m. under direction of »sipt. Ar
nold. Everyone in Ba wille is urg
ed to go to Bible Seb k>l tomorrow.
Junior Christian Endeavor will
held at 3:00 p. m. Parents are
urged to assist their children in
getting to this meeting.
Senior Christian Endeavor at 6:30
p. m., with Mis* Jessie Compton
leading Young people are invitod
to attend this interesting meeting.
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching, by the pastor, at 11
a. m., and at 7:30 p. m.
The subject for 1! a. m , U, “The
Sabbath and The Sanctinary ” At
7:30 p. m., the subject will be, “The
Lost Boy.”
The leagues will hold their regu
lar services at 6:30 p. m.
There are only two more Sun
. days after this one, until the close
lof the eonferenc • year. We desire
very much to have all our member*
and friends attend the services.
Visitors and strangers in the city
are cordially invited to worship
with us. We have large congroga
tions, good music and short, practi
cal messages. You will enjoy wor
shiping with u«.
Opportunity will be given for
church membership.
Melvih Parse returned today from
Jackson county where he spent the
past week on business.

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